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[badly imitated Game of Thrones intro music]

Yes, my friends, while it may be the ugliest recipe ever on this channel, it'll be perfect

for slurping down during the final episode of Game of Thrones. As our joy turns to ashes,

at least we'll have a Bowl O Brown; Warmer of souls, Breaker of hunger.

Welcome back to Mary's Test Kitchen my friends and not-yet-friends.

Today we'll do better than mystery meat in thin broth Bowl of Brown is supposed to be

by using lentils and vegetable bouillon. Lentils being a great source of protein and browness.

And vegetable bouillon in the form of this paste or cubes or powder. Whatever you have,

it'll do just fine.

Those are the only two essential ingredients. But if, you like me, can scrunge up a bit

more from the kitchens or forest, gather some safe-to-eat brown mushrooms, a small carrot,

a mostly unmoldy stick of celery, and half a small onion.

It's like stone soup; you only need water and one or two things. But it'll can always

be enhanced. If you're having people over, might be fun to get everyone to bring a thing.

Leftover canned tomatoes, bits of smoked tofu...why not? There are no rules.

If you're using sad looking vegetables, cut away any bad bits and you can use whatever's


When you're ready, heat up a pot over medium high and add some cooking oil. I'm using refined

coconut but feel free to use whatever you have.

When that oil is hot, add the onions, carrots and celery. At this point, I turn the heat

down to medium and just let that cook.

You can stir every so often but for the most part, you should be able to leave it alone

for five minutes so the veg can release some of their moisture, get soft and sweeter.

Afterwards, the onions should be translucent and soft. You can add the mushrooms.

Stir everything together and cook for about five more minutes or until the mushrooms also

release their moisture and shrink up.

If you find things are sticking, add a little water and stir up the browning at the bottom.

Now we can add some minced garlic and stir that in.

Plus the lentils. I had drained and rinsed these without thinking since that's what I

normally do but it would be fine if you just dumped in the lentils undrained to make a

thicker soup. Not to mention, browner.

Then a tablespoon of vegetable bouillon paste, powder or granules. For cubes, use one and

a half or the amount you'd use for three cups of water.

Then we'll add three cups of water. Stick a lid on that and let it come to hearty simmer.

Cook for ten minutes or so; everything is already cooked so we're just heating everything

up and give the flavours some time to come together.

Then if you drained the lentils like I did, the soup will still be a bit thin. Use an

immersion blender and pulse a bit so some of the lentils and veggies can thicken up

the soup. Make it as creamy as you'd like or just do about half like me.

If you want a thinner soup, add some more hot broth or water. Water for that authentic

Flea Bottom feeling.

Finally, if you have some lemon juice, add a couple teaspoons to a tablespoon and that

will really brighten the flavours. Or vinegar. A little red wine vinegar is a good alternative.

But taste as you go.

Add some salt and pepper if you like and there we have it. A pot of brown to divy up into

the waiting empty bowls of good friends.

Even though it's brown and not so pretty, it's delicious, warming, and nutritious. Add

some flowering thyme for decoration if you're taking pictures for instagram like me. And

don't forget to tag me if you make this.

If you were looking for something prettier, might I suggest Sansa's Vegan Lemon Cakes.

Sometime uplifting to remember a more innocent time perhaps.

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