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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jamie’s Top VEG Tips | Jamie Oliver

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Right you lovely lot, so I'm celebrating all things veg so I've given you a

whole bunch of different tips and tricks to help you prepping in style.

Let me show you some really easy ways to chop and slice your garlic.

We can slice it. We want to get our thumb out of the way. We want our fingers to go over the garlic

like this and just do that little tap chopping method

and slice it up like that.

Very, very simple. We can just continue to

chop through this to make chopped garlic and that's the cross-chopping method.

Very safe. You can see how delicate and fine it is.

There is another way you can do chopped.

Just grab your garlic clove like this, just put it on a flat edge

just go about a millimetre slices, not quite to the end, like that

then flip it over and do exactly the same.

Take your time and then you can put

it on its side and then you can literally just slice. That's rock-chopping method.

Look at that. Very, very nice.

Let me show you how to take the stone out of an avocado.

The humble avocado. Funnily enough, taking the seed

or the stone out of an avocado is one of the biggest causes of cuts to the hand.

So there's a really simple way to do it which means that it's all good and

doesn't end in tears. So just remove the little bit of stem from the end. It might

look like nothing but that can send your knife in a totally different direction

which is really dangerous and then put the avocado down very importantly and

then carefully but slowly cut using no weight or power down to the stone in the

middle then slowly rotate the avocado so it just gently cuts around. Twist it.

And then tap it on the board.

And off it comes.

Let me show you how to safely cut

and prepare a squash or pumpkin.

Let's have our hand out of the way.

We got this core here. Get that off first. Get the tip of our

knife in the centre, don't put too much body weight into it, rock it down. You're

just taking on the fight with half of it then we can spin it around. See that cut

there? Put our knife back in, keep it sturdy, keep your fingers out the way.

Sharp blades, moving targets, not very good.

Getting the seeds out, let's just use a spoon.

These little seeds you can roast and of course you could plant

these. Let's get it on a flat edge, hold one end, go in at one half, spin around

and then go back to here. If you go to a quarter, you can use the same principle.

If you want to cut it into different slices remember we got a nice flat base

here. That's how to tackle a big old squash or pumpkin in a nice safe way.

Let me show you how to remove the skin easily and fast from an avocado.

You see people picking this away, like this, which takes a lot of time. It can be

a little bit bitty. That's the wrong way to do it, in my view. Let me show you the

right way to do it. This is dead simple. Get a regular spoon like this, go in here,

push the spoon right on to the skin and push it against the cup of your hand then

simply knock it out. Works every single time. Really, really good.

And if you want to stop the avocados from discolouring, squeeze some citrus over the avocado.

An old-fashioned way of preparing avocados in the 80s was to cut it not quite to

the end and then fan it out. It's really tacky, I never do it these days but it

does tend to make people very happy. So there you go guys. Super quick but

doesn't it look good.

Let me show you how to make the most amazing, healthy,

delicious grilled veg.

Get your gas on a high heat then place a

really good-quality griddle pan on there and preheat it for about four minutes to

get it nice and hot. Finely slice, chop half or slither any vegetables that are

beautiful and in season. Without any oil, put them dry into a pan to lightly char

on both sides. When you cook veggies without oil, you get the most incredible

nutty natural flavour. You don't have to cook it all the way through, it's really

about just taking the raw edge off the veggies, applying a little bit of char

for added flavour and then when you remove it from the pan, we're gonna dress

it in gorgeous homemade dressing. So veggies cooked like this are fantastic as

any side dish. It's wonderful in an antipasti or tapas table. So there you go guys.

Let me show you how to really efficiently and easily deseed a chilli.

Let's just click off the stalk at the end, like so, and then very carefully we

want to split this chilli. Put the knife tip in the middle and gently put in to

the middle and down to the bottom like so. Drag the knife very carefully. Now

I've done that slowly for you guys but it's as simple as this. Click and split.

Nice and easy. I'm gonna take a teaspoon and I'm simply

going to scrape down the contour of the chilli. This little teaspoon scoops out

the seeds. You can put these into a little envelope and you can leave them

for a couple of months so they dry. You can plant these seeds. They'll grow into

wonderful chillies and you never ever have to buy chillies ever again. So there

you go guys, that's how you deseed a chilli nice and safely.

I'm going to show you two really quick ways to peel your garlic easily.

The first thing you do is just put your body weight onto your clove of garlic and just sort of break

it all off. Find the little core end here. Put your knife down like that but don't go

all the way through and then what I do is I just pinch off this here and if

you're lucky you'll get a whole strip left just like that. So I've been lucky,

great, often you are. Then we put it back down put the knife back down just give

it a good old friendly tap. Do not cut yourself. Angle the blade down.

At that point, we just take the skin, garlic, happy days.

There's another way to do it. Get yourself a rubber glove. Yes, you heard it right.

Take off one of the fingers, take off the end and you've created a little cylinder.

Get your garlic clove, just pop it in and roll it and then when it comes out the

other end, peeled, brilliant.

Let me show you two ways to peel your ginger in the most efficient way.

The most efficient way to peel a piece of ginger is simply to use a little spoon and scrape it.

Just like that. It barely peels just the brown skin off.

Ginger's not cheap, okay, and you don't want to waste it so getting the minimal

skin off is a brilliant thing and then you've got a lovely piece of ginger

ready for some chopping action.

Now - let me show you another way to peel ginger.

You will see me do this quite a lot.

If you just let that dry in your kitchen

you can make the most fantastic ginger teas with a little teaspoon of honey.

It's brilliant any time of year. You can put that into a pan with stewed fruit

and it turns humble fruit like apples and pears into something way more exotic.

Hi lovely people. I'm going to show you how to prepare the perfect fennel.

Remove the top, keep it. Have a look at if there's any mark on the fennel. Remove it.

This is small fennel. It's the best. So put those on the side then cut them again.

Remove that part which is tough. You can wash it if you want at this stage or

you can make a lovely salad.

This part is a little bit tough. Cut it. You can place

them in the oven with a little bit of butter and sprinkle some parmesan on top, fantastico.

With the tops, select it, all the green parts. This will go very well with the

salads then with the top you can use them in a stock - just a little bit

because it has a very strong flavour.

I'm going to show you how to prepare a celery.

First of all, chop the end.

Peel all the leaves off, wash under running cold water.

Cut off the ends. You can always use for stock.

Just a little cut. Break it and start to pull it. Remove all the stringy

bits because the stringy bits it is not very nice.

Discard all the stringys.

I'm going to make a little salad. Chop up the celery, normally tomato, chop it. Nice pinch of

oregano, little salt, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, mix all together.

So delicious.

And this is the perfect celery and tomato salad.

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