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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: on and in

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hello everyone I'm Nick Shepherd welcome

today I'm looking at on and in what's

the difference here are some examples

the cups are on the table the knives are

in the drawer on the table but in the

draw the picture is on the wall the

apples are in the basket on the wall but

in the basket the Swan is on the river

the fish is in the river one is on the

river the others are in the river ok

those are the examples what's the

difference on is four surfaces two

dimensions like this like a wall a floor

a tabletop a road in is four containers

three dimensions like this like a room a

house a suitcase a pocket a forest okay

now it's your turn

here are five sentences you have to fill

the gaps with on or in I'll give you ten

seconds to think about it you can pause

the video if you like

okay here are the answers number one she

lives in London number two they were

walking together in the forest number

three I'm going to hang this picture

here on the wall number four she put her

hand in her pocket and took out her

handkerchief number five he put his

shoes on the floor under the bed okay

that's all please make a comment and you

can subscribe thank you to Caroline for

the illustrations to Hugo for technical

support and thanks for watching


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