Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Now I'm always smiling | The Dark Knight

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

We are...tonight's entertainment

Only have one question

Where is Harvey Dent??

Do you know where Harvey is? Do you know who he is?

Hands up, pretty boy

Do you know where I can find Harvey? I need to talk to him about something. Just something little. Huh?


What's going on out here? Wayne?

- Oh thank God, he's got a panic room. - Hey, wait.

Uh, you've got to be kidding me

- You know, I'll settle for his loved ones - We're not intimidated by you thugs.

You remind me of my father.

- I hated my father. - Ok, stop.

Well, hello beautiful

You must be Harvey's squeeze.

And you are beautiful.

Well, you look nervous. Is it the scars?

Wanna know how I got 'em?

Come here. Hey. Look at me.

So, I had a wife...beautiful like you

who tells me...I worry too much

Who tells me I oughta smile more.

Who gambles and gets in deep. The sharks... day they carve her face. We have no money for surgeries.

She can't take it.

I just wanted to see her smile again.

Hmm? I just want her to know that I don't care about the scars.

So...I stick a razor in my mouth...and do myself...

And you know what?

She can't stand the sight of me

She I see the funny side

Now I'm always smiling

A little fight in you?

- I like that! - Then you're gonna love me.

Drop the gun.

Sure, you just take off your little mask and show us all who you are...hmm?

- Let her go. - Very poor choice of words.

Are you alright?

Let's not do that again.

- Is Harvey ok? - He's safe.

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