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- Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada

and aren't you glad that Kingdom Ministry

is moving forward as we move ahead

up and out of COVID-19?

It's a time for Christians to be at their best.

And it's why I'm so happy to announce

our May Match Initiative.


It's where your gift

toward Christ's Kingdom gets multiplied.

You see, during this time of uncertainty

and global pandemic you know the need

is greater than ever, and I am thrilled

that some very dear friends of this ministry

have graciously offered to match every dollar

you give this month.

That means every dollar has

twice as much ministry power.

Oh friend, this is such a unique opportunity

for your gift to be multiplied

and reach twice as many children and adults

suffering with disability around the world,

with the love of Jesus Christ.

This means that $50 becomes $100

and $100 becomes $200 and $1,000 becomes $2,000.

Wow, your prayers and gifts really do change lives.

While you might be experiencing isolation

and loneliness for the first time during COVID-19,

the families that we serve feel this every single day.

For children like Don from Thailand,

and Angela from Peru, who suffer, both of them,

from cerebral palsy, compromised immune systems

among other disabling conditions.

For them, just getting outside their home

is almost impossible.

These two children from opposite sides of the world,

both struggling with similar disabilities,

well, both of their lives and their families lives

were totally changed when they received

a much-needed wheelchair.

And most importantly, the gospel message

and a bible in their own language.

Now that is truly multiplying ministry

for the Kingdom of Christ.

Our goal this year is, okay, we wanna raise

$500,000 this month and once matched,

that is $1 million of Christ-honoring,

life-giving ministry.

And here's how it works: just go to the link below

on our Joni and Friends website

and click on the donate button

and thank you for your prayers and your gifts today.

'Cause even during this pandemic we continue

to share hope through every hardship

to people struggling with disability around the world,

so thank you for praying, thank you for giving

and thank you for being a part

of our May Match Initiative.

(upbeat music)

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