Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Usher Teases a New Album

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What's up?

What's up?

I haven't seen you in a long time.

I'm so happy to see you again.

Great to be seen too.

You have been here on this show 22 times.

This is your 22nd.


And we've had some journeys together, right?

We have.

And the last time--

I don't know if it was the last time you were here.

But it was my bright idea, because I love America Ninja

Warrior, to have it out in the parking lot.

And you-- let's take a clip at how good he was at this.


--about Usher.

Yes, he's up.

He was the star of his Delaware Devils football team.

Is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

And he's showing it here.

He is leaping.

Great determination.

He's got it.

He's got it.

He's got it!

He's got it!

Great balancing act.


He's got it.

That's it.

Using the truss.

Usher just made up a new obstacle.


You can't stop this man, you can't even

hope to containing him.


Usher triumphs over the course!

That was so amazing.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun.

That was amazing.

that was a fantasy of mine to someday do that.

It was a fantasy of mine too, but they wouldn't let me do it.

So you did something else that must

have been a dream of yours too.

You did a Prince tribute at the Grammys this year.

That was amazing.


Along with Sheila E, Ken Ehrlich reached out to me

and asked me to be a part of the tribute after the Grammys.

Because they paid tribute--

multiple artists planned on doing it.

But at the last minute, they asked me to perform actually

at the Grammys.

I reached out to FKA twigs and me, her,

and Sheila E. put together an amazing tribute to Prince.

It sure was.

I was right there, like second row, watching you.

It was incredible.

We love him, man.


Oh, man.

Sometimes when I hear the music, it's like you forget--

oh, he's gone.

But you did a great job.

Well, thank you.

You also were seen on TikTok dancing

with some people in Paris.

Oh, yeah.

That was very cool.

Yeah, funny story.

I'm just literally driving down the street in Paris.

And these kids are dancing.

I'm going to go into my appointment,

I'm like-- hey, guys, where are you from?

And they're like-- we're dancers out here.


Well, let's do a TikTok video together.

That's the cool thing to do, do a TikTok video.

Everyone want to do TikTok videos right?


We should do a TikTok video.

We should do a TikTok.

We should do a TikTok, yeah.

But anyway, so we did this TikTok video,

and come to find out later on, they've

actually been on your show.

Yeah, I've had them on a couple times.

That's crazy.


I know.

What a coincidence, right?

I know.

They're really good.

That's how we had them on the show.

We saw them out there doing a TikTok.

Let's talk about the movie, Burden.

First of all, you're such a nice actress.


You're not an actress.

You're not an actress.

I dabble sometimes.

I don't know.

That's how good you are.

You're such a nice actor.

I mean, you really are.

You're just-- it's hard to just kind of not

remember that you're Usher.

You're the guy that we know as a dancer and a singer.

And when I see you acting, it's great.

Yeah, this was a much more significant moment for me.

I always try and pick rolls that I think are at least helpful,

maybe opening the eyes of America, and maybe the world.

And when I heard about this story of a man who opened a KKK

museum in South Carolina-- and then a reverend ended up taking

him in and ultimately converted him to live a life of love

and empathy-- and also to recognize that he had made some

really poor choices in his life--

and try to redeem himself within that process.

It's an amazing movie.


We got to spread love and get rid

of those people that think there's an other.

There's no other.

It's just us.

It's just this human race that we all--

you know.


Before I go to commercial break and say goodbye,

every single time I ask you when a new album is coming out.

And I think, three years ago you said, soon.

So when are you coming out with new music?

I'd like to know too.

No, really soon.

Well, that clears it up.

All right.

The movie is called Burden.

It opens in theaters everywhere this Friday.

Go see it.

We need to educate people that this is going on

and to stop it.

We'll be right back.

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