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Now, we have a LOT to cover in this weeks episode.

As of today we are officially 105 days away from the general election.

105 days!

That means that the next time you see me, well be less than a hundred days away from

November 3rd.

Now, that might sound a little scary.

Butits also exciting!

That means that in 105 days, we can literally change the world.

We can put a decisive end to the Trump presidency, kick Mitch McConnell out of office, and take

his Senate majority, too.

And once were in power, well be able to fight for some of the most progressive

legislation in US history.

BUT, for any of that to happen, we need to put in the work.

And I dont need to tell you all that the stakes are...astronomical.

We are seeing the consequences of this administration every single day with the Coronavirus pandemic.

And...things are only getting worse.

Just this past weekend we saw over 120,000 new cases of COVID-19.

Weve now had 42 days in a row where the seven-day average of cases is trending upwards.

Over 50 million people have filed for unemployment since the pandemic began.

And, you know how this president likes to talk about America leading?

Well, we are leading.

In all the wrong ways.

Were leading the world with over 140,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

Were leading the world with over 3.7 million infections.

Meanwhile, what has the president done?

He bragged about slowing down testing.

He ridiculed masks for monthseven though we now know theyre incredibly effective

at slowing the spread of the pandemic.

And make no mistakeMitch McConnell and his Republican friends in the Senate have

enabled each and every one of Trumps terrible decisions in hishandlingof the pandemic.

Take the Heroes Act, for example.

House Democrats passed the Heroes Act 70 days agoand its been sitting on Mitch McConnells

desk ever since.

We NEED to pass the Heroes Act to protect our elections, keep people on payrolls, give

financial relief to those who need it, and make sure that EVERYONE is included in COVID

relief efforts, including immigrants.

This is unacceptable.

People are DYING, and Mitch McConnell and the president continue to play politics with

peoples lives.

But, its not hopeless.

We CAN do something about it.

In fact, Indivisibles ARE doing something about it.

This Thursday, Indivisibles around the country are calling their Senators to DEMAND that

they pass the Heroes Act, including 3.6 BILLION dollars in election funding.

And you can join, too!

Click the link in the description and well connect you with your senators so you can

make your voice heard.

This is SO important.

I mean, not only does our public health depend on passing the Heroes Act, but our Democracy

is at stake too.

We NEED you to make these calls on Thursday.

Now, unfortunately, the Coronavirus and Senate Republicans are not the only threats to our

Democracy right now.

Weve all been paying VERY close attention to the horror coming out of Portland, where

federal agents have been TERRORIZING peaceful protestors.

Picking them up off the street, drenching them in tear gas, putting them in unmarked


These tacticswhich, by the way, CBP and ICE have been using for YEARS at the border

arent just wrong.

They are fascist.

Under the racist guise oflaw and order” — the Trump administration is literally

using fascist tactics to suppress peaceful protests in Portland, and who knows where

theyll do it next.

Despite these violent, authoritarian scare tactics from the Trump administration, peaceful

protestors in Portland and around the country continue to show up every single day to fight

for Black lives.

But we HAVE to do something to put an end to this administrations gross abuse of

power before it gets even more out of hand.

And, once again, we CAN do something about it.

Later this week, the Senate will vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA),

and we are DEMANDING that the bill include an amendment offered by Oregon Senators Jeff

Merkley and Ron Wyden, which would prevent federal agents from entering local jurisdictions

unless theyre invited...and if they are invited, they would be required to be identifiable

while on the job.

Its hard to believe were at a point where we need legislation to prevent us from

falling into a fascist police state, but, here we are.

And once again, we need YOU.

We need to call your Senators and DEMAND that the NDAA include the Merkley-Wyden Portland


And if it doesnt, they need to vote against it.

This has to stop.

And in some more troubling yet unsurprising news, President Trump said this weekend that

he might not accept the results of the 2020 election...which, again, shouldnt have

come as a surprise to anyonethe man doesnt care about the Constitution, or anything,

really, other than maintaining his own power.

Fortunately, we have a plan to protect the results of the election.

Were building a coalition of voters that will be ready to mobilize if Trump refuses

to accept the results of the November 3rd election, and we need YOU to be a part of


Visit PROTECT-THE-RESULTS-DOT-COM right now to sign up and help save our democracy from

the threat the threat that is Donald Trump.


Day after day, week after week, we are seeing the Trump administration chip away at our


At our norms, our institutions, our laws.

And theyre also trying to chip away at our spirit, our hope, our commitment to fight

for change this November and beyond.

But every single day, this movement shows that were stronger than they are.

From the protestors in Portland and around the country who are fighting for Black lives;

to our essential workers who are putting their lives on the line to fight this ruthless pandemic,

even if their government wont help them; to all of you who are making phone calls,

sending texts, organizing your friends and family.

We are so much stronger than this president thinks we are.

And its inspiringits inspiring every single day, but its especially inspiring

right now, as we continue to mourn and celebrate the life of the legendary Congressman John

Lewis, who passed away last Friday.

John Lewis was an American hero.

A giant among men, who carried the cause of racial justice on his shouldersfrom Selma,

to the March on Washington, to the halls of Congressand fought for that cause until

his dying breath.

John Lewis reminded us with his words and with his actions that we cannot get lost in

a sea of despair.

That we have to be optimistic, that we have to be hopeful.

And yes, that we have to be willing to get into good trouble, when necessary.

We will continue to honor John Lewiss life with action each and every day, to the election

and beyond.

And we know youll do the same.

Thanks so much for tuning into our second episode of Indivisible Weekly.

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