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You okay, yeah, I'm good just a little nervous. Well. You look very handsome. I just don't want to screw it up

You know you have been preparing for this meeting for six months. You've got this mask you guys a question daddy loves

Who me dad loves it?

Exactly that is gonna. Go make that bacon gross

Mr.. Sawyer as your family enjoying this day very much

So they're shocked you give us the entire floor after you secure the assessment

What do you think of the building with all cheer espect is?

Glorified security guard. Please the Pearl is the tallest most advanced building in the world you've built a vertical city

But you've brought with it every single safety and security challenge that I could think of we thought this flow was empty so today

Not only have you brought them all indoors, but you've trapped them 240 floors in the air. No one really knows

What would happen if things go wrong?

But I'm just a glorified security guard so the hell do I know anyway?

What's one on their 96 floors on fire you're gonna be just fine. I promise you that

Tell me how much do you love your family?

If we're gonna get out of here you're gonna have to tell me the truth, there's a reason they chose this building

My family is the only thing that matters to me right now

Your mission should

You choose to accept it I wonder did you have to choose not to?

The end war was feared is clean

And the blood will be on your hands

The fallout of all your good intentions

You had a terrible choice to make in Berlin one life over millions and

Now the world is at risk

This is the CIA's mission if he had held on to the plutonium. We wouldn't be having this conversation

This Tim. You'd be dead yes. They would that's the job?

You don't understand what you're involved in

You need to walk away. Please don't make me cuts for you. How many times has hunt's governments betrayed him

Disavowed him cast him aside how long before a man like that has had enough?

We are

So how is he oh you know same always

What the hell is he doing find it best not to hook

The entire time I knew him he only ever had one goal

To wipe out half the universe

If he gets all the Infinity stones she can do it with the snap of his fingers

Just like that tell me his name again Santos

We got one advantage she's coming to us

We have a dance once so that's what we use

Let's talk about this plan dears, I think it's good except it sucks

So let me do the plan and that way it might be really good


The end is near

And um half of humanity will still exist

Perfectly balanced as all things should be

I hope they remember you

I'm Peter by the way dr. Strange. Oh using your made-up names, then I am spider-man


Well look at you may your dreams bring you peace in the


This is just funny. It's not bad or good that part's up to you

I don't mean to be rude. I supposed to know


Me we just met

Of the

It's harsh world strong prayer in the week down here


Does it bother you that I'm not completely human

Thank you, whatever I had to you for you. I'd give you whatever I have

And give you my heart Alida. They will come for you


I think you're someone very special

Mais de

Of the

You know the idea that great whites are these

Malicious killing machines roving the shorelines looking for some swimmer to chomp on is just pure fiction

You know anytime there is a human attack stay calm. It's just a case of mistaken identity. Are you guys?

You might explain to me what it is you're doing with bull sharks and containment my company is one of the leading producers of

intelligence enhancers that can actually alter the genetic structure of the brain

their problem solving learning how to learn

Like you actually think you can get the same results in human beings our potential is greater than any machine

It just needs to be unleashed

Let me show you we can all be gods or monsters

I've never seen him act this way

Or this impression, what does that mean?

You created here, too steep and muscle and killer instinct


Thought should be missing for six days if anyone know her way about please help


We'll do it in time any preferences young and durable

Raise my daughter she looks so pretty nice

There's a monster outside

What you people discovered is bigger than we ever thought yes

How big is that thing? What's the largest truck that ever existed a?

Living fossil thought to have been extinct over two million years wrong

It's Megalodon he's kidding, right

That things have this need to find it and kill it I just put a tracker on it

You guys ever watched Shark Week

He looks heroic, but it's kind of got a negative attitude

She on this


Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence that they keep up inside them

This won't bring him back. It won't make you feel any better

Thank you

It is a night that is defining our country

Citizens this will be a tradition we celebrate every year join the first purge

Oh, do you think says always see tonight people are now calling this controversial experiment of legalized crime the purge

You and I they just stay with me doing approach, oh, we're gonna be fine on how we are here with dr.

May up Dale she came up with this experiment is the purge a political device

It is a psychological one if we want to save our country. We must release all our anger in one night

Tonight we'll see the good and evil and everyone this is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement

Of the first purge our neighborhood is under siege from a government who doesn't give a shit about any of us

At the siren of crime including murder will be legal for 12 hours. There's a lot of good people about there

Who we gonna have to protect all emergency services will be suspended?

We gotta be prepared for anything

Your government. Thanks you for your participation

Parties you predicted a much higher level of participation human nature does not obey the laws of politics

They all ex-military something funky going down deep

You're sending soldiers into the island disguised as citizens this country names for this to work

No one's coming to help us

After tonight nothing will ever be the same again

They forgot about one thing they forgot about us, what have I got a


Just remember all the good the purge does

As a quadriplegic must be frustrating for you someone who liked to get things done of their hands

Just that thing for guys murdered miles I

Could find this man dude what if I told you I could offer you something that would enable you to walk again

I call it stem a computer chip that has the potential to change everything

It's a new better brain

I understand the system operating your body for you

We can everybody else here, you know only you may I point something out in the drum surveillance footage

sir Brandtner Marine Corps address for one for citrus new plan

we need a plan I got this this doesn't seem like a

You are involved in this somehow you need to let me know though I was in the area detectives inside

What do you think I should do

You are persistent, I cannot allow us

We were going to finish the job we started

You didn't know that I'm a ninja why I am state of the art. I am NOT a ninja I

Just have one question

when Kappa needed help

If I'd asked you would you have come I?

Guess we'll never know

But if you had you'd have never been caught

I do some dumb things and the people I love the most they pay the price

Thanks to you we had to run

We're still running let's go

Maybe you just need someone watching your back like a partner

Hold on you gave her wings and blasters

So I take it you didn't have that tech available for me no I did

Tell me about this My partner and I were trying to take down a drug dealing went south

There's an undercover narc charlie killed him

Paint losses Ben

Who is this

Bait I got out now listen to me every cop in the city hates you, but you are the scumbag cop color ah

I've been painted as a Ben calm. Let it go

To clear his name

Are you staying out of trouble drop?


To solve the case oh stop back it up

Why do you know about me I know your work for some government agency he has to work every angle

You're interfering with a major investigation having to do with national security raka

But what if

Professional you put a tracking device underneath my car every angle you sticking your nose into this is only gonna make things worse

Turns on use whatever you're chasing is it that?

Someone just tried to kill me

Then I have to stay pastor that's not the wolf

What am I supposed to do

Till my back on him. I'm all he's got

Carl urban

Sofia Vergara

And Andy Garcia

Know that you don't know anything Bend rated-r

You're living the dreams DP yeah devil-may-care

Stronk eyes

Beautiful girlfriend

Sorry I'm late

I was rounding up all the gluten in the world and launching in space where it can't not hurt us ever again

Kiss me like you missed me read

What in the ass

My name is cable. I'm here for the kid what the kid movie guy

Kids give us a chance to be better than we used to be you need you

Lot smarter than I look

Ie let cable kill this kid

But I can't do this alone

We're gonna form a super duper group. That's what we're gonna

be forward-thinking

gender neutral we will be known as

X-force you're absolutely right now cue the music don't call it a comeback

Tell me they got that in slow motion

Doing the right thing is messy

You want to fight for what's right sometimes you have to fight dirty

That is why the man, bun is just a millennial mullet. Oh god. I wish I finished college

It lives up to the hype plus bus they probably won't even make it three yeah

Why would they stop it - you killed it? I?

Know who you are

You're the attorney whose family. They killed her not they

My father

From those

And now you hunt them


There's proof the cartel helped the terrorists get to the porter

Depressants adding drug cartels to the list of terrorist organizations

You can understand how that will expand our ability to combat them

You want to see this thing through?

I'm gonna have to get dirty dirty is exactly why you're here

You're gonna help us start a war with hope


No rules this time

Your objective is start a war between the Mexican cartels

Not with the Mexican government

This girl was witness to the admission correct. Yes, sir, we can't risk her falling into the wrong hands clean the scene I

Want me to cut ties you gotta get rid of her I can't do that

Don't put me in that situation you got to do what you got to do

I'm gonna need a strike team to the Blackhawks drone for the TAC capability, or is it coot, Mexico

You have no reason to trust me

With trusting me. We've never survived good luck luck doesn't live on the side of the border

Everyone's got this thing

Maybe it's a breakup a death

An accident

Whatever it is you used to be one thing now you're something else

We all have our own problems

Our own estrus



There's someone with big balls in the fast-fish luck if he woke up

I'll have you know yeah, you ever driven a car like this before I neva never seen a car like this before my only family

Watch the white boats

Thousand five hundred

We're here to see Oliver

Fucking shot me well you hit

Only supposed to be debt collectors. Yeah, we didn't collect anything. I got this skinny

And it is same as so since the cheapest shoot up of a shame would mind too much, but bus sure I can find Connor

Why don't you do I ask you one thing to watch the white walls yeah

Colonia ningún no Thomas yo creo que

Breach kudos Akito Coco second shinigami Tycho

This morning I woke up in a

Wait so how many of us are

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