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Hey awesome ones Heather here and today I'm going to do something completely

different. I haven't done this before so I am going to be applying a mask a

facial mask a moisturizing mask and it's from Strivectin and although Strivectin

did ask me to do this as a sponsored video, you know that I keep

things real. So I'll be showing the mask and talking about it and then at the end

of the video I'm going to have...well you're going to have an opportunity to

join in the contest where Strivectin... we're picking three lucky winners and

you'll have your choice of the two masks that I'm going to be showing and also

their eye cream. So let's go!

Now before I get into applying the mask what I want to talk to you about is well

a lot of you know I'm 64 years old now and I'm really starting to notice the

signs of aging. So what I used to do is I used to sort of slap on the same

moisturizer like all over the place on my eyes, in my face I mean everything

the same. And I gotta of step up my game a little bit. So what I have been using for

the past few months is the Strivectin around my eyes. The Strivectin it's

like a blue eye cream and what it's called is advanced hydration hydrolonic

I hope I'm saying that right hydrolonic trial peptide gel cream for eyes and use a

very small amount of this. And I'm just gonna show you the jar don't let the jar

fool you because I've been using this for months. But there you go. Now this

cream it's creamy and you can see I've already tried it for a long time and I

literally would use maybe that much of it at night and I'm using it under my

eyes over my eyes and you don't need a lot of it. I made the mistake of doing

that like a few months ago and I put on too much and I ended up using the rest

of it like a hand cream which is quite a waste of using this great cream. But you

know I was under no obligation to keep using it and I really really liked it. I

think it's quite moisturizing and at night it doesn't feel greasy or oily. So

again I've got it on at night time but the next morning when I'm putting on you

know my concealer and my eye makeup my eyes are perfectly non-greasy and the

makeup is applying great. Now I want to just mention something to you because as

you know I hardly ever do sponsored videos. And it's it's really interesting

when you get to you know this amount of subscribers....

thank you all for that for the amount of subscribers that I have. Really and very

grateful for that. But I'm getting these emails right

Bill like every single day it and they're asking me to try this and try

that in and I'm like nah nanana but with Strivectin what had

happened was I wanted to step up my game a little bit with my skincare so I went

to the local drugstore and I bought about three products. I think they were

in a little package and they were on sale and I started using them and I'm

like oh my gosh these are really great these are especially I was noticing you

know some of the lines that I had it was really helping with it. And then if you

believe in the law of attraction which I do

Strivectin called me and I went wow this really works and they asked me to

do to try out some of their products. So I'm absolutely delighted to try out

their products. Now I must admit I'm not much of a face facial mask girl.

I've tried those ones you know that you put on and then you peel off and with my

sensitive skin it wasn't working for me at all but what this mask is it's a

plumping cream mask. And I thought you know what with Valentine's Day around

the corner I might as well plump up my skin a little bit and try it out.

Now before I apply the mask I just want to let you know that of course I've

already tried it out. I have sensitive skin and I had absolutely no breakouts

with it and then this is this this is the second one which is more of a

cooling gel. I tried that one out as well and no breakouts with that either. Now

for sure I can't apply a mask over top of my

makeup so what I'm going to do is remove all my makeup and make sure that my face

is perfectly dry and let's go ahead and do that with a presto change-o. Here I am

makeup-less once again. Hey you know me I'm just trying to keep

it real for you and you're really you shouldn't be putting a mask on over your

makeup for goodness sakes. But anyway I want to show you this product I'm about

to put on. This is the mask this is the one called Cloudberry and let me just

sort of take this out here for you and I will show you that it's a pretty thick

consistency like let me just show you there you go.

So it's a pretty thick consistency and the scent is it's a very light kind of

berry scent of certainly not something that's really too strong. Now my

valentine, my husband he's behind the camera there and Bill when I put on this

mask you know when you put on any facial mask it's a little bit scary looking. So

will you promise that you'll block this from our Valentine's Day? I'll do my best

to block it out of my mind. All right then let's put on the mask.

Yeah it's really really simple to apply. Just get a little bit here and I just

kind of just kind of apply it like this. Now you want to do a bit of a generous want to do a generous application of the product. Okay you

don't want to put it on too thin because you want it to get right in there into

all the little crevisis and everything so let's just keep on putting it on here.

It's kind of well it is really soothing it goes on kind of cool feeling and as I

said the the scent is very very nice it's kind of just a soft berry. Okay and

we look in the mirror down here and make sure I'm doing this right

kind of got a blobbing on all over the place. I do not do in my eyes or even

maybe a touch under my eyes but for me I don't want to get anything in my

eyes so I'm really really careful especially when I'm doing it on

camera. Oh I think I can put a little bit more over here in the wrinkly spots

after all I do want it to hydrate and the other thing about this product is

its cruelty free yay and it's even PETA certified. Now I forgot to mention make

sure that your face is I mentioned you know no makeup but also if you just

washed it make sure that it's really dry because you don't want this sort of

sitting on a layer of moisture you want it getting right into your skin. And

let's talk a little bit about this product here because it has Cloudberry

in it and it also has Prickly Pear. These are extracts that it has in it it

is not prickly at all it also has that hilo...I hope I'm pronouncing it right

let me look here, hyaluronic acid which sounds a little scary but it's not the

molecule actually holds a thousand times its weight in water so it's really

really nourishing and good for you. Now the instructions say to leave this on

for fifteen or twenty minutes. I just want to go for the gussto. I'm gonna

leave it on for 20 minutes and it also says that you can use this mask about

two or three times a week. So what we're going to do with the modern technology

that we have right now and time-lapse speed this up for about 20 minutes and

I'm gonna go ahead I'm going to wash it off not with a face cloth I do have very

sensitive skin so I'm just gonna splash. I've done this already splash some warm

water on it to rinse it off and then I'm going to pat it dry and I'll be back in

a flash. So here I am and I have rinsed off the mask and I've also patted it dry

and I'm really surprised because I have super sensitive skin and my my skin is

not all aggravated and red. Studies have also shown that

this product really smooths out the wrinkles and it's a great hydrating. Just

wish we could you know have that can you feel my skin...cameras one day will have

that but it's it's really really nice and soft and what I like to do is put

this on at night before I go to bed and just you know wait 20 minutes wash it

off and then I want to let my skin kind of breathe overnight. I don't want to

then slap on some other kind of moisturizers, so I'll let my skin breathe

and then of course I do put on the little dab'll do you of this the little

gel cream this is the one I've been using. I'm not kidding I really like

this and you use about this....honestly that much of it...that's about all and as a

matter of fact I'll just just show you how much this will go on right now

because it just goes on. It's thick it's like my eyes are drinking it in so so

there you go and ready to go to sleep... but I'm not going to because I got more

video to do. So what I love about this mask too is as I'm letting my skin

breathe overnight the next day my skin is really soft and kind of plumped up

for the primer and the makeup that I'm going to put on. And no I haven't

forgotten to talk about the second mask which is really interesting as well and

that contest that I hinted to at the very beginning but if you will indulge

me I want to finish the rest of this video with my makeup on so let's do

another presto change-o. Oh now that feels and I think it does look a lot

better having my makeup on and I will tell you that I took off the mask, let it

dry for a while and then I put on my primer and I put on my makeup and it

went on beautifully. So there you go. Now let's talk about the second

mask and the second mask is called Multi-action Super-Green soother and i

have used this one as well and let me just kind of show it to you here.

There's the packaging there and inside you have a cooling gel and I'll just so

show you the consistency of this here it's well it's really cool to the touch

as well and that gel what it will do is it just sort of it goes on its cooling

it's refreshing and it kind of smells like a lime drink so both of the masks

kind of have a cooling effect with when they're on. The green one definitely

it does feel a lot cooler and it has a detoxifying in it and antioxidants. The

other thing that's good about this green one is it really helps us...studies have

shown...that it really helps sort of with the redness you know a lot of times

makeups we're kind of combating the redness with greens so the green in the

Super Greens and all that sort of thing it really really helps to kind of combat

the redness a little bit. I must say that after I use the green one I really

felt kind of rejuvenated and also refreshed. Now I can't really tell you

that I preferred one over the other. I think if I wanted a creamy nourishing

kind of mask I would use the Cloud berry but if I had a long day and I wanted

something rejuvenating and cooling I would definitely go for the super greens

one. So yeah they're they're both pretty they're different but they both do the

job and they make you feel refreshed. Now let's talk about the contest.

Strivectin allowed us to pick three winners and you

get your choice...well you get this one for sure the eye cream which I surely do

love and then you get your choice if I could turn these around here of whether

you want the super greens or whether you want the cloudberry. So all you have to

do is put in the comments below whether you want the cloudberry just say

cloudberry for me or super greens for me. And what we're going to do is we're

going to cut out all the comments and put them in a hat and do the draw on Friday

Valentine's Day the 14th. So good luck everybody and if we do pick your name

out of a hat I'm going to let you know by replying to you in the comments and

also at our website which is we do have a contact us so if you know

you're not hearing from us or maybe you're YouTube's not working you have to

also make sure that you're subscribing to us and then we'll get into contact

with you. We're going to need your address. Strivectin also has another

rule or two and the one rule is that they're asking you to go over to

Instagram and follow them on Instagram at @Strivectin and that's the little @ sign

Strivectin which is s t r i v e c t i n.... So they're asking for that and

then just one more rule unfortunately it's only for U.S.A. people because that's

where they're doing all their deliveries to. But you know what it is a great

product and I wouldn't even be doing this if I didn't believe in it and I

really thought it was going to help us girls of a certain age. Oh and by the way

that eye cream that I'm talking about it was an Allure

2019 best of beauty Award winner so it was pretty darn good. And again it has I

hope I say this right hyalo..... hyaluronic acid

and also peptides so I think it says tri- peptides and that's really good for

soothing out your skin and helping those nasty wrinkles to...well smooth out. Let's

smooth them out. So I know I'm talking about Valentine's Day but as most of you

know before I met Bill I was a single mom and whether you're with a

significant other or with your significant self I really hope you enjoy

the day and you know if you are with your significant self enjoy a little bit

of self-care, a little bit of TLC, maybe a bit of a pampering day because you know

what you deserve it. So I know how many beautiful souls are out there because I

talked to you in the comments all the time and I know you're special enjoy the

day and don't forget to practice a little bit more that self-care. And

talking about love there's another kind of love and that's that unconditional

love that we get from our pets. I'm sure that a lot of you you feel that as

well. So on that note let's get the guy... sorry Bill it's not you it's our little

Yorkie Hurricane. Let's bring him out with his unconditional love and his

unending kisses. So here he is our little Hurricane. Hey how are you? How are you

today and oh my gosh he just gives unending kisses and when Hurricane comes

upon the scene I'm reminded to talk about the upcoming videos and I know he

yawns every time he comes on the scene this because he's sitting over there

sleeping but sorry to wake you up there Hurricane. If you saw my fashion

video on 2020 fashion trends you know that putting black and white outfits

together is trending and I'm just going to shop my closet and I'm going to

suggest that you do to. I'm going to put some things together that probably a lot

of you could just find in your closets and put together and of course I've got

make up tutorials for you and a lot more talk about self-care. Hey if you haven't

subscribe to this channel already there's a subscribe button below and

also don't forget to click on the bell and that way you'll be notified when the

videos are out. And also we have another channel which is our second channel for

or for inspiration and travel and fun and if you haven't checked that out its and we have some of our

trips to Niagara Falls and London and Paris and also we're eating a lot more

healthier now that we're of a certain age and so we talk about grocery

shopping, airfryer's, there's all kinds of things over there so you might want to

do a little binge watching and check some of those things out and I really hope it

helps you to be awesome over 50. So I really hope that these masks and the eye

cream it kind of reminds you to give yourself a little bit of extra care a

little pick-me-up every once in a while and you know I know as women a lot of us

...I'm guilty of this too that we put a lot of other people first and we put

ourselves last, but you know what? Time is it's marching on and I think the best

time to start really looking after yourself and give yourself a little more

TLC is right now and just before I go don't forget to mention in the comments

you're getting the eye cream if you're a winner there's three winners and so just

mention cloudberry or supergreens and good luck to all of you. And just

remember you're deserving, you're amazing and you're certainly awesome.

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