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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo

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NARRATOR: In the spring of 2005,

a young graduate film student from UCLA

set forth to make a documentary

reflecting an element of contemporary music culture

that had yet to be fully examined.



The notion was to capture something raw and original.

Something unpretentious and genuine.

He yearned to make a film that would stand out

from other rock and roll documentaries,

and potentially redefine the genre.

Who he found was Electric Apricot.

What he achieved was enlightenment.

I've been doing yoga all day.

But I do that every day, so I guess that's not special.

Yes, I've prepared a couple pieces

and I also wrapped a couple things of sage

that I grew in my garden, some pineapple sage,

some lavender sage together I think they're gonna

really help cleanse the room before we start.

It's got a Piezo pickup in here.


I don't know what that means, but it sounds cool, huh?

MAN: Whose car did you borrow?

That's my sister's.

NARRATOR: To fully understand the band,

we must first examine the music scene

that spawned this colorful group of troubadours

we call Electric Apricot.

Known as jam band music,

this scene has been expanding and evolving rapidly.

over the past several years.

I think the jam scene is really, uh,

free loving with a bit of like, ass shaking,

and kind of just, you know, crazy, like wild.

It's about dancing, it's about shaking loose

your normal everyday stresses

and getting into a fun space.

The band plays a two minute song,

goes into 10 minutes of silliness,

and creates new music

that's never been played before.

Ultimately, jamming's all about language.

It's all about language.

Wittgenstein says, is that language,

all philosophy is meaningless

'cause language is meaningless.

It's great to see new blood

in the improvisational rock and roll music uh... scene.

I get a little squirmy when people try and categorize us

one way or another.

You know, we could be... We could be like a jam band thing one minute,

and then we can get into some funkiness.

For somebody to go out there with

a bunch of sequencers and... and, uh, put out a show

that's pretty much note for note every time,

flies in the face of what

American musical culture is about.

In my opinion.

Playing music, you should just fucking jam it.

You should jam it, jam it hard, jam it true.

People can see, they can interact with me,

I can interact with them, I can, you know,

give 'em some of my looks.

Jimmy air freshener, man.

You see that?

It's always gonna smell like Jimmy.



When I'm playing, and I'm doing one of my fills,

you know, I try and make eye contact with somebody

just to kind of give 'em a little something to take home with 'em.

There's a place.

A wondrous place.

A place out on the planet.

Where like minded individuals

can get together

and share...


It's a place that knows no boundaries,

except for those that are set by your own mind.

Creativity flows.

That place

is a place called...

Burning Man

Burning Man

Burning Man

Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Bury your toes In the desert sand

Ain't no man forth Gonna tell you how to be

Come on down with Me to Burning Man

I got a recipe For cosmic flan

Strip off your clothes And set your aura free

There's a place I know Called Black Rock City

Where we're about to get Down to the nitty gritty

We're all children Of the stars above

Searching for answers And feasting on


First saw them at Earth Day in Modesto.

Killer show.

And then I saw them at the Santa Rosa Agriculture Festival

at Windsor Waterworks, which was...

It totally went off, And I was in the front,

and I'm doing the cube,

you know, it's this dance I made up.

What I do is I make a cube with my hands.


I just kinda started going like that

and just sort of made like a square shape,

more like a three dimensional square.

NARRATOR: A tight knit group of individuals,

the jam scene flourishes through communal interaction,

be it via the Internet, tape trading,

or multi-genred festivals,

one of the premiere events being

the northwest's own musical extravaganza,





Festeroo, man.

Do I know about Festeroo?

NARRATOR: With its tree lined rural setting

just northwest of Portland, Oregon,

Festeroo has been host to some of the top name acts

in the jam scene since autumn of 2001.

The jam festivals are basically mud fests,

like any festivals.

Festeroo, there's fire, there's circus,

there's jam, there's beat.

People, uh, walking around with no tops on, that's awesome.

Bathing in the river, that's awesome.

Yeah, it was the greatest thing I... Pinnacle experience.

I shat myself, it was awesome.

Dude, total meltdown, I don't know what happened.

I just like, lost my keys right before the gig,

we got all this important stuff in there, I gotta get the stuff out.

No keys.

Fuck, who knows.

Weak, super weak.

The light on my laminate saved me.

Usually 'cause, you know, I got a light on the key. Uh-oh.

My goal as manager is to

continually try to raise the profile of this band.

They've got some upcoming local gigs, which is great.

And next week, we go into the studio

to record the band's first album

on my friend's record label.

The real deal, is I've been working some angles

to try to get the band into Festeroo.

Have you done this when it starts?

Oh man, we played so many,

we played like... we played basically, coffee houses.

You know, we play in all kinds of different coffee houses around town.

I mean, basically we'd set up like in front of the coffee house,

but we just, you know, put our hats down.

And think it was Don, Don Kleinfeld our manager,

first introduced us, me and Steve, to Lapdog.

He was like, "hey man, why don't you guys get some percussion?"

I know this guy.

Uh, Lapdog!

You know, I had been in this band, The Elucifer,

which was the, you know, Elusive Lucifer,

which was this metal band,

and then I got into the funky stuff.

So I was kinda trying to combine the two things,

so it was kinda like this double bass, metal, funky stuff, you know.

I think he had some funk band.

Funky White Monkey, or something like that.

In doing the Funky White Monkey thing,

I learned that there was more to music,

you know, with the whole soulful groove element.

So, we started playing live,

we started doing our usual circuit

of the coffee houses.

And then this guy shows up

with this big double kit,

I don't know, Tama superstar kit, cymbals everywhere,

and he sets up in front of Peet's Coffee.

You know, I mean I could see their point.

We did block, entirely block the sidewalk.

You know, just playing on the sidewalk

is just not that conducive with what I do.

You know, we couldn't really hear us sing or play,

because he would, you know, Lap would just,

you know, he would solo most of the time.

Just take five deep breaths

and open up that third eye,

and I'll tell you my brother,

we're gonna go on a magic carpet ride.

'Cause if you never take the chance to look,

then you'll never know.

We'll go walking through The back roads of my mind

Rolling down that kaleidoscope

Of inner space And time yeah

I'm walking down the Back roads of my mindTake it away, Gordo!

I couldn't dance 'cause it was so intense.

When I go in there it feel, dude, what are you doing?

I'm like, dude, what are you talking about? Dude, I've been to every show.

And I come here to dance.

You know, I just wanna feel the music.

I always have two headbands.

One, to get my sh... you know, 'cause I like the shape

that it makes my hair.

And one to cover my watch.

Because when I'm in the Apricot zone,

I'm livin' in a world without time.

Yeah, we're gonna be... I mean, we're the Sweetwater show,

you know, I mean...

what can you say about Mill Valley

man, that hasn't been said already. I mean, this is like,

where mountain biking started,

that's where cappuccino started.

The Sweetwater's been here for 30 something years now,

and it gets people through there all the time.

It's sweet to be at the Sweetwater, indeed.

But unfortunately, I'm a little bit off center right now,

just because, well my cell phone got turned off today.

Hey what's up? My name is Jonah,

and I'm the taper.

Hi, I'm Tom Liestmansten,

I'm a taper.

I think it should be a good crowd tonight.

You might wanna set that a little bit higher.

Favorite thing about Electric Apricot, clearly,

just the support of the community.

I mean, we come and tape to the shows,

they give us plenty of time to set up ahead of time.

We've been here like, since 3:00, We're done, we're ready, we're set.

You know, we're ready to capture the magic, really.

Now we've just got five hours to fine tune it before they get here.

Gordo, he really wanted to go... go...

in a more electric, he wanted to, you know, he's a big Jerry fan,

you know, Jerry Garcia.

You know, and which is completely awesome,

what I wanted to do, because I wanted to go into more of a,

like a British, Morrissey trip.

And if a ten ton truck

Kills the both of us

All of a sudden, you know. uh...

you know, Steve Trouzdale, as we once knew him,

he... he sees this Phish show!

You have to ask him, 'cause classic story.

So we went, you know, went to the casinos,

and we were partying hard,

we hooked up with these two girls, turned out to be guys.

One of them dosed me.

Dosed him with some LSD or something,

and he ends up at this Phish show.

And he just, he becomes mesmerized

with the bass player, Mike Gordon.

And all of a sudden it's this eruption of color.

And I found out, you know, what it was.

At first I thought it was like, you know, what's going on here?

Is this like, some alien battle or something?

They have like, glow stick wars,

where people throwing all these glow sticks back and forth,

and then one just tags me in the side of the head,

and I instantly thought of Aiwass.

Which, Aiwass is the entity,

is the spirit that channeled the rite of Thelema to Alastair Crowley.

The next day at rehearsal,

I said to the guys, you know,

I am Aiwass.

Call me Aiwass.

I am a bass player.

I was like, man. It was like a gift from heaven.

Like, here we are, he wants to play a bass now,

so now we got a bass

and this big drum set,

and then I'm gonna plug this thing in

and here we go, trio!

Jimi Hendrix land.

And they tried to give us a little grief because it's a...

because of a lightning bolt,

but it's actually an 11 point lightning bolt,

and it's a little narrower and it's at a different angle

than, you know, the Grateful Dead has a 13 point lightning bolt.

Ours is quite a bit different.

This is, this is the premiere mic right now for this kind of taping,

it's the most expansive, dynamic range.

Very fancy.

It expanded on what the Four was,

the Shep Four, uh, which is...

Which is...

That's what I use.

What Jonah has. This is really what we're doing.

Yeah, this is the new technology.

You know, you get more of a lateral sound with that,

it's got a projection, the intake is not as

pin point directional, but what I find is

this mic yields an ambient sound,

which captures all the things that I like

and find most important about it.

You know, the younger kids, they're really,

it's exciting, watching you grow.

But this mic is better.

Do you like your childhood milk chocolate or do you like dark chocolate?

You like chocolate, you see what I'm saying?

So it's the type of sound.

It's great having friends.

Yeah, well, it's the 4V.

All right, now six eight, ready?

Oh wait.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

I was gettin' my groove on.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Hang on, are you?

I'm trying to get my groove on!

Shh, shh.

On The Corner, Miles Davis, 1972.

You know, I don't really speak literally,

because if you speak in a literal way it's like,

you know, next thing you know everyone understands you,

and that's just like, who wants that, man?

It's like, the fuckin' church... Like the fuckin' church,

the fuckin' steeple, and there's the people.

That's Apricot.

I don't know about this steeple thing,

that's the first I've heard of this steeple thing.

Jerry Garcia.

The man, the myth, the legend.

Well, I wanted to make a guitar that was a lot like Jerry's,

'cause, you know, he's my favorite.

What we got here is, this guitar's total Jerry,

the recipe is Jerry and stuff like that,

with just a pinch of Warren Haynes.

Big jumbo frets.

We're in Berkeley,

and we went to one of them Greek theater shows,

and then in the morning I was still kinda comin' down,

we went to Smokey Joe's Cafe

and I was gettin' the Holy Moly Frijole breakfast.

I was diggin' into my beans and diggin' into my eggs.

I went to go grab a tortilla.

Aah aah aah

Okay, be careful.

And there it was, dude.

Look at that, you see it?

Come on, check it out, see?

Can you see it? CHUCKLES:

It's like a sign.

The most prized possession.

How does he know it wasn't Jesus?

You know, Jesus shows up on a tortilla,

it's on eBay for several thousand dollars.

You know, unfortunately it wasn't Jesus,

'cause we could've... we... you know, Jesus...

we could've used the money for that one.

Garcia tortilla.

Yeah, at this point they started kicking around

some ideas for band names.

Gordo wanted to call it Electric Mountain.

You know, my idea was, Vaseline Groove

I wanted Knectar, like with a K,

like a silent K like the Phish thing, like the PH.

He wanted to name the band Knectar,

with a silent K like knight.

You know, like knights of the round table.

It's clever, you know, he's an intellectual guy

and he can come up with stuff like that.

You know, if you think about it for a second, Vaseline Groove, you know.

It's like Pearl Jam, you know. What is pearl jam?

Pearl jam, that's semen, right?

Pearl, like pearlescent jam, it's semen.

Well, Vaseline Groove, think about it.

It's like a lubricated vagina.

You know, you got electric from Electric Mountain,

knectar, and then 'rine from the Vaseline.

We said let's just combine 'em all,

so it's Electric Knectarine with a silent K.

Unfortunately, people started pronouncing the band name

"Electric K'nectarine."

You know, they obviously didn't get it.

Like, you know, a k'nectarine.

And so that was trippin' us out.

So then, you know, Gordo one day,

he's lookin' at our logo,

and he's like... he's like,

well that's not a nectarine anyway.

That's, you know, my uncle,

I grew up around a fruit stand.

That looks like an apricot to me!


Electric Apricot!

Electric Apricot!

Electric Apricot. So there it was, Electric Apricot.

Queen has insects for eyes

She lives In a kingdom of lies

She chants Yog Sagoff arise

And laughs at the hideous cries

The queen has been eaten alive

Where did you go

Where did you go

Where did you go Rainbro

Where did you go

Oh Rainbro where did you go

Sailing 'cross the skies With your mystic disguise

Oh Rainbro

I mean, I live in this tree fort full time.

I mean, this really is what I consider my home.

Yeah, I mean yeah, the tree fort is

in my parents' backyard technically,

I mean like, technically.

Where you goin' Rainbro

Everybody wants to know

Did you catch some Cosmic wind ridin' high


Wait, wait, wait.

My gardener Don Carlos made this for me,

something he crafted from the wood from his country.

I think it's Venezuela,

might be France.

It's just nature out here, you know?

You know, I mean how many other people can say,

oh, I woke up this morning

and I saw a raccoon mating, you know?

That doesn't happen very often.

Well, this is the, you know,

what I call the extra meditation chamber.

Or, you know, just my bathroom.

You know, maybe it's a little primitive

to some peoples' standards,

but it's got everything I need.

It's got running water

and you know, it's got a toilet,

well, it's got a bucket, and you know,

a place for toilet paper.

And you know, I got art.

Na na na na na na na

Na na

It's just like, I like just, cars should be political.

I think, you know, you have an opportunity

of saying political things and so...

more than voting, more than doing anything,

if you really wanna stick it to your government,

more than anything, like, you know, anything,

you don't even have to vote,

just put on a few bumper stickers, man.

Shall we go to Pete's party

Millie's hacky Sacking with Cousin Arty

Annie's got a henna tattoo

Grandad's blowing On a didgeridoo

You know, blowing glass, it's...

You know, everybody has their thing.

Friend of mine's dad, you know,

he really wanted an elaborate, uh,

set of cocktail swizzlers,

so what I'm doing, you know,

and usually people...

people like that,

they have some good money,

you know they want quality,

quality merchandise.

And I realize this looks easy,

this looks like something that anybody can do,

but it's really not, you know.

I was working on a bowl one time

and I had this big gob going,

and I was leaning forward and the whole thing just fell off

and landed right in my lap.

I burnt my scrotum,

and it was fairly severe.

You know, fiery hot ball of molten glass

on the scrotum, it's not good.

So the unfortunate thing is,

like a lot of my friends come around here

and I blow stuff, and I wanna sell 'em,

but usually these guys come along, they

smoke out of everything I leave layin' around,

so you can't really sell something to a store

that somebody's been smoking out of.

But this one's real nice.

I probably could have got some good money for this one.

I mean, look at the detail here.

I've blown a couple of dildos.

'Cause you know, you're always looking for other, other markets for things.

Like the swizzle sticks, I think is gonna be great.

That could be a big marketable item.

Because everybody makes pipes.

This one's actually modeled after a friend of mine's penis.

He took a picture of it and sent it to me,

'cause I didn't really want him to be in here

with an erection.

I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality and whatnot,

but you know, when you're in a hot room

and fire's blowin' and this guy's got an erection in front of you, it's just not...

that's just not my game.

Um, this one's a little smaller,

this would be more for like, you know,

sort of the rear entry,

or at least sort of a, something to, you know,

I don't know, we probably shouldn't go there too far...

Well the first person I met in the band was Lapdog.

And we met at an Afro-Cuban drumming class.

And... [SIGHS]

You wanna talk about polyrhythmic.

Herschel used to play in this cover band,

this Huey Lewis cover band

called New Drug.

They would play,

they had the skinny ties, the whole vibe.

Hershcel be all, you know.

Hit the B square

They're doing that whole thing.

You know I like Huey Lewis.

I remember, you know,

his band was New Drug.

I want a new drug

One that don't Make me sick

One that makes Me crash my car

Or suck a brick or something like that.

For us, it was the ultimate tribute

to one of our influences, Huey Lewis.

It had that beat, that bum bum,

bum bum bum bum bum bum.

I liked it, you know.

It kinda reminded my of that Ghostbusters song.

Next thing we knew, you know, Herschel was playing keyboards with us,

and a multi instrumentalist, you know, amazing player.

and You know, he hasn't requested we do any Huey Lewis.

It opened up to a whole another dimension.

Like, we went from 3D into 4D.

Uh, my father was a missionary.

And, he was a traveling missionary,

and he was actually

an Iraqi American Indian Hawaiian Jew.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

Yeah, I basically work here four days a week.

I make a little extra money on the side

so I can pursue what I really love to do,

which is play music, obviously, with Electric Apricot.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, it's a mantra,

a Tibetan mantra.

And what I like to do is that every beverage that I make,

I like to recite this mantra 10 times over the beverage

before I serve it.

Do you want a hot chocolate as well?

Two hot chocolates.

Something for you, ma'am?

Can I get a decaf latte?

A decaf latte coming right up.

And for kids,

I like to put a little extra chocolate on top here.

I don't like to make it too hot for them,

I don't like to burn their mouths.

We're not here to cause discomfort,

we're here to bring happiness to people.

WOMAN: Thank you.


Thank you very much. You have a good day.

I made those extra special for you guys with lots of love.

Did you feel it?


It was kinda trippy because right around then

you know, Aiwass was going off on this whole Phish thing

and wanting to get into more intricate arrangements.

I kinda took it upon myself to be that guy in the band

who would, you know, make us progress and push us forward

in our musicianship.

We would rehearse and then it was like, okay!

And we'd go in and out of these time changes

and then he'd turn off all the lights

and we would go through all of this stuff.

Okay, nine, eleven, seven!

Everyone would be jamming and they wouldn't know

but I'd be like, I'd still kinda be jamming,

but I'd have my flashlight

and I'd spot it on the guy's face.

One of those big Maglites, like the cops use.

Bam, right in your face, stop the song and say, okay!

Stop! And I'd say, okay, sing, sing the parts

that everyone else was just playing.


Sing what the next guy was doing over there, just randomly.

And you had to go.

Bada doo da doo doo da

Or whatever the keyboards were doing,

or somebody had to do my drum parts.

My drum parts are very intricate,

they're very difficult.

To have a bright light flashed in your face

in the middle of a dark room while you are

meditating on our mistress music

is a scary and psychologically scarring experience.

I just started wearing sunglasses in rehearsal

and it didn't make it as bad,

but there you go.


Seriously, I don't understand why anybody would come see

that piece of shit band. I mean...

I mean, I respect music. I love music, actually.

I like to get down, but, dude, that shit

doesn't make any sense to me.

I just, I don't [BLEEP] get it.

Probably one of the worst bands I've ever seen.

I've seen them come, I've seen them go,

and, honestly, they take the cake.

They're seriously so [BLEEP] bad I got pissed off.

I can't handle bad music.

It's like you guys should change

the name of your band to Day Job.

I hate the Grateful Dead.

I [BLEEP] hate that band.

Honestly, my parents listen to that [BLEEP] music

over and over and over again,

and my mom did that dance thing where they do the dance.

At about age eight, I started realizing

that that guy, Jerry Garcia, [BLEEP] sucks, dude.

And my parents are [BLEEP] stoned.

Jerry Garcia is a [BLEEP] plague, dude.

All those [BLEEP] burrito making,

hip turning hippies that listen to him,

and [BLEEP] tool around and don't get jobs

and don't do anything, they can [BLEEP] go to hell.

The band [BLEEP] sucks and they died when he died,

and I'm glad it's over, dude.

I'm glad it's [BLEEP] over.

You know that bartender downstairs?

GORDO: Yeah, I didn't like his vibe.

Dude, that guy was talking hella shit about us.

He started talking about us, then he started talking about,

um, Jerry, and he's like, I'm glad that guy died.

I was like, what?

He's all, I'm glad he died.

Fuck him. I'm like, whoa.

He said, "I'm glad that guy died"?

AIWASS: He said, "I'm glad Jerry died".

All right.

I'm gonna beat him.

BARTENDER: What the fuck, dude?

Yeah, this is a good thing, man.

Don brought this cat around, Drew Shackleford.

Who am I? Who's Drew Shackelford?

A lover of beauty, a singer of songs.

That's what I'm about. Um...

I'm about spreading love, you know?

I've got it, I've got the knowledge.

I'm like a Renaissance Man.

Probably that he loves the band, he's into it.

He's got a big fat pad up in the...

up in the hills, and, uh...

So far he seems like a really cool guy, you know?

He's got some money. I don't know where he gets his money,

I'm not asking any questions.

He's kinda going to finance our record.

We're going to do a record, going to put out this record.

I'm stoked, man.

He's like our Owsley, you know?

I just was there to say, you know what, brothers?

You're going down the right road, you know?

Let me help you.

You've got the wheel, you're driving the vehicle,

just let me be the gas.

I want to help you succeed, I want to give back

because I see you in me and you see me in you.

He's not like a stuck up guy, you know?

He doesn't hang out in the Polo Lounge,

or, you know, drink cocktails

with umbrellas sticking out of them or any of that stuff.

The kind of stuff that I do

like, I think really connects with people.

It's the simple stuff, but man, the vibe

that people get off it is pretty heavy.

That's what people have told me, anyway.

I'm confident that we are going to bring

a beautiful child into the world: this new album.

NARRATOR: When undertaking a recording

in a professional environment, a good deal of skillful

and tenacious preparation is involved.

You know, the key to it all,

people are always trying to get really good snare sounds,

you know, and I think the most important element

to me is the kick drum.

You know, the kick drum,

you know, it's really the meat.

I think the snare is more the potatoes.

You got your meat and your potatoes with your snare.

And maybe the high hat is more like the asparagus.

Today I expect it's going to take a little bit longer

because I really want to get it right because

you only make your first record once,

you know what I'm saying?

You only make your first record once.

Let me know if that bubble goes...

goes too far out to the left there.

It's usually worth waiting for.

I've never had anyone's set take this long to set up.

I mean, he only has four drums.

As far as studio stuff, I'm probably...

I'm probably quite a bit more experienced than the other guys.

You know the Geinserle Diamonds.

I don't know if you remember that jingle.

They called me in and I played on that.

I played, it was like a glockenspiel,

but it wasn't really a glockenspiel,

but it was this little bell tree thing

and I played on that.

How're we doing?

Uh, Lapdog's still setting up.

He's still setting up, huh?

Once this record goes platinum or gold

or whatever it's gonna do,

then I might just redevelop my whole set, you know.

'Cause I'm sure there'll be some drum companies

that'll want to give me some equipment,

and then I can just do what I want.

Believe me, I have some ideas.

OZ: Lapdog's just setting up?


Mei Peng, what's happening?

You guys'remember Mei Peng?

Cool, he's setting up, huh?

OZ: Yeah, yeah.

Good thing I brought a book.

Today, very important.

I'm gonna probably have to do this seven or eight times

before we start tracking.

Just because, you know, you only make your first album once.

OZ: Lapdog is still setting up the drums.


All right.

Where's the beer?

They have this really good stuff right here.

If your plants are a couple weeks old,

this is what you should use.

This is really gonna give them life.

Oh yeah, that's what I need.

Yeah, we make a few ducats in the band and all,

but sometimes it's hard to make ends meet.

Been workin' with these Hydroponics for some time now,

and I got myself a sweet cash crop in here,

gonna help me pay these bills.

All right, here we are,

we got some nice Roma tomatoes here.

I don't know if you can see 'em or not.

These are really good for sauce.

Ah, some nice sweet basil.

It's gonna be good in your pesto.

I grow hydroponic herbs and vegetables

for highend restaurants like Chez Panisse, Danko's,

and Boulevard and all that stuff.

What we got here is the Peruvian purple pepper.

See that thing?

Comes from Peru.

I don't Bolivia.

Peru'v it. [LAUGHS]

Hey, Skip, can you set that 421 mic

on the second rack for me, please?


Well, basically my job is to work with Oz,

who's, like, a master.

Now, the bass drum mic is a little bit far away.

This D112 down here can be right up against the head.

Do you even think you want to use a 112?

Because I wouldn't use a 112.

What would you suggest?

Something bigger.

OZ: Let's just try it

and if it doesn't work, we'll change it.

I'm Second Engineer and fresh out of music school.

And this is just a cool experience for me.

I mean, I know all my stuff, I've taken good notes in class.

You know, I got, like,

like a B Average and stuff.

I am not gonna mess with your good thing, man,

so you just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

Okay, that goes on the hi-hat.

That's the hi-hat right over there.

Yeah, I know what the hi-hat is, man.

Let's go with the snare, please.

NARRATOR: Though often a repetitive process,

recording requires a Zen like focus

and open state of being,

where ideas and inspiration can flow unimpeded,

raising the art to a higher level of musical transcendence.

Yeah, Oz, yeah.

I'm not really getting that in the cans.

Hello, hey!

How you doin', man?

Good to see you.

Oz, hey.

Oh, hey.

How's it going?

OZ: It's good.


You guys stoked to be here?

OZ: Oh, it's incredible.

We're stoked to have you.

There's a vibe that I want to send out,

and I wanted to bring people in.

Like, this is a beehive and we're making honey.

We're making musical honey.

I've got one thing to say,

do you guys like the color platinum?

What do you mean?

Platinum, album.

You know, that's where the sound's going.


Oh I forgot, this is Abigail.

She's a photographer.

I just want you guys to know,

I am just going to be a fly on the wall here.

I don't want you to think that,

I'm not going to get in your way.

Hey, Oz, what have we got?

I'm just finishing with the floor toms sound now,

and then I'll check the cymbals.

So we basically just have

some tones on the bass drum.

Is this on the track, the recorded track?

No, we haven't actually recorded anything yet, Drew.

We've just been working on sounds.

Just drum sounds?

OZ: Just drum sounds, yeah.

So here it is guys,

the first note of the first song

of the first Electric Apricot record.

What do you think about that?


Cut! Cut!

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I hit the wrong tom.

All right, ready?

Are we rolling? Okay, here we go.

Share fishin'.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

OZ: Share what?

I meant to say vision, and I said, fishin'.

Is everything cool?

LAPDOG: Yeah, I'm good, man, we're just.

All right.

It just seemed like we got off on a rough...

rough, rocky start there.

Hey, Oz, what number is the bass in?

LAPDOG: Your amp is just incredibly loud.

It's killing me.

You guys okay?

LAPDOG: We need to turn the bass amp down a bit.


It's probably bleeding through all the drums, right, Oz?

OZ: Pardon me?

It's probably bleeding through all the drums, right?

It just seems really loud.

Day three in the studio.

We have yet to actually record an actual track,

but I came back in here today, I burned some sage.

I do want to try and move my setup

so I feel more in tune with the band.

I want to rotate this just

a little bit clockwise, okay?

This way?

Yeah, just a little bit.

Okay, on the count of three?

Yeah, can you get it here?

Yeah, I get it.

BOTH: One, two, three.

Ow! Ah, Jesus Christ!

Oh, oh!

Oh my God!

SKIP: Holy shit!


Herschel, he cut his hand on a loose screw,

on his organ, just freak accident.

But, h, the good news is, he's got his tetanus shot

and he's in good spirits again, and,

onward and upward.

[SIGHS] It hurts.

It Definitely hurts.

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Well, we made it.

I don't know, they just...

You used the water, you want a towel or something.

Seemed like the bass was a little behind

some of the stuff I was doing, but...

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man


Well, we made it.

Did you see what I mean by like,

the bass was a little bit behind the drums?

Did you see, did you notice that?

I think there's some problems

with the drums, to be honest.

The bass was a little behind it,

it just seemed like the drums were dropping a little bit, you know?

Some parts of those fills kind of sound

like you fell down the stairs a little bit.

Well that was sort of, you know, syncopation

you ever hear of syncopation?

You know, the main thing,

tell me if I'm wrong Oz,

but as long as the drums are correct

this is a good take.

You don't think that you can just,

you guys could just dub your parts over the top?

GORDO: I don't think it's us guys.

This is our first record.

This is the first song on the first record. We gotta make a statement.

GORDO: You open up that door,

LAPDOG: You know what, Gordo?

we gotta make that statement.

You know what?

You only make your first record once.

You guys ready for playback?


It's like a salad, man.

If we have all the pieces of a salad

and they go together and it gives you one flavor,

if you take a cucumber out of the salad,

just eat it alone, it doesn't taste like a salad.

So if we're not playing together

and it's not perfect together,

then, you know.

But the drums are like the lettuce of the salad.

Yeah, was the lettuce good?

But, if the lettuce isn't good.


Hey, it's, uh day four.

And we've been recording Burning Man

for about three days now, which

I know that seems like a long time,

but if you think about it,

the actual event Burning Man,

it's... it's a week. It's seven days.

So from that perspective,

we are actually ahead of the game.

It feels good!

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Hey are you going To Burning Man

That was rad, I think we got it.

LAPDOG: What was that? Did you hear that?

No. What was that?

That! What, that?

Hey are you going To Burning Man

What the hell's that?

Hey are you going To Burning Man

Aw, that was the take!

Dude, that was the fucking jam, dude!

And that wasn't the bass.

LAPDOG: What are you talking about?

The bass is fucking all fucked up, dude!

Yeah, the bass has noise on it.

I'm sorry, it's going to have to be redone.

Wait a minute, we can't just dub it?

We can't dub it? Because I know the bass was a little behind.

Yeah, it was behind.


No, you'd have to do the whole thing again, unfortunately.

What? The bass wasn't fucking behind, man.

What are you fucking guys talking about?

Just cause some fucking mic cable goes out,

you fucking blame it at me?

I got this chick over here

taking pictures of me all the time.

I don't even know who this person is

invading our space of our studio.

Wait dude, wait dude, wait dude.

She's here as part of the team.

She's documenting what we're doing here, man. She's here.

You know, I don't know what she's doing here.

What are you doing here?

Dude, you're pushing a little too hard.

Dude, you're pushing a little too hard.

Well, who is this person?

She's in the room with us while we're trying to play.

You're yelling at her, you're yelling at me.

You fucked up the fucking take.

You're fucking yelling at

me right now because she's me.

What are you talking about?

She's me. What are you saying to me?

Did she fuck up that bass line, too?

What are you saying to me?

Yeah, she might've.

What the fuck, dude?

Why can't you bring a good bass, man?

How do you know?

That's a fucking great bass!

That's a horrible bass!

Dude, you're fucking sitting like a

It ruined the track!

fucking fat ass walrus saying I have a bad bass.

Fuck that, dude!

I don't know why it's gotta be like that.

It's a Vox bass, dude.

We're working here together, you guys.

I'm going to get fucked up.

We're working here together.

GORDO: Fuck that shit.

Dude, I'm trying, man.


I swear to god.

Gordo, don't walk out.

The drums were awesome, the drums were ripping.

I can't believe you just said that.

I heard that one.

I thought they sounded...

I'm outta here, I'm taking a break.

Yeah, take a break.

When you look at the math here,

it's four days and we still haven't completed one track.

You gotta go and talk to your guys

and my deal is, tomorrow, we don't work.

It's over.

Day off?

Day off.

We stop, collect it, get it together.

No more bullshit.

And come day after tomorrow, I'm going to bring in a guy,

and these guys are going to talk to this man

What do you mean?

A therapist.

You're going to bring in a therapist?

Yeah. A guy who will let these guys learn how to communicate.

It's been suggested a time or two

that we bring in a therapist, or a mediator

to various groups that I was working with

to see if they can straighten out some of the horse shit.

I do a lot of group therapy.

I've worked with many different groups

on social harmonology, which is my field of expertise.

Great art, it comes about because of tension.

I mean, you look at bands like The Police,

those guys were, from what I hear,

those guys were fighting all the time, and they made great music.

You know, the Everly Brothers.

I heard they didn't even hardly talk to each other

and, you know... you know...

I couldn't name any of their songs, but that was great stuff.

That's the difference, they fought each other,

but they didn't attack each other.

BUCKY: And have there been some attacks going on here?

Well, yeah. I mean, yeah, there has been.

I mean Mei, yesterday, was absolutely...

I felt like Hitler at Waterloo yesterday.


I was, I was...

LAPDOG: It was actually the day before yesterday.

I'd love to just go on that journey with them,

from where they are right now out here

to the studio, right up to who knows where.

The Grammy's or the MTV Music Awards,

or whatever the kids are, uh, you know.

I want to make a record.

You want to use my pad here?

GORDO: We agree on that.

Yes, I want to make a record.

All right, I think that's a big breakthrough right there.

Don't you think?


If I had a girlfriend,

I wouldn't be bringing her in, you know?

You don't see me bringing in people.

You don't see me bringing in my... bitches.

What do you mean bitches?

LAPDOG: Well, whatever, I'm just telling you.

Mei is not a girlfriend, dude.

LAPDOG: Well, I...

Mei is like... you're saying to me,

hey, you shouldn't bring your spleen into the recording studio that's what your saying to me.

Oh, leave your lower intestine at home, you don't need it.

That's what you're saying to me.

I think we are saying that.

You guys are just talking silly stuff.

I 'm a tolerant man, but I've had enough of this.

Well, we'll take a, you know what, maybe, um...

Because I'm really, I'm sitting here, I'm ready to talk.

He bent it.

Okay, Steven?

We're here to talk.

This is going to sound crazy,

but I've always wanted blond hair.

Why don't we take a few minutes break, actually.

I think that would be best.


I think it has some good longterm potential

for me and for my practice.

Well, I've been looking at a boat, to buy a boat.

I'm not saying this is going to give me the...

It's a good looking boat.

It's like a house boat, but it's,

I don't want to go into detail.

I just think this is going to really help the room.

It's going to help clear the space for us

to express ourselves, to open up with each other.

Herschel, I agree.

I think it's a step in the right direction.

I also think this position change

with the two of you swapping spaces

will help eliminate some of the tension.

I mean, I really was feeling two camps

sort of battling with each other here,

and I think this is a better, more open,

more honest, right?

Honest way to...

Dude, that was my coffee.

It felt really good for me to open up

and to tell the band some of my secrets,

and to, uh, become vulnerable.

I'm trying to set the tone for everyone.

I just want to say right off the bat,

at group level, that I have an incredibly small penis.


Can we make a record now?

I think we're closer to being able to.

We've got the sage in the cup,

we've got Herschel's small penis.

Well, I mean, Dr. Bucky, um...

It's just Bucky.

If you're going to call the Bucky part,

you wouldn't say Doctor.

It's just, it's either Doctor or Bucky.

Bucky, it just seems, you know, I mean...

can I be perfectly hon... I just...

You know what, I take that back, actually.

Dr. Bucky is okay.

Okay. This whole therapy thing is sort of a new thing for me.

I'm not used to exposing myself.

I don't have a small penis, but if I did,

it'd be difficult for me to talk to you about it.

And it would really be difficult for me

to reveal that sort of information

to somebody named Bucky.

Maybe this is part of my revelation, is I just...

You know, when I think of Bucky,

I think of a marionette or something.

You know, howdy, it's Bucky Time.

It's Bucky Doody Time.

I didn't choose the nickname,

it was kind of given to me on the playground.

You got called Bucky?

Yeah, and it's something that l...

Did you have buck teeth?

Yeah, my teeth were maybe sticking out

a little more than other people.

Yeah, they were like that. I'd actually appreciate it...

Did you talk funny too?

BUCKY: Maybe you shouldn't do that, actually, 'cause that's see, now you're kind of striking

There was a kid we used to call Bucky, had big buck teeth sticking out.

He talked funny and he whistled, too.

"Hey, you guys, give me back my ball!"

BUCKY: Did that make you angry?

Screw you, Bucky, you little bitch!

It's Bucky Doody time It's Bucky Doody time.

Okay, that's enough. I don't think it's very, that's not.



Whoa, what did you get upset for?

Sorry, I blew up.

Dude, I don't wanna bum him out.

So wait a minute, guys. I mean, we don't necess... You know...

Are we gonna do this thing or what?

I mean... Come on, seriously, Aiwass, I mean...

I love Mei, Mei Pang.

She's a sweetheart, you know?

She's pretty cute, too.

I say we do it!

Let's just the four of us make the record.

Listen, listen.

Team Apricot!

This is... this is my record.

Team Apricot!

This is what I think.

Let's just do it.

We just don't talk anymore, we just make music.


Can I get, I gotta get another cup of coffee.

Dude, swear to God, though, did you see his sweater?

GORDO: Yeah, it was, like...

That was, like, Cosby Show.

I just got the news.

I just told the guys. We have been confirmed for Festeroo.

Second day, third stage, opening slot.

Thank you very much.

We'll take it, we're on our way.

You know, I think Apricot getting a slot in Festeroo

is obviously a great bonus for Apricot,

but conversely, I think you have to look at Festeroo

and the diamond studded rainbow that they're getting

having Apricot at Festeroo.

While I've been here, I've been scribbling some,

just lyric ideas and a few thoughts I had.

And I don't want to impose any of my ideas,

but have you considered kind of looking to group therapy

and therapists as a way in for some lyric ideas?


See it's like a polyrhythmic thing.

I use these three fingers.

It's like if you felt my fingers,

they're like, it's like leather.

It's like a baseball mitt right there.

It's really tough.

Hey, man, what's up?

What's up, dude?

How's it going?

Uh, just...

A little fuel, you know, a little fuel.

Ham sandwich, got my Rockstar energy drink.

Those are good man, you should be drinking that.

You guys are going to be rock stars, huh?

You got the whole Festeroo thing going.

You know, it's feeling good. Yeah, Festeroo.

Doesn't rock any harder than that.

Stoked about Festeroo. I think it's going to be great.

You guys see me doing my...

my savvy...

savvy magic in here

and it's like, you know, it doesn't have to just be in here,

it can be on the road, too, so.

Cool, man.

You want another Rockstar?

I'm good, I'm good.

Too much Rockstar for you? [LAUGHS]


Okay, talk to you later, man.

Walking down the Back roads of my mind


Walking down the Back roads of my mind

Strolling through The kaleidoscope

Of inner space and time

Walking down the Back roads of my mind


Finger sandwiches, guys?

I made 'em.

Strolling through The kaleidoscope

Of inner space and time

Walking down the Back roads of my mind

Walking down the Back roads of my mind

Hey, what's up man?

Whoa, hey, what's happening?

Pretty nice, you doing all right?

Uh, yeah, I'm okay.

Heard you guys are doing Festeroo.

Doing all right.

Yeah, it's pretty heavy.

Yeah, that is heavy, that's...

You want a towel?

Uh, yeah, thanks.

That's awesome, man. You guys are going on the road.

I want to go on the road. I'd love to be a part of it,

help you guys out whatever you want, you know?

I'm your roadie, dude.

I'm the dude you go to when you're on the road. Take me.

Well, we'll keep that in mind.

Talk to Don.

I just wanna put that out there, you know?

I'm not trying to be, say, hey, you know,

bear hug, take me!

Right, right, right, right, right.

I'm just trying to say, you know,

I went to music school

so I can help you out, you know?

Cool. All right.

Okay, thanks, man.

All right.

You guys wanna take a little meeting?


I don't want to make a big deal out of this.


But that Skippy dude?


He's kinda tripping me out a little bit.

What do you mean?

He wants to go on tour and everything...


Oh, he wants to go to Festeroo?

He's a little too eager beaver.

Yeah, that's understandable.

He came walking in on me when I'm taking a piss in the bathroom

and he's all like, hey, man, I want to be your roadie.

And it's like, hey...

He came in on purpose?

Yeah, I mean, yeah.

On your bathroom break?

You know, I'm using the can

I know exactly what to say, it's cool.

and he's like, you know.

Skippy's cool.

Yeah, he's a cool dude.

Yeah, don't worry about it. We'll rope him in.

Um, I just had a couple of the guys came up to me

and there's just been a small complaint about Skip.

We just need to rope him in a little bit.

He's kind of hustling a little too hard

and just getting into people's space.

He followed Gordo into the bathroom, you know? He's taking a leak and,

you know, just kind of invading space.

That's weird.

It's weird and he's been kinda schmoozing the guys

about wanting to go on tour to Festeroo.

Wait, wait, wait.

He wants to go on tour, for Festeroo?

He wants to be our roadie on Festeroo.

Yeah, I...

It's no big deal.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, I got it, I got it. Skip's my guy, I know how to handle him.

Right, he wants to go on tour.

We're not trying to make a big deal, it's just...

I know exactly,

he's my guy, I know how to handle it.




You, me, talk now.

I'll talk. You wanna talk right here?

No, the question is do you want to talk right here?

You want to talk right here, because we'll talk right here, if you want.

Yeah, I mean, I don't see why not.

All right, here's what we're going to talk about.

I was just talking to Don.

Don says that you were talking to the guys

about being their guitar tech or drum tech

or some such shit on the road,

that you wanna be a roadie with Apricot.


True or not?

True or not?

Yeah, dude, I do a lot of things!

That's all I need to know!

That's all I need to know.

Okay, because you're an employee of mine, Skip,

you're supposed to be working for me

and you're bothering the guys in the band.

I'm not bothering them dude, I'm getting a vibe!

Look, I saw you every day. It's like, "can I get you this?"

I'm grooving with these guys!

You're not grooving! Don just talked to me.

That's what I'm trying to fucking put in your head.

Don said I'm not grooving?

Dude, I'm grooving the fuck? Are you kidding?

I'm working magic with these guys, buddy.

What are you talking about?

The only person that works magic

with the fucking band is me

because I'm the fucking magic man.

End of fucking story.

You're trying to brown nose your fucking way in,

"I'm the goto guy."

That's not brown nosing, dude!

Guess what, motherfucker?

Go to your fucking home because you're fucking fired!


It's over!

Go, goto guy. Go!

Let's go!

Are you serious?

Go! Done!

Fucking done!

Done! Go!

What the hell was that all about?

That was heavy, man.

I don't know, dude.


Skip just got canned.


You want some footage?

You want some fucking footage, buddy?

I'll give you some footage.

You ever heard of Drew Shackleford?

I have!

And he hasn't heard the last of me.

I worked my ass off for that guy.

My ass!

Fuck you, Drew!

You hear that?

That's a big fuck you, buddy!

OZ: Ready? Here we go.

What's going On with the party

What's going On with the party

What's going On with the party

What's going On with the party

There we go.

Dude, that's it.

LAPDOG: Did you hear my drums? They were ripping.

Dude, you were nailing it.

I think we found a rainbow.

I think I listened today

to one of the most beautiful...

beautiful rainbows that I've heard in a long time.

And I think part of that,

part of the thanks should go to Dr. Lefkowitz, man,

for just bringing us together and making us all feel right.

It was my pleasure.


It's good to be part of the team.

Appreciate it, man.

Sorry about all that sweater stuff.

We've come out on the other side, right?

You know, he was able to really get into the groove here,

became part of our family.

Drew, I wasn't sure about this whole thing.

I just, you know, hey, you were right, so.

Using physics,

well, reality is you make your first record once, right?

Seriously. It's like, you know, you have your first baby once.

You eat your first ham sandwich once.

I believe in you guys so much, and, uh,

you guys gave back what I gave.

Thank you for having us and for putting this all together

because we really couldn't do it without you.

We wouldn't be here without you, you know?

We'd be somewhere else.

In the end, we have really produced a beautiful,

beautiful bouncing baby album.

I'm happy, dude. It was a...

It was a good finish. It was a wild ride.

Next step, Festeroo.

NARRATOR: The camaraderie amongst musicians

remains unchanged, as with minstrels of ages past

following well worn roads to musical fulfillment.

People talk about Route 66.

Well, I'll tell you something right now.

I'm alive. Ain't no jive.

We're cruisin' on up Highway 5.

Highway 5, take a look at that.

Hey, man. [LAUGHS]

I'm so excited about Festeroo

I actually need to do more meditating every day

than I usually do.

This is my space.

I need my world where I can meditate.

Make love to myself in ways that aren't sexual, but is love.

We got, what, six, seven guys on this thing?

And slowly, the motor home is becoming the odor home, if you know what I'm saying.

Look at all that tie-dye and hair, baby.

Nothing but tie-dye and hair.

Awesome bunch of chicks!

You see that?

Holy shit! That was a bunch of chicks!

Whoa, dude!

Slow down! Hey!

I got a new song. Ready?

Psychic officer

Come on down

You're the psychic officer

You bust like an oven

You're like

GORDO: That sounds familiar.

Well, all songs kind of sound familiar.


Psychic officer


Psychic officer

I've heard this song, man.

The queen has Insects for eyes

She lives In a kingdom of lies

I swear to God, if I had a nickel for every idiot

that I see on the road, I'd be a rich man.

Hey! That's what I'm talking about.

Learn how to drive, asshole!

Jesus Christ!

You know, we weren't supposed to be on this RV.

We were supposed to get a...

we were supposed to get the bus from String Cheese Incident,

their first that they took to the Festeroo

for their first appearance.

It's called Bussy.

And I had it totally lined up, but it broke down in Ojai.

So I had to just go to EL Monte RV

and rent an RV for the band

so we could take this RV to Festeroo.

Big fucking assholes! [HONKING]

Where do we go? It's up here?

Yeah, we gotta just kind of cruise

through town a little bit.

But what's the road? What's the turn?

Is there a name?

Special event.

That's us, special event.

Is that it right there?

Yeah, this one up here, this is the one.

All right, so here we are at Festeroo.

We're getting our credentials.

Really exciting.

We're checking in, we're gonna start camping,

and we're going to get ready for the gig.

This is a very symbolic thing

because the gates of Festeroo here,

you know, we're here, guys.

I know, dude. Fucking...

Dude, how many times have we been fucking jamming

and fucking doing a freedom jam and going,

we're getting to Festeroo one day, dude.

Oh, Lapdog.


We should get, uh, tattoos!

Matching tattoos, Electric Apricot.

You know, I've always wanted to get a tattoo

of a battleship on my chest.

Aw, Christ.

Gordo. Hakia.


Remember they talked about free love in the '60s?


This festival's totally the same thing, like free love,

except for now it's not free.

Like a guy like me, I have no problem getting chicks,

but it's cool guys like you can come to this festival

and just score chicks, man. I just think that's just fucking,

that's why I love these places, man. They're awesome.

We ain't got no free love yet.

AIWASS: You have gotten any yet?

That's why you gotta hang with us, dude.

I've never heard of Electric Aypricot.

Actually, let me try again.

I've never heard of Electric Appricot.

I say Appri.


Well, let's see, first of all,

they should lose the food name.

That never works. Um...

The Electric part is okay.

Well this one, um, okay, so let's see.

The purple, the combo Thursday, which is the purple one,

was the late night shows on Thursday.

The reason that I'm...

the one redeeming value is the corn,

because it's better than any other festival's corn,

and I love that.

Brought me here.

And the yellow one is the combo Friday

for late night shows on Friday.

That's quite an appealing,

evocative gaze, if you ask me.

Good to know.

Not beer.

There are all types at Festeroo.

All types: tall, big, small.

So, on that one side of your mouth?



Yeah, there you go.

Like this?


Yeah, that's, that was closer.



The combo, like, I guess some kind

of weird pink color was for Saturday.

And then I have my combo Sunday, which is orange.

So, I don't think that's going to help, dude.

I can't eat stuff. If it's stuffed, I can't eat stuffed.

Sweet potato, I can't eat sweet.

Grilled, can't eat grilled.

Why can't you eat grilled?

Caeser, can't eat Caeser.


Right now all I can eat at this festival

is like, wheatgrass.

So far I found one place that sells wheatgrass

and there's one place that sells these rocks

that you put in cinnamon and you can lick them.

So I'm kinda hungry, dude.

The timber's off to Natty-oh

Wolf is running round

Winter was so hot and cold

Frozen beneath the ground

No, don't kill me

No, don't kill me

We are at Festeroo and I had to step up, you know.

I had to bust out the special leopard skin glasses.

They aren't even leopard skin anymore

because I've been to Burning Man

so many times with these that it's faded out.

See that guy right over there?

That's Matt Abts, man.

That's incredible. I can't believe he's even here.

That's incredible.

It's an honor to meet you, man.

Oh, thank you man.

Incredible. I love the way you play that Slingerland kit.

I like how you got the tunings really open.

You're getting all that ring, that resonance...

Oh, yeah. As much as I can.

Warren fucking...

Warren fucking, Warren fucking Haynes.

Warren fucking Haynes, dude.

You kind of got the bottom thing going,

but I also see, were you ever into Cozy Powell?

I kind of get...

Love Cozy Powell.

The Jeff Beck stuff he did especially.

I remember hearing him, you know, like with...

with Rainbow, when Dio was singing with Rainbow.


You know, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll.

That was back when I was kinda crazy,

playing a lot of kind of more heavier music, you know?

Excuse me, Warren?

Yes, sir.

Hey, how you doing?

Hey, man, how you doing?

Steve Gordo Gordon from Electric Apricot.

Nice to meet you, man.

How do you do?

I'm doing pretty good.

I'm a big, big fan.

Hey, you gotta second?

Could ask you a couple questions or something?

Sure, I got a second.

Phil Collins, I don't know what happened to that guy.

I mean, he's such a great drummer.

I don't know why he started doing

all this cabaret, Las Vegasy thing. Yeah, that's true.

Brand X, man.


Yeah, I don't know what happened.

That was a good band.

He's got cool hair, though.

Most people run their preamp really hot,

and I don't run mine very hot.


So it gives it more bottom end at low preamp.

I see that, because you got all the tone right there.

Thanks for taking some time to talk to me.


I know you got a lot of things to do.

It's quite all right.

Gordo? You said it's Gordo?


It's nice to meet you, Gordo.

Hey, pleasure, pleasure.

Hey, do you like to go to the zoo?

Do you go to the zoo?

I don't go often, but.

Do you like to feed the ducks in the park?

Uh, you know, I'm not a big duck-feeder.

I like ducks.

Yeah, I can see that.

Yeah, yeah.

You can screw my girlfriend if you want to.

She's totally down, dude.


You know, I probably would feel too guilty.

I'm married and she's your girlfriend, you know?

Oh, oh, okay.

All right.

But I appreciate the offer.

I mean, it's probably, it's coming from your heart.

He was okay.

He was kinda weird, you know?

He offered me to sleep with his girlfriend.

Something about ducks and feeding ducks and...

I don't know.

Maybe he was a little high or something.

Okay, I just was a fucking total dipshit.

I think you're overreacting.

Nah, dude.

I think you're totally overreacting.

I'm not.

I was sitting there telling him, dude, he can sleep with my girlfriend?

What the fuck is that, dude?


You don't even have a girlfriend.

I'm trying to tell you, dude.

Where the fuck is that coming from?

Oh, man.

I don't think it's as bad as you think

No, it's the fucking nightmare.

It's the worst thing in my whole entire fucking life.

It's supposed to be the best day ever.

Feed the ducks.

What are you talking about, ducks?

I asked him if he wanted to go feed the fucking ducks!

What does that mean?

I don't know. He was walking away, I wanted to talk to him.

So you talked to him about ducks?

I just... I don't get it, I mean.

I didn't know what to say, dude.

I didn't know what to say, I just fucking

turned into a blithering idiot assfuckinghole.

It just kind of tripped him out a little bit

that he told me he felt like he made

an ass of himself in front of Warren.

I'm just a fucking asshole.

Fucking fuck.

Oh, fuck it.

So, it was going so smooth today and then he's gotta trip out.

Well, I mean, you know, who knows?

Who knows what'll happen.

Wow, wow, wow.

It's the old Cincinnati dancing pig.

He's the barnyard Mr. Pig.

Is anybody up yet?

I mean, you know, he always disappears, man.

He did get pretty hammered,

I'm not really tripping on it.

I'll tell you that right now.

He was definitely,

yeah, I haven't, I don't know, I haven't seen him that lit in a while.

Well, he was all tripped out because, uh,

he went up to... he went up to Warren Haynes

and just said all this crazy shit.

But the camera guys said that they stumbled across him

and he was passed out and he was nude.

[LAUGHS] Hah, that's Gordo.

It's cool, dude. We got a lot of time, he'll show up. He always shows up.

I, uh, I think that Festeroo is a festering.

not a disease-ridden kangaroo,

but an ocean of creativity

and some of the Lord's own jelly.

Check it, stop, rock

Everybody gonna move

Everybody, let's move

Everybody gonna move

Everybody, let's move

Ain't gonna stop

Ain't gonna quit

I've kind of evolved, revolved, and dissolved

with the Grateful Dead.

And so, uh, jam is my middle jelly.

You know, fun is fun and we all know how he is,

but this is... this is... this is kinda crazy, guys.

We might have to do it without him, I hate to say it.

We're going to have to do it without him.

What's the word, here?

LAPDOG: What's the word with you?

Nothing. I... I goose egged, I haven't found a thing.

We're going to have to play, man.

We're just going to have to do it.

What do you think? Should we, like,

AIWASS: extended solos or should you do your drum...

Hey, I can do a drum solo.

AIWASS: I can get my bass solos, man.

I can't believe this.

We're down to the wire.

All right, guys, we gotta do it.

Coming out for you, the seminal jam band,

bursting onto the jam band scene,

enlightening the world through music,

give it up for Electric Apricot, everyone!

Get on your feet and ready to jam!


A quarter of the Apricot entity was not there.

Here we were heading out on stage.

And we started getting into some of the Burning Man,

the textures, doing these textures, you know?

The feeling you get, you know,

just the energy that comes off of that mass of humanity,

it's like, you know, it's why I do what I do.

It's why I chose to be a percussionist,

singer, songwriter, whatever you wanna call it.

Next thing I know, I look over and...

there he is, kinda shambling out.

I was a little late. I was working some stuff out.

I knew, personally, that Gordo was going to show up.

There's a place,

a wondrous, magical place

where like-minded individuals

come together on the playa.

This place, this wondrous place,

is called...

Burning Man

Burning Man

I think the fans and our band really connected today.

It felt really magical to me.

I don't know, it really felt like we clicked.

I mean, it was like, here's me, here's the band.

We kinda just came together.

Hey, are you Going to Burning Man

Bury your toes In the desert sand

Ain't no man for To tell you how to be

Come on down with Me to Burning Man

I got a recipe For cosmic flan

Strip off your clothes And set your aura free

Gordo, today, played his ass off, if I may say so.

He was singing something electric with his guitar

that I hadn't, actually have never ever seen before.

Come down with Me to Burning Man

Dangle your toes In that desert sand

Ain't no man for To tell you how to be

And by the man I mean the law

Free people taking Burning Man

Amazing Larry's Got a master plan

It's all about just letting myself be free

We went to a place that was absolutely unbelievable.

People were staring at us, they were staring at me.

Hey, touchdown, payday.

I don't want to say payday

because that's a little more of a capitalistic thing.

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Hey, are you Goin' to Burning Man

Burning Man


It was good. Everyone played really, really well.

I was really impressed. Gordo was just amazing, Lap was amazing,

Herschel, I mean, I was proud to be in this band today.

We came, we saw, we conquered. Why not have a little fun?

I think from here onward and upward for the Apricot.

I turned and looked and there was Gordo, man.

You only rock Festeroo once, you know what I'm saying?

Gordo, we were ready to go on with a three piece, man.

I want to propose a toast, a toast to us at Festeroo.


Yeah! Yeah!

Hip, hip, hooray!

What a day, man. Festeroo.

We came, we saw, we pulled it off somehow,

and, uh... yeah, wow.

My head's kinda spun from the whole,

the whole thing, you know?

LAPDOG: So what happened to you, dude?

I was in the woods and I was sleeping and I was naked.

I was woken up by this voice.

I looked up, you guys, and Jerry was standing over me.


He came to me.

He's been so fixated on Jerry Garcia

for so many years, I guess it was bound to happen.

Whether or not it's real or not... I mean, he didn't see Jerry Garcia.

He was probably talking to a squirrel.

I think he wanted to see Jerry Garcia.

And he's talking to me, but his mouth isn't moving.

Jerry was?

What the hell are you talking about Jerry?

But dude.

LAPDOG: I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what.

I've never seen you play like you played today.

I've never seen that. That was incredible.

Yeah, dude, you saved the show. I really think you did.

He was talking to me through here and here.

Just the most spiritual thing that ever happened to me

in my whole entire life, man.

There's a tray of special brownies, if you know what I mean,

waiting for us in the rig, if anybody wants them.


The Cube, you know, he's one of our biggest fans

and he brought us a tray of brownies.

You know, those happy brownies.

Hey, our work is done.


Let's have a little fun!

So ready, man.

You guys better get in while you fit in

because if I get that tray, it's gonna be gone, man.

We have to get out of here tonight

because we have to get this RV back.

Otherwise we'll have to pay another day rental.

NARRATOR: In the process of documenting Electric Apricot,

our young filmmaker has caught a glimpse of Enlightenment.

AIWASS: Oh, I got it, I got it.

We're cool.

Yeah, this is cool right here.

LAPDOG: So, what happened to those brownies?

AIWASS: Gordo ate 'em.

LAPDOG: Dude, he ate all those brownies?

NARRATOR: The true revelation of Enlightenment

is the discovery that life is a never ending journey

to a destination that is never actually reached.

LAPDOG: He's going to be totally gone.

AIWASS: Yeah, he is gone, he's passed out.

NARRATOR: Unexpectedly,

while reaching for Enlightenment,

the duality of existence is unveiled.

AIWASS: He's going to have a very special ride when he wakes up.


OFFICER: How you doing tonight, sir?

LAPDOG: I'm doing all right, Officer, doing all right.

OFFICER: Where are you coming from?

Um, we just came from the Festeroo,

a festival down the road.

OFFICER: Sir, I am going to have to ask you to put that video camera down, please.

Driver's license and registration, please.

You know, they're making a...

they're making a documentary.

We just played the Festeroo down the street.

Sir, please turn that video camera off.

They're making a documentary.

They're making a documentary. That's what the cameras are for.

They're doing a documentary on the band.

Driver's license and

registration, please.

We're a band from California.

We play on...

You mind if I come in there and check it out?

Check out inside.

Turn that video camera off now.

GORDO: What?

GORDO: Man, I'm getting out of here!

Get me outta here!

AIWASS: Gordo, stop, dude.

God damn... [GORDO YELLS] [THUDS]

GORDO: Get your hands off me.

OFFICER: Hey, get over here!

It's cool man! It's cool, man.

Hands behind your back.

It's cool.

It's cool man. I can't... I can't breathe!

Shut up and stay there.

I can't breathe!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Gordo recently started a website

dedicated to the notion that Jerry Garcia is still alive.

I don't put much stock in this sort of thing,

but I did find something pretty interesting.

I thought I just, one of these pans I had backstage.

I'll scroll back here.

If you do like a frame by frame.

Look at that.

I'll do a zoom in.

I mean, I don't know.

You tell me.

Hey, are you Going to Burning Man

Bury your toes In the desert sand

Ain't no man for To tell you how to be

Come on down with Me to Burning Man

I got a recipe For cosmic flan

Strip off your clothes and set your aura free

There's a place I know Called Black Rock City

Where we're About to get down

To the nitty gritty

We're all children Of the stars above

Searching for Answers and feasting on


Hey, are you Going to Burning Man

I got a big old Slab of veggie ham

Come to Camp Tesori And to bring some soy


Freethinking people At Burning Man

Amazing Larry's got the master plan

It's all about just letting myself be me


There's a gal I know Called Moonstone Annie

She blows flames Right out of her fanny

Ya ought to see her Walking on the tight wire

Jugglin' bananas while Her hair is on fire

Come on down with Me to Burnin' Man

It's a fabulous place It's a fabulous land

Ooh yeah

Art love, lovin' Art's Love for Art, Art for love

It's all about just Lettin' myself be me

Hey, there's Jerry!

The Description of Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo