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The Ancestry Library Edition "Home" tab provides a starting point each time you login.

Access to specific content can be found at the bottom of the page.

"Census Collections" provide a list of international census records by country.

"More Collections" displays links to two broad collections and a single specific collection.

Also seen here are links to view a list of recently added content and a list of all databases in Ancestry Library Edition.

Fields for entering search criteria are found at the top of the page.

First, Middle, and Last Name fields are available in addition to location and birth year.

You may wish to use truncation or wildcard symbols to help expand the search to variations of the name.

You may use a question mark in place of a single letter.

Using the asterisk at the end of a name or term will find variations that begin with those letters.

Similarly, the Last Name field will accept the * or ?. In this example, "Clark*" will search for Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, or other variations.

Entering a location will prompt the auto-suggestion system to display options similar to what you are typing.

You may either choose a suggested location by clicking on it or simply continue typing.

The "Estimated Birth Year" field allows you to enter a date or use the calulator if you need assistance determining a date.

Additional search criteria include "Add life events" and "Add family members."

Choose "Add life events" to specify dates and locations of events such as Birth, Death, and Marriage.

Note that the location field here also includes the auto-suggestion list when you begin entering a location.

Choose "Add family members" to insert the first and/or last name of a relative.

Entering the name of a family member can help narrow the search, particularly if the family member has a unique name.

Once your search criteria are entered, click the "Search" button to retrieve results.

For more information about the Results page, watch the Ancestry Library Edition Results page video!

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