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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CRAPPY DECISION (Samurai! Daycare #1)

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You are ----ing insane!

Shut Up! Cartoons

You sure this place is a good idea?

Well, can we afford anything else?

Konichiwa to Samurai Daycare! You must be the Craps.

Krupps. Like the coffee maker?

Coffee? We prefer drink tea here. Only the finest Hunan leaf: keeps you regular - and fights scurvy, too.

Please, come in.

And what's this young geisha's name?

That's our son. Bruce.

Well, fear not, Mrs. Crap. We don't discriminate here.

Are you calling my boy-

Girly? Yes.

Now if you would remove your shoes, we can begin the tour.

At Samurai Daycare we teach our young charges to live by the Bushido code:

Bravery, honesty, obedience, kindness -

Samurai don't wear purple!

Jeez Louise! It's just a picture.

As Master Tsunemoto says "For trifling matters it is better to

accomplish things by yelling."ť

Hey, maybe your mom's a samurai master!

This is where our young warriors rest.

The children sleep... in your bed?

Futon! Only those who are tired. And those who are not...

...I entertain with my dagger show.

And here we have our training area.



Do not worry. As the masters say, "Cry in dojo. Laugh in battle."ť

We don't want our little Brucie Goosie to fight now - or ever! We want him

to be safe, secure, happy!

That's it. You are ----ing insane. I'd sooner leave my child on a deserted island

to battle other three-year-olds for survival!

Hm! Excellent field trip idea!

We are out of here!

What's goin' on out here?

This is Mr. and Mrs. Crap.

Arggh! It's Krupp, you putz!

Now, language, dear!. We don't want to be rude to...

Jess. I'm the student teacher.

What's wrong, sweetie? Ohh, did Big Ol' Mr. Ned scare you?

Well, look there! Bruce likes his new teacher.


Come on, sweetie. Have you ever seen Bruce so happy, so deliriously happy around a stranger?

You can't be serious.

Now honey, I'll even pick him up after work!

You're here till six, right?

You made a wise decision.

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