Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Day[9] vs. Amy Okuda | Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers | Season 5, Episode 2

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(epic fantasy music)

Welcome back to another episode of Spellslingers,

the show where I play Magic: the Gathering

with my nerd friends, and today's friend

is none other than, Amy Okuda.

(laughing) That was quite an intro.

Yeah, it was actually hilarious to you.

Wait, hold on, hold on.

What is it that's so amusing to you about that?

I don't know, you turned on this weird voice.

The sauce, yeah.

It's quite, quite interesting.

You really got into it.

Hi, I'm Amy Okuda, most people on the internet

will know me from The Guild, if you're off the internet,

maybe you will recognize me from How To Get Away With Murder

or the Netflix show, Atypical.

So Amy, how are you?

I'm great, how are you?

I'm really excited. Yeah?

We're gonna play some Magic today.

Are we just pretending like we know each other

or something, how are you, we just met.

We've been hanging out all morning, it's been great!

Been getting our makeup put on.

Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah, I'm good, bud.

Yeah dude! It's been a while.

Bro. Yeah.

How long you been playing Magic?

Probably like 20 minutes.

Before I left this morning,

my fiance was like,

"Oh, Magic is really complicated, good luck."

And I was like (groans),

so I came in like, a little bit anxious,

but as I was playing, it's fun,

it's not as complicated as, it's not as scary as it seems.

Alright, Amy Okuda.

On Spellslingers, the next thing we'll do

is spin the Wheel of Fate.


So here's a whole bunch of different decks

that have been built. Okay.

It doesn't matter if you know any of what that means.

You're gonna spin this, whatever it lands on,

that is what you're-- Which one do I want?

There's no way for you to know for sure.

You've been playing for 20 minutes.

(laughing) What's good and what's bad?

What are my wants?

I go first, do I do it?

Yeah, yeah, so put your hand on there.

(wheel spinning) (flourish of music)

Ooh, is that good?

Well, this is White/Red,

more commonly known as Boros.

Yes, the two-layered light tech!

It's very fancy.

Yeah hah hah, it's sick!


It's an aggressive one, I'm so excited I'm aggressive.

I just like to like, go in there and kill everything, so.

Here we go.

(wheel spinning)

(flourish of music)

Okay, okay, we did it.

Why'd you get three icons?

Alright, so I am playing a three color deck,

Green/Black/White, so with three colors,

my deck's gonna be able to do kind of a variety of things.

Summon some creatures, do some stuff with the graveyard,

do some life-stealy life-gainy type things.

I really like Abzan, I think that's probably

my favorite three color combination.

Well, get ready for a fancy arm motion.


We're gonna summon the decks in three, two, one.

(dramatic sounds of summoning)

Ohh. And here we are.

Alright, so go ahead and start shuffling your deck.

We're gonna get rid of this Wheel of Fate.

(grunting with effort)

And can we actually get rid of this Boros light, too?

No, no! Can we turn that off?

No, why?

I'm gonna give it a shot.

And we're gonna get rid of the Boros light!

(crickets chirp) (Amy laughing)

Okay, now, what we're going to do is,

we're going to pick up the dice,

we're gonna roll the dice, and whoever gets

the higher number goes first.

Oh, I think I should just go first.


No, no, let's do this.

Okay. Okay.

That's fine, yeah, whatever you wanna do is fine.

Okay, okay, I'll roll the (bleeping) dice.

I got a nine!

I got 11. I got a nine, that's--

I go first anyway.

You go first, but this is great for branding.

Why? 'Cause I'm Day Nine!

Oh my God. Day Nine!

Oh my God, he always rolls himself!

God, that's so sick.

You've done that like three times already this morning.

I know, I know, it's like, it's my mantra.

It's what hypes me up, some people listen

to music to get in the zone.

I just scream my own name. You just scream, wow

It's fantastic. Yeah, it seems fun.

Alright, so what's gonna happen is,

we are going to draw our seven cards.

Go ahead and start drawing, one, two, three.

This is a great opening hand against Boros.

Ajani's Welcome for the potentially infinite lifegain

Swarm Guildmage for lifegain, we also have

the Gift of Paradise for lifegain.

Oh (bleep), I'm feeling good, I've got a couple lands

and I've got some little creatures

so I could just boom get out right away.

Amy. Okay.

Good luck, have fun.

No way, really, oh my god, I was like (laughs)

You like smack it down, you're like

pick my hot water up and pour it on my head.

Okay, I will play a plains and then,

gonna get someone out there so I will and then here comes

the Healer's Hawk, it is a birdie.

Healer's Hawk, creature type birdie (laughs).

So my strategy is I'm just gonna go in there

be aggressive and just kill everything as fast as I can.

Okay so it has flying and lifelink and it is a 1/1.

Alright, nice.

I am done, onto you, sir.

Thank you very much, I will now draw a card.

Hope you get a (bleep) card.


Was it (bleepy)?

So I told Amy before the show, that sometimes people

who are very pleasant and upbeat and cheerful

when they arrive here, cameras start rolling

and they start to get a little intense

and Amy's starting to get a little intense, man.

Alright, I'm gonna play the Selesnya Guildgate.

It is a good ol' fashioned dual land, it comes into

the battlefield tapped and it can give me green

or white mana, it's your turn.

I have a mountain, okay so I'm gonna play these guys.


Playing plains and then my other friend, Boros Challenger.

He's a mentor and I guess his quote of life is

"Send your champion, I could use a light workout."


You should be a voice actor for magic cards!

I know!

So I put down the Challenger, which has this cool

new thing called Mentor, which means that I can make

my weaker guy stronger by one.

Alright, alright, alright, alright.

So. Yep?

(bleep) you up, oh just like that.

Alright, I have nothing to do except to take one damage

and we have any dice of your choice.

Ooh! Look at this, yeah, yeah!

We're good hosts, here and by we I mean, them.

I like this clear purple one.

Get it! Sweet.

Okay I'm gonna do the very simple play, I'm going to spend

one green and one black to play the Swarm Guildmage.

I love guildmages, they're the whole reason I'm hyped

about Ravnica, so this guildmage it's a 2/2

and it has two abilities, I can pay four and a black

creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain Menace until

end of turn, or I can pay a green and one to gain two life

and that second one is what I'm hyped about,

because you're Boros, you're trying to kill me fast.

I'm just gonna try to keep healing up.

Yeah, it's your turn.

Skyknight Legionnaire, he's also a flyer,

so I'm gonna put him next to the little birdie

because they'll fly together.

Third round, I have my little hawk,

I have the challenger and now I put down

this mother (bleeping) Legionnaire with haste, boom!

Okay so I'm gonna attack.


So turn these guys. Yep, yep yep.

And then he gets

Mentored. Stronger.

I mean it's exactly like in college, where the professor

just helps the students get all swoled up.

So that's a 2/2 now. Healer's Hawk little birdie

okay, becomes a bigger birdie and then.

I block nothing. You block nothing.

I will take six damage, I'm going to

plummet to 13 and I get healthier!

Yep, so you're gonna go up to 23.

Oh my god, okay we're at 13 health already.

There's some pretty damn good cards in this deck.

I can't even block anything now, I just have a 2/2.

She has the weakest card is a 2/3 and everything else

is flying in the sky, so I'm gonna have to rely

very heavily on lifegain this game.

Alright, so I am going to play Ajani's Welcome

which is an enchantment, it says whenever a creature

enters the battlefield under your control,

you gain one life, I am going to play Ajani's Pridemate.

Which says whenever you gain life, you may put

a +1/+1 counter on Ajani's Pridemate, so I just played this

which triggers Ajani's Welcome, so I'm gonna heal to 14.


And because I just healed, I now get to put

a +1/+1 counter on this, so Ajani's Pridemate

is now a 3/3, so maybe at some point in the distant future

this Ajani Pridemate will become a gigantic threat

but right now the Ajani Pridemate is a gigantic wall.

The more it gets buffed, the more that this pridemate

guarantees that no ground creatures can attack.

I'm debating between attacking with this or holding back.

No I think-- Just hold back.

Well I'm not gonna block with him

because I don't want him to die.

But maybe he wants to die, maybe he's just over life.

He looks tired. That's so dark.


Alright well I'm gonna assume he's doing okay,

he's taking care of himself, I'm gonna swing in

to attack you for two damage, alright, so take two damage

and then I am done with the turn and I am having

a lot of faith in my Ajani's Pridemate.

It is yo' turn.

Sean with his like, Ajani's Pridemate and all his little

things goin' on, I feel like, it might be a slow build

but I feel like he's building something dangerous

and I don't like it.

I will just keep killing you softly with my friends.

My flying friends, who you can't block

'cause you don't fly.

That's correct. What!

Alright I'm gonna go ohh! Ohh!

We're gonna go 23.

Oh my god, you're at 10!

10, you're halfway You're halfway to death.

I'm, you're halfway there.

So Sean's at 10 life, I'm like above 20, I'm like cruisin'

I thought he was good at this game.

I'm going to play the Gift of Paradise,

which says, enchant land, when Gift of Paradise enters

the battlefield, you gain three life.

It says enchanted land has add two mana of any one color.

So I'm gonna put Gift of Paradise on my plains.

So I gain three life, so I'm gonna go to 13

and then because Ajani's Pridemate says whenever

you gain life, put on a +1/+1 counter on there,

Ajani's Pridemate is now a 4/4.

I'm gonna play Dawn of Hope, I'm going to tap this plains

to generate two white mana, so that way I can cast

Dawn of Hope, it says whenever you gain life

you may pay two if you do, draw a card.

This has a lot of utility but probably not in this game.

I'm on the verge of dying, I'm playing it right now

because I can, but I really want to reserve my mana

to let my guildmage heal, and that means

that I have nothing more to do.

You don't attack very often.

No, I just sort of, I just sort of take a beating

reflect and then get over it.

If I can just get one or two more useful creatures out

or maybe a combat trick spell,

then we're gonna be able to turn the tides.

Adding another friend to the team, another friend,

It's a 7/7 dragon. To the teams

The Truefire Captain, look at that badass girl on a horse.

She's a human knight.

Oh my god. She is also a mentor.

Whenever Truefire Captain is dealt damage, it deals

that much damage to target player.

So lets put you next to the other mentor,

maybe they can fall in love. (laughter)

So I have a really smokin' hot captain

and a really beautiful challenger and I don't know

I think they're gonna fall in love, they're on a date

right now, they're gonna bang on their own.

These guys will bang, you know.

Very well. Yes.

Alright. And then I heal again.

You heal again, I hurt again, and I don't wear cardigans.

So she's dealing four damage in the sky a turn

and I can heal for 2 with the guildmage, and I'm healing

a little with Ajani's Welcome, so that's kind of stable.

Okay so I'm actually going to play the Regal Bloodlord

which is a 2/4 with flying, Uh oh.

it says at the beginning of each end step

if you gained life this turn, create a 1/1

black bat creature token with flying.

So because this enters the battlefield, I gain one life

due to Ajani's Welcome and because of Ajani's Pridemate

I gain one life, so that's gonna go to three.

Now I'm gonna go to the end of my turn so I am going to just

put a dice out here that this represents a 1/1

black bat creature token with flying and because

it enters the battlefield, I gain one life

and Ajani's Pridemate again triggers that,

so this is now a 6/6.

This is a 6/6!?

He is, he's all huge and swollen.

Eww. Yes.

Yeah no, this is like, a whey protein

drinking Ajani's Pridemate. Yeah this sucks.

Yeah this guy's been taking his fish oil pills.

Ooh, I take fish oil, too.

Nice. Yeah.

But this guy's been taking horse oil pills.


Oh this Bloodlord may win me the game.

It's gonna be summoning 1/1s which then proc the heals

on Ajani's Welcome which makes the pridemate huge

and then I can block with the 1/1s

and then it'll buy me time to heal more to get another 1/1.

What is this, a lobster?

Anyways. Voluminous Lobster.

It is Luminous Bonds, bam.

Oh, enchant creature, target creature

can't attack or block, alright,

who are you disabling on my side?

(Amy sighs)

Do you want to disable the 1/1 bat

with lifelink? No!

Sorry, don't. You smack this--

Alright, I'm sorry.

I have very sensitive nerves in my arm hair.

(Amy laughs)

And I am going to take out your weird, whatever this guy

is that kept getting stronger and stronger

with his horse pills, I put the Luminous Bonds

on his Ajani's Pridemate because that guy is stronger

than anything that I have and I'm scared

and I don't like being scared so, bye bitch.

Boros Challenger, Truefire Captain had a really nice date

they're feeling refreshed, they're gonna attack...

They're strong, they're ready, they had a lot of turkey legs

there's a lot of jousting So you're going

with everything. Oh yeah, and then the flying

they're just, they're coming too

and then Who's getting mentored?

Yes, Truefire Captain will mentor Boros Challenger.

So he becomes, just one, so now he's a 3/4.

Yeah, I think this is what I'm going to do.

So I choose to block like this, first of all,

Regal Bloodlord and this Healer's Hawk, this hawk dies

and this lives, so my 1/1 bat that's blocking the 4/3

Bye bat. That happens,

but that triggers, so I'll take one damage and then this

three and two damage goes through,

so I take another five and I go to five.

So the real number I'm worried about is three health.

There's a ton of spells in the history of Magic

that deal three damage to me, but five health

is like ehh, like, kinda safe?

Okay, so I'm going to first play the overgrown tomb.

Says when it enters the battlefield, you may pay two life

if you don't, it enters tapped.

I am going to pay that two life to go to three.


Yeah it's crazy!

It's suicide!

So what I'm going to do now is I am going to tap

the Swarm Guildmage for a green and a green to gain two life

so I now gain five. So you're just back

to where you started.

But, well first of all, I'm just gonna keep tracking

this Ajani's Pridemate, it doesn't matter because it's

probably gonna be Luminous Bonded the entire game,

but it gets +1/+1 because of the fact

that we just gained life, I'm gonna cast Murder.

I'm gonna tap this for two black and a black

and Murder says destroy target creature.


So this is a 3/4, so I'm gonna murder--

No! Yeah, it's dead.

It's dead, it's D-E-D, ded.

He's in love!

Did Sean not know that the captain and the challenger

were becoming like the main characters

of my erotic fantasy novel that I've been writing?

I am now going to use my last card, Nightmare's Thirst

for one black, that says you gain one life, so I do that.

I go to six, I gained one life, so this gets

another counter and then it says target creature

gets -X/-X until end of turn where X

is the amount of life you gained this turn.

So I gained two from this, one from this, so that's

gonna be -3/-3 so then this dies...

It's dead, he died, she was sad.

I know. She's happy now.

My Romeo and Juliet.

But it's like there's actually no gap between.

It's like Juliet died and Romeo died, that's the story.

Like, the end, it's best not to get

too attached to these creatures, Amy.

Well I am not done yet, because at the end of my turn

because I gained life, here's a 1/1 bat.

Eww, it's back? Represented as a coin.

Oh he's back, well it's not the same.

It's a new bat? It's a new bat.

Oh it's a new bat. Yeah.

And because this comes in, Ajani's Welcome lets me gain

one life to go to seven and Ajani's Pridemate

that is never going to be in use


increases. He's like the Hulk right now

just in the cage. I know

(Amy growls)

I don't know if it will ever come out of Luminous Bonds

but if it does, I want to make sure we have

every tick of power, properly accounted for.

And I will play a Minotaur Soldier, looks badass.

Okay, attack, attack!

So I assume you're going to mentor your 3/3 flyer.

Yes, no it's a 2/2 which is going to become a 3/3.

Yeah sorry, you mentor the 2/2 flyer to become a 3/3.

3/3 Just, in my minds

I was seeing the future, I was like a Precog

in Minority Report (neurotic noises) like shaking in the goo

I was like, it's gonna become a 3/3

and then an umbrella came out

and she was like "You can choose."

Uh, yeah. Okay.

I'm gonna scoot this over and I'm going to double block

the Skyknight Legionnaire so I--

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Yeah, yeah I'm gonna block with both.

No, no, no, no.

So then this, No.

And the legionnaire are gonna die.

No, no!

But I am gonna take four and I'm gonna go to three.

Yes, okay Sean's back at three health.

Sean, stay at three.

Okay so here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna use

my Dawn of Hope enchantment to pay three colorless

and a white to make a 1/1 white soldier creature token

with lifelink, so I'm going to tap my plains that has

Gift of Paradise to make two white mana, and then I'm going

to tap my swamp and my forest, boom,

and then we're gonna do the usual little combos

like because we did this, Ajani's Welcome triggers

so now I'm gonna go to four and then this goes up

so now this is a 10/10 that can't do anything.

(Amy chuckles)

And then my turn's gonna end and Regal Bloodlord

is gonna create a 1/1 black bat with flying,

which then lets me

go to five The bat's back?

And I did heal and because I heal, this goes up

so now this is an 11/11 that can't do anything.

At this point in the game, I'm pretty sure I've gained

over 15 life and if you start having more creatures

than Boros, you did it, you did it!

Okay, I'm gonna add a friend.

Tajic, his name.

Oh, what does this do? Legion's Edge

He is a human soldier, oh he's also a mentor.

I have so many mentors but no mentees.

Prevent all noncombat damage that would be dealt

to other creatures you control.

Just dropped a Tajic, he's haste, he can attack right away

and then I got this sergeant guy who's gonna beef him up.

Got something else for you, bam, Justice Strike.

What does this do, target creature deals damage

to itself equal to its power, oh, egh, jesus.

So I will cast this Justice Strike on your guildmage.

Okay, in response to that, I'm going to tap the guldmage

and pay two to gain two life to go to seven.

This triggers, yeah, yeah, so then this tragically dies.



Let's kill 'em all, kill 'em all.

And so, this is gonna mentor that to make it a 4/3...

Kill 'em all.

Okay so here's what I'm gonna do, I am going to have

my two tokens here, I'm going to block here

and I'm gonna let this go through.

So this deals four damage, so that sends me

from seven to three.

Hey Sean, hey, hey Sean, in case you didn't hear me

the last time, stay at three health.

These deal two damage to this thing's two health

so this dies. Dangit.

So I'm gonna set these, because that thing has lifelink

this gets buffed and then I go back to four.

Then at the end of the turn, because I gained life,

I'm gonna summon back another bat

Oh god. from the Regal Bloodlord

which then lets me go to five,

which then lets this go up to six.

Remember when I said this Bloodlord

was gonna win us the game?

do you see how many bats I've made!?


One, two, three, four, five, six.

Desperation. Okay I'm going to play

the Loxodon Restorer, which is a 3/4 that costs six

and when it enters the battlefield, you gain four life.

What!? So I'm gonna go

from five to nine, which means that this gets +1/+1

He gains four life, I can't get ahead!

Because this entered the battlefield, Ajani's Welcome

lets it go to 10, lets me gain a life and this triggers

again and now I'm going to attack with the Regal Bloodlord.

I'll just take it.

I have so much life anyway. You have so much life.

Like who cares. It's gonna take me forever.

Like whatever.

And because I gained life this turn,

I get another token out and that lets me gain a life

and that makes this go up three.

God, that's so fricking annoying, I'm like,

I keep punching him, and he keeps healing himself.

The Lobstercrab Barry Bonds is back.

And I will put him...

Alright so you have bonded my elephant.

(heavy sigh) yeah.

Alright, swinging in for four.

I'm just going to block with one of my tokens

and just let the token die.


And no life gaining happens and I don't trigger a thing

and make a thing huge, I'm just done.

So here's what I'm going to-- Here we go.

Here we go. Here we go.

Alright, I have my Status or Statue.


And this I can do either the status effect

or I can do the statue effect by paying the cost.

So I'm going to do the statue effect and this is destroy

target artifact, creature, or enchantment.

So I'm gonna destroy the Luminous Bonds.


On my... NO!

Enormous... No!

Oh my god, it's a great thing

he's been eating horse oil in his cell.

Right now I look real cool, huh?

17/17 Ajani Pridemate, mm, pretty cool.

So I'm gonna attack for 17 and then I'm gonna attack also

with Regal Bloodlord, so that's 19 damage

and I'm not going to attack with my 1/1.

I didn't think that 19 damage in one turn

was a possibility in this game so...

(thudding sound)

Oh my god, you throw so many dice at me.

Alright, I'm gonna-- I'm mad.

Amy's been unusually physical for guests we have

on this show, there's been a couple dice throws.

There's been plentiful hand smacks.

Bam, Hunted Witness.

Wait hold on, what does this guy do?

One mana, 1/1, when Hunted Witness dies, create a 1/1

white soldier creature token with lifelink.

Okay, I'm going to tap these to create a 1/1 white soldier

creature token with lifelink, so by doing this

and gaining health and making this bigger,

I'm also going to, whenever you gain life, you may pay two

if you do, draw a card, I gained a life

so I'm gonna pay two to draw a card, okay cool.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to attack

with these two flyers, so that's a 2/4 flying

and a 1/1 flying.

Does that mean you won?

It means you go to one health.

Oh, one health?

Yeah 'cause this is two damage and one damage,

so you're at four health, so you're gonna go to one

and then at the end of my turn, this--

Oh I thought you were using this thing too.

I just summoned him.

So that way I could do stuff Oh, got it, got it.

So while you go down, I'm gonna end my turn.

I gain one and go to 13 and this gains one and does this.

Oh my gosh. I know, it's just.

It's ridiculous.

I don't have any way to kill that creature.

I can't stop him, so that means I'm either gonna lose

right now or win right now, or maybe not win, but.

It would have to be something pretty miraculous

because I've got little flyers, I can poke you in the air.

I've got a huge dude, I can start summoning lots of soldiers

I am willing this card to be so amazing.

I don't know, I don't care what it is,

just be frickin' amazing that it kills Sean in one turn.

I got a tickle on my nose, there we go.

I fixed the tickle.

Nope, sucked, well, I have a useless--

Yes, something that's useless, good!

Useless human soldier.

First strike mentor.

And then I guess...

(dramatic music)

Just for (bleeps) and giggles I will attack.

I'm not going to block, I'm just gonna take nine damage.

You're so gross, eww.

You're pitying me. Eww.

Amy's actually been dead for three or four turns now

'cause we're healing too much, but at some point

you have to turn her into glue.

Cool, tight, sick, we're untapping it all.

We're drawing what is commonly a card

and I'm just going to attack with everything.

(dramatic music)

You're such a bitch.

I did it!

(triumphant horn)

It was very close for a little bit.

I really thought I was gonna win.

Woo, this Ajani's Welcome went the distance, man.

This healed me for one like 20 times. (chuckles)

This was the All-Star card, yes, Ajani's Welcome.

So yeah I can see now that he was building his deck

for the long game and I was obviously

going for the short game.

Well Amy, thank you so much

for joining us Thanks for having me.

on this episode and of course an important reminder to you

to wear protective vests in case dice begin flying

after a tense match.

Thanks for watching and may you draw well.

(dice clinks) Ow! (bleep)

Oh my god, you hit me like on the bone!

I'm so sorry (laughs) It was, you hit it

on such a-- I wanted to hit it

like right on your flesh.

On my, on my-- I was aiming for the flesh.

Oh my god, don't even try again.

You hit me on the eye, what if

there's blood in the next episode?

It didn't hurt, did it?

It hurt, you threw-- No, it didn't hurt.

Don't lie. What are you talking about?

I'm sorry, but it didn't hurt that bad.

I think what you're telling me is,

lie, I think you're telling me, "Say it didn't hurt."

Yeah just say it didn't hurt.

Yeah, it didn't hurt at all, thank you so much Amy.

Thank you, it was a lot of fun, thank you very much.

It was a good episode, yes, very much so.

Okay. Bye.

Good job.

(triumphant music)

(chiptune theme)

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