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Hello, everyone. Ramon Russell here to break down the gameplay trailer we just released a few days ago.

All the footage used for the gameplay trailer was captured from a Beta build of the game.

And not all the Nike uniforms were in at that point.

However, when you play MLB The Show 20,

this is what the final uniforms will look like.

Now let's dive into the Gameplay Trailer Rewind and dig into the details.

The first new Legend revealed,

nine-time all-star,

five-time Silver Slugger, Gary Sheffield and his signature bat wiggle, come to The Show.

You didn't have to wait long for the next legend reveal...

Owner of 400 career saves,

Mets legend, John Franco.

And get ready for even more new legends from the 90s and 2000s.

They'll join The Kid as Ken Griffey Jr. returns.

The Juan's Soto Shuffle got introduced to everyone during the World Series,

so we had to include it.

The motion capture animation list includes over 50 new base running animations.

We have new first baseman catches that set them up to make more efficient

and realistic double play turns.

MLB The Show 20 has over 700 new gameplay animations,

new tags, new throws, new catches and much more.

Staying on the animation front,

there's new catcher tags that start directly from the catch.

Our motion capture team also recorded dozens of new infield, dugout, and home run animations.

Road To The Show pays off big moments this year.

For, instance Attribute Gains will be displayed in real time now based off how you perform.

One of the new home run celebrations I mentioned earlier,

new for The Show 20

we have Soto start transition variations,

not to be confused with bad jumps.

These subtle animations will help separate the very best outfielders

from that slugger you're trying to hide and left field.

New Legend alert:

The Flying Hawaiian, Shane Victorino, will be making highlight reel plays all year in MLB The Show 20.

Brand new game mode called Showdown.

Draft players,

upgrade with perks, and take on the most feared pitchers.

Stay tuned for more details in the developer livestreams.

New faces and new places.

Another new feature added to our defensive improvement suite is the Extreme Catch Indicator.

There are a few different outcomes based on the ability of your outfielders

and how you decide to attack those sinking line drives this year.

Do you choose to be aggressive and try to make a diving or shoestring catch

at the risk of bobbling or completely missing the ball?

Or do you throttle down and concede the hit keeping the ball in front of you?

P.S., don't get caught in between.

There are over 30 new home run swings.

Bat slams really jumped onto the scene last year.

We've captured over 40 of them for The Show 20.

March to October second year introduces more front office moves player development,

more flexible settings, and an overhauled reward structure.

Dynamic Challenges in Road to the Show are more intelligent and recognizing those important situations

for you and your team.

The Button Accuracy Meter has been revamped.

Now it's a faster, more intuitive throwing meter that changes based off the difficulty of the throw,

the distance of the throw, and the arm accuracy of the defender.

Also new in Road to the Show, you'll build and strengthen your relationships on the field.

There's new rob home run animations

and in transitions if they make or miss the catch in a critical situation.

We have all- new block ball animations.

And we've created a more advanced block ball system

that will make catcher's defense and block ratings matter more.

In true MLB The Show trailer fashion

we've left the biggest reveals for the end.

Boston legend, David Ortiz, with his signature clap,

stepping up to the plate for an epic duel,

facing none other than longtime Yankees rival, the greatest closer of all time,

Mariano Rivera, trotting out of the bullpen and into MLB The Show 20.

That's it for now

We'll go over these changes and much more in the upcoming developer livestream.

For all the latest news on MLB The Show 20

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