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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Civilization vs. Savagery As a Theme in Lord of the Flies

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hi guys I'm miss Guevara and today we're

going to talk about the theme of

civilization versus savagery in William

Golding's novel Lord of the Flies the

central theme in Lord of the Flies is

the conflict between two competing

impulses that exist inside everyone the

instinct to live by the rules and

rationality versus the instinct to

gratify your immediate desires this

conflict pits civilization order and

reason against savagery chaos and

violent anarchy on a broader scale it

examines the theme of good versus evil

throughout the novel Golding associates

instinct of civilization with good and

the instinct of savagery with evil the

conflict between these two instincts is

explored through the collapse of the

moral code and disciplined behavior of

main characters as they adjust to brutal

life in the jungle after a plane crash

since Lord of the Flies is an

allegorical novel Golding conveys many

of his main ideas through symbolic

characters and objects the battle

between civilization and savagery is

represented in the conflict between

Ralph the novel's protagonist who

represents order and leadership and Jack

the antagonist who represents savagery

and the desire for power overall Golding

implies that the instinct of savagery is

much more fundamental to the human

psyche than the instinct of civilization

moral behavior is often depicted as

something that society forces upon the

individual rather than a natural

expression of human individuality in

Lord of the Flies Golding seems to

assert that people naturally revert to

cruelty savagery and even evil when left

to their own devices



The Description of Civilization vs. Savagery As a Theme in Lord of the Flies