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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Work-life Balance | Learning English

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hello this is Elliot from ETJ English so

recently I have been trying something

new I've been working a lot and I've had

a lot of got a lot of students that I

have to teach English to I have to make

homework and I have to do all kinds of

things it's it's quite a busy life being

a teacher is a lot of your life is

revolved around working I've been trying

to find a good work-life balance so

that's finding that kind of balance

where you're working the right amount

that you should be and you're also kind

of balancing it with the amount of free

time you have so I've been scheduling

things I've been finding some time where

I work and then when I have my free time

when I schedule myself to have some free

time I've then been making sure that I

do something which I enjoy so for

example I enjoy cooking so I'll make

sure that I have some free time at some

point during my day to do some cooking

or maybe I'll go out for a walk and

enjoy the Sun on a sunny day or maybe I

will read a book now there's all kinds

of things that I do in order to maintain

a good work-life balance this is

something which I also think you should

relate to your English learning if you

learn too much if you take in too much

information you won't remember it all

and you'll probably get quite stressed

out now it's important that you manage

to have some fun at the same time and

maybe you find English learning fun but

you can't just rely on learning English

and doing nothing else you also have to

be able to find a good balance what you

could learn some English learn some

vocabulary for example do some learning

for an hour or have a lesson with me for

one hour but then don't go straight into

learning more English you need to have a

break make sure you have free time so

yeah everything is all about finding a

good balance to stay motivated you don't

want to get tired from working too much

so it's all about finding that perfect

work-life balance so I want to know what

do you do to maintain a good work-life

balance what do you do in your spare

time do you have any hobbies what do you

do when you're not working and are you

able to find that free time so you can

have a good balance a good work-life

balance I'd love you to let me know in

the comment section below and also I've

got one more thing to tell you

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from me thank you very much for watching

and I will see you in the next video but

I'm not really understanding


and maybe talking about something which

is a little bit too confusing for me or

I just don't really get what they're too

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