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Hello everyone!

The desert of voldun, located in the north western part of Zandalar was once upon a time

a vibrant jungle.

All of that changed when Mythrax the Unraveler rampaged accross the land on a mission to

liberate its master Ghuun.

He slaughtered all in his path, troll and sethrak alike.

Our loa sacrificed herself to save us from that monstrosity.

She struck the CThrax down, but not before it was able to destroy the disc at the heart

of AtulAman.

After witnessing his dstruction firsthand, wek new that something must be done to prevent

anyone from raising Mythrax again.

The destruction of the temple turned the jungle into the desert as we see it today.

Mythrax was sealed away while they took the remains of their beloved loa and build a sacred

temple around it known as the Temple of Sethralis.

For many years the darkness was locked away beneath the land, but in the current day and

age we find that the snake race known as the Sethrak are facing a bit of a civil war.

Where once Keeper Vorrik, Keeper Sulthis and Keeper Korthek stood side by side to make

sure their loas sacrifice was not in vain, Korthek has quite a taste of conquest and

believes the Sethrak deserve more, are the greatest in the world and he now leads the

faithless allied to the sandfury troll General Jakrazet.

He has no love for the Horde which is clear the moment they arrive in Zandalar.

He blames them for the sandfury tribes downfall yet despite his position in the zanchuli council,

hes unable to convince king Rastakhan to kick us out.

As long as he remains in power, the city will never be safe.

Talanji knows hes up to something but isnt sure what it is so we ask around for her,

yet everyone we talk too seems to scared to say anything.

With good reason it seems as a sandfury assassin shows up to sillence us.

Only Bladeguard Kaja is brave enough to let us know what is going on.

Walk with me, but lets try to avoid drawing any attention.

warguard Rakera was my commander.

De best one this city has ever seen.

She told me she was close to proving that general jakrazet is a traitor to the crown,

but I havent heard from her since.

Whatever she uncovered was enough to earn her a trip to the desert.

The dunes are a death sentence.

I will not stand by and let Rakera be swallowed by the sand!

As you can see there are still some of us who believe the same.

The sands of Voldun have been used by the zandalari to send their criminals into exile,

let the lands take care of the nasty business of killing them.

Now anyone that dares to ask questions about Jakrazet is send there so lets go investigate

what is going on...

Up ahead!

I see the pass!

Fly low, and keep an eye out for any sign of Rakera.

Kaja, we should adjust course.

Were nearing the sethrak empire.

The serpent men?

I thought they hid mostly beneath the dunes...

It appears their presence has grown.

So it has...Lets head west and avoid any unnecessary conflict.

It might be too late for that.

Cutscene: We need to speed things up.

The king has nosey visitors...that could pose a problem.

You do your part General and I will do mine.

Oeee snake army!


You will die in these duns....

ZAP Everyone break ranks.

Make your way to safety.

Get as far from these snakes as you can.

We going down, we going dooooown!

We have orders to kill this one.

Let us make it suffer.

Not today snakemen!

You still alive in there?

Any good with that weapon of yours?

Im all out of potions and theres a whle lot of sethrak between me and my wagon.

IF youre willing to fight, I could sure use some help.

The might of Korthek is nothing to sneeze at as he blows our entire party out of the

sky and we end up imprisoned.

Thankfully the vulpera Nisha is in the area to save us, like the sethrak another new race

added to the game.

They live a nomadic life around these parts with their caravans and looting what they

can while their origin is not explained in full detail.

Its possible that theyre connected to a wild god mentioned fighting in the War of

the Ancients, but thats not been confirmed.

Either way we need to get out of here so we help Nisha with gearing up, slay as many of

the snakes as we can on our way out and recover Nishas attack plans from Fangcaller Sraka.

Hang on, this is gonna be a wild ride.

Looks like we have company, light m up!

I think were in the clear, great work back there.

The hideaway should be up ahead.

Well be safe there.

For a while, at least.

Looks like Bladeguard Kaja also found her way to the vulpere hideaway, but shes not

doing too well so we make her a little pick me up with pricklevine juice and sandstinger

venom glands.

Its clear that what ever jakrazet is up too, he doesnt want anyone to report

back to the king.

First things first, we need to figure out what happened to the rest of our party.

At the crash site we look for survivors and the missing pages of the journal that Meerah

found earlier.

I write this as I sit in a cage with a dozen other exiles, traveling to the sands

where we live out our days, however numbered they may be.

The air, heavy with heat, tells me we are close.

The sun has set across the dunes, providing some relief from the heat that has made many


In a sun stricket stupor, one among us began rambling about a temple to the south that

welcomes exiles.

I doubt he will make it through the night.

Assassins, sent by Jakrazet, attacked our camp in the middle of the night.

Unarmed and befuddled by sleep, we were unable to defend ourselves.

I fought off the traitors, but it was too late.

The survivors had scattered, each now forced ot nagivate this unforgiving terrain alone.

I wont survive much longer without food or water.

After traveling in circles for most of the day, I decided my only option was to follow

the advice of a rambling madman and head south toward the promise of shelter.

Sadly bladeguard Jorana didnt make it, but Tarkaj might have as we only find their

warblade covered with fresh blood.

Who knows where they might have gone, but the journal it gives us a hint as too where

we might find Rakera.

To the south we must go.

Luckily thats where Meera is heading too so we get to traveling along with the chatty


Be safe meerah.

Our wagons dont always do well on the ancient troll roads.

I always am!

Kiros got no reason to worry.

Ive had plenty of practice!

But you might want to hold on, just in case.

You keep an eye out for your friend.

Ill keep my eyes on the road.

Zemlans port is to the south.

Ships havent sailed into its dockyard for years, but its still our best chacne at

gettign what Kiro and Nisha need for their attack on the sethrak.

Can oyu believe this wasteland was once

the jewel of the troll empire?

A jungle teemign with life... now whatevers left is buried beneath the sands.

How could Rakeera survive in such a place?

I doubt she could.

Most of your kind cant.

Well, not anymore.

I will find her, or die trying.

Meerah stop the caravan.

I see something up ahead!

This is Rakeras shield...where is she?

What have you done to her?

Jakrazets to blame for this, not me.

Rakeras the only reason Im still alive.

Jorak is was part of the group of exiles that Rakera was forced to travel with, the group

that was attacked by assassins.

He owes her his life and wants us to kill Grozztok the Blackheart the leader of the

assassins while the temple were traveling too will only accept those that brings an

offering to their loa.

The exiles were willing to hand over their satchels containing the last of their possessions,

but the assassins stole it from them.

While we search for their leader, we might as well take their lives and reclaim the stolen


While we do we find none other then Jakrazet at the temple of Atulaman.

We cant get in.

The door is sealed with magic weve never seen before.


We are not alone...

You made a mistake coming to these dunes.

The princess cant save you now.

Grozztok, deal with these trespassers!

Do not fail me again.

Whatever Jakrazet is after, is thankfully still locked away beyond his reach.

Jorak is quite happy with the reclaimed offerings and will guide us to our destination.

We should head south.

The temple is somewhere within those hills.

Hold on if you can.

Its about to get real bumpy This cannot be the only road we can take.

Oh, its not.

But you dont want to travel through the canyon.

Its filled with nightmares.

Those only existi n the mind, not the dunes.

I promise theyre very real.

And very dangerous.

Not even the sethrak step foot in the canyon.

Dolly and Dot are my best friends.

They pull my wagon through dunes of sand!

They have small teeth and they love to eat...

What is that screeching comng from your mouth?

Dot and dolly like it when I sing, its soothing.

Well, it makes me want to go back to my old ways.

Fine then, (softer) Dolly and Dot are my best friends.

They pull my wagon through dunes of sand!

This must be the place.

I can see a structure ahead.

If Rakera is within this temple, we will find her.

Do you seek redemption?

Akunda welcomes all.

Were looking for an exile named Rakera.

We think she may be within this temple.

You will only find Akunda here.

Those who share his name are the only ones permitted to enter his hall.

Quite a cult feeling going on here as everyone takes up the name of the Loa Akunda.

Jorak is kind enough to hand over his offerings to save Rakera, but just a solid offering

wont buy us entrance into the temple.

Through a sacred ritual, the loa enters our mind and removes the memories that caus pain.

Redemption awaits, quite a nice promise when youre exiled to this place and were forced

to leave everything beging.

To prepare ourselves we must slay the ranishu, a plague upon these lands.

Gather the sacred remains of the thunder lizards that used to roam these jungle lands and retrieve

korgogs antennae.

The local redrock scavengers and howlers are being a bit of a problem near the eternal

spring so while were at it might as well clean them out.

We must meditate at the shrine of thunder to confront whatever demons linger in the

dark recesses of our mind but seems like not only our own minds hold a bit of darkness...

Meditate: I grow weaker by the moment. must help me before it is too late.

Somethings not quite right.

For now lets play along with this as Akunda the exalted wants us to pick a new name for

ourselves, we too must become Akunda.

You are ready to hear Akundas words, though it must be done alone.

Head to the altar and pray when you are ready.

Someone in this strange temple must know something.


Shes here.

Shes alive!



We are all Akunda.

What have thye done to you...

You...yes you...Approach quietly.

Do not draw attention to yourself.

Taking their memories, that is the gift bestowed upon them by Akunda, but a lot more than that

has gone missing lately.

Somethings not right here and at the Valley of Sorrows, the place where forgotten memories

are kept, we slowly but surely uncover what happened.

Cutscene: Jakrazet is a traitor but the king wont

act without proof.

Please rakera.

DOnt do this.

Youll get yourself killed.

You know I must, Kaja.

Duty before all else.

Cutscene: Deer walks to the water and takes a drink.

Exalted Akunda shows up and drops some poison in the water.

Aww you killed bambi, you basterd!

Cutscene: Now its Akunda that takes a drink of the

water, woeps he dead too.

Cutscene: He took Akunda and is draining him off his


Welp we know whats going on now.

Akunda the exalted poisoned the waters and took the the loas own memories.

Akunda has forgotten who he is, but Meijani can perform a ritual to restore him.

The loa isnt really happy with what happened to him, what happened to his followers because

of this traitor in their midst.

With the little power he can spare, we take on the exalted one.

Call the storm, champion.

Unseat this usurper!


YOu should have run away when you had the chance.

The power of AKunda will be mine!

Cutscene: Exalted goes down, AKUNDA IS BACK ROAAAAAAAAAR.

At last I am free!

Thank you champion.

Now that his powers have been restored, he can heal his children and give them their

memories back.

Were no longer all Akunda now and Rakera finally recognises Kaja.

You will forever be welcome within these walls.

Champion come quick!

Raker s memories are returning!

My head...Kaja is that you?

It is as I suspected, General Jakrazet has troops in the desrt, unbeknowst to the


They scour the dunes, searching for a weapon that can destroy the city, killing any who

get in their way.

I have no idea what this weapon is or where to find it, but it cant be good if Jakrazet

is hiding its excistence from the king.

We must find the weapon before Jakrazet has a chance to get his hands on it.

An old friend named Julwaba has come to the sands willingly to gain knowledge of the past.

If anyone can locate this weapon it would be her so next our adventure takes us to the

ruins surrounding the great pyramid.

The ruins are on the way to Zemlan.

Im happy to take you there!

Dolly and Dot are great company, but its nice to have friends to talk to.

Were friends, right?

We wouldnt have found Rakera without you, little one.

I dont think those trolls up ahead are friends of oyurs.

Those are Jakrazets troops!

This isnt good.

Not at all.

Everybody, out of the wagon!





Its not safe down there!

Assasins send by Jakrazet try to finish the job and murder Rakera, but nothing will

stand in our way.

Thank the sands youre safe!

Over here!

Ive found her!

Julwaba, are you hurt?

Im all right, but my friend here is fading fast.

Youve allied yoruself with a sethrak?

Its a long story, one that can wait.

He will meet Bwonsamdi soon if we do not hurry.

Let me help.

I know what ails him.

Not all the sethrak want to murder us, some are quite against what Korthek is trying to

do, sethrak like Serrik.

We provide the materials to make him an antidote and he lets us know that were not the only

ones that have come here looking for answers.

Thankfully none of them have the information Serrik possesses, none of them know where

to look which gives us the edge we need to find a special stone.

Sulthis: Vorrik, if you are receiving this message, then I fear I was too late.

Korthek has betrayed our people, and plans to breka the barrier we placed on the tomb

long ago.

I can only hope Ive hidden my key well enough so that you are the only one to find


Its also in this area where we learn more about the history of the land, the history

I mentioned at the start of the video so with the stone in our possession, we join Serrik

on his journey to the sanctuary of the devorted where Keeper Vorrik can tell us more.

Our temple is the last bastion against the faithless.

Long ago, we lived as one, as our loa would have wanted.

Since Kortheks betrayeal, the Faithless have brought war upon these lands.

He leads them in their fight, searching for the remaining keys that will allow him to

break the barrier around AtulAman and use whats within to conquer all of Zuldazar.

We will do whatever it takes to stop him.

Serrik, its good that you have returned!

The faithless have taken vorrik.

We land in the middle of a war with the faithless and keeper Vorrik has been captured.

This battle has been going on for quite some time as on the alliance side, during their

war campaign and setting up a base in voldun, they also come in contact with the sethrak.

They do pretty much the same, kill the faithless and disrupt their assault but instead of saving

Vorrik, they save one of their privates that also hold a special stone.

Now we bring the second one, that which might be the only thing standing between Korthek

and Jakrazet claiming the weapon theyve been looking for.

This key belongs to the first keeper.

His name was sulthis and he died at the hands of korthek.

Sulthis could not create the barrier alone.

Korthek and I lent him our aid, and together, we sealed Mythrax within the great pyramid.

As the sands continued to spread, Korthek grew hungry for war.

He plotted to unearth the Cthrax and use him as a weapon to conquer the continent.

A weapon...this must be what Jakrazet is after!

A Cthrax!

We need to warn the princess.

Korthek raised an army of like-minded sethrak, and they began to slaughter those who opposed


Sulthis was the first to fall, but not before safeguarding his key.

Those of us still loyal to Sethraliss were forced out of our home and into hiding.

We have been fighting the Faithless ever since.

Korthek has gone too far.

I must deal with this perosnally.

Protect the keys while I am away.

We will defend your people as our own.

Meet me at Bwoljins Fall as soon as you can.

We shall sneak into Kortheks fortress together.

We are heading into the heart of the faithless empire champion.

It is a cruel nest of rock and dirt, swarming with sethrak who have forsaken our loa.

I lived here too once, long ago.

Before korthek betrayed our people for power and madness.

In those days, Korthek and I led all sethrak in our worship of Sethraliss.

My personal sanctum was hidden away in the hills.

A small shrine to sethraliss, where I could meditate.

It has been abandoned for year,s but ti will be an ideal place to launch our What...what

are vulpere doing here?

Everyone stay calm.

This is one of the good ones.

Hot sands, am I glad to see you.

Im way over my head here...

The vulpera have already found Vorriks ritual and theyre getting ready to liberate

their people and show the Sethrak not to mess with them.

Perhaps with our aid we can make a difference and put a stop to the faithless once and for


If we can get our hands on Kortheks key, then mythrax will remain sealed in his tomb forever,

but getting to and confronting the emperor is no easy task.

We go about Planting vulpera banners, arming their slaves, saving the children and slaying

the skycallers.

Vorriks staff needs a bit of a boost so we empower it while also getting him back intouch

with Rakjan which is a great help for raining death from above.

For Sethraliss!

The spire barrier is destroyed, the very heart of the faithless exposed.

Korthek is no where to be found yet which gives us the time to prepare for the coming


He was always the better fighter so vorrik will drain everything he cam from these crystals

to power up while we purge the faithless and recover several sacred relics of Sethralis.

With that the emperor finally shows himself, time for the final show down...

Cutscene: You face the might of Korthek, the eternal


I am the true power of the sethrak!


You are our failure.

Sethraliss sacrificed herself so we could live in peace.

We will keep Mythraxs prison sealed, and I will unite our people.

Fight fight fight, toranods everywhere, shock spell, nisha and vorrik versus korthek

I wonder, Vorrik.

If youre here, whos guarding the keys in your temple?

What have you done Korthek?

Ensure my victory no matter what happens here.

General Jakrazet already has my key and by now...I suppose he has yours as well.

He will raise Mythrax and we will conquer all of Azeroth!

You fool!

Mythrax cannot be controlled!

Fight some more

I did not force anyone to follow me, Vorrik...Our people are conquerors.

No, old friend.

Our people are dead, because of you.

And now you must join them.

Sethraliss forgive you.

We must hurry back to the Sanctuary of the Devoted and stop General Jakrazet from

releasing Mythrax!

Winds at your back friends, but my fight is here alongside the vulpera.

We fly back to the sactuary as quickly as we can, but its already too late.

Jakrazet and his forces were able to steal away our keys with Kaja and Rakera quickly

going after them.

We too must join them at the temple of Atulaman.

The sethrak have always known about the ancient pasge way leading into the tomb of mythrax,

but none have dared enter before now.

It is said that the dark ones power still radiates within the caverns.

Who knows what horrors await us inside...

There is a dark presence here.

We should be on our guard.

Even in death, Mythraxs essence remains strong here.

I fear of what will become of our world should he rise once more...

Bladeguard Kaja rescued from tendrils Ugnh my head.

What are these things?

We need to hurry and find Rakera!

Fight Nraqi, deeper into the fetid crypt and faceless tendrils.

Sethralis gave her own life to save our world.

If Mythrax returns, her vlaian sacrifice will have been for naught...

Save Rakera from the tendrils I told Kaja to keep moving.

We need to stop Jakrazet before its too late.

We need to catch up with her.

Lets go!

Jakrazet has already begun the ritual.

The ritual of blood is nearly complete!

Its over, Jakrazet.

Your plan has failed!


Hahaha No...

I will compete the ritual with your blood!

Fight fight fight fight fight

I will compete the ritual with your blood!

MY this?

Your blood empowers me!

Fight fight fight fight fight

I cant

More blood!

THis thirst must be quenched!

Cutscene: Cough cough cough cough cough, Graw

This ends here general.

The plots.

The lies.

The murders.

You will not escape your crimes any longer.

This ends now.

Give him a clean death.

We have seen enough suffering for one day.

Cough cough hahahah Suffering?

YOu have not seen true suffering.

Not yet....

UHO But you will!

OW snap what did he just do...WHAT DID HE JUST DO?!


RUN He was the final sacrifice...We have failed.


Despite our best efforts, ultimately Jakrazet succeeded and Mythrax the unraveler has returned.

Rakera will let princes Talanji know while we talk with Baine who lets the banshee know

of our activiites.

Were going to need all the help we can get if we want to stand a chance against this


All the help we can get, like the loa Sethralis herself would be real useful right now.

The time of her rebirth has passed, they expected her to be back by now byt someone or something

is preventing her awakening.

We will have to venture into the Temple of Sethraliss to figure out what is going, but

thats a story for another time!

For now thank you very much for watching everyone.

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