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Man, Here the Salman is! We found him hiding in a Gutter!

Beat that Bastard!

Rashid , who can bring our money Back?

Dude, There is a guy, who lives in ARTHALA!

Call Him!


Give me your Money, Fast! C'MON!

C'MON Fast!


Bloody Stupid!


Hello, Jabbar called you?

What does he need from me?

Come ASAP!

Fuck! Come ASAP!

How many times i told you that not to call me for your little problems?

As-salāmu Alaykum Brother!

waʿalaykumu s-salām..... Have a Seat.


Someone from Razzak Shiekh's Gang robbed some money and an Important file from one of my gangmember.

You need to bring them back!

From Razzak Shiekh? Don't you want to see me alive?

He doesn't hesitate for a while before killing me!

Hey, you just killed one of his man!


You can take whatever money you bring, I just need that File.

Call that Guy!

Bring Salman!

Let him sit!

Why you took the money from this guy?

Brother. My Sister required the money, for her engagement.

I will give your money.....

But Let him leave.

Tony, Control your Emotions.

I will bring your File, but let him leave!

Alright, you go.

Sir, an Infiltrator!!

Are you afraid of fighting one-on-one?

Lets do One-on-One.

Aren't you a hot tempered person?

For Whom, do you work?

For Money!


Then, Why have you come here?

For Jabbar's file?

What do you want? His file...

Or your lIfe...?

For the Whom, you came here to kill me,....

is a betrayer.

And what do you think?

He will let you go? after you kill me!!

You don't know him... He is a true bastard!

Task Over..

Man Over..

I know...

You don't trust my words.

I will give you his file.

Go and find it yourself!

Give him the file!

Heyy..Tony. Have a seat!!

Take this file..

Where is Salman?

Salman... What do you want from him?

Task Over...Man over...

I told you.....

What ????


Tony, Go underground for some days..

Absolute Underground....

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