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Whats up yall, its Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News, and Billie Eilish

is raising speculation after mysteriously unfollowing everyone on Instagram with no


Its not unusual in the land of Hollywood for a celebrity to wipe their previous Instagram

palette completely clean before announcing something big, a new era or even taking a

break following a massive scandal.

But in the midst of being isolated for months now, big moves like unfollowing your entire

list of close friends and fans who youve been following for months, maybe even years,

seems a bit out of the ordinary.

Fans were a little taken aback after noticing that Billie Eilish had wiped herfollowing

tab clean of everyone she was previously following, except for one account, which just so happens

to show no name displayed when clicking.

She then also unfollowed that one account so that she was no longer following anybody.

This could be a possible glitch, or it could be intentional -- either way, fans are speculating

that Billies unfollow sweep could be related to the recent sexual assault allegations against

celebrities inclding Jusin Bieber, Ansel Elgort, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and many others.

One Twitter account screenshotted an Instagram story that Billie allegedly posted and then

deleted that read, “If I am following your abuser, DM me and I will unfollow them.

I support you.”

The Twitter account also noted that Billie unfollowed Ansel, Justin, Chris Brown and

XXXTENTACION shortly after posting that shed be unfollowing fansabusers.

This move has caused many fans to freak out upon hearing the news that Billie wiped so

many artists she looked up to and admired clean from her social media.

One user shared screenshots of Billies account, writing, “BILLIE EILISH UNFOLLOWED


Another fan tweeted, “billie eilish postingdm me if i follow your abuserand unfollowing

everyone instead of just unfollowing chris brown and justin bieber doesn't sit right

with me.”

Which was followed byit looks like she unfollowed them first but she still could

of made a point if it was only them

Others were defending Billies decision, claiming that what she does on her account

should be nobodys business.

One user asked, “Why tf is everybody mad about Billie Eilish unfollowing everyone???

Celebrities arent obligated to follow people yall are weird.”

Some are even praising Billie for unfollowing everyone, rather than just the alleged abusers,

especially considering the allegations havent been proven true.

This user said QUOTE, “What Billie Eilish did was smart.

She was following abusers but instead unfollowed everyone.

She knew how those stans would react if she did just those specific names.

Smart move to avoid nonsense twitter wars.”

While at this stage we dont know the exact reason why she unfollowed everybody, Billie

has made it clear on social media that she will not be silent when it comes to calling

out acts of violence and injustice.

She has recently been very vocal about her participation in the Black Lives Matter movement

and is constantly encouraging fans to speak out and do their part in spreading awareness

about racial injustice.

She was also one of many celebs, including Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Meek Mill, who

participated in signing an open letter in support of police reform.

The letter was addressed to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader

Kevin McCarthy, and stated that thislegislation will not only promote justice; it will establish

a culture of responsibility, fairness, and respect deserving of the badge.”

It also affirms that the act should create effective and positive change, adding, “We

celebrate the long-overdue rejection of qualified immunity, emphasizing that law enforcement

officers themselves are not above the lawthat bad cops must be held accountable and victims

must have recourse.”

Given the fact that Billie is constantly using her platform to bring awareness to current

political and social issues, regarding the sweep of people she follows, it seems more

and more likely that it was, in fact, an intentional statement about the growing rate of abuser

claims in the industry.

Billie has yet to speak out on the matter, but we will be sure to update you guys should

more truth behind her decision unfold.

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Im your host Sussan Mourad, bye guys!

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