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You getting your laughs out? WOOHOO Get 'em out get 'em out *sounds of encouragement*

Hey Guys What's up today

We're playing this game called Hot Seat ok so we Basically the person in the Hot Seat will have to drink a

bunch of water and fill up their mouths like this.

Okay, and then each of us will take turns like you know dress up in a costume, we wear something funny

we come out and each of us have 30 seconds to Make This Person in the Hot Seat laugh. Can I go first? OW!

Wow please don't choke on this because sometimes you overestimate how big your mouth Is and then you Begin Choking public it's very embarrassing, oh wow, we all-it's a safe place, we can choke here you yeah alright so?

who wants to go first ?

KEITH wants to go first!!

I'll Go first on one Mm-mm...keep your eyes closed Close your eyes

Mmm-hmm I know You got 30 Seconds on the Clock go

My Mom"s looking for me

I'm the Side of a Milk Carton

No touching Noah ...

NOAH!!!... That was my exit. :(

I'm yours I sing! I sing! I'm yours I'm singing!

Do you wanna put some Money in my hat sir?

I'm wearing a trilby that you hate...

I'm singing at the gas station

ok I got his wallet

try harder guys

I am racist.... I am racist

no one is better than me

*opera music*

I thought that was really good...

Anyway nice to meet you

Sup man

Hmm hey Check it out free bumps

Never Forget what my dad ever Told me Look me in The eyes he's an Accountant he

Was Sailing off to war he Goes "free bumps"

Son of a F*cking B*tch

Is that everybody? Are we done?

That's it!

No one got Keith!

Hey that's how you doing sorry Guys!

So yeah, we just suck it's Really hard, no you got

Me the most come out come out I want to explain what just happened. Let's start With Noah!, Noah you

Always Make Me Laugh what you just, did come With the day i jumped on the Sword and I was Proud of Myself

The trilby almost got me got me a little bit This is just like Courtney Classic Courtney

You do this a lot and then the bump the second time you said bump

One Almost got to know like almost at, me I saw that I almost got you and that I wasn't going to get, oh?

Ok, what this is like Really hard so guys like?

Honestly Like I could See how hard it is so i just want to try to Make somebody laugh let's go

Keith that's illegal !

No, is it ?

What is he doing ?

You're Drinking it you're drink- Look at it look !

I don't know ! Are you still showing it ?

She's laughing !

I saw his "shaft" Guys!!!!

He pulled it out

This was Way Early in the game i Didn't I think I wasn't going to save that for like Somebody Else! I got to see a dick today...

You tried to hand me yours!.. You're right...

I knew by her face that it was real

What the characters say?

I don't know the dancing sun sword Guy okay all right

Look at me I think you legally have to look at me. I'd like to Apply for a Loan

God damnit


Noah, it's your turn Noah, it's your turn


you're Funny

You're funny..

That first one sounded like a shart!

sorry, Courtney

Did warn all of Us that he might do it and We Said okay you're allowed to do that yeah now?

We're all Gonna Feel that if You don't show us your Penis ok Guys it really, wasn't my Penis

Oh it's Just my Hands in my Pants Just Little Tease, oh got you

Know is Wrong because I was I wanted to I want I wish I and I'll show you After I'm Bummed too I?

Thought I had Seen a penis Today got , oh?

She really took this for your penis

Alright Olivia is on the hot seat !

Hey yo This Party is awesome

Anyway if You're Pretty Cute I think you'd like be a great fit for my friend [brent] you don't mind just like Talking real Quick

Ok, hi I think you're pretty and I hope that you and I could Possibly get, Coffee Tomorrow, no let me Know 2 p.m.

I'm A big Fan of LoW-Fat Nonfat Almond Milk hey, yo, well you asked, whoa, oh whoa


Imma leave


I know it all on KANGAROOS and Shrimps on The Barbie

Crocodile Dundee's My Favorite Movie

I BROKE THE BOOMERANG. I broke the boomerang

Olivia What makes you Laugh like children or something?


Anthony Bourdain I

Don't know

Chopped? Ever watch Chopped? Is it a good show? OH it's dumb!

There's a joke ayyyyyyyy.

Ar-Ar (pirate impression)

I love you

I'll never forget the day Taylor Swift sent me to jail.

I did it !

That's One Thing Olivia laughed so hard at me About she thought it was the funniest Stuff

We were like Shooting in


We were Tired we were Resting and Somehow I just Said I remember the day Taylor Swift sent me to jail and she lost it

So I had to bring it back I don't know why is it a, no so bad I got A cynical test

So I'm gonna start

On here Just like this because I don't have on my hat right Now and you know

What this Means I did This for you if You Laugh.....


Look at my hair if You laugh if you do it

Look at it !

Look ! Look !

You spit on me

He wanted it

LOOK AT ME! Remember me?

Remember when I came on your show Just like This I know how you felt about it so i'm Just like

Oh, yeah, I got four boobs Now I did it for you so now I'm Just

*flashback* Goodbye! I'm off to fight crime....Bye!*fart noise*


I'm Just a red Person

I guess you can call me red man

What, oh?

I play Ball Sometimes Too

Yeah you got 'em... Yet half of it's swallowed

Next up on stage is the Giggle hut it's Bulky Chilliums

Yo what up Feel so good to be Here

*howling monkey screech*

Everybody uh

So Keith

The First Time You came out I was determined not to Laughing and Then I saw your Hairline which wasn't Bad but Just the Way that

it was set up

I'm just like very much Funny that was Really Funny?

Courtney I wanted to Laugh but then I felt

Determined Like I had to not laugh Yeah I know that like Bad Placement Where was like There are a couple of Times and I was?

Like I'm Stronger than me so all right your turn Is my turn now

I'm sure you're in It and then

I'm sure you're aware that new Film Silence By Martin Scorsese

What Would you Call Martin Scorsese Is he was the Forward on the La Galaxy?

Martin Score Crazy

Like that One More did you come up with that? Martin Score Crazy

I just thought of like you know if you're in last name started with an s

in front of it it Would be called Shayne Stopp

okee Didn't Work I got Another one so here's A tiny sword and it's like pointy

and you Can stick it Into stuff like this

*only Olivia can make these awkward sounds beautiful*

Oh my God

Hello Doctor

So i just like Really, Wanted only give you to Help me [With] This Cosmetic surgery like

Right in Like This general Area of my Body I just want it to be fixed you know?

like Can you Fix my back boobs??

Like Bigger and then Maybe it's like getting more Down like Here this Time like last Time you you Said no I feel like

Healthy, oh

Sorry, I just Thought I'd give you a speed Round so no

Noah Barely got it in I was Kind of like, oh am I gonna be able to like with Nandus, Cuz

No and I have played this Game in Improv Classes before

There's A Lot of History There so I was Thinking of Previous Jokes he's Told me Over the Years dang Martin Score Crazy?

So I was gonna give you?

I wasn't Expecting a pun Keith man's Talk About some Dedication that, was scary I was Really Worried he

Was going to Show me his Penis and I

Was like You I just Break before that Happened what do I do I somehow

Held it Together and After that I think I felt like steel. I wasn't going to Break after that! Keith Leak Jr. got the most laughs

*Applause all around*

Hey Guys This Time, We gonna Make it A group Effort! One Person is in the Hot Seat and the four People do it together Anyway

Let's have some fun!!!!! ;)

Oh that looks like it's a [boo] [boo]

What do you call A?

Oj, Simpson Juice

Murder Juice! Hey what do you, call A pen that Gets put Into a dick?

A pen-is


What. What? If you laugh...


Hahahahahahahaha, Keith: Ima winner!

next up on Stage it's Chunky Billium! uh, oh, what's up with airline food? Right? Crazy.

I got a new gun! It's rude not to shake hands with me.

*It's rude when you don't shake hands song!*

OMG look at him (at Keith) Noah: You look like you need help.

Come on

He's gonna make the snake talk

It was it was Essential he's Gonna do it Gonna do it and then he's gonna Make the snake talk!

Oh, oh, my God

*Shayne hysterically laughing in an evil way*

Who am I? BEYONCE! Shayne: *laughs some more*

Hey, oh!

No I'm Really Pulling for this Oscar season. Is it's Time for Cgi. Paul Walker

like you know he's Been going for it and man he's [Just] Been Doing that same Look

I think we learned Today that

We're all very Funny People who are very Disturbed. I learned it is like very difficult to Just be like Make someone Laugh

It's very Good very Hard be prompted with that. You

Don't have like at the Situation to build off it's just Nothing and then you have to do something yes Everybody did Really good

But the end, Keith was on the ground with a snake Wrapped Around

His Neck like he had a midlife Crisis in the Middle like Look at him right now! Look at what this did to him!

Is it weird you look like 2018's hottest artists?

God um Let Us know in the Comments Below if You want to see Us do this again i'm sure you do Or

What other Crazy Challenges we need to do?


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