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Beep, this is a student

Beep, this is a student

Hey you! Don't you know that adults using the student discount card is illegal!?

Wh..what? I am a student.. Here is my student card..

Let's se..huh!? Oh~you are a student~hahahaha...

Oh my, I am so sorry~

You look very mature so I made a mistake..

Hahahaha hop on hop on~

Hahahahaha get rid of that beard would you~lol

You look like an old man with that beard~

Agh.. I was too busy in the morning so I didn't have time to shave~

Yaaawn~ I'm going to sleep cause I'm sleepy so wake me up when we arrive school..

Did you finish studying for our science exam today? That's our first class today~

You should at least revise in the bus

No, I didn't study.. But I get car sick when I read in the car..

Did you watch the drama 'Do you want a slap on the face' yesterday?

Of course I did~ Chief Park and manager Kim were doing well together

but Yeonghui Kim that woman came along and ruined all the good vibes

I knew this would happen..!!

Yeonghiu Kim that woman always tried to flirt and smile with her eyes whenever chief Park passed by

[This stop is Gode laboratory]

Huh!? Hang on a minute.. Where are we..?

Excuse me.. have we passed Tomato apartment already?

Tomato apartment? We've passed that stop ages ago

Oh my, I'm all over the place today! I'm going to get off, open the door for me please!

Is that your friend grandma?

Huh? No~ I've first seen him today

Hey Kim, it's me~!(bellowing)

Why do you not come to the meetings anymore~ What? What!? Ah, I can't here you well~!!!!

Speak up!! What? You want me to put you on speaker phone!?!?

Oh no, not now!! I'm in the bus right now so I have to be quiet~!!

Yeah!! Yup yup yup~!! Ah of course of course~!!!

That man should tell the person on the phone to speak up if he can't hear them..

Why is he the one who's speaking loudly

Yaaawnn~ Agh what's so noisy..ugh.. I can't sleep cause of the noise

Huh!? Hey..Minsik Kim! Were you really studying all on your own without me!?

I don't get car sick like you do~

Agh~ I really hate exams..

Only if a robber can hop on the bus and rob this whole bus..

Then I wouldn't have to take my exams..

Hey..! You're talking nonsense~ What do you mean a robber...

Everybody don't move~!!


Bus man if you don't wanna die..

You don't stop the bus from the next stop and keep going straight ok!?

Eek..! Okok!! as you say..!

Grandma..I'm scared...

It''s's ok..

Oh! There's a r..robber in the bu..bus!!!!!!

Hey you over there!! Get off the phone right now!?

Okok..I..I hung up the call..

Is it right or wrong to speak loudly while in public spaces huh!? [true education from a robber]

Ah..No..No it's not right..

Right, so when I go around with my bag, all off you put your wallets, phones, earrings, necklaces

and everything that's worth money in the bag..!

If you try to do something stupid you will die..!

[robber collecting the people's belongings]

Hey, what should I do..? I got my one month's allowance today..

What do you mean what should you do.. You should put it in the bag if you want to live...

Wouldn't we be able to get him if we try to get him together? It's two people against one..!

Eh do you think we're in a film!? We will really die if we try to do that..!

Oi you guys! What do you keep whispering about!?'s is my wallet..

Huh? Who's this woman? You feel sleepy in this situation!?

Wake up you~!

Oh my! I fell asleep too deeply..

If you don't want to die, give me everything in your pocket

Huh~!? What is this! I'm not joking so give me all the things you have~!!

Hahaha~Oi what are you going right now!?

Hu..huh..!?! This is a real gun! A real gun I say!!

You.. Where did you get this huh!!


[passengers talking to each other]

You told me that you got a job and this is what you do as a job!?

You little jerk!!! Argh agh!!

Ah..! Agh! Mum!! Ah! Hang on.. mum mum.. Agh! It hurts..!

Agh! Mum!! I'm sorry... Ah..

Bus driver! Please take us to the police office!

What..!? The..the police office?

What do you mean the police office.. he said we will die if I stop the car..

You jerk!!

Agh!! Mum! Ah..! Mummummum.. Ah stop.. Ah!! Ah!!

In Mexico, there are sometimes incidents

where armed robbers get on the bus and try to steal the passenger's belongings

There was a bus robbery like this on the 8th of October

The robber who was stealing the passenger's things triumphantly

froze after seeing one person's face

The person the robber saw was not a police nor a soldier but the robber's mother

The robber had a gun in his hands

but when he saw his mother he did not know what to do and was busying getting told off

and eventually was arrested by the police due to his mother's report

Out of all of the buses he got on the bus his mother was on..

Thanks to that, all the passengers got their things back

and were able to go home safely

This was the story of "Mu..mum why are you here..!?"

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