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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dancing in the middle of the interview? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.02]

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I'm treating this as an audition.

I found myself preparing for it.

Really? You have something ready?

- Show us. / - Yes.

(His secret card, it's dancing)


(H.O.T.'s "Warrior's Descendant")

(But they're hiring a fitness trainer...)

What is he doing on the rooftop?

What's going on?

(What's happening...)

In past interviews for fitness trainers,

I've rarely seen applicants in suits.

Too many applicants think

fitness trainers can show up

to interviews dressed casually.

Some applicants come in slippers.

- In sweatsuits. / - Or in shorts.

- In sleeveless tops. / - Yes.

Those applicants don't take

this type of work seriously.

They consider it temporary,

thinking, "I can quit anytime."

That's how they think.

But this applicant was very earnest...

That's all good,

but how is dancing relevant?


He has good showmanship,

which is a strength.

He'll provide lively energy.

Guys like him make the best...

- Fitness trainers. / - Really?

They're the best.

CEO Kim, you must've held so many interviews

as the chief of an idol agency.

You have more than 100 employees.

What do you think of this applicant

who prepared that routine?

(Laughing again)

I love it.

- It's good, right? / - I see how earnest he is.

This is so funny.

But he's in good shape physically.

(Please hire me)

(Desperate to work)

(Care and effort)

- It's so abrupt. / - It's hilarious.

But it looks like he practiced hard.

He's doing well.

He's dancing well.

I'm not sure it's relevant to the gym.

- It is. / - He's trying so hard.

He's desperate.

(You're trying so hard)

She's trying to keep a straight face.

If I were Boss Yang, I'd hire him.

- You would? / - Really?

You'd hire him?

- He'll entertain customers. / - Right.

Even just a few dance steps

makes him look cute.

The customers will be pleased.

(Passionate dance is over)

It was too good for this rooftop.

- It was. / - You need a stage.

It was a proper performance.

Do you have questions

or anything you'd like to know?

Do you provide meals?

They do indeed.

He's catching his breath

as he asks if meals are provided,

which makes this even sadder.

We don't have set meal times.

You can eat whenever you're hungry.

I see.

The monthly salary

includes meal expenses.

Are there employee benefits?

Employee benefits?

There are several benefits.

You can exercise

during working hours.

When you exercise,

I become your trainer.

When I eat, everyone eats together.

(He'll experience unlimited refills)

Good job with the interview.

Wait a moment, and we'll discuss results.

Good job.

Thank you.

(Good job)

He'd be good at aerobic exercises.

Based on his dancing.

He has good lung capacity.

But it doesn't matter how fit they are.

I can transform their bodies in six months.

Would I be hired as a fitness trainer...

- If I applied? / - Yes.

Really? With a body like this?

When you say, "I want to be a trainer,"

it means you want to start working out.

I'll be all talk no action, just like you.

Who will be all talk?


No, no.

I'll go, "Hurry. Now lift!"

I'm not all talk and no action.

What about the footage we've seen?

That was all talk and no action.


It's not making sense.

He confessed immediately.

(Weak under pressure)

(Interview location)

(Who will Boss Yang choose?)

He wants to outsource things

that are bothersome...

Phone consultations and registrations

at the front desk are quite important.

She's almost too good for our gym.

(Skilled applicant appeals to Boss Yang)

I sensed how earnest he was.

He prepared so hard for this.

(Who will pass the interview?)

Now then...

I have to announce the results.

(Time to announce results)

It's not easy to say this.

That's unusual.

Gathering them to hear the results.

(Who is the new employee?)

Eunju, I've known you for a long time.

You've been working out for a while,

you've entered competitions,

and have many qualities we need.

Having someone like you here

is the most ideal situation.

We're hiring you, Eunju.

(Kim Eunju passes the interview)

Thank you.

She's happy.

Good for her.


Thank you.

You'll work with us now.


(Congratulations and?)

What's next?

(Will he hire another person?)

They're all good applicants.

I'd like Yoon Jun to work with us too.

(Yoon Jun passes the test)

Those two applicants are hired.


Thank you.

There are many actors

like him at our gym.

- Yes. / - I don't know all their names.

People like Kim Woobin

and Sunghoon all started out

as struggling actors

who are now successful.

Seeing someone like Yoon Jun

working so hard like that

to achieve his dreams

is a touching sight.

(Boss Yang and muscle crew in the car)

Since we have new employees,

let's go eat something tasty.

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

(First meal with new employees)

Eunju, what do you want to eat?

(Holding tight)

She's holding the trophy.

(Hot Issue Celebrity Award trophy)

Is it the Hot Issue Celebrity Award trophy?

Why is she holding that?

To show off?

We carry it around in crowded places.

(Carrying the trophy among crowds)

That's embarrassing.


Eunju, what do you want to eat?

I want spicy rice cakes.

- Spicy rice cakes? / - Yes.

(Today's meal won't cost much)

There's a tasty eatery I like,

so I wanted Boss Yang and the others

to visit the place too.

(Spicy rice cakes don't sound good)

(It's not meat)

(It's not sushi)

(It's not red snow crab)

(Just ordinary spicy rice cakes)

It'll be an affordable meal.

Why do you want spicy rice cakes?

You can have good Korean food.

Spicy rice cakes are my favorite food.

- Really? / - It's all I need.

It's good she told us what she wanted.

(Going to the spicy rice cake shop)

Spicy rice cakes are tasty,

and they're also very filling.

- They're cheap. / - Economical.

For me, it's perfect.

Since it's not beef...

Since it's spicy rice cakes,

can we have more than ten servings?

Shouldn't you have at least 30 servings?

- Really? / - Sure.

- Pretending to be generous. / - That's nothing.

I wanted to eat beef.

I was a bit disappointed to have spicy rice cakes.

But that meant I could eat all I want,

so that was nice.

I'll eat with gusto.

I can't wait to see the restaurant.

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