Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introducing YouTube Trends (Feat. The Gregory Brothers)

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MALE SPEAKER: Here at Youtube we've been experimenting,

looking at charts and graphs, creating complex multibinary

algorithms, and conducting field work.

Generally speaking, science.

All of this has led to something new that will change

the world as we know it.

We will share this breakthrough in a manner

appropriate to our analyses.


Introducing YouTube Trends, a scientifically enhanced way to

understand YouTube, YouTube.

YouTube Trends would process all that YouTube has to offer,

and bring the best of it to one place, so you could spot

what's poppin' as it's poppin' with our advanced diagnostic


YouTube Trends would protect viral video vibrations, viral

video vibrations.

As they go from viral hits to culture with [? anon-non ?]

from something just for tweens to the talk of soccer moms.

You know it's viral when you get it from your mommy.

Find out what's hot at home, not just in San Francisco.

And what's shared around the world, around the world,

around the world.

Breaking news on the spot.

News and videos, too.

You will get to understand what's poppin' around you.

It's got your recommended daily dose of all the best in

online video.

10 out of 10 YouTube [INAUDIBLE] agreed.

YouTube Trends have got what you need.


MALE SPEAKER: Well, there you have it.

Hard work and brain power, tools and

ingenuity, at your service.

YouTube Trends, it's science.

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