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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: eng)[꿀잼] 춤을 한 번 보고 바로 따라 췄더니 친구 반응이ㅋㅋㅋㅋFeat. X친벌칙

Difficulty: 0

It's been a while since I've been shooting v-log

Friend next to me asks a question

Friend : Hey, can you do this?

Friend : Lisa's dancing in comic program

He asks me if it's possible to dance after watching once like this

Nihoo : Let's just do it

Friend : You can do that?

Nihoo : Let's just do it

Friend : Don't be act rashly

Nihoo : Such as I am, Dance Youtuber, sir

bluffing in front of friend

Friend : You can't ~

It's a little bit of a loss

Nihoo : What?

Friend : No, can't~

And a sneering friend

I gave up the V-log video shooting...

Hello, everyone. I'm Nihoo


I was shooting V-log with a light heart

A friend next to me

He tapped into my ego

But I'm a man of my own opinion as a Dance

All I only can do is dance, sing...

Comment : Bluffing;;, You're ugly than me, what's he doing? Dancing person? Dancing show, Let's get started

It's not fun if we just try. So we prepared a penalty

Laundry tongs, stockings, a (mouth) gag, lemons, porous tip pens, ribbon hairpin, lipsticks

I'm going to move on. Let me introduce my cheeky friend to you

Yeah. This is my friend...

This is a friend of mine who helped me shoot a grandfather hidden camera

Friend : Can I introduce myself?

Nihoo : Yeah, try it

Friend : Hi. I've been friends with Daehun since elementary school, and we've been like firm friends

Comment : Friends are better~, Nihoo will lose if we fight, friends are heartwarming, I don't like them both, When do you start?, Are you two in a relationship?

Stop T.M.I. (Too Much Information)

Finally, try the first song!!

a saucy friend who selects a song

Nihoo : You can adjust the difficulty level by yourself, right?

Friend : Do you know Momoland?

Nihoo : Suddenly Momoland...?

Kim Soo-hyun : He dances all the male idol dances

Kim Soo-hyun : among girl idol groups.. exciting song...

staring at him with a real kick

Comment : Nihoo is angry, Look at the face, Soo-hyun look behind you

MOMOLAND's BBoom BBoom!!

But It's still the first time, he've picked an easy song

Kim Soo-hyun : I think the difficulty of the first song is very easy

Nihoo : I don't usually dance girls

So what^^

Up to here

Kim Soo-hyun : Is it possible? Can you do it?

What will it be

Comment : bluff ON, Please let's see if nihoo get punished

I didn't edit the cut to show you I didn't practice separately

like the Minions

Nihoo : Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, I don't know about this at all

Nihoo : From here, right?

Nihoo's really good at dialect

Nihoo : You'd better look at me

You are so sexy

That was pretty good for no reason

Comment : Kim Soo-hyun, good job, friend~ Bye

Well, it's ruined?

Kim Soo-hyun : Oh, This is too much

Nihoo : Ah, but you did choice easy song for me

Kim Soo-hyun : I didn't expect it to be this easy

Nihoo : Wait a minute...

Let's go with the punishment

Comment : Let's use the stocking, let's eat the lemon, but it'll be fun if the punishment is stronger. Pick it quickly


Kim Soo-hyun : Oh, making me nervous?

Nihoo : Oh, not bad. Not bad

Kim Soo-hyun : Oh, it's not bad(satisfaction)

Nihoo : The first step is not bad

Clamp ten clothespin on the face

Kim Soo-hyun : Is it spacious enough on my face?

It's possible 20 clothespin?

Here we go!

Don't do that

Kim Soo-hyun : Wait, It's pimple here

Kim Soo-hyun : Wow... Where did you get this? That's considerable power tongs

Nihoo : Can you forehead? forehead

Comment : Ugh, forehead is crazy, Did Moses miracle happen on your forehead?, Is it possible on forehead?

Kim Soo-hyun : I left it blank to put it in



Kim Soo-hyun : It hurts so much, I think it's going to pop

Nihoo : You should dance this

Nihoo : For your information, this friend is not a dancer

Kim Soo-hyun : Give me a chance to see

Look at the posture

Kim Soo-hyun : Wow. This is really... Wait...

he's absent-minded

What did I see?


That takes the cake

Nihoo : Hey, you good at dancing

It's time to adjust the screen / I'll be hit back ^^

I'm angry...



I'm happy~~~~

Kim Soo-hyun : I am still tingling...

Nihoo : Let's not do anything too difficult because you're angry, let's do something that i can do as humanly

Kim Soo-hyun : Hey, I'm a professional~

Kim Soo-hyun : Let me show you the second song

Yeah, That's it~

Comment : Nihoo, good work, Nihoo Bye Bye

I'm doomed

Kim Soo-hyun : Oh, I got caught. Everyone, I know that don't have to watch it?

Kim Soo-hyun : Shall we go right away?

Nihoo : Right now, what's the rush?

(acrimony)Kim Soo-hyun seems very angry

Nihoo : Why do you a surge of adrenaline?

This 16-year friendship is said to be cracked.

Kim Soo-hyun : And you know what's not basic right now?

Kim Soo-hyun : What is the detail of this video?

It's barefoot

Kim Soo-hyun : What are you doing with your shoes on? Celebfive is barefoot

Kim Soo-hyun : Can I turn it on? Are you ready?

Let's go

Comment : What is that? You got a cab? Looks like you had a midday drink, You don't have any magic formula, either?

Kim Soo-hyun : Go on~ Go on.


Nihoo : Why?Why?Why?

Not this one

Kim Soo-hyun : Let's do this!

I'm gonna beat you up

I'm so sad....

Nihoo : Is it like this, right?

Kim Soo-hyun : No, this way~

You won the lemon!!!(Eat lemon without change of expression)

Nihoo : What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?

Comment : Lemon... It's already full of saliva...., Let's put it all in at once, Shall we go to an eating show?

Comment : Beauty Youtuber? Do you want to introduce cosmetics? Advertising ㅡㅡ

He's seen a lot from somewhere

Kim Soo-hyun : Just take one bite like this

a generous friend

Kim Soo-hyun : These days, Novel Coronavirus are dangerous. Don't eat all that

Nihoo : What does that have to do with anything?

Kim Soo-hyun : Then, do you want to eat it all?

a straight face

Nihoo : That's very relevant. This is an important time

Everyone, watch out for Novel Coronavirus!! Mask Required

Nihoo : I'll try

Kim Soo-hyun : Here, hurry up~

Just like this!!

Nihoo : Wait a minute, take your face away. because of your face...

Kim Soo-hyun : I have to see, your face change or not

Nihoo : It's funny because of your face

Comment : Soo-hyun's defeat, It's the only crime ever done of staring at him

Here we go!

Kim Soo-hyun : It's still before eating~

Comment : Aren't you crying? Hey, he's crying, Don't make fun of him

Kim Soo-hyun : Don't cry

(unpleasant)Aren't you laughing too hard?

Kim Soo-hyun : Oh, spit it out

Nihoo : Ah, why so many?

It's not a curse

Kim Soo-hyun : I'm crying

Nihoo : But I like sour

I really like the sour

So it ends in a boring way

Kim Soo-hyun : We will go to the next song without delay

Nihoo : Now, Please choice a boy group dance

Kim Soo-hyun : I'll show you right away

Kim Soo-hyun : I wanted to see this song because it's so cool

(Ah......this song...)

Nihoo : Everyone must have seen

You know what song it is just by listening to it, right?

Fortunately, there are a lot of repetitive motions, so I don't think it's too difficult

That's really cool

Kim Soo-hyun : First of all, I applaud this stage

Kim Soo-hyun : Is it possible?

Nihoo : Now, you're going to have to give me that hand

Kim Soo-hyun : I admit it cleanly

Kim Soo-hyun : If yes, yes or if not, no

Ah.. I want all the cuts by editing the cut

Let's go!

emphasized the point

Comment : I agree, Nihoo UP! It's a success, It's over, Good, Why are you dancing? What are you doing?



Kim Soo-hyun : watch in person with Nihoo dance after a long time..

good at dance

Kim Soo-hyun : Power...!

Be quiet~

(Oh.... fucked up)

Comment : What is it?, what's wrong with you?, Show me, don't look at it alone

Nihoo : Oh, did I show you?

(do a random dance wearing stocking on face)It's really fun

Wait a minute

Kim Soo-hyun : Do it right at once

(really ugly)

Your hands smell like lemons

Comment : When you have a lot of thoughts, have a lemon candy, lemon-flavored fingers, hand odor from lemons...

Look at the smile of his psyched

It's my first time laughing like this while filming

So, what does Soo-hyun look like?

Please look forward to the next installment!! due to failure in footage amount control..

Please look forward to the next episode!


The Description of eng)[꿀잼] 춤을 한 번 보고 바로 따라 췄더니 친구 반응이ㅋㅋㅋㅋFeat. X친벌칙