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- HeavyBid makes my job easier day-to-day

mainly because of the data entry

I think.

The biggest one is the quick sub and material entry.

I'm able to go through and select the different bid items.

A lot of our work is unit price.

And so the agencies give us different bid items.

And we're able to pick those different bid items

that the subs will be in and quickly

input them and the price.

And then those will go into an immediately quote sheet.

And we don't really have to mess with those items very much.

And it cuts down probably

about 50% of the data entry time that we have to put in.

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- I've been using it for probably 13 years now.

And it's a necessary tool for us

to bid our jobs efficiently and effectively.

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- A lot of the times the owner's and the municipalities

that create the bid forms and our industry

they like to lump sum a lot of their projects.

So HeavyBid gives us the capability to detail without

and produce as many child items

that we need to facilitate

all the different divisions that are in our work.

So we'll have multiple children in the process

and break it down.

The tree is very expensive

in what we do.

And it helps to roll up that cost.

And to lump some items that the owner's limited to.

So I think that's really helped us out

in being able to make the changes that we needed

to do our work.

To be able understand our activity codes

that would correspond our division.

It's a one-to-one correspondence that the guys

the estimators

are used to seeing and they can understand.

So they make sure that their cost is correct.

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- Basically the way we have our system set up

we have copies/library estimates

which help us populate the estimate pretty quick.

- It does really help us stay tremendously consistent.

We do a lot of negotiated work that's multi-phased.

A lot of similar elements.

We're able to set the job up once.

And use some copy commands.

And other commands within the program.

So when we have changes or different versions of plans

it's relatively any one of the estimators can step in

and know exactly what the other one was talking about.

Or working through with all the different availability

and note functions and all that other stuff

within the estimate system.

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- For me the best feature about HeavyBid is honestly

I think the quote system.

It's so easy to analyze the different subs.

And be able to capture all their escalation.

And all their additives.

And all the mobilizations.

And all the different terms and conditions

that the subs and suppliers put into their quotes.

And we're able to capture those in the quote system.

And truly analyze apples-to-apples

who is going to be the most cost effective option for us.

- I like the functionality of it.

Like self-perform analysis.

Sub-vendor comparisons.

I know some people still use excel

when do self-perform analysis on the side.

We don't.

We analyze our quotes in the quote system.

We do self-perform analysis.

A nice quick toggle.

Just flip the switch and it switches self-perform itself.

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- So it feels great when you see all these projections

and realize

okay, well now it's no longer an issue

of whether we have the time

and the resources to set this up.

But now we can actually pick the best job

based on our competitive advantage.

It's the right way to do the work.

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