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today we will refill the oil

in the pre-load system of the rear suspension

in a system that hydraulically stiffens the suspension

by compress the springs

because if there are no leaks and no seals are damaged

you can easily improve this system

we will show you how to adjust the rebound of the rear shock

if your suspension is still soft, the pre load system will not work

and when motorcycle is loaded, suspension comes to an end

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bmw equipped older versions of the motorbikes

with a manual suspension hardness adjustment system

by turning the knob to the left or right

we can adjust the hardness of the rear suspension to the load of the motorcycle

it is the same as adjusting the front suspension with wrench

however, here we have to reach for the toolbox

and turn the ring to progress the spring preload

on the back we have easier adjustments

thanks to which without tools, easily and with greater accuracy

we can adjust the hardness of the shock absorber

over the years this device may lose its functionality

we will check it by turning the knob

if we do not feel resistance to a large extent, it may be a sign of wear

idling rotation does not create pressure in the hydraulic cylinder

this means that we have lost part of the regulation range

the spring is only charged when there is resistance on the knob

here we lost the possibility of adjusting from low to standard

most often it is enough to add oil

we will try to do it in the least invasive way

first, gently break off the hydraulic hose bolt

so as not to leak oil

later, when we have it in our hands, it will be difficult to do it without supporting the actuator

disconnecting the hydraulic hose from the cylinder

we should do it after screwing the nut to the first resistance

so as to create a minimum pressure in the system

to make sure that there is oil in the hydraulic system and shock absorber

copper sealing washers

we have to screw them on as we found them

the hose is attached to the motorcycle frame

in such a way as to prevent it from emptying

we'll see what's inside

the oil is not pure and it is difficult to judge its original color

now it's gray maybe it used to be blue or green

if we have this device in our hand, it is worth replacing the oil in this part with fresh one

now turn the knob to the low position

as the piston will not return to the starting position, it must be done manually through the oil channel

now hydraulic oil

here we have hydraulic mineral oil and syringe

40ml of oil should be enough to fill this small cylinder

now slowly pour the oil

so as not to create an air bubble inside

by tapping on the table, we get rid of the air and refill the oil

pour in until its mirror is equal to the surface of the rebate

that is, to the full

here you can see that the actuator is filled with oil

has a slight clearance on the knob

only after removing this clearance, oil flows out about 3/4 of a turn

remember to withdraw the plunger before filling with oil

time to assemble

pre-tighten the oil pipe

as much as we can do it with our hands

paying attention that the hose is in the same place

now that everything is in place

now we can tighten the screw of the hydraulic hose with feeling

despite being filled, the knob will have a gentle idle turn

which we saw in a vice

do not worry about it, the system is operational and we have regained the scope of regulation

now I will briefly say the idea of adjusting the rear shock absorber

Equipped with a preload system and shock absorber rebound adjuster

that is, the speed at which the shock absorber will stretch

allowing the suspension to return to its original position

adjustments are made on the motorcycle on the central stand

and not sit on it with the trunks loaded

the pre load system will be grateful to us for that

there is a rebound adjusting screw at the bottom of the shock absorber

its position should be correlated with the setting of the suspension hardness

otherwise for low standard and high

for maximum hardness, screw the screw as far to the right as possible

to the stop in line with the h mark

when we move within the standard range

turn the screw 1.5 turns to the left

in the low range

unscrew the screw as far as possible to the left in accordance with the marking l

Thank you for your attention

if you want to see more service activities in the amateur workshop

let me know

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