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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bob Burg's Influence & Success Insight #02

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When it comes to success, the biggest differentiator of allis typically ones people skills.

With your Influence and Success Insight, Im Bob Burg.

In the previous video I related an incident from several years ago where I was able to

very quickly diffuse a potentially very negative situation with a person who reacted in anger

after I nearly accidentally hit him with my car.

Heres the thing: I shared that story with you not because it's so unusual, but rather

because it's actually VERY usual. I don't mean almost hitting someone with my car, thats

hopefully extremely unusual. I mean being faced with a situation that can seem antagonistic

and being able to very quickly turn a would-be adversary into an ally.

And it's much more than just that.

It's being able to effectively work with or deal with practically anyone, in practically

any situation, whether family members, friends, those you lead, those you work for, those

you work with, as well as your prospective and current customers and clients.

And, yes, even those randomly difficult people you come across from time to time, whether

the difficult city hall or big corporate bureaucrat, the rude neighbor or even the unhelpful customer

service representative who's not providing good customer service.

Hey, life is life, and it presents us with many difficultpeople challenges.”

But you can be that rare person who is able to successfullyand really, pretty easily

navigate through these situations and attain the results you want. And the ability

to do this is truly a difference-maker.

I mean, think about it: you can have practically all the positive attributes of an ultra-successful

person. For example, you can be very talented and of extremely high character. You can be

ambitious, kind, charitable, hardworking, thrifty, and energetic.

You can have a knack for numbers and a head for business. You can be even-tempered and

creative and much, much more and all that's great. It's terrific!

However, unless you can influence others; move people to the desired and appropriate

action, your chances of attaining that stratospheric type of success is somewhat limited.

On the other hand, when combining benevolent intent and a learned skill set, you can find

yourself constantly, consistently, and predictably attaining satisfaction, both personally and

professionally, and in such a way that everyone comes away a winner.

I call thisGenuine Influencewhich I define as simply the ability to get the

results you want when dealing with others, while making them feel genuinely good...about

themselves, about the situation, and about you.

Really, we're talking about masteringpeople skills, which has proven to be the determining

factor; again, the difference-maker between those who attain reasonable levels of success,

and those who attain enormous levels of success and achievement and seem to have the world

just eating out of his or her hands.

We've all seen both types, right? There's the person who, again, has attained some real

legitimate success. Yet they're constantly bypassed, whether climbing the corporate ladder,

beginning an entrepreneurial venture, landing the big sale; the huge new account; they're

bypassed by that person who just seems to have a knack for eliciting other people's

trust, agreement, and commitment.

Genuine influence is about understanding and respecting human nature and doing things in

a certain way that brings out the best both in ourselves and in those we deal with.

Great leaders, top producers; top money-earning salespeople, the person in your community

whom everyone loves and respects; this is what they do. Now, some people do this naturally,

very intuitively, but relatively speaking, not too many. Most people have to learn this.

The neat thing is that once you're able tonot even master, butjust become proficient

at this, suddenly you have a lot more self-confidence, you become even better-liked, more respected,

highly-trusted, and far more influential in your world.

This translates into a personal life, into a business that's a lot more fun, a lot less

stressful, and a lot more profitable.

While much of this series will focus on and discuss the principles behind, again, what

we callGenuine Influencelets start at the beginning, with the simple concept


I mean, we hear the word influence these days so often and in so many contexts, but what

IS it really?

And well look at exactly that in the next video.

With your Influence and Success Insight, Im Bob Burg. Make it a GRRREAT Day!

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