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first want to start with the immortal game between gary kimonovich kasparov the 13th world chess

champion arguably i mean not even arguably he is considered the greatest player of all time now

by by the end of his career i think magnus will probably surpass gary but as of this as of this

present moment i think most people still do consider gary to be the greatest player of all

time now why is this called immortal because this is i think gary himself said the greatest game

that he ever played all right so the game goes to e4 vessel and topalov in 1999 against gary he

plays d6 a little bit unorthodox normally most people know vessel and would play uh would play

c5 and play the sicilian defense he plays um he anyway he plays the modern or the pyrrhic defense

d4906 knight c3 g6 bishop e3 bishop g7 queen d2 here so gary play is sort of not the sharpest

approach uh most most most players these days will play something sharp with like bishop g5 and f4

maybe f4 and knight f3 right now so a lot of a lot of ways of playing it but gary plays a very

traditional very solid way so c6 is played f3 b5 again f3 supports the pawn it also stops black

from being able to play knight g4 so for example if you were to say play move like e4 black might

have a move like night g4 very pesky move hits the bishop puts pressure on the center here um

and of course it's also a right triangle obviously so gary plays f3 here very sort of it's it's a

move that serves dual functionality fifty dollars i love your streams wish you more success in the

new year naval chopper for the fifty bucks any director for the private souls aurelius for

three months so so after his dual purpose it supports the center you create a connect three

but it also prevents black from from attacking its bishop which is a really nice bishop here a lot of

scope long term so f3 is a very thematic very nice move so b5 is played here gary plays 92 knight bd7

bishop h6 trying to exchange this bishop off the board vessel and takes and plays bishop to b7

so one thing that you learn when you play these setups with the fianchetto

and you put the bishop sort of in what we call the sniper's nest here with these pawns around it

is that you don't want to trade the bishop so when you trade the bishop um it becomes very hard to

castle here and your king becomes very weak so for example let's say black word of castle here white

can now play h4 and go all in for a quick attack on the king's side and it's very very dangerous

here and as you'll see from the evaluation black is already much much worse so in this case vessel

trades and he realizes that since he's not going to be castling the king to the king side he's

going to move the queen and try to cast the queen side so now gary plays a3 a move to stop this b4

move which would potentially undermine this knight on b4 and you'd have to move it and lose time

so now vessel plays e5 gary castles vessel and goes queen e7 again he develops the queen so

he can cast to the queen side king b1 a6 uh knight c1 and now vessel and castles now the

reason vessel and played a6 to be clear was after castles maybe white can play a move like d5 here

and your your queen side pawns become very very brittle here again uh potentially this pawn chain

is very weak it's a little bit dicey because of what's going to happen when white moves the knight

so that's why vessel plays the asics first knight two on castle because now if you go d5 black can

either take or even just go c5 and the pawns are very stable and and the pawn on b5 is supported

okay so castles gary goes knight b3 logical move first of all you if black takes you

can take the knight secondly you maybe have ideas with knight a5 to hit the bishop on b7

so now e takes d4 is played gary goes rook d4 this is very good for white by the way to be clear um

ah so now c5 is played gary plays rook d1 vessel and plays knight b6 now one thing that's

noticeable here is that black wants to open up the center if you look at this position this rook can

come into the center of the board very easily um but the white right now he has a really nice

connect three but the problem is this bishop in this rook they're sort of not in the game

and you can't develop the bishops if you go here there's c4 forking the knight in the bishop

and if you go bishop e2 black can play d5 and after pawn takes pawn um i don't know which knight

is best let's just say this one takes bishop d5 you'll notice that again white is lacking

and lacking sort of in development you can play rookie one here but after bishop b3 rook d8 or

d8 takes i mean something like i don't know rookie 8 even and black is doing very very well here the

knight is good the queen and the rook are good and white is really suffering and struggling

so for that reason it looks like vessel has had a very successful opening and so here gary actually

and this i think is a sign of how how you see the game progress you see the computers here they say

like queen h4 is the best move or queen e3 um gary plays this move g3 which is actually not probably

a great move objectively but it ends up turning out very nicely for him and this is kind of what

you'll see when you look at games as you go back now in this case it's not a serious mistake but

if you go further back in time you'll notice that over time um the quality when you use computers

to analyze games it get it's not it's not what you would it's not as as great as it is today um

so g3 vessel goes king v8 knight a5 here by gary again you'll see when you look at when you look at

this game like you're seeing the moves gary plays are not objectively the best and that's not to

say that gary is not a great player obviously he was the best player um uh for his time period by

by a very large margin but you'll notice that the progression and the quality gets better and better

um as as we go forward over time so now vessel plays bishop a kind of a questionable move here

again i think d5 was necessary but vessel and understandably was con concerned about something

like queen f4 check hitting the king in the knight the king moves to like a7 and maybe white can play

something like bishop b5 pawn takes and knight b5 and i mean i guess this is just a draw

but again it's very easy to get concerned with these two horses jumping all around your king

and getting up all up in your business um and so it's very understandable also like you can't block

because then you blunder the knight and as i think i've pointed out this is a classic double attack

as those of you who are watching i think pokey mainstream the other day would have seen when she

was doing puzzles all right um so for that reason vessel does not play d5 he decides to go bishop to

a8 here and now gary plays bishop to h3 trying to develop the bishop on a diagonal where it's

kind of putting some pressure on the light squares secondly you can also play rook to rook to e1 here

and your rooks get developed very very quickly so now vessel plays d5 so gary goes queen of

four king to a7 and now rookie g1 and here gary not gary sorry here vessel plays pawn to d4 and

so this is sort of the beginning of where the game begins to get really wild and this is why

when you look at someone like gary caspar and this game in particular you go wow because when

you see the computer evaluation you see how it's saying black is better now mind you i don't have

endless depth here so the evaluation can change but it's not really clear cut like what is

what is the best way for white to play this play this position um is it knight a2 is it knight d5

you you have a lot of options but they all don't look look really very pleasant here so gary goes

knight d5 vessel and takes and goes queen d6 and now look at this evaluation guys look at

this evaluation see how the computer even the computer even is not seeing the move here and

this speaks volumes to how incredibly strong gary kasparov was and how good his intuition

was because obviously in this position you can't figure out like what the what the how you proceed

here or at least it's very unclear um what the best move isn't the computer even you see it's

saying knight c6 is the best move and after knight c6 bishop c6 white should take and take on c6 and

uh i guess after king b6 black should be a little bit better here um computer i see is giving a big

advantage so we're not machine slowed down i'm not i'm not going super fast you guys

um so we reach this position and maybe human analysis wrong of course human analysis is wrong

computers are better than humans but but anyway um but in this case you'll see that gary at this

point in time he decides to go for he he sort of it's a combination of calculation and intuition

he plays a brilliant concept here he plays um he plays rook takes pawn and so now you'll see

look at this computer evaluation you guys look at this computer doesn't even see this now i do i i

i haven't looked this through this game recently with a computer so i could be wrong but look at

this evaluation computer says rook takes d4 and um and it says minus 2.7 gear is completely insane

he's not the greatest player of all time he just blundered a rook um so now vessel and

takes and here gary plays rook to e7 and now you guys are going to start seeing look at this bar

look at this bar you see it it's starting it's starting to come down a little bit it

hasn't gone all the way down but a little bit um and the reason this double rook sacrifice is

so amazing is because if black takes the rook you play queen takes pawn hitting the king now

the knight holds the square so king can't go over one king goes back to b8 you go queen to b6 check

now black blocks with the queen here you have a really beautiful movie of knight to c6

and this is checkmate the reason this is checkmate is that the king cannot go to either square king

cannot go here because the queen covers the square king cannot go here because the bishop

covers covers uh covers the square on c8 you also cannot take knight because your queen is

pinned because if you were to take your king would be in check so this is just checkmate

so for that reason after work to e7 um vessel and topalov is forced to go king to b6 now

keep in mind gary i think i i don't i don't remember exactly what he said about this game

but when he reached this position um he he was intuitively trusting that this king being on the

rim there was some way to make a checkmate he had not calculated everything to the very end

um and this is where like this is why i really do rank this is an extremely high game

because a lot of this a lot of this game was pure intuition because at this moment

gary is down one rook he is a queen a knight a bishop and one rook black currently has a

queen two rooks a bishop and knight so black is up one whole rook has just donated 24.69

hey happy new year just started playing chess competitively and i'm really enjoying it

i also enjoy watching your stream thank you appreciate it thank you happy new year everyone

yeah so um so as i was saying basically he he had

he had to trust his intuition here so now here he plays queen takes d4

and um vessel and takes now i think in retrospect queen c5 was actually maybe a move or it wasn't

wow it's not a move because there's this crazy computer line queen takes knight of course if

you take the knight here there's pawn to b4 forking the king and the queen and you lose

and when you go queen to d6 here there's this beautiful move bishop to e6 wow what a move

and if black goes king takes a5 i think you have pawn to b4 chuck if king to b6

there's queen to d4 and you're gonna get checkmated here because the king cannot go

back to any of these squares the rook holds all three you can't go here because the pawn takes

and you can't go here of course if you block just queen c5 and it's a beautiful beautiful checkmate

and if you go king a4 i just very quietly just go like queen to b2 i think or wait

no no sorry queen c3 and um and after there's a reason after bishop takes d5 you go king to b2

and the thing is this is unreal so right now black is up one rook

no matter which piece black captures let's say he captures his bishop you can go queen to b3 chuck

bishop takes queen pawn takes and his checkmate look at this king

just the three pawns they hold each other and the king gets checkmated on a4

um and this again is why when you get a king sort of running in the open or it's it's on the middle

or it's sort of on the rim and it's coming down the board it's very very dangerous for reasons

like this um two rooks and a queen losing to three pawns exactly i mean it's just three pawns

and your king gets checkmated i mean this is one of the most beautiful checkmates you'll ever see

so um so this is one line which is completely winning now of course in in the game who knows

if vessel and saw this or if he just wanted to go queen c5 but anyway he just didn't want to go

queen spikes he assumed it had to be bad he takes all the material here so now you'll see black has

a rook and a knight two rooks a queen of bishop and a knight and white has a queen of rook and

a bishop now when you think about this game again when gary plays this line starting with rook takes

d4 a lot of this position like here it's intuition because you cannot calculate everything the human

brain does not function the way the computer mind does um and so you can't calculate pure variations

all the way out no he calculated i think he calculated a large chunk of it but i think he is

i mean i don't know exactly what he said about this game but i think he assumed that there had to

be some checkmate after b4 king a4 so um i i mean i know gary gary definitely has spoken about it

um but i he definitely said something about like he he he did calculate a good chunk of it but he

definitely said that there was some intuition for sure um involved and this is this is why i

rank this game so highly because what happens is you basically give up a lot of material and it's

not a situation where there are obvious moves um like you kind of still have to find the best moves

and not investments but the perfect move because otherwise you're just gonna lose um you're gonna

lose the game yeah antonio definitely did analysis of this so b4 king a4 and again look at this king

it's on the very edge of the board so all black really needs is if you can get queen takes d5 and

bring your queen down the board black would be uh black would be winning so now gary goes queen c3

and again look at this evaluation bar you guys this shows how it went from -2 and now it says

zeros um i don't know the time again i'm sure i'm sure gary probably spoke about this game at length

um so there's probably a way you can find it but again none of these moves are obvious like after

queen d5 if you look at this position find it finding a win here very very difficult because

again if you go king b2 to try to create this classic checkmate with the three pawns

black can go queen to d4 and your queen you lose your queen and once you lose the queens

um this this king is actually very safe now on the edge of the board because the only way to

make a checkmate is on a light square you don't have a knight so you can't jump to this square

which would be a check if you go here i just go back so you can't check me here you don't have a

knight to get to this square your bishop getting to b3 you need like all day you need like one two

of course you can't go here because i capture and if you try bishop one i can even just play like

i don't know rookie eight for that matter and again it's like it's so slow you can never get

the bishop over to b3 and make a checkmate so because of that um at this point a lot of it

is just it's just intuition so gary plays rook a7 um idea of course is to create a checkmate on a6

um and no you rook f7 is not a logical move because the thing is you don't have time here

you're you're down um you're down a rook and a knight at this point already so you don't

really have time to play like that you you can't doddle around you have to go for a checkmate

now queen c1 is also queen c7 is also moved but after queen d1 king b2 queen d4 king b1 black will

make a repetition and it's a draw before you can create the checkmate on a5 with the pawns

um so gary goes uh goes rook a7 here the vessel and plays bishop to b7 because rook takes b7

of course in this position you cannot take the rooks if you take i go queen to b3 classic

checkmate as i pointed out um and now after queen to c4 which is an idea to try to trade the queens

which i don't know if this is the best move um maybe maybe black can play rook h to e8 here

and let's see maybe although i i see the bar is going up again i

have a feeling this is winning for white somehow but maybe not rook b6 rook a8

and yeah i mean the the bar is actually not saying white is winning here

it looks like there's a crazy line here with rook c6 idea to go rook c5 so queen can't stay on this

diagonal because of course the bishop holds like let's say black goes here brooks c5 um the queen

cannot stay on this diagonal because the rook holds the square it's attacking the queen you

can't go back this way and after queen d1 king b2 now i get my checkmate on b3 again

so as you see it's very complicated apparently i guess the computer is saying you can go rookie two

work to c5 queen d1 king b2 and now to stop the mate you can sack and after takes queen

c2 rook c2 a5 this is apparently a draw here because black's going to be able to open up the

king side or the queen side i mean and its king is going to be completely safe here

so again very very messy very wild very hard to find for humans at least computers of course just

laugh at us and they just play rookie eight like nobody's business but for humans very illogical

so vessel plays queen to c4 here very logical move by the way um trying to remove the queen from this

diagonal also the queen is very close um to the queen side now and after queen f6 there's king a3

and now when you look at this it's amazing because king is so far down the board

but it's also threatening to create a checkmate if it's blacksmith let's just say you go rook

a7 after rook d1 oops spaghettio this is just checkmate your king is stuck and you

just lose the game on the spot um so this king is potentially very weak or very strong

big kamu donated five dollars thank you for all the memories this year hikaru thank you vidcon

mood thank you for the five dollars so gary goes queen a6 vessel and plays king b4 and now gary

finds this unbelievable tactic it's pawn to c3 and you'll see even for the computer right off

okay now that it's seen i think it spots it but it takes a second for it to spot that

the c3 line is winning by force um and again very very hard like in this position gary had

to i think calculate this entire line with with uh queen a6 king here and c3 and so now

black takes of course if black goes king c5 you just go um rook c7 and you win the queen

um and the computer changes its mind every second well i think this is why when i talk about this

game it really is like it is a great game because like a lot of what is played gary is trying to do

pure calculations but he had to have a feel like a general sense that there was something there

he this wasn't all just pure calculation um and so the way that gary found all these moves just

incredible he plays queen a1 a very nice move king to d2 if black goes king to b4 here uh you

just wind the king back of the board you go queen check if king c5 the same thing rook c7 to win

the win the queen if black was king a4 rook a7 is checkmate it's the ladder the king can't come back

and the rook uh covers the squares and if you go king a5 white goes queen to a3 you go queen to a4

and now white goes rook a7 and it's the same thing where you lose your queen on a4

uh someone asked why can't black take with the queen if you play queen takes c3 here you get

checkmate there's queen b5 rook holds the queen king to a3 and now we're k7 queen a5 for takes

a5 again classic uh ladder checkmate king is chuck made on a3 so that is why uh vessel plays king c3

queen a1 is played by gary king d2 trying to keep the king bring the king i guess down here

where maybe you can shield the king with some rooks potentially from all the checks

uh queen to b2 king to d1 not king to e1 by the way because after king to e1 white goes

rook to e7 check king to d1 and now there's an unbelievable beautiful move bishop to f1 and

this is unbelievable because if black let's say moves the queen back to c5 you go queen to e2

checkmate and if you go queen takes f1 i have queen to c2 look at this rook it holds all the

critical squares and the queen is protected by the king and your king is just toast

um so it's unbelievably beautiful so king to d1 is played instead of king to e1

and it's the same thing gary again showing unbelievable understanding plays bishop to f1 here

so it's the same thing but same theme but with the rook on b7 and not e7 and again this is what i'm

saying with the game like it's amazing like yeah how did gary find this i mean this is why gary was

the greatest player of all time um because again all this stuff is like it has to be

perfect perfectly timed perfectly planned and um and the way gary sees bishop f1 here is incredible

gary and his prime was unbelievable yeah um the stockfish gary yeah so so and now

vessel plays rook d2 which is a very very tricky move if it was magnus could he find

it i think magnus could find these individual moves like bishop one would magnus have found

this whole line with rick d4 and rookie seven i don't think so i actually don't think so um

because magnus's style is a little bit different than gary so i i don't think magnus would have

found this actually in the same way i i don't think so um it's not the way that he he plays

attacking chess no it's not shots fired i i think it's just gary was just that amazing

in tactical position just unbelievable um so vessel plays rook d2 which looks like a very

tricky move because if you take the rook i take your queen you take and i take and now black's

just up one pawn in an end game um and and so you can't you can't take the rook if you take

the queen we reach the same thing black is still just up one pawn and if you go queen takes h8

taking the rook in the corner black just goes queen a2 and goodnight your king is shuckmated

which is why again in this position gary found the beautiful move the brilliant move rook to d7

yet another unbelievably uh strong move the only completely winning move here and the

point is now you can't take the queen because your rook is pinned your king would be in check

you can't really take the bishop because then i take and it's just check me with

the rook supporting the queen and um there's actually no square to move the queen to here

like you'd love to go to one of these two or this square to protect protect your rook

but the only way you can protect the rook is from one of these three

squares and the pawn holds that and the white queen holds the other two squares

and um and so here vessel and plays rook takes rook gary plays bishop takes queen

and you see black can't recapture the bishop because now you lose the rook in the corner

so he plays bc4 queen takes h8 vessel and plays rook to d3 and the rest of the game isn't really

does there isn't much really that needs to be explained um but gary goes queen eight supports

the pawn on f3 c3 queen a4 key one f4 f5 king c1 rook d2 queen a7 and here um here vessel resign

and view of the fact that he's going to lose these king side pawns his pawn really isn't going

anywhere the king can't do anything to support the pawn and this is just uh this is just game over

and if black plays rick takes h2 there's queen to g1 check collecting the rook whoops collecting

the rook on h2 here um so in this position it's just game over um so that's why here uh

vessel and resigned and just amazing amazing game by gary all these moves that were found

were incredible so so as i was saying though it's really it's really amazing to see the way

gary played that game he found a lot of amazing moves only moves to win only only moves to win

um and that's why that game ranks so highly because the way that it was um

the way that the uh the way that gary played that there was no gear there were

no guarantees it was down material and he had to gamble um and he had to trust his intuition


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