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- Hey guys, it's Justine

and today we're gonna be talking about

some of the things that I wish I would've had

when I was going to college.

It's crazy how much time has passed

but it's also crazy how much technology has changed

in those short years.

And by short, I mean like 14 or 15 years. (chuckling)

One of the things that has stayed consistent

through all of those years, even through college,

is I always went to Best Buy for all of my tech,

all of my gaming needs,

which makes this video even more exciting for me

because I actually got to partner with Best Buy

to make this for you guys.

So a huge thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this video

and making this possible.

And if you guys have been around for a long time,

you guys know that this is not new information

that I'm such a huge fan so this is so, so exciting.

In preparing for this video,

I was kind of going down memory lane

and just thinking about all of the things

that happened in college

and how much easier things are now, as far as technology.

Everything has become so much more accessible.

We didn't even have cameras then.

We had to rent them or check them out

because an actual decent camera then

was so incredibly expensive

that it was just not attainable for any college student.

Now you can shoot a feature film on your phone.

Another great thing that Best Buy has is student deals

so if you are a student and you are going back to school,

they have a bunch of exclusive deals

that will get you guys the best prices on tech.

All you have to do is text 332211 to sign up.

Another thing that's great is they have fast store pickup.

So a lot of times, I don't have time

to wait for something to be shipped.

You could just go online, look it up,

and then you could pick it up in the store.

And they also have a price-match guarantee

so if you do find something that is cheaper somewhere else,

you can go in and say hello, can you match this price?

That was me holding up a flyer or something, I don't know.

Let's go head into Best Buy now

and see what kind of things I found.

(relaxed triphop music)

(upbeat hiphop music)

This is the one that I was looking at online

so this is the ASUS 15.6" gaming laptop.

And if you guys are trying to convince your parents

into getting you a gaming laptop,

parents, you can do more on it than just play games.

That just means it's really super powerful and incredible

but they'll able to do their homework faster.

But it also means you can play games too, so don't lie.

Thank you.

Our first purchase.

So I'm kind of looking for a crossover bag,

something that I can use for my computer

but also for putting my cameras and stuff in.

This looks very nice, actually.

There's a lot of places to put things.

I'm gonna do this one,

unless I find another one that I like more.

One of the things that I definitely wish I had in college

was a printer of my own

because I'd always have to go to the computer labs

and it was such a stressful situation.

Everyone was printing stuff.

But this is really exciting because I saw this one.

This is the HP Tango X wireless printer.

What I love about this is it's a smart printer

so it does connect A-L-E-X-A.

You can kind of hide it so it doesn't look like a printer

so if you are in a smaller space,

like a dorm or an apartment,

you can kinda neatly tuck it away.

It connects wirelessly.

You can connect it to your smart phone

so you can basically take it anywhere, print and scan,

which is so amazing.

Not only would I have loved to have it in college,

but I'm going to enjoy having it in my adult life.

Yes, okay, here they are.

So these are the Turtle Beach Atlas Elite headphones.

Of course, they are for gaming

but you can also use them for, y'know,

listening to audio books or whatever it is

that you want to convince your parents

and tell them yeah, this is important,

I need this for my (yelling) homework.

Oh my gosh, it's so loud!

Can you hear me?

I mean, can I hear you?

I can't hear you.


Can't wait to listen to audiobooks with them.

So smart home tech is something that I'm extremely into

and we definitely did not have any of this stuff

when I went to school.

But I am such a huge fan of Phillips Hue.

You can control your lights,

the color temperature, everything,

so it can really change the entire ambiance

of your dorm room.

They have so many different things to pick from now.

So I'm gonna go with one of these light strips.

I love these because you can put them under your bed,

behind your TV, so you can really put these anywhere.

And I'm also gonna grab two, oh they're on sale,

two of these Phillips Hue light bulbs.

Thank you.

These are my absolute favorite hard drives.

These are the Samsung portable solid-state drives.

This is the T5.

These are so fast.

I edit almost all of my videos directly off of these drives.

Now depending upon what you're doing,

you might not need a drive that is this fast,

but I think a portable hard drive

is something that everyone should invest in.

You should always make sure

that you have your files backed up,

especially if you are writing papers or something like that.

And if you don't save things on a hard drive,

make you're saving in the Cloud somewhere,

email the files to yourself,

but you do not want to be stuck

with a crashed computer or a crashed hard drive

and then you lose all of your hard work

because I have definitely been there and it is not fun.

My mom's gonna be like are you going back to school

or are you gonna start joining any sports leagues?

Both, mom!

Let's go take a look at the coffee makers.


Keurig has a coffee and latte maker?

This would've, first of all,

saved me so much money at Starbucks

because I could've made my own lattes.

Maybe I just get this.

Ooh, back to school.

I'm so happy. (giggling)

We're on a mission. I'm looking for a surge protector

because one of the things we always ran into at school,

especially living in a dorm, is we needed outlets.

We have some regular power strips

and then this one's an actual surge protector

so we're gonna get this one

(singing) and it's on sale.

All right, let's check out.

I think I got everything I need, plus a few extras.

Let's go home and unbox.

Here's our laptop.

Let's open it up.

I cannot tell you guys how much I wish that I had a PC

when I was in college.

Most of the programs that we used were all on PC.

I didn't even have a laptop at all

so I spent so much time in the computer lab.

I could've spent it at home with my roommate,

who I actually got along with.

So this is the ASUS 15.6" gaming laptop.

This has AMD Ryzen 7, 16 gigs of RAM.

Wow, this is a nice finish on the top of it.


Look at you.

So, of course, this will be powerful enough

that you can play games on it

and, of course, powerful enough to do any of your homework.

I do remember, I think it was my second year of college

was when I started really

getting back into video games again.

The first year, I focused so much on my work,

which, yes, is very important.

If I would've had this,

I could've done my work and played games

at the same time, sort of.

(hypnotic hiphop music)

Next up, we have the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas.

These are some headphones that I definitely wish

that I would've had.

Let's open them up.

Oh wow, these look nice.

Oh, yeah.

These are super comfy.

(hypnotic hiphop music)

This is something that I definitely wish I would've had

was a printer and this is actually something that I wish

that I currently would've had in my life.

I am so excited to test this printer out.

The one that I have is such an absolute nightmare

so this is honestly so perfect.

Look at you.

So I have the app all downloaded

and this is pretty much set up and ready to go

so I'm gonna go put this in my office

and I'm gonna try the first test print.

Are you ready?

(hypnotic hiphop music)

Oh, did you know there's a printer here?

You probably didn't because of its little (giggling)

hide and seek cover.

Look how awesome this thing is.

So this is where you put the paper in.

I've got some of this little printer photo paper.

Maddie, we're gonna print a picture of you

and I'm gonna print this right from the app.

So here it is, it auto-changed the paper size

and now we're just gonna hit print.


Have you ever seen anything more amazing, Maddie?

You're gonna be coming out of there.

What is that?

Maddie, is that you?

Maddie, what is that?

It's a picture of you

when we went on the hike the other day.

Look at you!

This actually looks really good.

It's so great!

Are you over it, bud?

Okay, bye bye.

I really like this printer a lot.

It also has an ink subscription

so depending on how much you print a month,

you can get a subscription

and it will only send you ink when you need it.

(whispering) Genius.

These things are so incredible.

I have them all over my house

and I don't even think this kind of technology

was around when I was in school.

But what's great about this

is it can kind of turn your dorm room

or your house or wherever it is that you are

and give you a much more ambient feel.

You can change the color of the lights.

You could put these basically anywhere.

The light strips are probably my favorite.

They come with just this little power adapter.

This has double-sided tape on it

so you can just peel off the tape

and stick it wherever you want it.

This is something that I actually picked up on the way out.

This is a silicon carrying case for your Air Pods.

I always am trying to find my Air Pods in my bag

and I love having the little clip

to just hook everything onto.

Look at that.

So you can just pop your Air Pods right into this,

clip them to your keys, your gym bag, and never lose them.

You can never have enough surge protectors

in your dorm or your apartment or your house.

I'm constantly always looking for outlets.

I travel with these things.

You're gonna need one of these.

Oh look at this. - What, it gives you a cup?

- [Justine] It's for the milk, for the frothing.

- I'm new to this.

- [Justine] Anything else in there?

- [Friend] No.

- Ooh!

- Oh, it's beautiful.

- [Justine] This is a nice nickel, yes.

- [Friend] Maybe is it brushed nickel?

- [Justine] Maybe. - It might just be nickel.

(sultry jazz music)

- So the reason that I picked this

as something that I wish that I would've had

when I was in college

is because honestly, I spent so much money at coffee shops

and this actually would've have saved me so much money.

- A latte for like four or five bucks

but I could've made my own.

- I know, so this is great

so it's definitely something

that I wish that I would've had.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video

and, again, a huge thank you to Best Buy

for sponsoring this.

This was so much fun to make

and it was so fun kind of going back

and reliving my college experience while I was shopping.

Let me know in the comments below

if there are any tips that you have

for future college students.

And especially if you are in college,

what is something that you wish you would've known

before you went to school?

I'll be looking forward to reading your comments

and I will see you guys in the next video.


(relaxed hiphop music)

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