Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Icube highlights, part 2: UNIDO African apprentices group visit

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[HN:] Hi, I am Hila, from UNIDO.

We are here with a group of nine students from several African countries.

We have just done a tour, and we experienced the opening of the competition,

the first competition day, and the students are very excited about this.

We have now had the chance to check out the Icube and the virtual experience here, which is amazing!

We are very grateful... thank you very much and see you again soon.

[VC:] My name is Victor Chandi and I am from Liberia.

I am interested in the 3D Virtual Reality Icube because it is a strange technology.

Back where I am from, we don't have that technology, so it is a totally strange technology.

I would really like to understand the details of this technology

and would appreciate if it is taken to where I am from

because it would be so amazing for my citizens, my kinsmen,

and even my colleagues who are studying where I am studying -- at the institution.

So it is an amazing technology and that is how I feel about it.

I feel so great right now... I am excited, and I am overwhelmed!

I want to explore it, I want to go through more,

and I want to do a whole lot more about this virtual reality!

[SB:] Hello, my name is Sulamita Beirao, from Namibia -- Runda Vocational Training, thank you!

I enjoyed it very, very much, it is really fantastic.

When you see it, you think 'these are just flowers'

but it is really interesting because it teaches you how to decorate

and at the end of the day you learn a lot more

with which you can come and create other things, new.

So it is really interesting and I would really like if we could one day have that in our school;

it would help a lot of young girls, young people, to do decoration for weddings

and change something, over there in Namibia.

[VC:] I am training in Welding

and I imagine that 3D virtual reality could give a clear blueprint

that we could use to be able to fabricate industrialised projects and objects.

That is how I feel I can use this technology

because when you are trying to get a blueprint you have to go down with a pen or pencil

and draw the object to know exactly how it will be.

But I think that 3D will make it more real

and then it will be extraordinary. It will be great!

So I will really appreciate 3D technology in the Welding department

and that would be good for my country, for Liberia.

[SB:] I would like to experience The Amazon!

Inside The Amazon, with the animals inside there.

It would be really interesting... scary, but interesting...

and something that we have really been waiting for!

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