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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How Did He Become The King of Cocaine - Pablo Escobar

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The life of Pablo Escobar is a rags to riches story with a criminal bent born on December 1st

1949 Escobar rose from humble beginnings in Colombia to become one of the most successful drug traffickers in the world

According to one Escobar's biography he had an estimated net worth of 30 billion

Dollars and was named one of the ten richest people on earth by Forbes

How did this son of a farmer and a school teacher wind up one of the richest men on the planet?

That's what we'll find out in this episode of the infographic show pablo emilio escobar Gaviria

How did he become the king of cocaine?

Escobar's ambition played a major role in his rise to power as the king of cocaine

It seemed to dominate his personality and he is even quoted as saying I want to be big as a young man

He aspired to be the president of Colombia

He tried to channel his ambition into studying political science at La Universidad de Antioquia

But he ended up dropping out of school when he ran out of money to pay for his studies

Some people think this was a pivotal moment in his life according to one news report

His criminal career is said to have begun in earnest after lack of money forced him to leave his University

He may have started out as a small-time criminal who stole cars and supposedly even tombstones

But he did not stay that way for long

He eventually moved on to smuggling cigarettes in marijuana during this time his ambition to move up in the criminal world

Brought out another trait that would help him become the king of cocaine ruthlessness more money rolled in when he added

kidnapping and killing to his list of crimes

but he wanted something more in the

1970s Escobar saw an

opportunity to gain more power and wealth in the underground cocaine market the demand for cocaine in the United States was growing and

Smuggling cocaine was still a fledgling enterprise in Colombia after working for other drug traffickers for a while

Escobar made a big move to take over this illegal, but profitable industry in

1975 he allegedly ordered the murder, Vanetta

N'cole cane trafficker named fabio Restrepo and seized control of Restrepo drug trafficking operation

Escobar was not alone


He joined forces with a motley crew of individuals from diverse backgrounds

Among them were a pig farmer turned professional killer named jose Gonzalo rodríguez


And a marijuana trafficker named Carlos letter there were also three brothers from a ranching family named Jorge Juan David and Fabio Ochoa

Together they formed the infamous medellin cartel under Escobar's leadership

the medellin cartel

Expanded West rappels operation and made it bigger and better they developed more efficient ways to ship large amounts of cocaine to the United States

Instead of using suitcases and human mules on commercial airplanes to smuggle cocaine

They used their own planes

Including small planes that could fly below radar and large planes like dc-3s and DC sixes for large loads

according to one source

They also pulled off unexpected stunts like parachuting cocaine to speed boats in international waters in addition

They devised clever ways to smuggle cocaine into the u.s. Within legitimate shipments such as blending it into products like ecuadorian

Cocoa chilean wine and blue jeans the cocaine would then be chemically extracted from these products once they arrived in the United States

Escobar even transported cocaine by submarine one source states that he managed to obtain two remote-controlled

miniatures submarines from the Russian Navy each capable of carrying one ton that is about

4409 pounds of cocaine which is slightly less than the weight of an average u.s

car built in 2003 Escobar and the rest of the Medellin Cartel

Were rewarded for their ingenuity with huge profits in the 1980s one source notes that at the peak of his career

He illegally transported about 15 tons of cocaine daily earning a profit of 420 million dollars a week

There are many stories related to his great wealth


Supposedly bought a Learjet for the sole purpose of moving his money around he and his family lived in a lavish mansion with swimming pools

artificial lakes gardens and a private Zoo

He also had a soccer arena and a bullring built for his entertainment and it took 700 workers to run the place

Escobar also used his money to try to win over the people

He spent some of his wealth on community projects such as building churches sports facilities and housing for the poor

He even constructed a whole neighborhood called

Barrio Pablo Escobar that still exists today some of the benefactors of his generosity revere him as a hero to this day

But one report speculates that Escobar reached out to the community because he knew that he would be safer if the common people of Madyan

Loved him while these outward acts of charity and kindness improved his public image. They did not improve his personal conduct

He continued to resort to violence and ruthlessness to expand his power as the king of cocaine

He dealt with his enemies and other potentially problematic people with his infamous plateau or plomo

Silver or LED policy if anyone got in the way of what he wanted to do

He would first try to bribe them with money

If the person did not accept the bribe

then he would have that person killed the death toll resulting from Plateau or Plomo was high one report states that

Escobar was responsible for the murders of at least 40 judges 200 court officials a thousand policemen and

3500 civilians and that some estimates put the total as high as

60000 as the king of cocaine Escobar thought he could stay above the law and for a while

He did

Plateau or Plomo kept him out of jail for a long time because there were a lot of corrupt judges willing to take his bribes

And when he did have to go to jail as part of an agreement with the Colombian government not to be extradited to the US

On drug charges the prison and the sentence were a farce after his arrest in 1991

He served out his sentence in a luxurious prison of his own making

called la catedral where he could still run his drug trafficking operation as he did before what brought about

Escobar's downfall was that he could not stop testing the limits of his power while he was in prison

He had two Associates of his own cartel tortured and killed at la catedral in 1992

And this blatant disregard for the law caused the Colombian government and public opinion to turn against him

the Colombian government planned to transfer him to a regular prison and

Escobar fled once he found out

soon the local police a special squad of us trained Colombian soldiers called the search bloc and a shadowy collective of Escobar's enemies known as

los bebés

Looking for him Escobar managed to evade capture for 16 months until the search block was finally able to pinpoint his location

From a traced phone call. He was in a meta

When the authorities finally caught up with him in December 1993

It is widely reported that he died in a shootout with the police

But many people including his own son and brother

Believed that Escobar committed suicide one possible reason why he would have killed himself is that he did not want to be extradited to him

Extradition was a fate worse than death

One of his mottos was better a tomb in Colombia than a prison cell in the United States

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So do you admire Escobar's success in spite of his crimes like many people do or do you believe that he was a low-down dirty?

Criminal who got what he deserved. Let us know your thoughts in the comments also

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