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- Okay, I'm freaking out.

I'm about to check.

I'm shaking.

I'm sure I'm not, I'm not, there's no way I am.

Oh, I'm not, okay.


Oh my God.

I'm freaking out.

Yeah, that's so faint, but it's there.

I think I'm pregnant.

Oh my God, I'm so excited.

I have a baby in me.

- Oh my God.

- Are you serious?


- Oh my God.


- Oh my God.


- Pregnant.

Seven and a half weeks.

I love being pregnant.

- God!


- She goes, are you pregnant?

Pregnancy's no joke.

My clothes don't fit.

I'm 10 weeks.

My little uterus.

- Yay.

- Oh my God, what the?


- Oh my God!

- You're gonna be an uncle.

- Mantie.

- The size of a tiny seed.

The size of like a raspberry.

Large plum.

The size of a peach.

I didn't think I would cry.

Little baby.

I am 12 weeks.

Girl or boy? - I don't know.

- Go.

(screaming and cheering)

(heart beating)

That's it.


I'm pregnant!


I'm pregnant and we're really excited,

and I wanna tell you guys about it.

Our other child is screaming at the door.

- I'll take care of the cats.

- Okay.

I don't even know where to start.

I am 13 and a half weeks pregnant.

For those of you who speak English

and not pregnant woman talk, that means

three and a half months pregnant.

I can't believe I'm saying this out loud to a camera.

This has been the hardest secret to keep from you guys.

I don't even, I don't know how to do this.

I don't know how to talk about this.

This is so weird.

So, as you guys know, Eric and I have kept

our relationship pretty private.

Eric is not an internet person, he's so shy,

and sweet, and social media and the internet

is not really his thing.

So, we've kept our relationship extremely private.

And that's how Eric and I have been.

Eric and I have an awesome relationship.

We started as friends, and then that turned into

best friends in the world, and then that

slowly turned into more.

But, when it turned into more we very quickly realized,

this is my person, we knew, we want to be married,

we want to have a family together, we want to

grow old together, like this is what we want.

This is what we need, like this is,

it just is a perfect fit.

I know, we recently let you know that we are dating,

but we also are engaged and that is something

we did not tell you. (screaming)

So, we decided to have a baby together.

And, and now I'm pregnant.

So, I wanted to keep this to myself

for as long as possible, I wanted to Kylie Jenner

all of y'all, and just let it be just for me

and for Eric, and not talk about it too quickly.

First of all, the first trimester,

the first three months are really scary

because it's really easy to lose the baby,

you're really, really sick,

a lot of bad things can go wrong.

So, you don't know what could happen.

So, you're not really supposed to tell people

too much if you're pregnant, in those first three months.

But, on top of that, this is a really big deal,

and I'm really, really excited, and,

sorry I'm really pregnant.

I love you guys, and I love sharing my life

with you guys, but the thought of anyone

saying anything not 100% positive about something

I'm so excited about, really scares me.

I've never cared about anything more.

Like, I have a baby.

I'm so pregnant.

So, this is really terrifying for me.

Ooh, I can't breathe, ooh girl.

My cats are like spooning each other,

and licking each other, a lot is happening.

I wanted to keep this (cat meowing)

you guys, knock it off.

He just bit her butthole, like, what is happening.

So, I was trying to keep it private and personal

for as long as I possibly could.

However, I'm a really tiny girl,

and I've always been really skinny,

and because of that I guess I just started

showing sooner than most women do.

I got a baby bump starting at eight weeks.

Here's a picture of me at one month pregnant.

Here's a picture of me at two months pregnant.

So, the bump already started.

So, this is my little bump.

I know it's little but, this is my bump,

and it's very much showing.

But, that's a little baby in there.

So, some of you were noticing that my body

was changing, my bump was showing in my dresses onstage.

I quickly realized, oh my goodness,

I can't hide this much longer.

I'm going on a huge bus tour

and there's no way to hide this thing.

I also want you guys to know that this channel

in not gonna suddenly become like pregnant mommy vlogs.

Like, that's not my plan.

I do have some exciting videos about

seeing the baby for the first time,

the gender reveal, telling my family and friends.

Like, all those videos are gonna come out.

You will see a few more videos about the baby,

and the pregnancy, and this journey.

'Cause I wanna share it with you guys.

But, it's not gonna be just that.

I'm still gonna be doing the same types of videos

I've always been doing, I'm not gonna change

and become like pregnancy mom channel.

Like, that's not me, I can't imagine that ever becoming me.

If you're here for the content that I've always made,

you're gonna get that, and if you're here

to look at updates of the baby, you're gonna get that.

Today on my vlog channel I'm posting

the full footage of me discovering that I'm pregnant.

'Cause there's a lot of it.

I have so much footage.

So, if you guys wanna see that,

it's all gonna be on my vlog channel.

Now, obviously that I'm pregnant,

that means that Miranda is going to be pregnant.

I've thought long and hard about how to deal

with this situation, and I have a really fun idea for it.

So, I'm excited for you guys to also watch

those videos because, it sounds like I'm

just plugging my channels, which is definitely not

what I'm trying to do.

I'm trying to tell you about my baby.

But, this is just a question I get a lot,

is people go, what are you gonna do with Miranda.

I have a plan with Miranda.

So just, if you wanna know what that is,

just watch Miranda videos, 'cause it'll happen

over the next six months.

Still going on tour, I'm still working.

I'm still doing a book tour, I'm still doing my bus tour,

I'm still doing my live shows, I'm still

making YouTube videos, I'm still a working woman.

I'm just a working pregnant woman now, honey.

I'm really, really excited.

But, I have been miserable.

I'm so grateful that I was able to get pregnant,

and have a baby, I know that's a struggle

for a lot of people.

I feel so lucky.

But let me tell you, pregnancy ain't no joke.

The first three months have been really miserable.

I have been so sick.

I have been so sick, and so exhausted,

and so miserable, there are so many symptoms

that I had no idea about.

You guys wanna know my symptoms?

No, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

We're not gonna call it morning sickness by the way.

Because that's like a cute name that some man made up

to make it sound cute when you're pregnant.

It ain't cute, and it's not in the morning,

it's all day, all the time.

You just are sick all the time.

I have had nausea, constipation, stuffy nose,

headaches, body aches, sleeplessness, exhaustion,

fatigue, muscle pain, gas, and y'all know

I was gassy before, you have no idea

how bad it gets when you're pregnant.

I've been extremely emotional, extremely moody,

sharp pains because all of my organs are moving

throughout my body to make room for a baby,

didn't know that happened.

Peeing every five seconds, acne, bloating,

veins popping out everywhere on my body,

my legs, my arms, my forehead, my everything.

Extreme starvation, but at the same time

also having no appetite, that's a weird one.

Weird food cravings, I've been eating a lot of pickles.

A super spitty mouth.

Basically every single flu symptom

you can think of, I have all the time.

I mean, I could keep going.

So, pregnancy has been no joke, but I'm,

like I said, I'm really grateful that I am pregnant.

I just feel like more pregnant women should be allowed

to complain about how horrible it is.

I'm just so grateful for Eric, 'cause he has been

incredible through all of this.

Like, I can't even express like how amazing he has been.

I have been emotional, and tired, and exhausted,

and in pain, and just like every negative, horrible thing

that I feel like could happen to my body

probably has happened to me in the last three months.

And he's been so sweet, and so patient.

He brings me breakfast in bed every morning,

he brings me my vitamins,

makes sure I'm drinking water, gives me backrubs.

I would not be able to survive this if it weren't for him.

Like, he's just been so incredible, and I'm so lucky.

I already love this kid so much.

I'm so pregnant.

Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed

of being a mom, and it's what I thought I was meant to do.

So, I'm really excited.

I'm so pregnant.

I've wanted this for so long, and I'm so excited that

I get to do it with my best friend in the whole world,

and he's so amazing, I'm so annoying.

I can't breathe.

Oh, that's another symptom, sometimes I get

shortness of breath and I can't breathe.

And that's supposedly normal,

to like not feel like you can breathe.

I'm a mess.

At the last ultrasound the baby was like kicking,

and dancing, and partying around in my belly,

it was so cute, and so fun to watch.

It's the size of a peach right now.

This is so wild, sorry, I'm really pregnant.

Oh, this is embarrassing.

I can't breathe.

I need to go, I love you guys.

Thanks for watching.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

And thank you for sharing this with me.

So excited to share it with you.

Okay, I think I'm done.

I love you guys.

And I'm so glad you guys know now, oh my God.

I have to pee.

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I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

So much

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