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Hey guys, I am here with my first Valentine's Day project for 2020.

I almost said 2019 - I still can't believe it's 2020! I've really been on a quest to

kill all of the bazillions of sheets of Martha Stewart Valentine's paper that I

picked up at Dollarama two years ago. This is like the third year of looking at

it, and I just wanted to use it up and get it out of my stash, so I can play with

other Valentine's stuff that I haven't even touched. So in my quest to do that,

I decided to try, um, making some paper bag mini albums for the first time. I ended

up making three in total, but one was kind of like the practice one, cuz I've

never done this before, um... so it, it helped me with figuring out how to do

certain things. Like I did this spine of burlap, and I'd never done that before, so

like on the practice version, I didn't put enough glue down, that kind of thing.

So I have two that are like... suitable for public consumption [laughs], and one

that is not. I primarily followed a tutorial by Helen Griffin UK, I will link it below.

There was another tutorial, I cannot remember who was by; if I can find it I

will link it below as well. The only thing I took from that one, really, was to cut the

excess off of the flaps - you know, like the flap at the bottom? Like when a paper

bag is flat, there's the, the part that's like, you know, the bottom of the bag, and when it's

folded there's like a flap? The one tutorial said to cut it off, cut the

flap part off to make things less bulky. I did that, I didn't love it, I'll explain

that in a minute. But for the most part, like 99% of this came from following the

Helen Griffin UK tutorial. All I did for the cover was I just used some, um...

cereal box to just make a slightly sturdier cover. It's not the most-- I didn't double it

up this time, it's just one layer of cardboard, so it's not the most sturdy of

covers, but it's also not the most sturdy of albums, because it's made out of

paper bags. So I thought it kind of worked out. And then I just-- after I

covered it with Martha Stewart paper, I just embellished it with one of these um,

big foam pieces from a garland you can get at Dollarama right now for, it's either

$2.00 or 2.50. And it's really cute - you get, I think like, four of each design, and

there's three or four designs, so you get quite a few pieces for, for $2.00.

And, um... you know, you just cut the strings off it and you can use them as

just giant die cuts. So these, these fit well on the front of this album, so I just

embellished with that. So this is the inside here; now one thing I don't really

love about paper bag albums, and it reminded me why I've never tried it

before, is this, this part with the flap, from the bottom of the bag. Um, it's

kinda-- it's how you attach these to each other to an extent, and you can do it so it

makes a pocket. So I just made like a little photo mat to go in there. But it is

kind of an awkwardly-sized page, and at least with mine, they stick up. It's kind of

awkward [laughs]. And I didn't love the result when I cut the bulk off; I kind of

understand why the other tutorial said to just glue it down. Because it got kind of

bumpy, and you can still kind of see where I've cut it off, um, even though I

tried my best to flatten it out and everything, it's still got like, this weird

bump on it. So I don't love that, but the rest of it, it worked out.

Um, so there's basically, like, on this side there's two pockets, because it's

essentially two sections in, in a paper bag. So I just made, again, some

photo mats to stick in there, just using the patterned paper. And this album is,

I think, a little over 5x5, or I think it's-- I think it's like 5 1/4 this way, and 4 3/4

this way. So then in the middle pages here, there's actually like four pockets,

because it's two paper bags stuck together. So I just have two mats facing

each page; so again I have a photo mat there... And again, the photo mats are

around the same size as the page... if I can get this out, there we go... and then

that one there. We have these pages here, it's got this middle pocket, and a

photo mat there. And then again, we've got four photo mats on each side. I had a

lot of this paper, so a lot of the mats ended up being [laughs] that design.

And on this side we have that one, which is actually the bottom corner of a 12x12.

And that one there. And then this last section here - this, this album was made

out of six paper bags, so it's not too big. Again, there's this pocket here, with a

photo mat in it. And then again I've got two photo mats facing each direction.

More of that design [laughs]... I didn't realize how much of that design I had left

over until I was making photo mats, and I'm like, "Wow, I have a lot of photo mats

with this design on it!" More pink hearts there... and we've got the postage stamp

design there. And the back cover is just relatively plain. And then, there we

go! And I have this burlap cover there, and... the spine is kind of falling

apart, just because that's the nature of the burlap that I had. Hopefully it doesn't

look too terrible, just because it's kind of like a shabby-chic thing. And

then I kind of put, I guess, a little too much burlap on it; I gave the spine

like, a bit too much room? Not so much on this one; the other one is worse. So what

I decided to do was, I just tied some ribbon. It's not attached, so if the owner

wants to take it off and use it as a closure, they can do that, or they can just

leave it as decoration. And it kinda looks like I meant to do that! [laughs]

So those are the two albums, there. They're mostly the same; I mean the exact

distribution of patterns is a little different, but I tried to use the same

papers on the same pages. Uh, this has a white ribbon on it, because I ran out of

the red. Um, I would like to, if I can find more of this ribbon, put this ribbon on

there, I think the red looks better. And also my roll of this ribbon, I guess got

bashed, so the ribbon is like, bent and creased and looks kinda cruddy. So if I

happen to find, before Valentine's Day, this roll of ribbon, I will pick it up.

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