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'This is a small town called Attili..'

' the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh.'

'This village doesn't have any historical importance.'

'Nor are the youth of this province doing..'

'..anything special for the development of Attili.'

'And also we are about to talk about the history of this town.'

'But we are about to talk about the people of this town.'

'Shall we go to the centre of the town?'

'Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation.'

'Jawaharlal Nehru, our first prime minister.'

'Indira Gandhi, our first female prime minister.'

'Swami Vivekanand, a great altruist.'

'And this man got a place among such illustrious people.'

'You are wondering who he is?'

'He's late Attili Venkatratnam.'

'Not just in this town, but in all the nearby villages..'

'..of this province he is renowned as..'

'..a leader without a political party..'

'..who did some great deeds for the welfare of people.'

'When he was alive people used to say..'

'..that he was the epitome of sacrifice.'

'And they didn't say that to flatter him.'

'He's the modern day Karna..'

'..who helped one and all.'

'We can make 7-8 movies on his life.'

'But since we don't have so much time..'

'..let us watch a few shots of his generosity.'

'School for students, hospital for patients..'

'..temples for devotees, for the passengers..'

'Don't get it wrong, for the passengers who board buses..'

'..he built bus centers.

For drinking water he built water-tanks, for irrigation water he built dams.'

'He built many such things for the benefit of others.'

'That's the reason even after 20 years after his death..'

'..not just in this centre, but he lives in the hearts..'

'..of the people of this province.'

'All those who passed away are good people..'

'..and those who are alive are their sweet reminiscences..'

'And Mr. Venkatratnam's sweet reminiscences..'

'I mean his successors.. You must be wondering..'

'..if he doesn't have any successors.'

'Of course he has his successors.'

'Shall we zoom on them once?'

'She's Mr. Venkatratnam's only daughter.'

'Boddu Sarojam. Why an Attili girl got the surname Boddu?'

'She got Boddu after her marriage.'

'Keeping sir's service to the people in mind..'

'..they made me contest in the election..'

'..and without taking notes, saris or wine bottles for votes..'

'..and without rigging helped her win the election..'

'..and made her the chairperson..'

'..of Attili Municipality.

The chair might be hers..'

'..but it's her husband who sits on that chair.'

'Boddu Bhaskar Rao.

'You might be thinking that who's this person who looks like a bird-hunter..'

'Your thought is correct.

Once he used to earn his living..'

'..shooting birds, and when the other birds disappeared..'

'..he started shooting crows and sold them in black..'

'..and right now he's Mr. Boddu's gunman.'

'Watch a peculiar day in their lives.'

We shouldn't ask what municipality gave us..

..but we should ask what we gave the municipality.

Tell me what you came to give our municipality.

Complaint. - What happened?

Garbage. Garbage. Our lives have become garbage.

They are dumping all the garbage of the town in our colony.

We are unable to bear its stink.

Our colony which is filled with poultry has become..

..a permanent home for flies and mosquitoes.

We have to think about their survival as well.

You must have some mercy on them.

In every home there are two..

Wives? - No.

..patients suffering from bird flu and dengue..

What shall we do?

Take them to the hospital without any further delay.

Stop joking.

Do you want us to stay there or vacate the houses?

You won't be able to bear that stink for too long.

Do one thing. Vacate your houses.

But you won't get the garbage cleared.

You came here to make a deal or to make an argument?

You want a deal to get the garbage cleared?

It's argument, of course. - Shall I shoot them?

Not now. Look.. Why didn't you get up?

Your colony was built there three years ago.

And the municipality decided it seven years ago..

..that the garbage would be dumped at that place.

So we are not dumping the garbage in your colony.

But you built your colony where the garbage is dumped.

No, they started dumping it there recently.

And they will keep on doing it till there are sun and moon.

That's a rule. - Are you happy now?

I told you a long ago that it's of no use to argue..

..with this filthy person. Let's make a deal.

Ok, go ahead.

Sir, they want to make a deal. Tell them the price. - 25.

It's too much.

Fine. Get some diseases..

..and go to the hospitals, you will lose lakhs. - Ok.

Collect the money. - Give it here. Give it here.

Here's your 25,000 rupees.

People give receipts for bribes as well?

Just because you have..

..such sort of doubts your wife kept you in Kuwait..

..for two years and had three children here in that time.

Greetings, madam! - Greetings.

Saroja, keep it there and sign here.

I will get that garbage removed from your colony..

..and dump it in some other colony.

You may go now.

Just a minute. I'll bring coffee for you.

It's such a hot day. You want to offer them coffee?

Then I will bring cold drinks.

Listen, these days there are pesticides in cold drinks.

They will have water.

You may go now.

The water is that pot is pretty cold.

You can have a glass of water each.

It's our municipality water. - No, thanks.

We will go home and drink mineral water from our fridge.

He is still as arrogant as ever.


You are wondering that in spite of being the son-in-law of..

..such a great father-in-law I am up to such immoral things?

You see his sons. You would feel that I am far better person.

'He's Mr. Venkatratnam's elder son, Dosu Babu.'

'Sorry, Bosu Babu.

He stays in the bar from the time it opens till the time it's closed.'

'No, he's not the owner of the bar. He's not even a cleaner.'

'He's only a customer.'

Hey, you used to have a small Kallupaka(local liquor hut)..

..and I encouraged you by drinking here everyday..

..and made you the owner of such a big bar and restaurant.

And today you dared to throw me out..

..just because the time limit has crossed?

I'll tell you.

Till you open the bar tomorrow morning..

..if I step inside your bar you can slap me with my sandal.

That's Bosu Babu's challenge.

'You saw the elder son. Now let's see the second son.'

'He's Mr. Venkatratnam's second venture.'

'He's Achchi Babu.'

Keep that card here and keep this one here.

If we throw this one the game will be ours.

You just stay quiet..

..and watch the game, or go home and watch TV.

I'm dying here since three days.

Club king. - Show.

You didn't listen to me. - How many points?

Full. - Give me 160 rupees.

I don't have the money. - But you have the pant and shirt.

These days every player is playing sincerely.

I hope no one is watching me.

Mr. Achchi Babu, you want a rickshaw?

I want the newspaper as well. - Where is your shirt?

A person was shivering with cold, so I gave him my clothes.

Let's go now.

"Is everything brandy? Is there no gin in life?"

What's the way to my home?

I came through this path everyday but still I'm so confused.

I shall ask father.

Father. Father. What's the way to our house?

Show me the path.

Hey, stop the rickshaw. Stop it. Stop it.

Sir, money.. - No, thanks. You can keep it.

I can keep it? I am asking you to pay the fare.

Fare? So it wasn't a lift? - Who gives lift on a rickshaw?

I thought you gave me lift.

Ok, take the fare from someone else. Scoundrel.

Sir, if you have a quarter bottle please donate it to me.

Brother, it's me Achchi Babu.

I couldn't recognize you as you are in the suit.

And how come you returned so early?

So that I could back early tomorrow.

And tell me what it a loss or gain today? - Gain.

..for everyone who played with me.

And what are you doing here instead of going home?

If I go early people might get disturbed at home.

So I am waiting for some more time. - Really!

Why don't you admit it that you lost the way? Let's go.

And father? - Father has some work with Gandhi.

He will be back in a while. Let's go.

Hey, open the door. Open the door.

Instead of knocking the door with hand why don't you press the calling bell?

As I've a hand to knock I sold the bell to the barman?

Open the door. Open the door. - Oh! Sister-in-law.

How long should I knock the door? - Till I open it.

How many times did I tell you to go to bed..

..and not to wait till I come?

I was asleep.

You came here and ruined my sleep. - What!

So you want to say you are least bothered..

..about your drunk husband who would return home late?

How can you to sleep in peace? - Shut up and come in.

That's it. I'll come in only if you respect me that way.

Not this way. That way. - Thanks.

Paddu, don't get upset as I came late today.

It's been three days since you left the home. - Is that so?

But Paddu, you look really beautiful in drunken state?

Oh! When did I drink?

I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about myself. - Oh God!

And you.. Oh! What's this!

I'm coming straight from the gym, sister-in-law. - Oh God!

Biceps. Triceps. Thighs.

Oh no!

Where are you clothes?

A poor person was dying with cold, so I donated him my clothes.

Why don't you say it clearly that you lost them in gambling!

Don't mind.

Tomorrow when luck will be on my side we can buy a suit.

Ever since I got married to you I never saw luck on your side. - It's wrong.

You should be encouraging the sportsmen..

And while playing cards you need sportsmen spirit.

Did children go to bed? - They are about to wake up.

When they wake up ask them to play cards.

I mean ask them to play in the backyard. - Oh God!

'You saw how Mr. Venkatratnam's children are.'

'It feels like the priest's son is the biggest fool.'

'There's no such rule that great people's children..'

'..should also be as great as them.'

'A doctor's son can be an Aids patient.'

'A policeman's son can be a criminal.'

'A newsreader's son can be a stutterer.'

'Oh! We forgot to talk about the main character.'

'You must shocked to hear that that great person..'

'..has one more son?

Yes, he has one more son.'

'He's the person who inherited Mr. Venkatratnam..'

'..sorry, he's diametrically opposite to Mr. Venkatratnam.'

'Attili Sattubabu. He studied till L.K.G.'

'Brothers return home at dawn..'

'..but he got ready even before it dawned.'

'You watch it on your own what he does.'

Scoundrel! You don't sleep and nor do you let us sleep.

Start crowing.

Now get lost. - I will.

'Are you wondering why he is going for jogging on a bike?'

'Check out why.'

Will you give me a hundred? I will come with you.

Will you give me a fifty? I will also come with you.

'Attili Satti Babu. L.K.G.

Even that caption is of no use.'


Right now you feel like Attiti Satti Babu..'

' not just late Venkatratnam's successor..'

'..but he's latest Karna Warren Buffet successor as well?'

'If you think so, then you are going drastically wrong.'

'He's not doing charity, but he's giving credit.'

'Not on monthly interest or yearly interest..'

'..but on daily interest.

Daily finance.'

'At interest rate of 10 for 100, and 100 for 1000.'

'And by evening he will extract his money by hook or crook.'

What's the matter you are fielding so early in the morning!

So that I could catch you. - What's the matter?

Today it's my birthday.

I am thinking of throwing a party for all our friends.

I will definitely attend the party. - No, that's not the matter.

If you can give me 1000 rupees..

..I will return your money by 9 O' clock tomorrow morning.

What's the need to request so much for such a simple thing?

You can come to my shop and take the money. - Thanks.

And by the way, do you know some flash news? - What?

Pottayya has kicked the bucket.

What! When? - Last night.

Just now they were taking his dead body to the pavilion.


My daddy! - Son, here's the garland.


Not for me, but to garland your father's dead body.

Sorry uncle.


Take it. Give him the fire.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

But that's a dialogue generally associated with weddings.

You can't burn that dead body.

But Satti Babu the second son-in-law has also come from Amalapuram.

I won't let you burn that body even..

..if the elder son-in-law comes from Peddapuram.

But our religion doesn't allow one to be buried, Satti Babu.

And my debt doesn't allow you to burn him.

What! You came here to extract your money?

Or do you think I came here to garland your father..

..and to give him a send off?

After the man himself is gone you are talking about the debt, Satti Babu?

I'll slap you with my sandal if you talk rubbish.

Don't mess with me in the centre.

First of all clear my debt and then you can burn his body.

By my daddy never told me that he owes you money.

He might not have told you, but I have the note with me.

6,000 rupees principal and 16,000 rupees interest.

16,000? But he said that it's only 3,000 rupees.

Just a while ago you said that he didn't tell you about it.

He told me only about interest, not about the principal.

He told you that, right!

Then pay up, or else I won't let you give fire to his body.

Then can I burn his body in electric chambers.

Rascal, if you try to..

..abscond the debt then two bodies will burn here.

The second will be yours.

You.. - Stop! Stop! Stop!

What's this atrocity!

He's mourning the loss of his father and you are..

I'm the one who is shedding tears.

You don't fall for his crocodile tears. - What! What!

You are raising your hand on us?

You want to manhandle us?

If you have any issues with him.. can talk to him after the body is burnt.

Will he listen to me once the body is burnt?

And what would we talk about then?

Where to mix the ashes? Or whom to invite for the last rituals?

This dead body is mine till clears the debt. - Then take it.

It's up to you if you burn it or take it to your home.

Now that dead body is yours. Its stink is yours.

I have got nothing with the money that..

..that dead body borrowed.

Let's go. - Let's go.

Hello! Is this Rajamundry medical college?

A few days ago you said your college needs a dead body.

It's ready here. No, it's not an AIDS patient's body.

He died with heart attack. Yes, all the body parts are fine.

And also he is of portable size.

You can cut the parts you need and you can dry up..

..the rest of his body and also use his skeleton.

Just send my cash along with a van to take the dead body.

If you ever want to see your father go to the college lab..

You can see his body parts in glasses..

..and his skeleton in the lab.

Hey, scoundrel! He's a person who could snatch..

..bones from dogs' mouth to prepare pulav for himself.

Stop messing with him and clear my debt..

..or else those college guys will cut me into parts.

Alright, I will clear that debt. - Then sign here.

Now you can burn his body.

Thank God! I'm happy now.

What's the matter you are jogging here?

Is it for Satti Babu? - Oh come on. What are you doing here!

What! Won't you come for water?

I brought water early morning itself. You may go now.

It's Saturday.

The day Satti Babu comes for interest.

Shut your mouths and leave. - Don't shut our mouths.

You have to open your mouth and tell that Attili guy about your love.

Your tension will reduce and his tension will increase. - Oh God!

I can't even utter a word when I see Satti Babu.

Then tell him that through signs. - Stay quiet.

There your beloved one is coming. Proceed.

"Attili Satti Babu, the king of her heart.."

Father, Satti Babu is here.

Come in, Satti Babu. Sit down. Dear. - Yes, father.

There's some money in my shirt's secret pocket.

Give it to Satti Babu. - Ok.

Oh come on, Babu. You need not give me the money.. soon as I step in, I will take it before I leave.

You think I come to your house every week to collect interest?

What! Is it for the principal?

It's for the upma that Ammulu prepares.

It smells great.

Oh! - What! Is it too salty?

It's too tasty.

Till now I liked two tastes most.

First one is Tirupati laddo and second on is Ammulu's upma.

You fed me such tasty upma, I will give you some nice advice.

Then it must be an idea that's of no use for you.

Anyway, what is it?

When a boy comes to see Ammulu for a match.. should serve him a Ammulu's upma in place of sweet or hot.

He'll say ok after eating the first spoonful..

..and after eating the second spoonful he would say he won't take dowry.

She's good at cooking, but the boy must like the person and the dowry.

What does Ammulu lack?

If we conduct a beauty contest in Attili..

..our Ammulu would be selected as Miss. Attili.

"You descended on me like nectar-rain."

"You descended on me like nectar-rain."

"You called me with love."

"You melted my heart."

"You met me like the rain of nectar."

"You lightened like a thunderbolt."

"You drizzled on me like the fragrance of love."

"I experience joy whenever you cross my path."

"This is our age of falling in love."

"I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms."

"You met me like the rain of nectar."

"You lightened like a thunderbolt."

"You drizzled on me like the fragrance of love."

"Our relationship is like that between river Ganges.."

"..and the trees and the birds on its banks."

"Our bond is like that between a Telugu vow.."

"..and the dot on the forehead."

"The sky, the rainbow and the stars and the moon.."

"..are the witnesses of our love."

"All the auspicious days and the festivities.."

"..are the witnesses of our love."

"They are the witnesses of our smiles and laughs."

"They are the witnesses of our unbreakable bond."

"I want you to bring melody in my life forever."

"My wish is also the same."

"You met me like the rain of nectar."

"You lightened like a thunderbolt."

"You drizzled on me like the fragrance of love."

"Your smile is the spring of my life."

"You are the moonlight of my life."

"I want to share my joy and sorrows with you."

"I want to be yours for the rest of my life."

"You have completely occupied my heart and mind."

"You are the brightest spot of my life."

"I will be with you in all the highs and lows."

"And my life will be heaven."

"You descended on me like nectar-rain."

"You called me with love."

"You melted my heart."

"You met me like the rain of nectar."

"You lightened like a thunderbolt."

"You drizzled on me like the fragrance of love."

"I experience joy whenever you cross my path."

"This is our age of falling in love."

"I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms."

"You descended on me like nectar-rain."

"You called me with love."

"You melted my heart."

Hey, what's that song?

"In this whirlpool of life.."


We are going to a wedding, but not to a funeral.

Play a song from 'Sita Ramula Kalyanam'.

Ok, now watch out. - That's enough.

Now get all the goods on the van. We are getting late.

Where is Current? - I'm here, brother.

There's no fault in the wires, but the lights are not lighting up.

Wires alone can't do that.

You need current for that. - There's no current?

There's no brain in your head. - You knew that now?

Hey, you are smoking with these explosives near you?

Sooner or later you will burn yourself along with my shop.

I'm a person who cracks jokes with fire.

I have my own first-aids. - Aids?

Precautions. - None of us have insured our life.

Keep that in mind.

Mandapam. - Yes.

You blind bully, look around. - Sorry, boss.

There's a hole in the main tent, did you see that?

But I stitched it. - Where's the video?

Here. Look here. Very good.

Now both of you take a flower each..

..put it on your navel lie down with a smile on your face.

I will shoot a song in Raghavendra's style.

And then I will fire you.

What are you doing?

I am testing on these girls..

..which angles will be best to shoot the bride in?

Enough of your testing. We shall go now.

What are you staring at! Get in. - In what, Satti Babu?

It looks like a dogs' van. - Yes, it is a dogs' van indeed.

Where did you get it?

With my brother-in-law's recommendation..

..I won it in an auction for 2,200 rupees.

The van is already filled.

There's no place to sit.

At least for the band you should get an AC Volvo bus.

You don't even deserve this dogs' bus. Get in.

Dholak, you sit in the sambaar vessel.

Hey! I already reserved my seat in it.

Hey, for your figure even a cup will be too big.

You don't need a sambaar vessel. - Hey, listen!

I am telling you this in the beginning itself.

I will take the pulav vessel.

I already placed my sandal in it to reserve it.

You placed your sandal in it? - Yes.

Hey, it's a wedding in a Brahmin family.

If their cook sees your sandal in the vessel the veg-pulav will..

..become mutton-pulav and the marriage will be scrapped.

Remove your sandal and give him that vessel. - Oh!

I thought the flower-girl and I would sit in it..

..and fall on each other at potholes.

Look how disappointed she is.

What are you waiting for? Get in.

If I sit in it, it would be an insult to my music.

That's your punishment for torturing us with your music till now.

Look Satti Babu!

And where would I sit? - Hey, sit under that tyre and die.

As you wish. - And where's the priest?


Priest, why are you coming in this get-up?

Why? Is there any rule that a priest can't be in modern get-up?

Does he have to be in a dhoti, pony-tail and dot on forehead?

In this get-up no one would believe that you are a priest.

Everyone knows me in this village.

And also, when I go in bare-body women are giving me those dirty looks.

And tell me what happened in Sokulawari's home yesterday..

..a boy came to see their girl, right?

What else would happen!

Sokulawari's family didn't like the 37th match as well.

I don't know if a boy of their choice even exists.

But that boy liked Pillavari's daughter.

But she eloped with someone.

She came back as that guy was not in bed.

The wedding date is fixed on coming 11th. - Very good.

We are getting the contract for the wedding, right?

There's some doubt about it.

You mean you didn't use your influence.

I used all my influence but still he dared to ask me how it would be..

..if he gives the contract for the lighting and arrangements.. some supplier from Rajamundhry.

That can't be.

No matter what, that Rajamundhry decorators..

..can't enter our province. - Why?

Then the entire town will find out that we use leaked wires..

..over-used bulbs, torn tents and broken chairs.

I see. So there's such a big tsunami in it.

Then what will you do now?

You have to think some idea..

..and make sure that I get that contract.

Yes, I can, but..

Your commission? You'll get it. - Then let's go.

Mr. Pilla Malleshwar Rao! - Yes, priest, come in.

You will live for hundred years. - I am just 40.

Did you book the tents and lightings for your daughter's wedding?

What's the rush?

If I go Rajamundhry now they will be here by evening.

We don't know the worth of something that's near us.

You are unfortunate.

If you don't want your daughter to have a happy married life.. can definitely book the tents from Rajamundhry.

What are you saying, priest!

Tell me elaborately what you want to say. - Yes, right.

Just like you a few days ago Mr. Duvva Gopalam also..

..booked tents from Rajamundhry..

..instead of Attili Satti Babu's tents.

And then?

The girl then found out that that boy is already married.. an English girl and then made her call here and say..

..stop the marriage or otherwise I will take action.

That's all. The marriage was stopped in the wedding hall.

Last month also Mr. Bellam Gangaraju rejected..

..Attili Satti Babu's tent and booked some other..

..and the bride started vomiting in the marriage hall itself.

On testing it was proved that she was 3 months pregnant.

There's so much power in Attili Satti Babu's tent? - Yes.

His tent might be torn, but they are very lucky.

You think he would rent us his tents? - Why won't he?

A few days ago I said a few mean words to him..

..when he miscounted interest amount.

That is past.

Wait a minute. I'll call him.

Hey, Satti Babu! You must be in front of me in a minute.


Mr. Malleshwar Rao's daughter's wedding is on coming 11th.

He needs your tents and decoration.

On 11th? On that day there are three weddings..

..two functions, and one birthday party.

I can't help you.

Look, no matter whatever number of bookings you have..

..our Pillavari's booking is most important.

You have to do something for my sake. - No, priest.

Let them book the tents from Rajamundhry.

No, I want your tents. - I'll convince him somehow.

Give him the advance amount first. - Thank God!

Take it.

Fine. To keep the priest's word..

..I will do something.

Chairs: 650. Dining tables: 50.

Satti Babu. Satti Babu. Hey, Satti Babu.

You came to give me the rent. It's 18,000 rupees in total.

You gave me 6,000 in advance, so..

You can count the amount later on.. - Then?

What's that board outside?

What's this! Instead of writing Tokalavari's wedding.. wrote Tokkalori(crap) wedding. Nonsense!

My worker is illiterate. I will get it changed. You may go now.

Get it changed fast.

Where is he? - He's there.

Rascal, instead of writing 'Tokalavari wedding'.. wrote 'Tokkalori(crap) wedding'?

You're the one who wrote it.

Even if I had written it you're my staff, you should've checked it.

I forgot it.

You are L.K.G., right?

First change that board. - Ok.

Hey, why are you using the generator? - For serial lights.

Rascal! You are wasting the diesel.

But charged them for diesel. - That will go into our pockets.

Stop the generator and get the current from a pole.

That's wrong. - Government is giving free current.

That's only for farmers. - Bride's father is also a farmer.

Just do what I tell you.

I wonder who'll burn crackers in my wedding. Give me that.

Listen. - Yes.

Don't throw crackers anywhere and everywhere like terrorists!

Beware of sparks. - You're so concerned about us, Satti Babu.

Did you see this, brother!

Our sir is asking us to be cautious so that we don't burn our hands.

I am asking you to be cautious not for your safety..

..but those sparks might ruin my tents.

Then I won't throw them up. I'll burn them on ground.

Fine. - That's it.

What's this! You're putting flowers in my plait?

Your plait looks empty. Let it be there. You look good now.

Hail lord Narayana!

Hey, is your band ready? - Ever-ready.

What's the matter you came here so late? - I'm never late.

A couple of days ago in Atukullu Chitti Babu's wedding..

..instead of following me you played the band as per your wish?

That won't do.

You will have to start playing when I wave my right hand..

..and you have to stop it when I wave my left hand.

I won't forgive you if my chants overlap. Timing is everything.

Rehearse it once. Start.

What's that sound as if a female dog's delivering babies!

Wow! Miracle! Wonder!

I knew that music can bring down rain..

..but I never heard or saw music generating bidis.

Master, try it again. We might get Gold Flake cigarettes.

Shut your mouth, rascal. Who kept bidis in this? - I kept them.

I hid them in your clarion as my bidis were getting stolen.

Is this a clarion or some cupboard?

Music is Mother Saraswati.

How can you hide your bidis in this?

Why? Didn't you hide your..

..half-emptied wine bottle in my jug? - Oh!

So it's you who drank the remaining wine.

And I was thinking that there was some leakage.

Hey, what's this! Why are you chasing us? - It's a wedding.

I need to cover all. - Hey, we are going to the bathroom.

That's why I am following you.

You rascal! - Oh God!

No one saw me.

Girl, cut this gourd and add them to the sambaar. - Ok.

Sir, check if the heat is ok. - Hey, you idiot!

One needs to check if the salt is ok, but not the heat. - Check it.

You need add some more salt. - Ok.

And listen, we are cooking food for the wedding..

..not for the consummation. Work faster.

Hey, raw soup. - My name is Babu Rao.

Whatever Rao!

And what are you doing near the fire with crackers in your hands?

If someone pushes you only ash will be left.

We have our first-aids.

Sir wants some tea. - I'll send it. You may go now.

Dear, give some tea to Satti Babu. - Ok, father.

Where is he? Satti Babu. - What, Ammulu?

Omelet. - I asked you for tea.

I am preparing the tea. Have this till then. - Thanks.

Greetings, madam! - Greetings!

Excuse me! Will you give me the matchbox?

Rascal, didn't I tell you to play the clarion till I return?

Yes, you told me. - Then what are you doing here?

To smoke a bidi. I gave my clarion to Mandapam.

Can he play the clarion? - He knows how to hold it.

Then how will he play it. - Just like I play it.

Move aside. Move aside. Rascal. Jerk.

So Satti Babu, what are you having? - Egg omelet.

Ammulu brought it for me.

You're having a non-veg dish.. a pure vegetarian wedding? You're a lucky guy.

You can also have these privileges..

..if you give someone 50,000 rupees on credit.

If you get married you can eat early and sleep till late hours.

Those two are the only advantages.

The dowry is also a plus, isn't it?

Leave aside dowry. What about the other minuses?

What minuses?

If I get married now I'll have to spend..

..minimum two lakh rupees.

And then I'll have to buy pearls if she laughs and saris if she gets upset.

And then there are other expenses like that of..

..soaps, pastes, powders, scents, sandals..

..color TVs, cable connections, weeklies, weekend movies..

And then if she gets pregnant the doctor's expenses..

..and medicines, and after the children are born..

..Farex, Horlicks, school fees, etc.. All these are minuses.

And now I will tell you the minuses of the mental side.

She will wear an old sari and walk around the house..

..with a upset face, but when the neighbor comes home..

..she would wear a silk sari and paints her face.

If she applies cream on her face would doubt her..

..and if we use body sprays she would doubt us.

And then those torturous questions would follow..

Where are you going? Why are you going?

When would you return? What have you done?

What have you seen? What did you talk?

We have to tolerate her mood swings.

We will lose both money and the mental peace.

And if slap her some time she would file..

..a domestic violence case and send us behind bars.

And if she slaps us..

..we can't even share it with our neighbor's wife.

What's the need for all this torture!

Wow! You didn't even complete 25..

..but you have such great knowledge about wives.

Even after 25 years after marriage, till now..

..I didn't understand that there are so many tsunamis in it.

'Mangatayaru's Tiffin centre.'

'It's the best centre in Attili.'

Hey, why are you all facing that side.. if you are school kids? The seats are empty there.

Grandpa, instead of suffocating here in this way..

..why don't you go and sit there?

I can see Manga Tayaru closely from here.

She would serve me hot here.

Miss. Tayaru, he wants everything to be served hot.

What does he want?

There are many things we want but we don't get everything.

Just one Minapattu and one Bondam will do for the time being.

Gaffur. - Yes.

Who is he in that car?

Greetings, sir! - O God! It's Mr. Municipality.

Greetings, sir! - Please come in.

Hey, bring that chair for sir - It's ok.

I can't believe my eyes. You came to our hotel?

I am doing a survey.

There are many problems in this town.

And you are one of them.

Sometimes leaders have to join the common public..

..and find out their problems.

You covered it really well.

Don't ruin my reputation in public.

I will get you killed in an encounter.

How are you, Tayaru? - I am fine with your grace.

What would you like to eat?

I'll eat whatever you serve me with your beautiful hands.

Shall I ask her to serve rat killing poison?

Shall I kill him?

Serve him that. - Don't kidding sir.

Wait. There's Dibba Rotti frying on the pan.

But you were making it for me. You will serve him that one?

Who's that? - He's Mutton shop Mastan. Shall I kill him?

Stop. Hey, your mutton shop will be smashed in 2nd SRC.

What's 2nd SRC? - Even I don't know that.

I used that term as it sounded nice. - I see!

Hey, he even signed those papers a while ago. - O God!

Please don't do that. I have three wives and six kids.

I will have to commit suicide then.

Tayaru, get one Dibba Rotti for sir.

Sir, do you eat non-vegetarian on Fridays?

If he gets it for free he'd eat non-veg on Saturdays as well.

Then I will send you two kg mutton. It's fresh mutton.

Send one kilo for Tayaru as well. - Alright.

And in the 2nd SRC my shop..

I will delay it by a week. You may go now.

I'll remind you of the SRC if you don't send mutton.. - Here.

Trust me, I feel very bad when I see you working.. and night without thinking about yourself.

And by the way, when is your husband retuning from Qatar?

Why? - He might be in trouble if he comes all of a sudden.

I know how difficult it is for a married woman.. live alone in this cruel society.

That's why I am thinking of making a deal with you.

What deal? - Finance deal.

I thought my husband would send a lot of money.. he went to Qatar..

But brother-in-law Subba Rao fell for some other woman..

..and stopped sending money.

That's why if you finance it I am thinking of..

..completing the ground floor work and give it on rent..

Oh no! Just yesterday I gave two lakhs to Subba Raju.

You don't mind.

You can take it from my youngest brother-in-law.

What makes you think that he would give us money!

He's not someone..

..who's sympathetic towards beautiful girls.

He would never say not to me. - I see.

Mr. Satti Babu. Mr. Satti Babu.

Mr. Satti Babu, your brother-in-law's calling you.

What's this! He didn't stop even though..

..I said that you're calling him.

Actually he respects me a lot. He can't stand in front of me.

But it didn't look like that. - How else did it look like?

He gave 'I care a damn' attitude. - Tayaru.

Shall I shoot him? - Stop it.

Either fire him immediately..

..or shut your hotel. - Oh! Sir. Sir. Sir.

Hey, it seems that sir felt bad.

I doubt if he would ever come to our hotel again.

No matter whatever you say he'd keep on coming here.


Take it. - You rescued me in trouble.

No, I gave it for the interest amount.

Without any delays clear the interest everyday. - Alright.

Hey, what's that noise! They are demanding.. songs in the weddings. So we are practicing..

..the "Aaresukoboyi Paresukunnava.." song..

..from 'Adivi Ramudu' movie.


You are singing K.V. Mahadevan's songs.. Shankar Mahadevan's generation?

Practice the latest songs.

If you ask him for latest songs you'd get songs..

..from 'Luv Kusha' and 'Gundamma katha'.

You would be in trouble if they start playing that.

Shut your mouth. - Hello!

Stay on line.

Hey. - Brother.

Tell that ladies' tailor Kamesh that there's a call for him.

Kameshwar Rao. - Tayaru. - What's this?


I asked you to stitch a blouse for me..

..and you stitched a bra for me?

I have a huge mass following.

Imagine what would happen if I wear this and walk on streets.

There will be accidents on roads.

That's why I asked you not to give me an old blouse..

..that I would take your measurements.

Ok, come in.

There's no one inside. I'll take your measurements.

I'll bash you up. Don't try to touch me.

You saw my body. Just change the size.

I wonder which size she's talking about.

Kameshwar Rao, there's call for you.

What are you staring at!

Hello! Hey, it's been one month since you went to your home.

Are you coming back or not?

Your brother-in-law came from the border?

If he comes it's your sister who would rejoice.

What will you do there? He's asking you to stay there?

What! You'll stay there till your brother-in-law is there?

How will your husband survive here!

She hung up the phone. - It means she forgot you.

I'll teach her a lesson when she comes back. - Hello!

Why are you leaving that way? - She hung up the phone.

And who'll pay the money? - Money?

But incoming's free, isn't it? - It's free for me, not for you.

For you and me? It's free for the phone, isn't it?

As fools like you are talking for hours on phone..

..I fixed a charge of three rupees per minute.

Two minutes wait and one minute talking.

Pay me nine rupees in total. - You should've said that first.

You should've asked me about it first.

Will you pay up or do you want me to take your machine?

What! You will take my machine worth 9,000 rupees for your nine rupees?

No, thanks. Give me the change.

I don't have change. I'll deduct that money from your next call.

Giving him money is just like depositing money.. Krishi bank.

Sir, your friend Renu is here.

Satti Babu, how are you? - I am still alive.

I have been searching you since yesterday.

Why? Do you need something?

That's a great one. - Would you like to have a cup of tea?

You are a man who values friendship. - Gaffur, two teas.

Tayaru, there's an order for tea from Satti Babu's shop.

We heard it. - Then send him tea.

You have your Attu.

Satti Babu ordered tea not to take it.. - Then?

To cancel. - If he doesn't want it what's the need to order it.

When an idiot like you goes to his shop he orders such teas as a formality.

He orders 60 such teas everyday.

And when there is no one around..

..he orders a single real tea for himself.

So what brought you here? - What are you saying!

Yesterday I asked you for 1000 rupees..

..and you said that you would give me.

What did you say yesterday?

I told you to help me with 1000 rupees and that..

..I would return that amount by 9 am tomorrow.

Didn't you? - Yes.

And what's the time now? - It's 10 O' clock.

You said you would return the amount by 9 O' clock..

..and you are coming here at 10 O' clock for the money?

It's my fault that I asked you for the money. No.

In fact I should slap myself with ladies' sandal for this fault.

These ladies don't wear sandals.

Shall I give you my boot? - Give it to him.

To reduce weight jogging and dieting are no required..'s sufficient if you chase him in the hope of getting money.

One would definitely lose a kilo per day. - Excuse me!

Don't give him such idiotic ideas, or else..

..from tomorrow onwards he'd start that business as well..

..and set up a 'weight losing centre' board here.

He wants money with no interest.

I would've given him money if it was with interest.

Sir, will I get this month's salary a few days in advance?

Why? - My sister-in-law came to our place from their village.

I am thinking of buying her a sari.

Your wife doesn't have a skirt, but you want to buy a sari for your wife?

And yes, I came to know that you broke two tube-lights in yesterday's wedding.

Actually I got a minor shock and while..

..fixing themand they slipped out of my hand.

Even if they slip out of your hand it's not my fault.

Their cost is 850 rupees. After deducting your salary..

..from that amount you owe me 150 rupees.

I haven't counted the interest amount yet.

What are you staring at! Even if it's tea or wine..

..I feel satisfied only if I drink them from bottle in this way.

Yesterday my father called me on the phone across the lane..

What happened to our neighbor's phone?

They stopped calling us. - Tell me what the matter is.

He gave me a dressing down. He said that he is..

..sending money for our food, and asked us.. at least look after other expenses.

We have my father's house to stay.

We have the house, but there's no electricity in it.

They disconnected the line as we didn't pay the bill.

There was not even a candle at home last night for her studying.

We don't need electricity when you are there.

"Wife is the light of the home."

Aasu, Jackie, what are you doing?

We are building a castle with cards. - Wow!

You lived up to my name.

I thought of building castles with the money won in gambling..

..but in turn are building castles with cards itself.


Ask them why they are playing instead of going to school.

Hey, why didn't you go to the school?

They sent us home as we didn't pay the fee.

Why didn't you pay the fee? - Because there's no money.

Why didn't you ask your father to send money?

How many times should I ask him to send us money?

From mango prickles to your underwears..

..he's sending money for everything.

That's the reason I stopped minding such things.

How are you, sister-in-law? It's been ten days since we met.

Only if you were at home.

Ours fathers got us married to them assuming that they would have..

..inherited the greatness of their fatherand gave them hefty dowries.

You are right.

If our fathers had given us that dowry..

..we would have led a comfortable life..

..while watching TV serials all day long.

But we wasted that money for him.

I think we will have to commit suicide sooner or later.

If these kids weren't there I would done that a long ago.

Yours is the fees problem and mine is electricity-problem.

Idea. Brother, if we sell all the wine bottles that you emptied..

..and with that money if I play a game in the club..

..and hit the deal then all our problems will be solved.

I drank two quarters wine right in front of you, right? - Yes.

Where do you think I got the money from? - From where?

By selling those empty wine bottles. - Hey!

Who will solve our problems then? - It's him.

Brother, today you will have to give us an answer..

..that is an exception to the routine.

I won't give you even a rupee.

But that's a routine answer.

Hey, they sent from Aasu and Jackie from the school as we didn't pay the fee.

As we didn't pay the current bill..

..they disconnected our line. If you give me a half..

I mean if you give me 1,000 rupees..

I told you I won't give you any money.

Don't say you won't give us.

We are older than you. At least say you don't have money.

It would sound respectable. - Ok, I don't have money.

Brother! If you say there are no crops in the farm..

..we'll believe you, but how do we believe you if you say..

..there's no soil.

I have the money. I just won't give you.

Did you see how he said no on our faces..

..forgetting the fact that we are his elder brothers?

No one values human relationships anymore.

And we are running out of supplies. - You stay quiet.

I didn't have even a drop of wine since morning..

..and my liver is shivering and I am losing my power. - Really!

And whom should I tell my problems to?

Look how my hands are shivering.. I didn't play cards since yesterday.

Gods give us brother-in-laws as well.. brother ditch us sometimes.


You think he will give us money?

You carry on, priest. The tar-road that he laid to our village..

..had damaged in an year's time.

We need more people like him. - You carry on.

I want to say that you can't give him any contract in future.

There's no fault of mine in it. I laid the road pretty strongly..

..but because of some heavy rainfall last season..

Heavy rainfall? When was there heavy rainfall?

There was a drizzle just a couple of times..

..and the road completely shattered.

What would've happened if there was really heavy rainfall?

What would've happened? - It would ruin completely.

If it doesn't ruin completely the contractor..

..would steal the mud beneath it.

Thanks, sir.

That's the reason sir sanctioned..

..cement road this time. It would be pretty strong.

If you sign on the work order I will start the work.

If you start the work you would get money..

..priest's lane would get a street, what will I get?

You'll get a share.

You're not the one who should say that..

..but he's the one who should say that.

I quoted the tender for a big price this time.

I too won't make good profits.

That means you can't give us anything.

Gun, did you hear the news that an outer ring-road..

..was sanctioned to our town?


An outer ring-road for Attili? - Why?

Only Hyderabad can have a ring-road?

We decided it in the meeting a few days ago..

..that Attili should also have one.

If that's been decided then that contractor..

..and you would make the profits.

What would I get? - That's where the ring is.

That road goes through your farm.

He would lose ten acres in that, won't he?

He won't lose ten, but he would definitely lose nine.

The only thing is that the priest will lose his one acre land..

..that adjoining to his land. - What!

I have only one acre land. And I got that land in dowry.

If you lay ring-roads and bypass roads through them..

..then I will have to die.

Is that so!

Is there some other way for this? - A way?

If we turn that road a couple of times in contractor's farm..

..his one acre land will be saved and he would lose..

..his ten acres.

Sir, it's wrong.

As long as I am in the municipality..

..I won't let my people suffer. I will never let that happen.

I will get you 500 rupees compensation per acre.

One acre costs five lakhs and you would get me a compensation of 500 rupees?

No, sir.

Don't play ring-roads with my life.

Tell me what share you want in that road-contract.

He came on line.

Then ask those guys to put the ring-road work on halt temporarily.

How much is the contract worth? - It's ten lakhs.

Then give me 20% and take the papers.

If you delay it the ring will become stronger..

..and it will be hard to bend it. - Ok, sir.

You sit down, priest. - How are you, brother-in-law?

What brought you here?

Whatever you are you are still our brother-in-law. - Whatever I am?

It came out in the flow. - Why did you come here?

Circumstances, brother-in-law.

They say brother-in-law is like our father.

I never heard that saying before.

Such sayings are formed based on need.

Shall we sit on the swing?

We need not ask our brother-in-law. Come. - Hey!

That's a swing that VIPs like me sit in.

VPs like you should sit on chairs like these.

Thanks, brother-in-law. Your love for us is immense.

What! Financial help?

Brother-in-law can scan people pretty easily.

Then brother-in-law must have also found out that still..

..we haven't paid our children's school fee and electricity bill.

Our cash-flow is a bit stiff.

If you give us some cash..

In fact I called the priest here.. ask him what is the reason you're going through such phase?

He must've said that we are squandering money in clubs and bars.

No, it's because of Vastu-defect.

What! Clubs and bars also have Vastu-defects?

That might be the reason behind all our problems.

Those are fine, but it's your house that has Vastu-defect.

There shouldn't be too much weight in east.

You stop roaming that way.

If you still live there you won't be completely destroyed.. won't be left with clothes.

The priest said it just now.

That's why sell that house immediately. - Oh God!

So that's your plan?

If you sell it you would get minimum five lakhs each.

And since the Vastu-defect..

..will be gone you can earn crores from those lakhs.

Brother-in-law, even if you say something for our benefit..

..still it appears to be cunning.

If we sell the house where will we live, brother-in-law?

You think I am dead?

Under the welfare scheme for the poor..

..I will sanction two houses with perfect Vastu for you.

You can live in it and earn a lot of money and build large buildings.

Hey, you don't want the house?

Of course, I do, brother-in-law. - Then why didn't you stand up?

Then who will buy our house, brother-in-law?

No one will come forward to buy it as it has got Vastu-defect,

and if it remains unsold you guys will fall in trouble.

Ok, you are my wife's brothers after all.

I will buy it for your benefit.

O my municipality! So this is your plan.

Sir, that house is their father's only memory left..

..that they haven't sold yet.

What's there in memories!

We can forget everything with just one quarter bottle.

Not the gun. Give me the money that he gave earlier.

Didn't Devdas forget Manga Tayaru after drinking? - Parvati.

Here's the advance. I will pay you a bigger amount.. a couple of days and sign the agreement.

You are such a nice person, brother-in-law.

I thought I'm the only one who knows that, but you too found it out.

Look, your sister is coming. Don't tell her that you are selling the house.

Why, brother-in-law?

It has got a Vastu-defect. She won't let us sell it.

You are a smart fellow, brother-in-law.

I thought I'm the only one who knows that, but you too found it out.

When did you come here? - Just now.

Why are you sitting here instead of coming in?

Come in. - No, dear. We need to go to the bar urgently.

No, we need to go to the electricity office. Goodbye.

At least you come in. - Sister, I need to go to the school.

No, I need to go to the club.

Why did you bring two cups of tea?

The priest doesn't drink tea.

Cunning brother-in-law! He's taking advantage..

..of my brothers' weakness and trying to swipe our house.

It's the house your father had built.

That's the reason I won't let my brother-in-law snatch it.

I am ready to pay 50 paisa more than what he pays..

..but I won't let it fall it in his hands.

What! You'll buy it?

Since I have a share in that house I will cost me less.

And then Attili Satti Babu will be the solo proprietor of that house.

Hey, I told you this matter in the hope that.. would rescue your brothers and save your house.

But you are planning to rob it yourself?

If I don't rob it my brother-in-law will rob it.

Then Attili dynasty's house will belong to Boddu dynasty.

So you are planning to buy that house and keep your brothers will you?

I will keep them away.

If I give it on rent we will get 2,000 rupees per portion.

And where will they go? - We have lots of torn tents.

I'll give them two tents, and they'll find out a place to live.

Wow! On hearing your love for your brothers..

..I am feeling overwhelmed.

Your brother-in-law is far better than you? - Why?

At least assured them two houses..

..under welfare for the poor scheme.

It will be great. If they take those houses and rent them out..

..they will also be able to earn some money.

Your father is lucky that he already died..

..or else he would have died now with heart attack..

..on watching your mutual love and admiration for each other.

Elder sister-in-law. Younger sister-in-law.

There are no curries or prickles at home today.

We didn't even light the stove today.

I didn't come here to take something from you.

But I came to give you some in return.

Here's the ration sufficient for ten days.

Use as much as you want to.

Aasu. Jackie. - What, uncle?

Here are the biscuits. Have them. - Thank you.

Padma, take these chocolates. Enjoy.

I filled electricity bills and schools fee as well.

Here's the fuse and the receipts.

From now onwards ask me whatever you need.

Sister, what's the matter? What happened to Satti Babu?

I'm sure it's not him, or else why would he do all this.

Satti Babu, what's this? - It's imported liquor. It's for you.

And this? - It's for you.

Brother, what have you done for us?

I can't bear your suffering and decided to rescue you.

Thanks, brother.

And also, if you wanted to sell the house..

..why did go to brother-in-law instead of coming to me?

You thought I can't pay that much money?

He fooled you and said he would pay you five lakhs.. each of you, didn't he? - Yes.

As your brothers.. - Why did you hit us?

I didn't hit you. It was a brotherly tap. - It was too hard.

I can't bear this atrocity.

Not five lakhs but I will give five lakh and five thousands to each of you.

Transfer your shares on my name. - You missed the deal.

We have already accepted the advance from brother-in-law.

Look, return him his advance and tell him..

..that you won't sell the house. Both of you sign here.

What is this? - An agreement stating that you sold me your house.

So you came here prepared.

What else could I have done! Brother-in-law is an old fox..

He could easily trap you.

That's right but for us to sign the agreement papers.. need to give us token advance, brother.

That's right and I will pay you.

Look, I'll give you the remaining amount in ten days..

..and then complete the registration.

If you don't keep your word we will transfer..

..the house on brother-in-law's name.

Ok, sign the papers.

Satti Babu, what's the matter you called me here?

See a girl urgently.

She's the glamour queen of our street.

I too got tempted a couple of times.

But I stepped back as her brother is a goon.

Oh! I am asking you to see a girl for me to marry.

What! You want to get married?

You want to commit suicide? That's how you said it.

But a few days ago you gave me some calculations..

..that wedding is of no use and all that.

Earlier I thought that wedding is unnecessary..

..and now I think dowry is necessary.

Will you please explain it in Telugu?

Dowry is greater than marriage.

Home is greater than dowry.

I am thinking of tying three nuptial thread and owning a home. - I got it.

So you want money to buy the house from your brother.

And for that money you want a girl who would give you dowry.

You got it right. - I am like Dhoni.

People want to get married to settle down..

..and you want to get married so that you could buy a house.

What would be my rate in the market right now?

In open market you would go for 10-12 lakhs..

..and in black market you would go for 25 lakhs.

What's open market and what's black market?

Open market is a girl from a good family..

..with education, culture and all that.

Black market means those with some defects.

Illegitimate daughters, those who had abortions..

..those whom the husbands have left.. - Oh no!

I don't want such cases. Find a girl from a good family for me.

There is a girl, but that girl looks pretty average.

If you want dowry you can't dream of marrying a wife like Aishwarya Rai.

Show me the girl.

What is more important for me is money.

Now if you fix my percentage your job will be done.

Others give two percent, but you will get four percent from my father-in-law.

That means you won't give me anything.

How does it matter where you get the money from?

If my father-in-law's money my money? Let's go. - Where?

Let's see the girl.

This is not Shakila's movie that we can go and watch just like that.

We need to find an auspicious date and inform them that we are coming..

It's an auspicious day today.

Give them a call. We shall go there.

You want to go there alone?

You want me to take the entire village with me?

There is a way for everything.

We should take your brothers and sister-in-laws with us.

They might show attitude if I ask them to come with me.

You are there to bring them down.

Brother, why is wine green in color? Is it a new brand?

It's not brandy. It's Neem juice.

Your sister-in-law asked me to drink this.. get me rid of drinking.

Innocent sister-in-law!

She doesn't know that you won't stop drinking liquor..

..even if your liver is removed.

As father didn't have..

..any bad habit he donated everything he had in charity.

And since we have all the bad habits we are trapped.

How about this? How would it be if we claim..

..that whatever father donated in charity..

..can't be taken seriously and that we have rights on them..

..and that we need our property back?

They will kick you.

We won't get even a single rupee.

How did you know that?

I had already made that claim and got some..

..scolding from the judge in the court.

He gave them all the required documents.

As our father betrayed us, let's mourn for two minutes.. that his soul could never rest in peace.

His soul would not rest in peace anyway..

..after watching your deeds.

Hey, tell me are you really my brothers?

What are you saying! We got up as soon as you came here.

Why did you have that doubt all of a sudden?

You have a grown-up brother at home and the thought..

..of getting him married never crossed your mind?

Hey! You want to get married?

In front of our club there's a cycle-stand owner's sister.

She's a great girl.

I'll talk to him about her.. You can take her out..

..for a few of days and then take a call about the marriage.

He won't mind it. He gave us that facility. - Get lost.

She's not a right match for him. In front of our bar..

..there's this chicken snack vendor's daughter.

She looks as beautiful as the scotch bottle.

Half the patrons go to that bar only for her.

If you say yes you'll get her tomorrow.. - You mean he can..

I don't want chicken snacks and cycle-stands.

I have seen a girl for myself. That girl lives in Gutti.

Tomorrow I am going to see her.

I just want you to be there as elders.

Whoever marries you is a lucky girl to marry a person like you..

..who doesn't have any bad habits. - Really!

You never leave a chance to pull down your husband.

Rent an AC car to Gutti. - Car? It won't be comfortable.

You go on bus and I will come on my bike.

Gutti! Gutti! Gutti!

Gutti! Gutti! Gutti!

Helping nature runs in your blood.

What made you come to that conclusion?

Your father fixed a bus-stand for the passengers..

..and you are giving them lift on your bike.

I am not giving anyone a lift. - Then?

I am going to Gutti to see a girl for a match.

If I take someone there I can cover the petrol charge.

Oh! One should learn it from you how to earn money.

Then learn it from me. Excuse me! Where do you want to go?

Gutti. I missed the bus just now.

There is no bus till 6 pm.

I wanted to hire an auto, but he asked me 150 rupees.

This is Attili. - I need to go there urgently.

If you give me 125, I will drop you there in my bullet.

You're joking. - I'm not joking. It's the truth.

You charge money for lift.

To drop you there it will take 2 liters petrol.

But Gutti is just 6 km from here. - Mine is a thirsty bike.

But the bike seems to be a new one.

The bike's new but the engine is an old one.

Will you get on the bike or shall I leave? - I'll get on.

What's that? - To gift Satti Babu.

You can gift him kerchiefs and towels later on..

..but first of all tell him the matter hidden in your heart.

There is a right time for everything.

The right time is not here, but your father is.

Why did you come here so late, father? I'm feeling hungry.

Why didn't you eat you then?

Then you'll have to eat alone later on.

I met Satti Babu on the way here.

Is he come here to have lunch with us? - No.

He was going to some village to see a girl for marriage.

Whose marriage?

Why would he go if it's for someone else? It's for him.

Come, let's have meals. - You eat alone. I'm not hungry.

Son, drop me there.

Thanks a lot for bringing me here.

Will you go back immediately?

I came to see a girl in this village.

If you want to return with me you must wait here at 2 O' clock.

I have been telling you right since the beginning.. express him your love, but you didn't listen to me.

All these days I have been waiting for him.. make the first move.

Even if you don't have courage your love has honesty.

And that's what will unite you.

I prayed the lord to break his match.

Will God fulfill my wish? - Gods support pure souls.

They will definitely fulfill your wish.

That girl will get hurt if the wedding doesn't materialize.

If it's not Satti Babu she will get someone else.. it's a match fixed by her family and you..

..and on the other hand you had loved Satti Babu all your life.

What's this!

Instead of sweet and hot dishes you served dry rice and jaggery?

What are you saying!

Dry rice is hot and jaggery is sweet.

If you don't believe me you can taste it.

It tastes sweet.

Why did you serve these raw bananas?

They must have kept them there to use them as fragrant-stick stand.

No, it's not for that.

As you were coming here I went to a banana farm..

..and bought a bananas, but they were raw.

We kept in front of you so that you don't feel like..

..our reception lacks something.

If you wish you can take them home..

..and ripen them and enjoy them.

By that time you can have that dry rice with jaggery.

Did you buy these dry rice or did you borrow them from your neighbor?

No, sir.

They are our own.

As you were coming here the ladies of this house..

..soaked the rice in pot and pounded them.

Was that water our own water? - Yes.

It's from our well. Shall I call my daughter?

You'll call her? Doesn't she live in your house?

From inside the house. - I see.

Bring her.

Girl. Dear.

You can ask the girl if you want to ask her something.

How can I ask for something even before marriage!

You have such talent as well?

I didn't mean asking that..

Ask her some questions. - I see.

Satti Babu, the girl's not that good.

Looks are not permanent.

So you mean you liked that girl? - Very much. Very much.

She's a very lucky girl.

I bought some land as well after she was born.

That's the reason she looks like so dark.

Take him aside and ask him about my remuneration.

And listen, the tents for the wedding will be ours.

He might think it's for free. Tell him that I will charge the rent.

I don't have a problem in giving you the ten lakhs that you want.

But I will give them in installments.

Two lakhs after engagement. Two lakhs after the rice yield is sold.

Two lakhs after the sugarcane harvest is sold.

Two lakhs are getting selling the coconut yield.

And the last two lakhs after selling the fish.

Don't embarrass us. You can give the dowry amount..

..whenever you feel like giving, but you must give..

..the groom's brothers' share of the dowry now.

I heard about groom's sisters' share of dowry..

..but I never heard about brothers' share.

Recently a bill was passed in the parliament..

..that you need to pay that as well.

It's sufficient if you pay 25,000 rupees to each of us.

What did you say? - He's ready to give the ten lakhs you wanted.

Very good.

Then when shall we exchange the betel leaves.

If you say yes we can exchange it.. the betel leaf shop just now.

So you will give me the cash today itself? - What cash?

The dowry. - I told them that I will give it after the engagement..

Look, it won't matter even if the engagement and wedding is delayed..

..but I want the dowry first. That's my major condition.

It's difficult. - It's your wish.

Let's go.

Will you write us a letter after you go home..

..if you liked my daughter or not?

I don't want to waste one rupee for the card.

Find another groom for your daughter.

Why did you say such a thing on his face?

When that's the reply we would give him eventually.. does it matter if we say that on his face or on his back.

He's not looking for a marriage, but he wants dowry.

Hey, you are leaving without giving us the bus-fare?

It's just six km from here. You can come by foot.

Let it be. I'll go with him.

Come, the kerosene is over. I was waiting for someone to push it.

Wait. I will also come with you.

Ammulu, you are breaking so many coconuts?

It's a vow, priest. - If it's a young girl's vow.. would definitely be for her beloved one.

All the best, baby.

May you get married to the man of your choice!

Did you see that!

God cancelled that match and the priest gave you his blessings.

Now there's no hurdle in the path of your love.

Go ahead.

"You don't come to me when I call you."

"You don't leave when I ask you to leave."

"Why are you up to such sort of mischief?"

"When we make eye-contact why don't you smile.."

"..and plant a kiss on my cheek?"

"I was never against it."

"I am ready to put up with all your whims."

"You don't come to me when I call you."

"You don't leave when I ask you to leave."

"Why are you up to such sort of mischief?"

"You play with my heart with your eyes."

"Come to my dreams with a flower in your hand."

"I'll come wherever you'll call me if I get something in return."

"I am all yours, my beloved one."

"The rainbow resides on your clothes."

"You melt my heart with your praises."

"Shall I sprinkle the water of river Godavari on you?"

"Shall I build temples your heart?"

"Kiss my hands that still have the color of the myrtle."

"You don't come to me when I call you."

"You don't leave when I ask you to leave."

"Why are you up to such sort of mischief?"

"You are the princess of my heart."

"You have conquered my heart."

"Your thoughts are filled in my heart."

"Your dreams are filled in my eyes."

"My silences have started singing in melody."

"I am surrendering myself to you."

"I'll be the happiest man on planet earth.."

"..if you do that."

"I want to fulfill all your wishes."

"You don't come to me when I call you."

"You don't leave when I ask you to leave."

"Why are you up to such sort of mischief?"

"When we make eye-contact why don't you smile.."

"..and plant a kiss on my cheek?"

"I was never against it."

"I am ready to put up with all your whims."

"You don't come to me when I call you."

"You don't leave when I ask you to leave."

"Why are you up to such sort of mischief?"

So what do you want? - Nothing.

Nothing? So you came here just to see Manga Tayaru?

Madam, shall we start charging them to see you as well?

Let them see me.

It's not harming me in any way. - Listen!

Do not insult us in that way. We didn't come here for you.

Then? - We came here for Boddu Bhaskar Rao.

If you want to meet him you should go to his office..

These days he's spending more time in branch office..

..than in the head office.

Damn this public!

They found it out. - It's alright. It'll just increase my popularity.

There he is.

Greetings, sir. - Move aside.

Please come in.

Tayaru, did you get injured?

I read the news in scroll in city cable and got panicked..

..and rushed to you to console you.

I fell in the bathroom while taking back.

You were alone there, weren't you? - Yes.

Where did you hurt yourself? Inside or outside?

It's not such a serious injury. It's just a scratch below the knee.

Let me check it.

Hey, you bring the stool. Sit here.

If required I will take you to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad.

No, it's minor scratch. - Do not stop me.

Don't deprive me of the joy of helping my people.

When it comes to women you become so generous.

She doesn't have anyone. If her husband was in India..

..he would have taken care of all her needs, but since..

..he's not here Manga Tayaru's responsibilities..

..on the municipality.

Look, I brought this Band-aid..

..worth 1.50 rupees. I will glue it here.

Excuse me! Few days ago when I came to your house.. give you your clothes your dog attacked me and while..

..trying to escape I fell from the wall and broke my hand.

You didn't even step out of the house ask me what happened.

And today when Tayaru had a minor scratch you rushed.. her in your car with a band-aid in your hand to console her.

Who's that? - It's tailor Kameshwar Rao.

Shall I shoot him?

We decided to destroy his tailoring shop to build an IT park there.

IT park in Attili?

There's not even a general park in Attili.

Since there is no park here the government has..

..decided to build an IT park here.

His shop will be destroyed, right?

Not just his shop, but all their shops will be destroyed.

What's this atrocity! We are surviving on those shops.

If we lose them how will we survive? - Do not worry.

I will get you 50 rupees compensation per shop.

50 rupees?

Sir. - What!

Now I realized that messing with you is like washing face with acid.

Please help us save our shops, sir.

It's tough.We sketched the plans as well.

In a day or two they are coming here to take measurements.

Please don't say that. Sir. Sir.

If required we're ready to pay 2,000 rupees each.

We can fix the rate later on.

Come to my place this evening. Go. - Ok, sir.

After you came into power a number of miracles are taking place.

They dared to question me!

Tayaru, when are you giving me a party?

You are not solving my slab-matter.

What's there in the slab! I'll find a good contractor..

..and get your slab-work done. By then..

Doctors asked me to take complete bed-rest for ten days.

Did he say so!

The ring-road must pass through his hospital.

Hey, priest! Where are you going so early in the morning?

I have to perform the last rituals in Baburao's house.

But Baburao is still alive, isn't he?

Not his last rituals but his father's.

Then why didn't order me for tents?

This is low budget last rituals, boy. Its total budget is 150 rupees.

100 for me and 50 for the ceremony.

Then you can carry on. - You can also carry on.

Satti Babu.

What, Ammulu? Do you want some money on credit?

I want to talk about my wedding.

But it's your father whom you should be talking to?

I wanted to talk to you about it once before talking to him.

I love you.

I wanted to tell you this since a long time, but..

If a man expresses his feelings people say he's courageous.

The a girl expresses her feelings..

..people say she has crossed all the limits.

If I don't say it even now I fear it might be too late.

I love you very much.

I want to marry you.

What is your answer? - Get on the bike.

But you didn't tell me your answer.

There is a right place to answer such questions. Get on.

They say a good ceremony nullifies an inauspicious ceremony.

There's one more ceremony that you have perform in this house.

Do not worry.

You're taking about your last rituals, aren't you? - No!

I'm talking about my daughter's wedding.

My responsibility will be over once I get her married.

You don't worry. I'm there for that. - It's incest.

She's like your daughter.

I said I am there to get her married, but not to marry her.

So how do we look as a couple?

We look like Rama and Sita, right? - Yes.

We were talking about her wedding just now.

Ammulu is a fortunate girl. - That means I am unfortunate.

That's not what I meant. - You stay aside.

Don't poop Baburao's party. - My party?

Wow! That's a great performance.

All these days I thought that you can only act.

But you are good at acting as well.

You would definitely win a Nandi award.

Satti Babu, what happened?

Even when I give someone money on interest I take 66 X-rays.

But when his son was going to Dubai..

..I gave him 50,000 rupees as he is known for his integrity.

But he's paying the interest every week, isn't he?

Yes, he's paying the interest. Now he planned to..

..devour the principal and sent her daughter.. me with a flower in her hand.

And she came to me..

..and says she likes me, she can't live without me..

..I'm her life and that her heart is filled with me..

..and said all the movie titles.

Satti Babu.

My father doesn't know anything about it.

And you would win an Oscar.

You thought that if you get..

..your daughter married to me you don't need to pay..

..the remaining amount and so sent your daughter to me.

No matter whatever you do.. - Look, Satti Babu..

..I really don't know that she likes or she came to you..

And I am not Atukulu Chitti Babu to believe it.

I am Attili Satti Babu, L.K.G.

You can show your talent in cooking..

..but not in absconding with the money.

I advised you to serve upma to the boy who comes to see her.

Now I came to know that you served upma to trap me.

He's saying that he doesn't know anything about it.

That's called being over-smart.

If I had ladies weakness he would've also..

..adorned her and sent her to my room at midnight.


Enough. Enough.

Even though I hadn't done any mistake..

..I bore whatever you said till now. You know why?

It's for my daughter. It was my mistake that I borrowed money from you.

And her mistake is that she..

..liked a person who puts a price on love as well.

I am a man known for my integrity.

I never had any intention of running away with your money.

And since you said that you doubt my intentions..

..I promise you I'll return your money in week at any cost.

And if I am unable to do that then as you gave me a great advice..

..I will send her to your house at midnight to clear your debt.

I didn't like at all whatever you have done.

It's enough for me if I like what I do.

The whole world doesn't need to like it.

And what have I done wrong? - Wrong?

If you didn't like Ammulu you could've told her that directly.

What was the need to create a scene at her home?

You saw how much you hurt Baburao.

You think how hurt he was, but you don't think about my hurt.

I am thinking of getting married and earning 10 lakhs.. buy a house, and they are thinking of thrusting her on me for free.

They are conspiring against me.

You misunderstood them. - I understood them well.

Arguing about them is waste of time. Leave it there.

I will leave it here, but let me tell you something.

It's easy to earn money, but it's not easy.. get people who love you unconditionally.

We can buy everything with money, including a wife.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

What, madam? Do you want a lift?

No, my tank in empty. Is there any petrol bunk nearby?

No, there's no petrol bunk here.

You need to go at least 3-4 kilometers.

If you don't mind will you give me some petrol?

Didn't you understand it with the smoke..

..that my bike runs on kerosene?

If you wish I would tie your bike to my bike with a rope and tug it along.

If I follow you in that smoke I will become smoky.

At your risk.

Satti Babu's bike runs on petrol.

Stop. Stop.

Excuse me! My bike is running out of petrol.

Can you give me some petrol?

Yes, he will, but you will have to give him some money.

O sure. - No, thanks. I will give you petrol for free.

What! You are saying no to money?

Giving petrol to a girl in trouble is like donating blood.. a dying person.

What's the matter!

He's giving dirty looks to a girl like never before.

That will do. It's enough if it runs till the bunk.

Please accept this money. You too bought the petrol.

I will take it, but not for the petrol.

I'm taking it because you're giving me the money.

This note will always remind me of you.

You took 100 rupees from her for 250 ml petrol.



Why are you staring at that girl in that way?

I don't know who she is, but she's very hot, buddy.

Be careful, or you might burn.

Who's that girl? - You're asking me as if I'm a pimp.

How would I know!

Why is he sleeping at this hour in the morning?

He slept last night, but he didn't get up till now.

His salary is also not left with me so that I could deduct the money.

Wake him up.

Hey! Hey, get up! Satti Babu is here.

Hey! Why are you standing in that way.. if you are glued with Fevicol?

Ladies! Ladies!

There was cholera in our town a number of times..

..but such type of color never appeared in our town before.

It seems like we are watching mermaids in waterfalls.

When the ladies crossed his path he has also turned..

..into a poet who doesn't even know.. many holes are there in flute. - Hey!

Oh! Why are you staring at us?

That figure has that tone?

It's like looking at Taj Mahal in moonlight..

..while hearing him play his clarion.

That's why they let others dub for the heroines in movies.

I kept my broom here. Where has it gone? - Oh God!

What! What! What! Broom? - Yes.

I heard that tone before. - What! You didn't recognize me?

I kept the thread and needle here. Where has it gone?

Her voice is like our flower-girl's voice.

How else do you expect the flower-girl's voice sound like?

Hey! She's our sweeper Malleshwari.

Who else did you think we are?

We thought you are Katrina Kaif and Eliyana.

Hey! Why are you in that get-up?

For publicity that beauty parlor lady called us and gave us a make-over.

How would her beauty parlor be publicized if she gives you a makeover?

That's what I too asked her.

She said that if we cook something in our house..

..the neighbors would also get its smell.

Since we visit many homes for cleaning my mistresses won't stay quiet..

They would rush to beauty parlors. - Wow!

I must salute her whoever she is.

Hey, look after the shop. I'll be back in a while. - Ok.

It's your shop? - Yes.

Bhagyalakshmi, you too came to the beauty parlor?

Sorry, this is a ladies' parlor.

No, I didn't come for that.

Then? - My name is Attili Satti Babu.

Why are you telling me your name?

So that you would tell me your name? - Pranati.

Yours is a beautiful name. - Am I not beautiful?

Not beautiful? You are superb. - Tell me what the matter is.

General topic. Are you married? - Yes.

I got married thrice, and I have six kids.

What else should I say? Do I look married? - Of course not.

What does your father do?

As a full-time job he kills people and rob banks as a part-time job.

You are very funny. Please come here. Come here.

That's my tent-house, my own.

That photo is also mine. I'm the proprietor, you see..

You called me out to show that? - No.

I thought you might ask for a tent without rent for your shop.

I don't need them.

Since yours is a new shop

..shall I fix the light-sets and lighting for free?

No, thanks.

Shall I shoot them with my video for free?

This is also yours. Let me tell her about you.

He bought it just a few days ago. Imported. Secondhand.

Hey, the information you gave them is more than enough.

You may go now. - Ok.

What I was saying is that.. - Shall I play the clarion for you, girl?

You will enjoy it.

You won't get this month's salary.

From today onwards you and I are a team. - What!

What I meant is that you and I do the same work.

When there will be marriage functions.. will put make-up on ladies and the bride.

And in the same decorate the wedding halls and altars.

You can tell me if you get some business.

And if I get some business I can tell you about it.

If you wish we can also talk about a combined package.

Ok, I'll think about it.

If you leave I will get back to my work.

You are also a very straightforward person like me.

Goodbye. - Ok.

Satti Babu, you're a damn lucky person.

Why are you flattering him? - Shut your mouth!

Look, I got a match for you who are ready to..

..give you 12 lakhs in dowry.

He's not reacting even when I said 12 lakhs.

I thought he would jump in joy.

Look, Satti Babu, here is the girl's photo.

She's from a great family. The only defect is that..

..she worked as a TV anchor for a few days..

..and got exploited, and during that time she had two abortions.

Except that she doesn't have much of a history.

Satti Babu, I'm not kidding you!

They are ready to pay you 12 lakh rupees.

If we force them a bit we can extract another two lakhs.

And she has two fathers. You will get both their properties.

I am not interested in any other girl now.

I'm interested in that girl. - Who's that unfortunate girl?

The girl whom I gave petrol a couple of days ago.

I see. So you fell for her? - Do you remember her?

Do you think one can forget her?

I couldn't stop thinking about her ever since that day.

You mean she too lost your heart to her. - Yes.

The girl's really beautiful, so I thought of starting.. second innings with her, but since you like her..

..I am dropping my name from the competition.

But tell me will that girl bring the remuneration you want?

I don't know.

Then how will you commit yourself without knowing that.

Did you forget your target?

You want to buy the house from your brothers with the dowry amount.

You think she is not a rich girl?

She came from Tanuku and opened a parlor here.

She must be from a middle-class family.

If he was from a rich family why would she..

..wash those ugly faces and do this business?

Will you marry that girl if she can't give you dowry? No.

Will you get tempted by that girl and lose that house? No.

If you marry the girl that I saw for you.. will get the house, the girl, the dowry, three-in-one.

Decide it fast. You want the house or the girl?

Or you want wedding and the girl? Think about it well.

I will meet you again after interval.

Mrs. Tayaru, what are you thinking about?

I am wondering how to build it. - What are you talking about?

About the building in the centre.

In spite of getting VIP customers.. Boddu Bhaskar Rao you are worried about it?

I'm pretty confused about it. I am unable to nab him.

He fell for me, but when it comes to the finance..

..he escapes every time.

You need to increase the exposing a bit.

You have become laidback these days.

Remember how hard you worked.. build the shopping complex in Palakollu.

At that time I wasn't married, so I worked day and night.

But now I am a married woman.

Your husband went to Qatar and you still think about him?

If you don't get serious about it you can't raise the building.

Surayya. - Yes.

You forgot to salute me?

Shall I shoot him? - What! You saluted me? I didn't see you.

You salute me again, I will salute you then.

Did you see his arrogance? He wants you to salute him.

Shall I shoot him? - Stop.

I told you to send four trays eggs to our home.

Why didn't you send them?

I pay you money every month..

..and now you are asking me to send eggs as well?

It's tough on you? - Yes.

Ok, you need not send it.

Gun. - Yes.

You know they are building an international airport in our town?

Where's the location?

It's his poultry farm.

How would they build an airport when his..

..poultry farm is located there? - Correct.

They asked to compensate every hen with one rupee..

..and seize the farm and destroy it.

The GO is also passed. - One rupee per hen?

Is that a bit too much? - You won't even get an egg for that money.

And does this town really need an airport..

..that doesn't even have a proper bus-stop?

Who will board the planes here?

Not to board flights but to get down.

A few days ago there're floods here, right?

Yes. - Some big influential people visited this province..

..but since there was no airport in our town..

..they couldn't get down and waved their hands..

..from the plane and left. If we had an airport in our town..

Then they would've got down and consoled us..

..and would've given us financial aids.

That's why we want to build an airport on your sight.

We must definitely build an airport.

In a day or two the construction workers are also arriving from Delhi.

It's GO. - Lord, I didn't know that you could bring.. airport to Attili if I don't salute you.

I salute you one lakh times.

I will send the eggs along with their mothers this evening. - Okay.

Please come. - Listen.

Do send four of hens for Manga Tayaru. - Four?!

Ok, then, you can send six if you want.

Hello, sir. - Hello.

Please sit down.

I'm coming. - What would you like to take?

Don't you know what I take from you? Ok, order a tea.