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What we felt after visiting the locations was that...

We decided that we need a common theme

to bring it all together.

We want to use a theme to convey

what place Gyeongju is like.

This is what the story would be like.

Ravi drops out of the sky one day.

We'll do that without using computer graphics.

- Is that the end of my involvement? / - Yes.

(It sounds like it hasn't been settled yet with Ravi.)

- Is that it for me? / - No, we'll let you live.

Ravi falls from the sky

- Barely alive? / - and he asks, "Where am I?"

Ravi will be wearing as little cloth as possible.

What are you talking about?

He keeps looking around to figure out where he is.

Then he runs into a group of people.

The group asks who he is and where he came from.

They are picking a fight with him.

And all of a sudden, there's a dance battle.

And he wins the battle.

With his win, he gets a few items.

He keeps battling other people and keeps getting items,

and his outfit gets fancier and cooler as time goes on.

Actually, there's a famous game where he got the idea.

- Come on. / - He falls and starts farming.

(She's getting a headache.)

- Darn it. / - He'll pick up items along the way.

I think this is a Korean game,

and people all over the world enjoy playing this game.

Whether you're a king or star, here's how it will end.

We'll start from Cheomseongdae and have a dance battle,

then we'll enter and soar to the sky

as the title come out.

"Two Days and One Night, Ambiguous, LEENALCHI,"

"and Banggeulyi".

So the budget for our project is

1.24 million dollars.


We need to discuss what else to add to our plot.

We still need to think about it.

Gosh, I have a headache.

Shall we get going now?

All right, Junghoon.

Director Youn, how many places are we visiting?

- We need to visit... / - We need to visit Bunhwangsa

and check out the maple trees.

(The ginkgo trees spot)

(was found by Mr. Ra.)

(Woongok Seowon and the ginkgo trees)

- Are we going to Expo Park? / - Yes.

Let's check out the park after Bunhwangsa.

(Here are the additional places to check out.)

(Woongok Seowon, Expo Park,)

(Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond)

(Meanwhile, it's lunchtime for Team Incheon.)

At a place like this, we should eat seafood jjamppong.

We're at the beach after all.

- This is a nice meal. / - Yes.

(Gosh, that hits the spot.)

Hey, this totally woke me up.

- Can you go for one more ride? / - Gosh, no.


(Eating zealously)

(The end of their meal)

It seems like all of us are on the same page.

- Everything is going smoothly so far. / - Yes.

I love it.

(We should work hard.)

We should make it look more exciting.

(We should work hard.)

(Very serious)

(The assistant is working hard too.)

There's a boat. Turn around!

(The worst camera movement)

(They are manually recording a one-shot video.)

Keep going forward.

(Keep going until we're out of the frame.)

Keep going.

- My body aches. / - Your body aches?

(How far do we need to go?)

(Their passion for dance is endless.)

- Should we go or not? / - Let's go.


Run down!

(They stick to avant-garde camera angles.)

- Are we doing this right? / - Yes.

- We look like Ambiguous. / - Hey.

- Okay. / - Where are we going next?

Next up is Aramaru Skywalk.


(Aramaru Skywalk)

- Gosh. Nice. / - Gosh.

(Aramaru Skywalk)

(It's a circular observatory that)

(overlooks the Ara Waterway.)

(Ara Waterway)

(It's an 18km-long waterway)

(from Han River to the Yellow Sea.)

(It's Korea's first inland waterway.)

- This place is cool. / - Right?

Hold on.

- We can't do this. / - We can't.

(He freezes.)

(They can see below the skywalk)

(through the transparent glass.)

Hey, it shook. It just shook. We should hurry back.

(I can't go!)

It's not too bad. You can't see through.

It's not water down there.

- That's why it's scarier. / - No way.

Just have your eyes on us.


- Jongmin. / - What?

- We don't have much time left. / - Okay.

My gosh. By the way, this is quite scary.

(Both of them are making a fuss.)

- Why would they build this? / - I feel dizzy.

My legs are shaking.

By the way, where's the waterfall?

The waterfall is right there. It's that way.

When will we show the night view? From which angle?

- The night view? / - There won't be much to see.

The observatory and the bridges light up at night.

- The bridges on both sides. / - Hey, this just shook.

- Let's get out of here. / - That lights up.

So it's pretty.

We should film the waterfall from here.

We can check out another spot

and film the night view on our way back.

- Sure. / - Let's check it out briefly.

I lived in Incheon

after my college graduation. I didn't know what to do.

Every morning, I'd run all the way to the waterfall.

- See that bicycle? Yes. / - Yes. You lived here?

(Seonho used to run this trail every day.)

- Really? / - I ran until my knees gave out.

How much did you run?

I think I ran 5km every day.

Why are you so weak, though?

- I was 27 back then. / - I see.

Does it feel surreal to come back here?

- Yes, a bit. After talking to you. / - Of course.

You didn't know what to do when you were 27.

You ran here because you were so lost.

Now you're back here filming Two Days and One Night.

On top of that,

you came with TV stars like Jongmin and me.

(Excessively strong sense of identity)

Of course it feels surreal.

I bet it feels surreal to be here.

I'm back here with TV stars.

(Walking here with TV stars as he reminisces.)

My gosh. This is amazing.

- Hey, this is incredible. / - It's amazing.

(Ara Waterfall)

(The topographic feature of Mount Gyeyang's gorge was)

(used to construct Korea's biggest man-made waterfall.)

- We should film this. / - Yes, we should.

Let's film from that side.

Why don't we dance in the middle of this waterfall?

We should film under the waterfall.

(Behind this waterfall)

- This... / - We should do this dance.

I like that.

(The Dance Vending Machine)

(spits out the moves right away.)

- That's Park Jinyoung's dance. / - Yes, that's right.

Let's use the move while covering our nose.

- Like this? / - Yes.

After that, let's add one of yours.

Why would we do that? Let's just copy his moves.

(It's a hassle to him.)

- Do this once. Do it again. / - One, two.

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