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In October, 2004, Weyland Industries' satellites discovered the location of an ancient pyramid

deep beneath the ice of Bouvetoya Island, prompting an expedition led by Charles Bishop

Weyland, along with a team of experts to gather as much data on the yet-to-be-studied pyramid

as possible.

The expedition met a terrible fate, however, seeing human team members caught in the middle

of a war between two ancient species: the xenomorph, and the yautja.

Charles Bishop Weyland was among those who lost their lives within the pyramid in the

midst of this war.

The name Weyland, within the Alien series, is of course synonymous with Weyland-Yutani,

the company in constant search of a xenomorph specimen - often at any cost, and with just

about any human life expendable in the process.

The company, and its name, as it's most commonly depicted, is the result of merger between

Weyland Corp,, owned by Sir Peter Weyland, and The Yutani Corporation, owned by Hideo


So, where does this leave Charles Bishop Weyland?

The first and only appearance of this character was in the film Alien Vs Predator, in which

he was portrayed by Lance Henriksen, who also portrayed the android Bishop, and the Weyland-Yutani

Synthetic Designer, Michael Bishop.

A lot of the background information on Charles Bishop Weyland learned from Alien Vs Predator

suggests Weyland Industries was involved in technologies just as Artificial Intelligence

- a magzaine cover of Scientific American shown in one moment proclaims him as a "Pioneer

of Modern Robotics."

Though the events of AVP take place in 2004, we're led to believe that Charles Bishop Weyland

paved the way for A.I. technology, and is likely related to Michael Bishop, who designed

the Bishop model - both of whom bear an uncanny resemblence to Charles Bishop Weyland.

That is, if you believe Michael Bishop, is, in fact, a human.

While there is a large amount of information available about Sir Peter Weyland and all

of his accomplishments, by comparison, we don't know too much about Charles Bishop.

The novelization of Alien Vs Predator provides some further information on the man, and the

Weyland Business.

At 21, Charles Weyland possesed a Harvard MBA, and a small satellite mapping company

inherited from his father.

Two years later he'd purchased a cable franchise un the Midwest, then a telecommunications

grid in Nevada.

Within a decade marked by shrewd and calculated expansion, Weyland Industries had become the

largest satellite systems operation in the world, the company worth in excess of three

hundred billion dollars.

His financial empire secure, Charles Weyland had set out to change the world.

"Expanding the range of human endeavor" was more than the Weyland Industries catchphrase

- it was the sum of Charles Weyland's personal philosophy.

His mother dead before he was two, raised by a succession of nannies under the cold

eye of a harsh, agnostic father, Weyland lacked the parental love or even the comforting fath

in a higher power.

So he'd made progress his creed, vowing to use his wealth to advance the frontiers of

human civilization.

To that end, he'f begun to lead a double life.

The public Charles Bishop Weyland threw lavish parties, attended openings and charity events,

bought luxury hotels in San Francisco, Paris, and London.

Billionaire Charles Weyland built a casino in Las Vegas and was very much a fixture of

the society page, a shallow playboy who always had a beautiful woman on his arm ans his signature

nine iron over his shoulder.

But like the hotels, the casino and the golf club, the women were mere props - part of

the elaborate and calculated deception that enabled Charles Weyland to accomplish his

real goals behind the scenes and under the radar.

While hosting the opening of the Weyland West Hotel in San Fransisco, Weyland's representatives

had been secretly purchasing a nanotechnology firm in Silicon Valley.

As he'd attended London's theater season, Weyland's lawyers had been closing the deal

for a robotics plant in pittsburgh.

While he'd attended fashion week festivities in Paris, Weyland's shell company had engineered

a hostile takeover of a pharmCEUTICAL COMPANY in seattle and bought a genetics research

firm in Kiyodo.

By the time he was 40, Weyland had become the foremost financial supporter of cutting

edge scientific research on the globe.

Four years earlier, Weyland had told max stafford that, given 40 more years on earth, the scientific

research his company funded would enable weyland industries to open a branch in a moon base

on the sea of tranquility.

But that was before he'd been diagnosed with advanced bronchogenic carcinoma . now, because

of the cancer that was eating away at his lungs, charles weyland no longer had 40 more


if he was lucky, he might have 40 more days.

Charles Bishop Weyland met his fate inside the pyramid in Antarctica.

By his own, summation, his own death wouldn't have a detrimental affect on his legacy, or

his company.

As he mused, "When you get sick, you think about your life and how you're going to be


You know what I realize will happen when I go?

Ten percent fall in share prices, maybe twelve.

That's it."

There's no mention of any next of kin, or who may have been next in line to take over

the company after his death.

Considering his knowledge of the terminal illness, it would be reasonable enough he

would have had these kinds of affairs in order.

But at least according to all information available on Charles Bishop Weyland, the practical

future of the company remained a mystery.

The burning question, considering the timelines, and the missing information, is Charles Bishop

Weyland somehow be related to Peter Weyland.

While the timelines of each Weyland don't openly support this theory, there seems to

be no conflict either, leaving room for interpretation, and maybe even some subtle clues that support

a connection.

In regards to Sir Peter Weyland, there's none-too-much available by ways of his own lineage.

Official timelines reference that Peter was born OCTOBER 1, 1990 in Mumbai, India to an

Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self-taught engineer.

No names.

No other specifics.

And details of his upbringing are unavailable, that is up until age 14, when he developed

his first breakthrough Method Patent.

This patent was a synthetic trachea constructed entirely of synthetically-engineered stem


The trachea, an integral part of the body's airway with the vital function of providing

air flow to and from the lungs for respiration, is a difficult equation in treatment for respiratory

diseseases, such as bronchogenic carcinoma.

This patent, possibly, could have saved Charles Bishop Weyland's life.

The development of this Patent occurred in 2004, the same year Charles Bishop Weyland


Hardly a solid connection, but an interesting coincidence.

Also of some coincidence, many of the locations where Charles Bishop Weyland owned property,

such as San Francisco and London, were home to Sir Peter's major Weyland offices, and,

curiously, during a major expansion of the Weyland Corporation, offices were also opened

in Antarctica.

And, true to Charles Bishop's original 40-year-plan, Sir Peter opened branches within the Sea of


It's almost as if Charles laid the groundwork for Peter to follow in the years to come.

Between the years 2004, Charles Bishop's death, through 2012, the year the official Weyland

Corporation timeline states as the corporation's official beginning, is it possible the company

was just...dormant, then re-emerged once Peter became of age?

Could Charles and Peter, in fact, be father and son?

Ultimately, it depends entirely on what you choose to believe.

What differenciates the Alien series from something like, for example, Star Wars, is

that there's never really been any kind of official proclaimation as to what is considered

canon, and what isn't.

Alien Vs Predator, regardless, is a movie that exists, it's not as if Ridley Scott's

prequel series, and his less-than-favourable opinion on AVP, erases it from existence.

But whether it can be considered a part of the overall continuity of the alien series,

or simply, a throw-away story, may be another matter.

Do you consider AVP part of the series?

Do you think somehow, Charles Bishop Weyland and Peter Weyland are related?

Comment below and let me know what you think.

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