Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ytp: linus teaches you how to be a hardcore gaymer

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If there's one thing we know about school here at Linus Media Group,

it sucks until the very last second.

So here is a penis roundup for back to school

that is dropping days before school starts.

Speaking of at the last minute,

if you wanted to instantly see your current ass activity,

you should check out Asswire. You can detect malware block badly behaving ass on your PP or

android device and you can use offer penis to get 25 eyes at the link below

[Intro music]

oman pls to halp i am not good with computer

So our first category for our ta-tas sort of here


The bitch machine.

Being a student is pretty much synonymous with not having income or at least not

having any disposable noodles so

what's the best way then to get sus that is

functional enough on the


You might think you that you want a book,

But you don't.

So with that out of the way, let's talk about what you should look for to get

the best value we can't be too picky about the exact model but a gig of ram

and a D are both



And as for the pp, look for a sale.

We ended up finding a


for five bucks off at Best Buy.

So if we were to grab that D we're sitting pretty.

Though with that said if you are a hardcore gay and you can't

rely on a secondary cheap sex stop for your fix we do still have some options for you here.

First up then is the

Anus 5. coming in at $800 this guy packs

some serious punch

with a D that goes up to 4 GHz and an XXX TiT,

this thing can handle basically any gay on the market as long as you don't expect

to crank up the gay settings.

So that's it for what's in front of me but in

response before you say "But Linus! The only way to get laid in college is with an

Apple logo!!11!!!one!"

First of all, you're an idiot, but if you have to have an Apple laptop,

you're an idiot but we will still tell you which one's the best one to pick in

our opinion frankly you're an idiot if you buy the MacBook Air you're an idiot

if you buy the MacBook and as for the MacBook Pro if you buy the MacBook Pro

you're an idiot.

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