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>>He's right here, for sure.

He's got the glasses,

and the black scrubs.

Hey, how's it going? You ready?

>>What are we doing?

>>You're Greg, right?


>>Yeah, you ready to go?

>>Where are we going?

>>We're taking you and your entire family

to St. George.

>>Did you put him up to this?

>>I've never met this guy before.

>>Ladies, come on out here.





>>We'll see you!


>>Bye you guys!

>>Now the real work begins.

>>Hey Brad, you've got the good stuff, huh?

>>Got about 9,000 pounds

of sheetrock right here.

We have electricians and HVAC guys in there now,

drywallers coming at 7:00,

so we're trying to get everything out

and all this in in the next hour.

So, it's going to be crazy.

>>Boy, they're just working

like, you don't waste any time.

>>We don't waste time.

>>Let's check this out over here.

That's great.

This is more than I thought.

>>Yeah, so how many,

it's three bedrooms and a family room?

>>Yeah, is that what you expected?


>>Will you be able to finish in time?

>>Yeah, hopefully.

The plan is tonight

we'll get drywall going up.

These guys have to get in and get their stuff don,

get the dry wall in,

and something that would take,

I don't know a couple weeks to do,

will be done really in a night, tonight.

So, should be fast.

>>All tonight.

>>Let's go, let's go.

>>I got it, I got it.

Over here?

This is crazy!

There are so many people here.

>>It's controlled chaos.

>>Can I grab some of this?


>>Coming to work!

We're setting up the sheetrock

and the materials that they need

to put it up.

So, pretty soon the guys are going to put it all up,

mud it all up,

and then move onto the next thing after it dries.

Do you think I could handle one of those myself?

>>I got it, I got it.

>>Oh, Will,

don't hurt yourself.

>>You know, I kind of resent how surprised everyone is.

Whoa! Oh!

Last one!



>>We had two dry wall crews

scheduled to show up tonight.

One has come so far,

I'm not sure the other one is coming.

Hopefully they'll make it in the morning.

If they don't,

we're going to be in trouble here.

We may have to work pretty late into the night.

>>You're worried.

>>Yeah, a little bit.

>>I've never seen you worried before, Greg,

I'm a little worried.

>>Yeah. That worries you.



>>Can we peek in here?

>>Absolutely, go right ahead.


Oh, my gosh.



>>It's all enclosed!

This looks like a bedroom!

>>These guys are so good.

They're knocking this out of the park.

So, I'm just going back, giving support,

covering up screw heads that may have been misse,

getting everything ready for the textures.

>>We're getting the base boards in.

The shelving.

How's it going?

>>I'm working here Lisa, so if you could...


>>Do all the hosting stuff

because I'm getting my hands dirty.

>>Hey, check it out.


Yeah, we're already there.

I'm hoping that we're still on time,

but I'm not sure.

So, I need to check in with Greg.

>>So, how do you think we're doing time wise?

>>Um, things slowed up just a little bit,

but these guys are killing it,

they're doing really good.

Things are really moving.

>>Well good.

We're going to need to sneak off for a little bit,

but we'll be back as soon as we can.

We are on our way to the local TV station.

>>Because we have a really cool way

to reveal to the family

exactly what we've been doing downstairs.

>>It's going to be great.


Guys we finally made it to KSL News.

We're going to be prerecording this segment

to reveal to the Gossards

everything that we've done at their house.

>>A little bit of local flavor,

joined by Will and Lisa today,

the hosts of Random Acts here,

produced locally.

You guys, good to see you again,

it's been far too long.

Tell us what you're working on now.


Don't worry, we got this.

Do we go in a V-formation? W-?

I've read a lot of articles.

>>Up and down,

up and down, back across.



>>It is really hot in here.

>>Like a sauna, huh.

>>Like a sauna.

They are circulating this hot air.

>>We have designers coming in and who want to decorate,

get things up on the walls and stuff.

We just need this paint to dry up.

>>And quickly!

Because they're coming home today.

>>Right, exactly.

>>This is crazy.

He's starting the carpet in this room,

as things get finished on the other side of the house.

He's going to be moving this way as we finish.

Still plumbing and tiling left to do.

All that stuff takes time to dy

and set so that other stuff can be put on top of it.

So, I'm really hoping that we get this done.

>>Alright, where should I put this?

Yeah, that looks good.

I like that.

Alright, we're getting very close,

so I'm going to check on progress.

Come here.

Excuse me, how we doing?

>>Worried at all?

>>Not me.

>>Oh, not you.

You're folding this blanket very nicely.

I think that's great.

But, can we fold a little faster?

They're here! They're here!

>>How was St. George everybody?


We actually had a really fun time as well.

We did a lot of cool things with Random Acts,

and KSL called us

and wanted to know about the show,

and we actually talked to them about your family,

so they did a news segment

and we wanted to show you guys.

>>Oh, awesome.

>>So, let's check it out.

>>And more on the UK Prime Minister Theresa May's

visit with President Donald Trump coming up

in just a little bit,

but first,

a little bit of local flavor,

joined by Will and Lisa today.

The hosts of Random Acts here,

produced locally.

Will, good to see you again,

it's been far too long.

Tell us what you're working on now.

>>Thanks Andrew.

Uh, well, Random Acts,

as you know is a hidden camera show with heart.

We set people up to prank them,

but instead of doing something mean,

we do something nice for them.

>>And actually,

this week we've been working with the Gossard family

and we sent them down to have a wonderful

relaxing vacation,

but actually during that time,

we've been renovating their bathroom.


>>Oh, there's more. Jennifer and Greg,

go downstairs and take a look

at your new bathroom.


>>So mom, dad, let's come down here.


Ladies first.

Check out your new bathroom.

>>No way!

Oh, my gosh.

How did you do that?

How did you do that?

>>We can breathe!

>>Well, what do you think?

>>Uh, she's about ready to pass out.

Oh, my gosh.

So awesome.

Thanks, Will.

Oh, my gosh.

>>Let's take a look.

>>Oh my goodness.

>>So many people came to do this just for you.

For you and for you and for you,

and for you guys.

It is really, really cool.


Wait, wait, wait!

That's not--


Oh my gosh.

Oh my goodness.

Look at how cute!

I know [indistinct]



Oh my gosh!

Oh, how did you know?

I like the Cougars, so...


Oh, cool!

Oh, cute!

Nice bed.

I am so overwhelmed, it's more than I could ever, ever dreamt.

Everybody has a space.

It's totally, like it's overwhelming.

And now they have a place they can call their own.

That's amazing.

This is Greg from Heart to Home, and this is his team.

So, I'm not even sorry about this

but I love group hugs, so bring it in.


Random Acts on the count of three!

One, two, three!


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