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Welcome to Creating a Showcase Folio in Taskstream for students. This video will cover the basics

of creating an online student folio. If you are a student enrolled in a Directed Response

Folio (or DRF), check out our video, Directed Response Folios in Taskstream for Students.

So what is TaskStream? TaskStream is one centralized online space where students can create a showcase

of their work when looking for internships, jobs, or when applying to grad school. Think

of it as an in-depth online resume in the form of your own website with a bio about

yourself, samples of your work, your experiences abroad, and other content highlighting all

you've accomplished.

Let's jump right in. You can log in to TaskStream by navigating to and logging

in with your IC Netpass username and password. Click the Taskstream link in the left-hand


Once you log in, you can type a name for your new folio and click "Create New." On the next

page, select "General Purpose Templates (created by Taskstream)" and select a template from

the drop-down menu. There are a lot of options here, but most students should choose "Showcase

Portfolio." You can click the "Preview" button to see the structure of each template. You

can modify any template you choose, or you can choose to start from scratch. Click "Continue."

Now you can select a theme for your folio and customize the colors and layout of the

page. Click Apply in the top right-hand corner when you are happy with your theme. You can

always edit this later.

To work on the structure and content of your folio, click the "All Folios & Web Pages"

tab and click "Edit" on the folio you just created.

Notice that the structure of your folio can be managed on the left-hand side of your screen

and you can preview what your site will look like to others above this. When you click

on an area on the left-hand pane, you will see that at the bottom of the screen, there

are different options for what you can add to the page, such as attachments of PDFs or

Word documents, videos, links, and text. Your total allotted file storage in Taskstream

is 2GB and most file types are supported.

Keep track of how much space you're using by clicking on "Resources" at the top of your


Click the All Folios and Web Pages button in the top left corner and click on the title

of your folio again. Notice that on the welcome screen, you can click on the link to the "Getting

Started Guide" in the middle of the page to download a PDF that will guide you through

the rest of the process of getting your folio up and running. / Throughout Taskstream, there

are useful links to Help sections that will provide you with instructions on how to use

each tool.

That's it for Creating a Showcase Folio in TaskStream for Students.

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