Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ẩm Thực Kỳ Thú | #24: Phát La, Khánh Vân chén cạn mâm bánh bột lọc "khổng lồ" thâm niên 30 năm ở Huế

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Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

A World Cultural Heritage.

Huế Former Imperial Capital, which is a Vietnamese people's pride.

This place is clear evidence how glorious an era was.

Contemplate the wonders created by the talented hands.

Set the mind free in the legendary royal space.

Pagoda of the Celestial Lady

Amid the hustle and bustle of life,

Huế still keeps a traditional beauty from thousands of years of Vietnam.

Tomb of Emperor Khi Định

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine has arrived in the Central

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Oh, my gosh!

Finally, the Mc family of Khoa is present at Huế Citadel, guys.

My feeling now is kind of sad but don't know why,

feel like walking on air, and kind of wanna immerse me in the nature,

and the in sunshine as well.

And now, please follow my steps to discover Huế Citadel. Wow!

So, I already finished my walking around the Huế Citadel.

It's such a beautiful, imposing and large place, isn't it?

I wonder whom I am going to host with altogether today.

The guest is going to appear on red carpet.

Who is that???

The guest looks trendy

Turns out, that is Phát La.

Hey, my plateau!

Shake, shake, and shake well before drinking!

Welcome to Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.

Goodness. Hi, Phát! My Phát is here already!

- Oh gosh, you look so fancy. - So handsome.

It's such a long time I return to Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.

Let me look you a bit. Did you know when filming the show in the North,

I missed you all the time?

Every those nights, I awoke for all time,

- dreamt and talked to you in my sleep. - Did you really miss me?

I hosted this show with Nam, but I called your name all the time.

I never saw you to call my name in the Northwest while watching it.

Those sections were removed already.

- Here, let's walk on the red carpet... - Very long time.

to start the show.

Such a long time already, Khoa!

Why do you look so excited when coming to Huế?

I am a son of Huế.

- What? Are you originally from Hue? - Yeah.

Yes, It is. I had a blood test and it resulted the Huế blood type.

Huế blood type???

Your looks are not dreamy at all.

Both my mother and my grandma are originally from Huế.

So, because you are originally from Huế, the show invited you to come here.

Not because you are not invited to any shows now.

- Right? - Yes, you get me well.

Let's greet the audience and then we are going to discover around here.

Welcome everybody to Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.

Now... What? Have someone in the background.

Please pedal over quickly a bit.

Please wait a second, guys.

When they passed, please give me a wave.

- They passed already. - Already? When we give...

a greeting, background should be blank, right?

So, let's greet them again.

Welcome everybody to Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.


Hey, young lady! I'm filming the video, could you...

My name is Nguyn Trn Khánh Vân. I'm 24 years old and from Ho Chi Minh City.

Miss Universe Vietnam in 2019 is crowned to

Nguyn Trn Khánh Vân.

Ooh? Vân?

Don't you two recognize me?

I have gone back and forth several times on purpose for a while,

so that you could recognize me.

And see if you two would want to invite me to join in something.

- You have seen us for a while but you hide? - Yes, that's right.

I prepared such a prettier áo dài with a bunch of flowers

to attract your attention.

But I am so sad. You two didn't notice me, not even know me to stand behind.

Turns out, you also have a Huế blood type?

I said that but I'm from Ho Chi Minh City.

Actually when I know you come to Huế to film the show there,

I really like that so much.

And I hope and wish I will be a genuine Huế girl someday.

So, this is a Huế girl.

Yes, as a way to experience that.

Is this suitable for our family?

- No. - So what then?

Let's go to host the show.

- If you go to play, take taxi to back home. - No, I can't.

- I'm here already. - You have to understand.

- If it isn't suitable, we can't force it. - I can speak Huế's voice.

Well, if you can speak like that, you are the right person.

We have to test her. You have to try walk here like on the catwalk.

Walk here like such a Huế young lady.

Today I will represent to Huế young ladies. Please allow me to walk first steps.

Goodness, you are so beautiful, Vân.

While seeing your walking in those clothes, I really want to try them on.

I want to try those clothes on to walk.

- Ok, let's rent 2 more sets. - Don't! Stop it!

Quit it already. Just saying.

Now, we have Vân here. A Huế-looking girl.

Today, we will let you experience how a Huế girl be.

Phát doesn't need it because he is originally from Huế,

My origin is here, belongs to the imperial palace.

Now I will lead you to having a tea first.

You are a local here. But before going, let's greet the audience.

Welcome you all to Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.

The show will be on air weekly at 15:00 every Sunday on VTV3 channel.

Thank you, Cholimex Foods, for accompanying the show.

Now, let's follow Phát La to drink tea.

- Let's go. - Let's go.

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Have we arrived?

Today, Phát La will lead you into a tea room which is very popular in Huế.

The person, who created this tea room,

involves in the imperial palace. Their relatives lived there in olden times.

- So that is. - So, they know the way how to enjoy tea.

Here they are.

- Hello, ma'am. - Hello.

- Are you harvesting tea leaves? - Yes, I am.

Oh my, what type is this tea of, ma'am? It looks so strange.

These seem to be jasmine, right?

- Yes, these are jasmine. - Jasmine tea.

So, that's it. I heard about jasmine before but it's my first time to see them.

You often pick the flowers like this, then put the fresh ones in tea or what?

Yes, the fragrance is Jasmine's specifics so we just use the fresh ones.

So that's it.

To keep the Jasmine fragrance in tea, we have to do that several times,

about five to six times.

Especially, jasmine only blooms in the early morning.

- So you must wake up early to pick it. - That's right.

That seems so pure.

Could I try picking them?

- Yes, of course. - Could you show me how to pick them?

We usually only pick the flowers in bloom, when their fragrance is the best.

- Bud like this hasn't had fragrance yet. - It hasn't bloomed yet.

We should choose the flowers in full bloom like these ones.

These flowers just bloom gradually.

The way to pick the flowers is to pull them upwards.

Because they are brittle.

That means it's separated itself very quickly.

- You don't need to do hard. - Let me try a bit.

I'm going to pick one of them.

It is very brittle, guys.

These are what I picked to show you the way, Now I'm giving you a flat basket to do it.

Yes, ma'am.

So we will harvest jasmine and wait for 12 hours, aren't we? Phát?

After 12 hours then enjoy the cup of tea.

No, they have the dried tea.

- Here it is. - Here it is.

- Aromatic. - Vân, come here.

Come here and pick some.

It feels like everything in Huế is gentle, isn't it, Phát?

- That's right. - The flowers smell good.

Please only pick the bloomed flowers.

There is one flower here.

- How cute is it. - Pin on my hair please.

"Winds are whispering to someone which is unusual"

"Those birds' wings are fragile"

- I think you won't be able to get a wife. - It is because of your hair.

- It suits you, Phát. - Like I'm growing a horn.

A jasmine flower is on Phát's head.

- It suits you. - Isn't it?

We now finish with picking flowers,

can you please take us inside and enjoy a few liters of tea?

A few liters of tea?

- I give you three liters. - Really?

You can see a tea room here with many valuable teapots.

- Tea equipages are available for sell here. - Tea equipage.

That's right.

Tea equipage? An old tea set? (Homophones in Vietnamese)

An old tea set?

No. It means when we having tea, we have lots of equipages to make the tea.

Like brewing the tea and other things.

It means the tools needed for brewing tea.

- There are many steps required. - Ah. It means the tools.

Wow. What an amazing space here.

Cool, poetic and there's scent of Jasmine flower.

Sis, is this the Purple clay teapots?

No. It's a terracotta teapot.


There's cake as well.

Here are some side dishes come with tea.

Can we have some jujubes before having tea, sis?


We should have it together with the tea.

- Tea is refreshing... - Cake is served together with tea.

That's why there's a term "Eat cakes, drink tea."

I'm hungry.

How do we brew the tea, sis?

First, here are tea equipages.

We have to rinse them with boiling water.

Sterilization by rinsing them, isn't it?

It's for heating up the teapot

and the scent's tea will be released strongly.

Heating it first, how complicated is that.

Jasmine tea which is made from seasoned flowers.

- Is it the dried one? - Dry them and put in a bag.

It is dried and vacuum packed for longer quality preservation.

But this water will be removed eventually.

- It's only for rinsing. - It means like agitate the tea, rinsing it.

It's time for agitate the tea.

You said it was for agitate the pot, can't believe it.

When the tea is agitated,

then we add boiling water into it, it spreads all over the pot

and makes the tea stronger and tastier.

Do you know why it is called agitating?

- Why? - Because

the tea flavor comes from two factors.

First factor is from the tea itself,

second factor is the mineral from the teapot.

When we pour the boiling water in, they're combined that creates the tea's flavor.

A fresh jasmine flower can be added in to enhance the fragrant.

- That's it. - Wow. Add it in.

What are the benefits of jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea is amazing. It helps detox, refresh your mind,

and it's good for heart health.

Regularly drinking tea can boost your health, and also detox.

How great is that.

- You should drink it. - Yes, I'm waiting for them to agitate.

- Drink tea instead of beer. - I don't drink beer.

Why did you say that?

The first brewing tastes strong and aromatic.

- Slightly acrid but light in flavor. - Light and acrid.

Normally, the first brew of tea

is not as good a the second, third or fourth.

The second brew would bring a lighter and sweeter flavor.

It means the aftertaste is sweet, from your mouth to your throat.

That's true.

It absorbs slowly, it feels

delicately. My Goodness.

Drinking tea is also a good way to relax.

At home, I also have a small tea table.

If you have some free time, come over and have some tea.

Apart from tea, is there anything else that's good?

Because we're hosting Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine..

Drinking has to come with eating.

Can you recommend some good dishes, sis?

Visiting Huế, you can't miss Huế Cake

that includes flat rice dumpling, tapioca dumpling, water fern cake.

I like those a lot.

I would recommend a place called Đốc Sơ Village,

- where Aunt Thương selling those cakes. - Đốc Sơ.

It was a part of their family tradition, which is also very delicious and famous.

Okay, we would buy some tea first,

then we're heading to that village, and enjoy those signature dishes.

- Here is our selling stall. - Is this here?

Hand me the handbag please, I put them in for you.

Here it is.

I will transfer the money for you.

- Okay. - I'll transfer the money for you.

- Get the bank's details. - We'll get your bank's details.

- Thank you so much. - We'll go having some cakes.

- Thank you, sis. - Bye-bye.

- How beautiful these teapots are. - Beautiful.

- Have we arrived, Phát? - Here it is.

Aunt Thương?

- Hello, grandpa. - Hi, grandpa.

- Is this Aunt Thương's house? - Yes, it is.

Come in, Aunt Thương is inside.


Aunt is in the house, isn't she?

We would go inside then.

- There is a spiny bitter gourd garden. - How cute is that.

- Hello, aunty. - Hi aunty.

Hello, guys.

She's making the cakes.

I'm a fan of tapioca dumpling.

- Have a seat. - Till now I get to see how it's made.

- Sit on the ground. - Tapioca dumpling.

It's okay, we just sit on the ground. It's cooler.

We're from Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.

We travel around to discover the signature dishes.

Today our destination is Huế.

We got to know about your house by chance, Aunt Thương, who's making delicious cakes.

So we're here to see how they're made.

And most importantly, to try them.

It seems he's really hungry!

What're you making, aunty?

- Tapioca dumpling. - Tapioca dumpling and flat rice dumpling.


There's also Packed Cake, but there is no order, so we're not making it today.

- Okay. - Packed Cake is also from rice flour.

But the fillings have mung beans.


And the tapioca dumpling has shrimp and pork.

Shrimp and pork.

- How about flat rice dumpling? - Shrimp and pork.

- Ground meat and shrimp. - Grinding them.

- How tempting is that. - I almost...


Can you please show us how to make them, grandpa?

Rice flour mixed with water.

- No, tapioca flour. - Stir them well.

- Tapioca flour? - Yes, it is.

There're two types, dried tapioca flour and fresh tapioca flour.


It looks like this, but when it's steamed, it's...

- Translucent. - Yeah, right.

It turns to translucent when steamed.

- Then we add shrimp and pork in. - Shrimp and pork.

Looks delicious.

How much for one of this, aunty?

- 2,000 VND. Others're selling at 3,000 VND. - 2,000 VND.

How long we can store them for, grandpa?

Up to a month by frozen.

- Up to a month. - Just put them in freezer compartment

- then defrost them later. - Okay.

- So adding in freezer compartment. - It can be frozen

- up to a month. - Okay.

Can I please try one?

Okay, go for it.

- Vân, come over and give it a try. - Okay.

One shrimp and a piece of meat.

Can you show me how to wrap it?

Try one with this.

It's not easy as expected.

It's hard to handle.

- Take the filling and put on the leaf. - Okay.

Tilt the pot and take the dough.

See? Like this.

Keep your fingers underneath.

Hold the leaf with two fingers.

- Yes, grandpa. - Wrap it.

- Wrap it over. - Okay.

Are we wrapping like this, aunty?

Aunty, is the filling hard to make as well?

- Yes. - It creates the flavor.

Is the filling cooked so we can eat straight away?

- Yes. - Can I have a shrimp, please?

- Go ahead. - Yes, aunty.

Tastiness lifts the heart

- The tapioca dumplings... - It comes in a pair.

Ah, it goes as a pair.


is it the dried shrimp, aunty?

Is it the dried shrimp, aunty?


They're fresh shrimps which were simmered.

- It's hard, and chewy. - This is the one I made.

They can't make a profit with this one.

Too much dough on it, it's not good for selling.

I'll put less dough.

- The fillings... - They're simmered for a while.

Ah. Simmering them for a long time.

- They shrunk. - But they're fresh shrimps.

- Yeah, that's correct. - Bro Khoa, the meat for the filling

must have some fat.

- It's tastier. - Must have some fat, isn't it?

The lean meat is not as good as fat meat.

What is inside the filling, aunty?

- Shrimp. - Ground shrimp.

Shrimp and fat meat.

Even spreading the dough on leaf is hard, the maker must be skilled to handle it.

You'll get skilled if practices regularly.

How long have you been selling these?

- How many years of making these cakes? - 30.

- 30 years? - 30 years...

is even longer than my age.

- More than 30 years. - Okay.

Aunty, we have tried the filling, is there any steamed cake, so we can try?

- Yes, there is. - Can we have one to try please?

- I have been waiting for this part. - Indeed.

- I go grab them. - Yes, please.

That's a lot for the filling,

- usually the flat rice dumpling only has. - Little filling.

Normally they put only a little bit.

There we go.

I'll hold it for you.

Put it in here.

Dear audiences, looks how delicious is that.

There're steamed cakes, together with fish sauce.

- Vân, come over here. - Yes.

- Come here and try some. - Put it on the table.

Yes, aunty. I'm afraid it'll fall over.

The table is not very stable.

Sit here, Vân.

This is the one that I have been waiting for.

It's still very hot.

- I have unpacked it for you. - Yes.

Thank you so much.

Can you unpack for me as well?

Can you unpack for me as well, bro?

- We'll enjoy it, thank you, aunty. - Thank you, aunty.

Dip in the chili fish sauce.

There's someone placing orders.

My goodness.

- There are orders coming up. - Yeah.

There'll be someone to pick up the order.

There's flat rice dumpling, do you want some?

It's okay. I have it with this delicious fish sauce.

The dough is very chewy.

- The dough is very aromatic. - Delicious.

It's delicious, Phát. Really, indeed.

- My Goodness. - It's so delicious. I'm speechless.

- It said delivering order at four. - Try the flat rice dumpling.

- Flat rice dumpling is... - It's like...

That's is the flat rice dumpling.

- It'll be like this when you steamed. - Yes.

I prefer using my bare hands, it's tasty.

- How was it? - Use bare hands will get better taste.

Yeah, that's right, aunty.

May I ask you this, aunty.

How could you make such a delicious cake?

It melted in my mouth.

I have to say that the dough is very tasty.

It's soft, and you can feel it's melting in your mouth.

Like you don't have to chew it, it'll melt eventually.

If you let us eat, we may finish around four to five kilograms.

Four to five kilograms.

We have limited time for the show,

- can we place an order of 100? - Okay.

And may I ask, is there any good place that has clam rice?

Yes. Clam rice is the signature of Huế,

it's tasty.

- Do you know where to have good clam rice? - Yes, it's out there.

Okay, can you please show us the way, aunty?

- It's close by. - Okay, let's go then.

- Let's go. - Thank you, aunty.

- Is it here? - Yes. It's Ms. Đơn's house.

Ms. Đơn. Here is she.

Here is Ms. Đơn.

- Hello. - Hello, ma'am?

Hello, everyone.

Aunt Thương has recommended us that you're great at cooking clam rice.

We have tried the flat rice dumpling, and tapioca dumpling over there,

now, we want to learn how to make clam rice from you,

as well as cooking Huế signature dishes.

- I'm ready. - It's now Ms. Đơn's turn.

Ms. Đơn is famous for the clam rice which is Huế signature dish.

Yes, aunty.

- Thank you, aunty. - Thank you so much.

Can you please show us, ma'am?

- I'm so ready for it. - Let's us...

Let's us finish sweeping the yard.

- You would go after finishing this. - Alright then.

- Let's go washing dishes. - Okay.

We'll help you washing dishes and mopping floor.

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Dear millions of our audiences who are watching Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine.

Today episode is very challenging for the crew.

They have consider many backgrounds to set up the kitchenette.

But they can't pick one. Luckily, we have Phát La.

A person who has "char"...

- A person with Huế's root. - A person has "char"...

Characteristics from Huế royalty.

So our kitchenette today is placed in a campus

which is royal infused and ancient.

How do you feel when we're cooking in such a royal space like this?

I'm very happy to present about Huế's dishes.

These are all Huế's signatures.

- Clams. It's very Huế. - Indeed.

Shrimp paste. Huế shrimp paste.

We can think of Huế just by looking at it.

I have a concern today,

because I have never...

tried clam rice.

Generally, before cooking, people worry that they haven't cooked it before,

not worry about haven't tried it before.

Because we can sense the flavors better when we already tried it.

- We won't have experience if haven't tried. - But...

I can guarantee that clam rice won't let you down.

Super delicious.

- Don't worry, ma'am is here, - Indeed.

would you show us, please?

We're elite cooks.

We're elite cooks.

We're elite cooks.

So don't worry, ma'am.

Let's start cooking.

How many dishes are we cooking today, ma'am?

- Clam rice. - Firstly, clam rice.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers.

- Baby clams with sesame rice crackers. - Boiled pork and shrimp paste.

Boiled pork and shrimp paste.

- Is it the pickled shrimp, to be exact? - Yes, it is.

Boiled pork and pickled shrimp.

- How do we cook the clam rice, ma'am? - We'll cook with 4B rice.

- What was it? - The grains are separated,

which is perfect for clam rice.

- 4B rice. - - Can't use rice that is sticky.

It's both fluffy and dry.


- First, we need rice, then clam, isn't it? - Yes, clam.

Other ingredients are herbals, banana flower

- and green mango, star fruit. - Green mango, star fruit.

What are cooking steps, ma'am?

First step is cooking the rice.

Phát, let's go rinsing the rice, then cook it.

- Okay. I'll do it. - We can now start with the clams.

- Turn on the heat for roasting the peanuts. - Roasting peanuts.

No, it must be frying. Add some oil first, then add peanuts later.

- Am I boiling the pork meat, ma'am? - Yes, boiling it, Khoa.

- We have to boil it. - But you have to boil the water first.

- Boil the water... - Then add scallion in

- to make the meat sweet, then add MSG. - Okay.

Boiled pork and pickled shrimp Prepare the pork

Khoa, add a bit of scallion in.

And a bit if MSG.

It makes the meat crunchy and sweet. Then put the meat in when is boiling.

How do we prepare those veggies, ma'am?

Slice the banana flower.

Peel this giant elephant ear branch, then julienne them later.

This would be great for a salad.

Clam rice Fry the peanuts

I bought this knife from a 100-year ancient village in the Northwest.

Ma'am, how do you know if it's done?

When it turns colors, the peanuts crack.

- Rest assured. - Okay.

Look how Phát's peeling the giant elephant ear branch.

Knife is too sharp.

- Because the knife is too sharp. - Let me do it.

Just hold like this and peel off.

- Because it's sharp. It's for cutting. - Gently.

It's not sharp.

I'll get used to it after a couple of times.

It starts...

- It's boiling. - Yes, it's boiling.

Are we frying the peanuts, ma'am?

- Then we put them in the clam rice. - It's unusual.

I only had roasted peanuts, haven't tried the fried one.

- That's lots of oil. - For clam rice, it must be fried.

We would roast them, for Grilled Pork Vermicelli as an example.

- Okay. - Roast them.

- The water is boiling, ma'am. - Add the meat in, Khoa.

- Then I put the meat in, isn't it? - Yes, put it in.

The meat would be tasty and crunchy later.

Boiled pork and pickled shrimp Boil the pork

Here it is.

Bro Khoa.

I'm not responsible for this.

I know, but can you please peel it for me?

- I don't know how. Ah, okay. - Give me a hand, please.

That's enough.

There's nothing left if you keep peeling.

- You have to cook more. - Yes.

This knife is too sharp that I'm afraid of.

Blame on the knife...

Knife must be sharp.

You must be the best cook in royalty.

That's how royalty cooks, slowly.

Have you finished frying peanuts, Vân?

- Not yet. - When will it done, then?

She said when they cracked, and turn red.

They cracked, but not in red.

Maybe turn on high heat.

Do you cook once for a year?

Do you cook once for a year?

- Around that much. - Really?

I don't have time for cooking.

Have you ever traveled to Huế before?

Just once.

- But you haven't tried the clam rice? - Yes.

You have to try clam rice when you visit Huế,

- Okay. - to be considered as you have been to Huế.

So today would give me that kind of experience.

- You can both cook and eat today. - Indeed.

- Remember the recipe, cook for your family, - Yes.

so they would be proud of you.

Your mom is proud of you, with tears well up when she holds the clam rice bowl you made.

She will be so proud of me when this episode is on air.

But she has to be proud and tears well up until she finishes the rice,

not like her tears stop welling up when she tries a bite.

Stop welling up when she tries a bite.

It must be until she finishes the rice.

- How can you slice that thin? - You have to loosen up your hands.


- You must be very familiar with it. - Yes, since a long time ago.

- How to we soak them, ma'am. - Soak them with

- salt. - Do we soak this as well?

- Should we add more, ma'am? - No, that's enough.

I'm getting nervous when you're slicing star fruit like that.

- Why? - It's just not right.

- The star fruits you mean? - Are you scared of cutting yourself?

Exactly. Try it.

Slice it gently.

Engrossed in bragging

Believing in your knife is important.

- Believing in your knife is important. - I'll do it.

Oh, I did it all wrong.

He turns on himself...

You got to slice the star fruit like this.

- So we have to remove that. - Then only take the juicy part.

- Look at her skill. - I'm just almost like

a professional, but she is.

My mom is skilled as you.

- What else, ma'am? - Green mango.

- Mango. - Julienne the mango,

- peel and then julienne. - Do we keep the skin?

We now chop the clams for the rice, then move on to the rice crackers.

- Have you cooked the rice, Phát? - I...

plugged in, but not sure if I hit the button.


Add the clams into the pan.

Half of them, ma'am?

Yes, half of them.

Clam rice Stir-fry the clams

- Add MSG and pepper in. - Yes, ma'am.

Clam rice Seasoning

Put in.

Do we add sugar in, ma'am?

- A little bit. - I just let you know.

Half of a table spoon of fish sauce.

Okay, mix them well.

The meat should be cooked.

- Can I take the meat out, ma'am? - Okay.

In royalty, veggies must be picked up one by one like this.

It's about to rain.

Usually it rains when finished.

Do you know where does the clam live?


Without any hesitation...

He's freezing

Who taught you that?

I just tested on you to see if you know the answer.

- Clams are caught in the river, isn't it? - Yes.

How do we take clams out of their sells? They're tiny. It must take lots of time.

Catch them, then washing and boiling them.

- Ah. Boiling. - Then we stir up to get them out.

- It means we shake them. - And we take the boiled water.

Just use the chopsticks to stir them up.

- They're delicious and famous. - I know.

Do you know where people buy clams in Huế?

I don't know. Must be in the market.

They usually buy them in Clam Eyot (Cn Hến).

- Clam Eyot (Cn Hến)? - Like an area where main product is clam.

They have fresh clams there, and also clam rice.

- Clam Eyot (Cn Hến). - Wanna go?

- Wanna go? - No.

I'm cooking. If our audiences travel to Huế, visit Clam Eyot (Cn Hến) to try clam rice.

Ignore all the chaos

Miss Beauty has stir-fried the clams!

Okay, veggies done, what's next, ma'am?

Have to thinly slice these veggies too, think.

- All of them - Present them, the centella as well.

There're many kinds of veggies here. What is this, ma'am?

That's mint leaves.

- You finished? - Yes, I did.

- Sprinkling sesame seeds on top? - Yes.

Slice the black fungus and add in hot oil.

- Slice the black fungus. - Yes.

Here is the black fungus.

- Cellophane noodles, do you need onions? - Yes, please.

And the carrots as well.

- What is this, bro Khoa? - Banana flower.

- Banana flower that blooms into banana. - One leaf grows into a banana?

- A hand of banana? - Try it to see if there's banana flavor.

Try it to see if there's banana flavor.

- Try it to see if there's banana flavor. - Let's eat.

- Tasty, is it? - Tasty.

It's acrid.

We're such big liars.

- Are we thinly slicing this, ma'am? - Yes, then slightly stir-fry with hot oil.

- Then we add clams later, and seasoning. - Okay.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Preparing carrots

Boiled pork and pickled shrimp Thinly slicing boiled meat

How cool is this knife. Very sharp cut.

- I'll turn on the heat. - Yes, then put carrots in.

Okay then, I'm about to add black fungus and carrots in.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Stir-fry black fungus and carrots

Look how I boiled the meat, Ms. Đơn.

He boasted himself...

- It perfectly done. - Indeed. It's perfect.

It's not overcooked or undercooked. It's just perfect.

- Can I add this on, ma'am? - No.

- Not onions, add clams in. - Okay.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Adding clams and stir-frying them together

- Does it need seasoning? - Yes. Exactly like how you seasoned rice.

I'll add a little bit of MSG in, everyone.

- Just a bit. - MSG.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Seasoning

Seasoning powder.


And next, sugar.

Boiled pork and pickled shrimp Pound garlic and chilies

- Do we need to cut this, ma'am? - Yes, cut it.

A bit of cellophane noodles.

Bro Khoa, I think this dish must be super delicious.

You think? I have to try to confirm.

- I strongly believe in the dish I cooked. - Put onions in.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Put onions in

I'm afraid onions aren't cooked well. So I have to be careful like that.

Clam rice Cook the clam broth

- Is this clam broth? - Yes, this is.

- What do we put in this clam broth, madam? - Is it boiling?

Then, add some seasoning and MSG.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Chop green onions

Chop some sawleaf herbs as well.

Add them to make the dish smell better.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Chop some sawleaf herbs.

Put green onions and sawleaf herbs in and stir-fry them all together

Plate it and add some sesame seeds on top.

Wow, I look so professional, Khoa.

- Increase the heat. - My mother must be proud of me today.

My mother must be proud of me today.

Looks amazing.

I remember it and I know how to make it.

But it is more important if you are making well now.

- Is this okay, madam? - OK, add one teaspoon of sugar,

and some MSG to the shrimps.

Could I cook this dish, please?

- Okay, you do it. - This is clam rice.

- We boil sugars to make the caramel, madam? - That's right.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers Add sesame seeds on the top

Others are flirting, I'm here sprinkling sesame seeds.

Others are flirting, I'm here sprinkling sesame seeds.

Take the shrimps into the bowl.

- Is this right, madam? - Yes, right.

Boiled pork and pickled shrimp Make shrimp paste

Then, add some garlic and onions to this.

And mix them well.

The caramel becomes rigid already, madam.

What's next, madam?

Now we make clam broth cooler, the pour it into here to make the sauce thicker.

- What do you mean? Clam broth? - Yes.

Add some sugars and MSG to here.

Clam rice Make Huế's shrimp paste sauce

Okay, it's time to Van make sugar caramel.

This is extra oil remaining previously, now we continue to use it.

Are you making caramel?

- Let me do it. - Okay.

Clam rice must have some reds, you know?

- Okay. - Have you ever eaten this dish?

- I haven't yet. - All right.

I'll let you eat it today.

- Sounds great. - Yes.

I also feel great while cooking for a Miss.

Did you think that you will be a Miss when you were young?

- No, I didn't. - No?

- No, I didn't. - I also have never thought

that I stand by a Miss and cooking for her.

I thought of that.

What do you say?

When I was a child, I thought I would be a Miss as grown-ups.

I would be a Miss as grown-ups.

Oh, so that is. You mean you are Miss Red Star?

I'm Miss...

Wonder what he will say.

Miss Asia.

- Vân? - Yes?

I did not expect to meet a Miss who knows how to brew tea today.

Could you give us a chance to drink your brewed tea?

Yes, sure. You make clam rice for me, so I will brew tea for you guys.

- Yes, I make clam rice and you make tea? - Okay.

- Yes, I will go inside for preparation. - OK.

The tea we said is the one that we have just bought.

Don't make iced tea. If we see glasses of iced tea...

I will brew lotus tea.


- I am going to prepare it. - Thank you.

- Leave this aside. - Is it done, madam?

- How about boiled pork belly, madam? - Boiled pork is served with pickled shrimp.

- That's it. Eat with shrimp paste. - Shrimp paste and bean sprout pickle.

This sauce, right?

- Bean sprout pickles, pickled shrimp. - Eat with boiled pork.

- Boiled pork. - OK.

- So there're six dishes here? - Yes, all done.

I even don't know when we already finished all cooking.

Because it has many details and requires meticulous prep,

even a small thing like a sauce. I don't notice anything while cooking.

You have to know that the dishes to serve the King have to be made meticulously.

There was a type of tea that was only brewed with dewdrops in the early morning.

So they collected the dewdrops on leaves in the early morning to make tea.

- It sounds great? - Yes.

- Now you check overall if we've finished. - Yes, all done.

Ladies and gentlemen,

it's the first time I finished cooking without knowing it.

We actually finish all things here. So, what are we waiting for?

Ms. Đơn, Phát, let's set the table.

Those who have once come to Huế and enjoy the foods of that land.

Surely, they will not forget the tasty foods from the former imperial capital land.

Spicy, sweet, salty, acrid, and sour taste.

Those flavor tastes are subtle, boldly-tasted, and attractive.

And it is impossible to overlook the foods made from clams. Especially, clam rice.

Firstly, crunchy-fry peanuts with cooking oils.

Thinly-slice the banana flower, star fruit, giant elephant ear branch, and green mango.

Next, sear garlic. Then, stir-fry it with clam meat a bit.

Add some MSG, black peppers, and little fish sauce.

Heat the clam broth again.

Add some minced ginger, seasoning, and MSG.

Mix well, season it according to your palate.

Finally, the indispensable flavor in this dish is the shrimp paste of Huế.

The intense and unforgettable smell of the shrimp paste

mixed with the elegant sweetness of clam broth,

makes a specific fragrance of the legendary clam rice

that anyone ate once never forget it.

Baby clams with sesame rice crackers

If you once used to eat the clams with sesame rice crackers in Huế,

surely you were attracted to the natural sweetness of clams,

the spiciness of chili, and the crispness of grilled sesame rice crackers.

The way to make this dish is very simple.

Firstly, thinly-slice the black fungus and carrot.

Then, stir-fry them a little.

Put clams in.

Add some MSG, seasoning and little fish sauce.

You will feel better if eating with the crunchy cellophane noodles,

and sweet onions.

Finally, to make the dish smell amazing, add some saw-leaf herbs.

So the dish is done.

When mentioning the simple but very popular foods of Huế,

they can't forget the flavor taste of the pickled shrimps.

The pickled shrimps in Hue are special by the spicy, sour, pungent, and salty mix.

Eating the pickled shrimps with the boiled pork is amazing.

It is very easy to make a sauce with sugar caramel.

Then, add the minced garlic and chili.

It is simple but incredible.

The Huế's foods are subtle, good-looking, and charming.

So you should keep your stomach empty to eat them all.

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

- Here the rice arrives. - It has arrived?

- Yes.. - We've been waiting for rice only.

Let's eat.

Is this rice which you have cooked, Phát?

- Clam rice must be dry. - Yes, it can't be soft.

- That's right. - It must be dry like this.

In my home, the cooked rice will be cooled for a while

to make it dry so that it will be better.

Ladies and gentlemen, three dishes look very simple

but it requires the detailed and meticulous cooking.

But the more detailed and meticulous, the better we feel while eating them.

Now let's dig in.

Visually, what do you assess after looking all dishes, madam?

- Are these fine? - These are simple but still Huế's.

If we talk about the taste, they can't be the best ones.

That's right. The first time cooking can't be like a pro's.

So we have to mix them together.

Add more these pork skins and peanuts.

- Yes. - Put clams in.

His mother often makes this dish for him.

Yes, whenever my relatives gather together,

my aunts will make either clam rice or beef noodle,

or bánh bèo bt lc (clear flour cake).

There it is. This is its main flavor.

Eating clam rice without this one is not right.

- Shrimp paste? - Yes, it is.

Pour clam broth in.

Oh, gosh.

Ah, wait a second. Here, put some shacha sauce in.

- I will spoon shacha sauce out for you all. - Here, this one.

Who likes spicy should add this shacha sauce.

It's the best.

Thank you. But I'm so tired that I can't eat anything right now.

She is tired because she has to instruct us to cook.

Please eat to regain your health.

Mix it up. Here, let me make it for you.

Mix it more intensely.

Why are you so scrupulous today?

Because a beauty queen comes to our show.

You haven't ever mixed the rice for me.

- Are you a beauty queen? - Yes, I am.

- What kind of? - A beauty queen in your heart.

A beauty queen in your heart.

Đỗ Duy Nam: How about me???

Wow, what a romantic scene here...

Many kids are watching this show.

Don't make them feel wrong about their gender.

So while waiting for Phát... Oops!

Oops! While waiting for...

- I'm so eager while waiting for you. - Try it.

- Let's try clam with rice crackers. - This is what I...

- This is what you made? - Yes, this is.

- Taste good. - Good? Thank you.

I haven't tasted rice yet but this clams with rice crackers...

suit my palate. Please try it, madam.

You should try a bit to know how our skills are...

How many score do you give for this dish, madam?

It tastes good.

- What are you planning? - Try a bit. I spoon-feed you.

You have to do it as how you behave towards a Miss.

Make a face as you spoon-feed a beauty queen.

Đỗ Duy Nam: I am watching this, Khoa!

Rushed and noisy

What a beauty queen!

Taste good.

If you eat something good, you have to eat like that to satisfy.

It has a special flavor thanks to this shrimp paste.

Let's taste this boiled pork slice.

You should taste this boiled pork slice.

- My pork dish is medium-well cooked. - I see little reds there.

The pork has to be cooked all the way.

If you boil pork too much, it won't taste good at all.

The pork tastes sweet if it is medium-well cooked.

Pork with that peach color will taste sweet.

If the pork is well-done cooked, it doesn't taste well.

How do you feel?

This is the first time I ever eat this sauce.

It's pickled shrimp sauce.

It tastes sour, little salty. Especially, the boiled pork tastes sweet.

Now you know how skillful this Miss is,

do you think if she meets the standards to be a Huế young lady?

I think she does.

So it is okay?

I reach standards of a Huế lady, don't I?

With my pork boiling skill, is it enough for me to be a Miss?

Keep trying to be recognized as a Miss

Khoa cooked the pork in such a way that makes it taste good.

They said the peach-color boiled pork tastes sweet,

If not, it won't taste good.

Peach color.

They said the boiled pork will taste sweet, if it has that peach color.

That's Phát's fault.

No, I just focus on eating.

It's the first time, I heard that.

Oh my God, it suddenly sprinkles.

The space looks subtle, gentle and dreamy.

We eat those three dishes while it is sprinkling...

I think it rains because I cook today.

No, you cooked so well that God is moved to tears.

He is surprised at your cooking skill.

After this day, my parents will be proud of me.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we, Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine, only make three dishes today that makes God touched.

If we make from five to seven dishes, I wonder what will happen.

If you wanna know how good these three dishes are, please come to Huế.

If you wanna eat clams, please go to Clam Eyot (Cn Hến) for the best.

Please don't forget the broadcast timeline of Vietnam's Amazing Cuisine

at 15:00 every Sunday on VTV3 channel.

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Good bye and see you again.

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