Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Iceberg Cometh | Pit Stop | Motor Racing Cartoon

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(upbeat music)

- Brrr!

We are coming to you live!

It's another chilly day here on the ice track.

- You got that right, Tom.

The drivers are preparing to square off

in another high-speed race.

- Tell me about it! (chuckles)

Let's take a look at those drivers now.

- Can I help you, Number Two?

- Hey, Four.

Just wanted to ask, what do you and icebergs have in common?

- I don't know.


- You both move really slow. (laughs)

- (laughs insincerely) Good one, Two.

- [Tom] Racers, on your marks.

Ice, ice, baby!

Number One speeds into the lead,

followed closely by Number Two and Number Four.

- [Female Announcer] Whoa!

Things are heating up

between Number Two and Number Four already.

- [Tom] Number One better look out behind him,

because Number Two means business!

- Looks like this iceberg

is more than meets the eye, Number Two.


- [Female Announcer] Wow, it's a tight race today.

Number One is barely hanging onto his lead

as Number Four just passed Number Three and Number Two.

- [Tom] Look out ahead!

It's the Frostbite Gorge!

- What?

(alarm beeping)

Oh, no, my engine.

- Could it be?

Number One's engine is snowed in!

- He'll have to warm up at the Pit Stop.

- Howdy, Number One!

Some weather we're having.

- No kidding.

It's so cold my engine froze.

- Not to worry, we'll get ya thawed out!


- [Both] Hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop

hop hop hop hop.

- Hop hop.

- Thanks for thawing me out, guys!

(tires squealing)

- [Female Announcer] Number One is back in the race

and moving fast.

- [Tom] He's no match for Number Four!

She's not giving up the lead for anyone!

(engine roars)

- Ha ha, Four!

You thought you could beat me?


- [Tom] Oh no!

It looks like Number Four is slipping behind,

just as Number One is catching up.

- [Female Announcer] That's right, Tom.

Number Four was at the top, but she's sliding down fast.

- [Tom] Number Two is on thin ice!

She's just barely holding onto her lead.

- [Female Announcer] It's such a tight race.

It's impossible to call!

Look at that!

Number Four just slid ahead!

- [Tom] It's a tie!

And a win for Number Four!

- [All] Number Four!

Number Four! Number Four!

- Number Four, what a win!


- Thanks, Tom.

I couldn't have done it without my lucky charm.

- Uh, aren't those just your car keys?

- Yep, and it's my lucky charm.

It's magical, because every time I forget it at home

my car won't even start.

- Okay!

Well, there you have it, folks.

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- Oh, here is another lucky charm.

Without this one, the door to my house doesn't open.

- [Child] Whoo!

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