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I recently published lot of videos on expected NEET cutoff based on last year AIQ for many


The aim of that video was to help students understand their state level competition so

that they can set their target NEET score based on their reservation category.

I received comments from students stating that the state level NEET cutoff mentioned

for south Indian states does not match with their own states.

In this video, I would like to clarify that by dividing Indian states into 5 zones so

that students can understand the competition based on the total number of government medical

colleges and total MBBS seats available within their state.

I had recently published category wise state quota cutoff for Tamilnadu.

There were lot of requests to publish category wise cutoff data for many other states.

I am in the process of analyzing state level MBBS admission data for various other states.

After I complete the analysis, I am planning to publish videos for many other states one

by one.

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Lets get started with the statistics based on the data derived from Medical Council of


I have divided states into 5 zones namely North Zone, North East Zone, East Zone, West

Zone and South Zone.

In North Zone, Uttarpradesh has most number of government medical colleges as well as

private medical colleges.

It has 17 govt colleges and 30 private medical colleges having more than 5000 MBBS Seats.

If you are from Uttarpradesh, then the state level cutoff is going to be much lesser than

the All India Cutoff of the respective government medical colleges.

Also, if you belong to North zone, the only place where you can try for private medical

college is Uttar pradesh.

Delhi seems to be the highest competitive state because 19000 students qualified in

NEET last year but there are only 1000 MBBS Seats.

The same is the case for nearby states such as haryana and punjab.

So If you belong to any of these states, there will not be much difference between All India

quota NEET Cutoff and State Quota Cutoff.

Lets move to the east zone, In this zone, westbengal and bihar have more number of government

medical college so the state quota cutoff is going to be significantly lesser than the

All India NEET Cutoff.

When it comes to private colleges, none of the states in this zone have more number of

MBBS seats.

Check out NorthEast Zone, only Assam has good number of medical seats.

Rest of the north eastern states such as manipur, meghalaya, tripura has one or two medical


States such as Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh has no government medical colleges.

Lets see the West Zone now, Maharastra and Gujarat tops the list with 22 and 17 government

medical colleges respectively.

Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan seems to have the toughtest competition.

87000 students from Rajasthan last year competed for the available 2400 seats.

Look at South Zone, every south Indian state including union teritorry puducherry was in

competition to increase the number of government and private medical colleges within their


Tamilnadu and Karnataka leads the list for both govt as well as private medical colleges.

Can you believe close to 50% of the total medical seats available in the country comes

from the South Zone.

Yes, nearly 27000 medical seats out of 60000 seats are available in Southern states of


No wonder why students from states of all other zones, come to south India if they fail

to get seat from All India Quota.

Except few states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharastra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh..

most of the other states have tough competition for MBBS seats.

Hope this video clarifies doubts of many students from these high competitive states.

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I wish you all success during NEET exam as well as medical counselling.

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