Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2009 - 017 Sophie and Sian 22nd May

Difficulty: 0

You said what?

Sitting but fully functional.

It's true though!

What did she say?

She said if I didn't stop pestering her, she'd let my tyres down.

I can't even believe you've got groupies though!

It was just practice.


Tomorrow, yeah?


See you later.

See, he's gone off me.

Oh Sian!

Yeah, well he's after that groupie cow!

No way!

He's just trying to make you jealous.

Oh, here we go. Slappers at 2 o'clock.

Mate, how good is that?

You've already got groupies chasing you!

Well, talented, good looking... what can you say?


When have you got another rehearsal?


Oh, just butt out Tamsin!

What's it got to do with you?

- Can I borrow your phone Ry? - Yeah.

Use a phone box.

There you go.

You've got my number now. Call me, yeah?

Why would he want to call you?

Going out with Sian!

Yeah, for now.

Call me when you want someone a bit more buff.



Are you going to delete that number, or what?

Take no notice of her. She's only winding us up.

Hey, check it out!

Ryan's mum is snogging at the bus stop.


Could she be any more embarrassing?

Hey! Have you seen Chesney?

- No. - What's happened?

Um, it's Ches. He's gone missing.

Have you called the police?

Well, no. Phone him first.

It's me.

Where are you?

Look, I know we've had words, but it's nothing we can't sort out.

Please, just phone me.

At least let me know you're safe.

How long has he been missing for?

Oh, ey! You've not seen Chesney have you?

Oh, that copper topped lad?

Yeah, have you seen him?

Uh, I dropped him off at Picadilly Train Station.

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