Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OUR PUPPY FIRST CAR TRIP | VLOG 543 | LIFE IN MIAMI

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Good morning are you doing?

Welcome to another Vlog

Today the sky is not Miami pretty

but is

a beautiful day always

always a beautiful day

and today we are going to the

west coast of Florida

my mother in law is here...this is her last we are going to take her

to clearwater


and St. Petersburg area

we also don't know it but maybe i get some content

for neighborhoods in my channel

this morning was...the very proof that

planning is everything...yesterday i had planned today

to bike on my

and then

go to the gym


as my mother in law is in our house


bike shoes were

in the bedroom that she is sleeping in and

i forgot to get them so i couldn't bike

i said now i go to the gym and

i will bike there

what happened was that

my car key was also there

in the bedroom which is my office

so what i did...i went back sleeping

and everything was postponed 1 and a half hour

so now it's currently 9:22am

i am going to the gym and after that we are going to Tampa

west coast...that's cool

Brownie has been ready for some time right Brownie?

look how many bags we are taking...1,2

3,4 and Brownie has his own

and what is this? that stays

let's go Brownie?

Brownie already takes us for walks

traveling with us...he is so quiet

he has not idea what is happening

what is happening Brownie? explain to us

Explain why is your bed here with us

let's go

Brownie come learn how to go down the stairs

come Brownie

come brownie..poor guy

come come

put your little feet...yes that's how you do it

come little love

come Brownie

come slowly...put your feet here

he does not want to go....this is the first

time he is traveling

let's see if he can handle...4 hours and a half

4 hours and a half inside the car

can you handle it Brownie?

i don't think he will have any problem

he is very chubby already

and he does not eat ice cream like us

to prolong our adventure

we almost ran out of gas

got here on an empty tank

Brownie went to pee

and now we are going to put gas...i hope the pump is working

i want....

something to eat like rufles

did you pee Brownie?

be careful with the panther...he looks sleepy

only something salty so i can eat

it can be gas is expensive here

$3.19 and in Miami is $2.79

thats what you get when you don't plan you turn off you car to fill up your gas?

or leave it on like me?

i do this because here is very hot

and like this the AC is still on and when we get back to the car

we don't get to hot

now i am getting my other camera

to be able to make more images inside the car...because the one i have in my hand

has a short lens

and on this on i can put a wider lens to make more images

you can see that the tank was empty...a little more and we would run out of gas

15 gallons

we can make it the whole way now

there is a lot of vegetation here...full of mosquitos

look at mommy

let's see what mommy brought for us

i got you a Ruffles and a Coke Zero for us to split

and a cheese Ruffles for me

this gas station looks like from those movies where the world is ending

and that everyone is killing each other

and you have to come get some groceries before dying

and i think they were filming my butt inside the bathroom

i will go there now so they can film mine now

now she will drive a little

and i will sleep

this looks like that wood pecker cartoon that a guy would come of

of the construction

Brownie slept

record me

we are changing shifts now

now the good driver is here

now everyone is good

stop number 2 so Brownie can go potty

and ours

he behaved very well

slept the whole trip

his first long has been 3 hours

actually 4 hours

we lost a lot of time in that gas station

he started to talk to me in Russian...and i said no

i said i am from Brazil....he said i look 100% russian

and she explained to me what the guy was saying

i speak russian...let's go Brownie

let's go

let's go Brownie common

only goes when grandma calls him

here Brownie...go up here

jump Brownie...jump jump

go go

go Brownie

he looks like a little pig...he can't

where is Brownie?

We got to Tampa...and because of Brownie

we didn't want to stay in a hotel

because we didn't know if they would accept a pet or no

we rented a house on AirBnB

very cool house

there is a patio outside

so Brownie can do his necessities

a very nice remodeled house

they bought a new house and remodeled

and now they live off AirBnB

so the house is for rent

it has very nice reviews

here they didn't remodel the bathroom...they left it


very cool house

Brownie approves

now we have a mission to find where to eat

that will accept Brownie

look at his little face

who in their right mind won't accept this little face

we are going to Chula burger

let's go Brownie

we found a place that accepts dogs...there is even a dog there

and for today...that is it

what is cool here in the US is that we

we put a tip based on service received

we went to a place where the waitress was very grumpy

so we gave her a corresponding tip

corresponding to her grumpiness

now Brownie is there just looking

for today that is it...everyone is tired

let's sleep

if we can open this door

why can't i do it

you got the code?