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We entered our first restaurant in Mongolia.

What the hell is this on the menu?

I know some chinese character but I can't guess anything in this menu.

Ah.. I don't want soup.

It's dumpling soup.

Uh? Yes it is..

It tastes alike korean beef soup.

Is it? Good shot.

Nice to meet you.

We've met that guy.

I thank his greeting in korean.

What's your name?

My name is Jegi.

Jige.. Jige?



It sounds like korean game jegichagi.

It sounds like korean game jegichagi. Ah-ha Jegi!

My name is Sangeun.



I'm Hyoil.


Samgyeopsal (korean BBQ)

-I'd like to eat samgyeopsal. -I like samgyeopsal very much.

-I'd like to eat samgyeopsal. -with a bottle of soju (korean alcohol).

Are you surprised?

Yes I am.

We're drinking a bowl of coffee with Jegi.

Give me your phone number.

Say hello.


(I can't understand mongolian.)

You should take a video of us here.

Of course. He's taking a video.


We love Korea.

I'm glad to meet you guys.

It's really nice to meet you.

-Well met today. -Very nice.

If you need help, call me because you can't speak mongolian.

Yes Jegi.. Thank you very much.

Say what? Say what? (He can speak only this in korean.)

Anda! ("Friend" in mongolian)


Take a video of that guy.


Plant manager.


K.O.R.E.A. (chanting for sports games)

K.O.R.E.A. (chanting for sports games)

I eat one ham with bread in Korea.

We're eating bread by mongolian way.



Korean kimchi.

Korean kimchi.

Try this korean kimchi. How's the taste?

It's for us.

Take a video of this kimchi.

It's one of the best days today.

It tastes good doesnt it?

I'm grateful to everyone today really.

It's one of the best days today during the travel.

I've met Jegi and many friends and they're treating us with good food.

All of them are enjoying together.

Probably it's one of the best days during our travel.

I'm very happy to have delicious lamb chop for dinner.

Have a meal.


This is one type of mongolian food.

This is a lamb chop with potato. It's really nice.

Try soup. Good isn't it?

Hello everyone.

This is Jegi.

I'm Jegi.

Thank you very much today.

We're having a good time with alcohol and food at my home.

Thank you very much Jegi.

Friend is Anda in Mongolian. So we are anda.


I'm very happy today. Thanks to Jegi.

If Jegi comes to Korea, we will hang out together for sure.

That's right.

Jegi treated us great like this way.

I'm leaving. I owe you one.

Thank you.

You should visit us again.

Let's play basketball next time we meet.

And we get on the train to go to Ulaanbaatar.

Friends are seeing us off at the station.

See you next time.


Thank you Jegi.

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