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During the sailing today we cooked some chicken but as you can see it's pretty

hard to do, it's moving a lot but we're gonna have a super good lunch.

Also got the bread? Yeah the bread to enjoy the juice of the chicken.

You ready? you have to open your mouth.

Its super tasty.

Mmmh, fresh bread with chicken broth. Well done!

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of learning by doing.

Sailing along very slowly downwind. I should have the spinnaker up in theory

but i've only got four miles to go and i'm feeling a bit lazy. Last night we stayed out on an island

about 20 miles back that way, sort of an offshore island called Madeng. It was beautiful. We're just

now sailing to a little anchorage i've seen on the maps on the north eastern no the north western tip

of Sumbawa and tomorrow we'll do the crossing over to Lombok. We're finally getting into Lombok

which is pretty exciting. This has been a pretty cool little crossing today, only 20

something miles, pretty mellow. We actually were flying along and now the wind shifted round

to yeah 170 so it was pretty slow now but it was a good good first few hours and as you've seen

Marie got pretty motivated this morning and put a chicken in the oven to roast and

got a bread going as well so we're going to have an amazing lunch when we arrive at theanchorage.

We left pretty early this morning so we're going to arrive there well before lunch.

So yesterday we met up with a friend of mine from Bali, Scott and his girlfriend and the

captain, they were on a catamaran and we met up at island called Moyo and they took us up to this

amazing waterfall called Mata Jitu i think. Mata Jitu it means the sniper for some reason.

Anyway we hiked up there. It was 7k, got the legs warmed up and man what an

amazing place, as you'll see in this upcoming footage. An incredible incredible place we had

a ball up there, the water was well obviously fresh but it was super cool but not too cold

and the light and there was no one around and there was no concreted steps or entry gates.

It was just a pristine waterfall in the jungle and it was incredible so i hope you enjoy this footage

and there'll be some sailing footage at the end and i'll get back to you later.

bye bye

So now we have a little bit more wind so we go more speed, pretty good.

So as you can see now, I've set the boat up wing on wing we're going straight down wind

and this time i got the pole out and the same way of putting the preventer on with the

double mainsheet. That's ouranchorage straight up in front.

It sort of feels like we're not moving now but we're still doing five knots but it's just

flat and smooth, beautiful sailing.

Little tip when you're taking off and when you're landing fairly

Furl your head sail, point downwind or down swell whichever is better and just try and make the boat as stable

as possible and as slow as possible. Throw it up in the air, you can forget about it, get going again,

put your sails out make the boat look racey, get her on its side, film what you want. I normally come

back when i've got 45-50% I start coming back just because it landing is the harder part and

it might take you a couple of goes so you don't want to come back on 20% and be losing

your drone. It's pretty easy, you dont have to be scared. I don't wear gloves, i've never hurt myself.

Obviously it's harder when you've got a big swell. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that footage,

hope you enjoyed this video. Super cool to have you all you guys along especially Patrons.

Really really love the passion and the

the motivation, you know you guys are inspiring us with your comments and all that to keep going

and we love doing it. This journey is freaking amazing so tune in next week.

No idea what it's going to be but i'm sure it'll be cool and yeah thanks for watching. Bye!

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