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A big thank you to Mr. Yu-Peng Chen for coming to our show and giving us a wonderful performance today

Hello Travelers, I'm your good friend, Dawei

I'll be the host for today's Special Program

I trust everyone is having a good time on the islands in Version 1.6?

To provide Travelers with fresh and interesting experiences while exploring Teyvat

All our creators in the Genshin Impact project have been constantly innovating and optimizing the production

And repeatedly performing research and development for each new version of the game

We hope that Travelers around the world will be able to enjoy the wonderful fantasy world of Teyvat

Today, after completing all necessary preparations, I am very pleased to announce:

Genshin Impact will soon update to the all-new Version 2.0

A new region, Inazuma, will officially be released

I'm sure all our viewers must be very curious and looking forward to exploring Inazuma

Let's watch the Version 2.0 "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia" trailer

And get a quick introduction to the new areas and stories

Mondstadt is the City of Freedom, and Liyue is the City of Contracts

As for Inazuma... It's known as the Nation of Eternity

The Almighty Shogun

Focused exclusively on her single goal of implementing Eternity

I know of a way to introduce you to the Raiden Shogun


Before that

There is one other place I was hoping you both would accompany me to

When a person's ambition reaches a certain strength

The gods look upon them with favor

In other words

A person's Vision represents their ambition

It must be a possession... right?

I see

That reminds me... it seems that his Vision was recently confiscated

It's just like that feeling of emptiness

The feeling that something is... missing...

For to be stripped of one's Vision

Is to be stripped of one's ambition

As one who is thrown into the sea

Though he fights back desperately against his predicament

It does nothing to prevent his descent into the depths


My intuition was correct

The wind that blows from afar

Carries fresh life to these shores...

Perhaps, in the eyes of a deity such as the Almighty Shogun

The lives of those who inhabit the world are inconsequential...

At present in Inazuma

In the name of the Vision Hunt Decree

The people's aspirations are being senselessly trampled underfoot

Thus, we cannot remain indifferent to this situation

Without also remaining indifferent to our own fate


It is time for me to honor my word

I await your instruction

My apologies

Kamisato Art: Soumetsu!

Do not forget that challenging the Vision Hunt Decree

Is tantamount to challenging a deity

When you are ready

Go to Hanamizaka

And look for a fireworks shop run by the Naganohara family

There, you will find someone who can help you

Allow me to introduce myself

A festive reprise!

I'm Yoimiya, hehe, great to meet ya

Fire hazard!

Sayu, Shiyuumatsu-Ban

At your disposal

And away I go!


In addition to us

There is also the resistance on Watatsumi Island

Many who have lost or fear losing their Visions

Have rallied together under Sangonomiya on Watatsumi Island to form a resistance group

Remove all threats to Eternity

By order of the Almighty Shogun!

Adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission

She's also a general in the Shogun's Army

The resistance never betrays its own!

A "ceremony," you say?

Why would such a task be left to the Tenryou Commission?

The wait is over

My comrades

You will be inlaid

Upon this statue

So, what does everyone think about the new version trailer?

Before formally introducing the content of our new version

I'd like to start by introducing the development team of Genshin Impact

This is a very young, Shanghai-born and bred "home-grown team"

Over the past few years, we have been fortunate to gather many colleagues who are brimming with ideas and the ability to execute

And we have been able to bring the team's expertise and experiences to fruition in Genshin Impact

On a special occasion like today

I specially invited several members of this team to come to our program

We hope to take this opportunity to share some of our creative styles, ideas, and thoughts

With our players and viewers around the world

We are also very honored and proud of this

First of all, I'd like to introduce you to the first member who will be appearing today

Our Combat Designer, Aquaria

Thank you, Dawei

Hello Travelers, I'm Aquaria, the Combat Designer of Genshin Impact

Thank you Dawei for inviting me, I'm happy to be here

Welcome, Aquaria

So today, we would like to start with a topic that we have never shared with our fellow players before

That is: as a development team with hundreds of members

How our Genshin Impact project team continues to consistently deliver exciting content to our players


Then I'll talk about how I feel from a designer's point of view

When we talk about a team, we have all participated in our school's club activities at some point in time

Or project work that requires multiple people to work together

Perhaps, you imagine that the general process of game production is similar

First, the designer comes up with a long PowerPoint presentation, and then the program and art are completed one by one according to the plan in the PowerPoint

Finally, it is delivered in the game client and the finished product is ready to go live quickly

But in fact, such a formulaic production process is not very conducive to game innovation

If we want to make content that surprises players, the entire team's core focus

For all departments, including designers

Should be on "how to design and produce interesting content"

For Genshin Impact, everyone in the team is a source of creativity

The realization of each idea also relies on the mutual understanding and collaboration between each team member

There is a natural upstream and downstream distinction in the team's work

However, when deciding to create certain content

When we start on the design, we will gather everyone involved in the production process

To communicate and discuss together

It's not easy to do this in a practical way

We can do it mainly because we have two natural advantages

Firstly, the frequency and efficiency of communication among our team members are very high

This is very important in the teamwork process

Here, we have some advantages whereby

From the art, programming, creative concept and writing, and design that directly produce content

To our colleagues in charge of operations and marketing for user-facing aspects

We all work in the same office area

This actually ensures that we do not have issues like objective environment constraints

Such as the need for remote outsourcing, supervision of revisions, and other issues

That take a long time for an opinion to go from generation to feedback

Within the Genshin Impact project team, whenever we have any ideas

We can just find the team member in charge

Or when there is a need for multiple people to discuss, it is convenient to get everyone together

We discuss face-to-face and with a clear conclusion, we can start work on it immediately

When communicating, we believe in a principle

That is to "speak up and convince people with reason"

I'm sure players have heard of this before

Our Genshin Impact team has many experts and professionals from various fields

But because of this principle, when people are working on specific issues

The communication process is very flat and open, down-to-earth and pragmatic

On top of efficient communication, everyone has another principle, which is to do what they promised

This is actually a kind of professionalism, and we constantly push the limits of our abilities

To give a specific example:

In Version 1.1, we designed a new character called Tartaglia

Oh, Childe

That's right, "Childe," or Tartaglia

Everyone actually made quite a few bold attempts and finally brought those ideas to fruition

For example, when our animation teammates were doing preliminary research on combat styles

They wanted to incorporate bow combat and close combat, including traditional Russian Cossack shashka sword fighting

These fighting styles are incorporated into Tartaglia's movements

As for our special effects teammates, they wanted to try out new textures and shader

Capable of expressing the glint of a blade, like the texture of water

And effects such as a flowing cape that is torn

The designer actually wanted Childe to be able to switch weapons, so it took a long time

To program a set of skill scripts and status management logic entirely dedicated to Tartaglia

To achieve this goal, our programming teammates also reconstructed many of the underlying function points for this character

At that time, we had a huge headache over some issues:

"Ahhhh, why is Tartaglia's cape glitching again!"

"Ahhhh, why is Tartaglia's blade sticking to his hand again!"

...This is the reason why when we produce Genshin Impact

We always have a sense of security

Because we can always trust our teammates

We believe that all of us will do our best to achieve what we set out to, step by step

In addition to these two points, another point is

Everyone on the team is actually a gamer

Real OG gamers

They also have a very deep affection for Genshin Impact, what they are working on

We have teammates with an Adventure Rank of 56, 57, or even higher

And quite a lot of them managed to obtain all the stars up through Floor 12 Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss

So actually the whole team and our players

We are all companions fighting alongside each other in Teyvat

As a member of the game development team, no matter what duties you are responsible for

Firstly, only by loving the game, loving to play the game, can we put ourselves in our players' shoes

So we can evaluate the game from their perspective

And bring better game content and experience

Next, let's talk about Inazuma, which everyone is very excited about

What kind of changes are there in the development of Inazuma compared to the first two regions?

A lot!

Inazuma is the third large-scale region open to Travelers, after Mondstadt and Liyue

During the whole process of creating Inazuma

The whole team faced a huge challenge, namely from two aspects

On one hand, there was the issue of the pacing of content output after the launch

Because everyone was already exploring Mondstadt and Liyue, which were already launched

We spent a lot of time continuing to develop these large areas of land

And produce new content on them on an ongoing basis

But when we started to develop Inazuma, the challenges were actually greater

Like what I said earlier, on one hand, we have to make sure that we can continuously update the versions to be launched

And continue to provide players with gameplay content

On the other hand, we also have to work on the key node, to develop the new area of Inazuma

And launch a massive release of high-quality playable content that may be even larger than the previous versions

These goals actually put a lot of pressure on the team

It's probably a serious challenge that everyone in our team

Has never faced in their career

The second aspect is about the overall performance of the game content

We engaged in a more in-depth thought and design process

Different from the themes that everyone has come into contact with, such as Mondstadt's "freedom" and Liyue's "contracts"

Inazuma, which is centered around Electro, has ushered in a new theme called "eternity"

Then, we will also optimize the design ideas of game content from the level of gameplay based on this theme

To present them in a uniform manner

For Inazuma-related regional productions and many aspects on top of it, such as the background, gameplay design

We started on them pretty early

Some of our teammates have been working hard on the development of the version corresponding to Inazuma

For a long time before the Inazuma content is released to our players

Compared to similar, new areas that Travelers can explore

Such as Dragonspine in V1.2 and the Golden Apple Archipelago in V1.6

The scale of Inazuma is larger and the content is more dense, so the relevant work required is also more intensive

For the content as a whole, we have come up with some keywords to condense what we want to express in the Inazuma area

For example, eternity, Electro, and energy mentioned earlier

These keywords will then bring out a series of scenarios and gameplay designs

But eventually they will converge back to these core concepts

When it comes to energy, for example, we have more stage gameplay and combat mechanics

To explore more possibilities on the concept of Elemental Energy and create new combat systems

When it comes to Electro, outside of the existing combat-related Electro-Charged and Superconduct reactions

We will also take into account some of the unique local mechanisms and ecological features that Inazuma has

To expand on the gameplay for Electro

At the same time, we have learned from our experience in previous regions

We have abandoned some of the challenges that require players to use certain characters or specific elements in order to complete them

What we have done now is to change these designs to mechanisms that fit within the existing rules

Mechanism puzzles that can be solved when the player figures out how to use the mechanism

On this basis, we also tried to use some gameplay methods

To significantly change our players' exploration experience in the region

We hope that through these changes, players can find new fun and enjoy themselves in the Inazuma region

Hearing this makes me very excited to visit Inazuma

Haha, Inazuma has been awaiting our Travelers for a long time

I am very glad to be here today to share so many thoughts with you all at once

For combat design, we will also continue to provide players with a more interesting

And high-quality gaming experience

Later there will be more development staff to introduce the content of Inazuma in detail

Please stay tuned, Travelers

The unveiling of a new region is often accompanied by an entire new culture and adventure

I believe everyone has been looking forward to this

Previously, Travelers have made many friends in Mondstadt, the City of Freedom

And Liyue, the Harbor of Contracts

And also got to find out more about the unique culture of each region

On the other side of the sea, the land of Inazuma

Also has its own stories to tell

The nation that seeks "eternity" under the rule of the Electro Archon

What kind of extraordinary encounters will Travelers have when they arrive there?

Today, we have a special guest, Head of Genshin Impact's Creative Concept and Writing Team

Xiao Luohao, to share with everyone some content about Inazuma

Hello, Travelers

I'm Xiao Luohao from the IP department

Nice to meet everyone

As Head of the Creative Concept and Writing Team, I'm honored to be here today

To share details about some of the interesting design of the new region, Inazuma

Speaking of which

I know a lot of our players have done in-depth study of our game's lore and design


Personally, I also enjoy reading the analyses that our players have about Teyvat

Everyone in our team came up with a lot of content during the brainstorming process

And all of these will become clues hidden in various parts of the game

Players can search for, discover, and decipher these clues

That's sort of a communication with us across time and space

It gives us creators a heartfelt sense of joy

That's right

The enthusiasm and attention our players have shown has been an important source of strength for our team

We are very thankful for everyone's love towards Genshin Impact

As creators, all we can do is strive to produce the best product in return for everyone's support

For example, today, we have brought some topics that we believe will be of more interest to everyone

To introduce Inazuma, let's start with the scene of this tea room we are in now

There is a similar teahouse in Inazuma

And its overall style is rather tranquil and quiet

We named it Komore Teahouse

"Komore" actually means light passing through the gaps between leaves

But whats different from the atmosphere we're in now is

Komore Teahouse is a very hidden place

Only special guests with reservations are allowed to enter

The owner of the teahouse is a Shiba Inu with a bandana around his forehead

He has a very cute name, "Taroumaru"

Boss Shiba Inu?

That's really interesting

The teahouse is owned by a dog instead of a person

The communication should be different, right?

Then, as a customer, after the Traveler has had tea

They have to put the money inside a small box by themselves?

Yes, haha

And there are some special aspects of the teahouse:

Legend has it that all the employees have signed some kind of unspeakable contract with Taroumaru

And they must work there forever

Well that's not what I expected

It sounds likes there's more than meets the eye to Boss Shiba Inu

After hearing this, I feel like

These stories resemble urban legends

It feels like Inazuma is a remarkable place

In terms of urban legends

Inazuma is indeed different from the first two regions that Travelers are familiar with

However, the Komore Teahouse is only one small place in Inazuma City

In addition to this, there are many more magnificent and larger locations in Inazuma

Each area has its own unique design and layout

We hope that Travelers can continue to explore in-depth during their adventures

To discover the various stories and details hidden within

Inazuma is the third region that Travelers set foot in on the continent of Teyvat

At the beginning of development, our team drafted the theme of Inazuma as an "Ocean Archipelago"

As the only one of the seven nations located entirely in the ocean

We wanted to preserve the unity of the region represented by the name "Inazuma"

But also hope that each separate island

Because it consists of six different islands

Is able to bring a different regional experience than what we encountered on our journey through Liyue and Mondstadt

Different types of natural scenery are easy to make

But how can we control and present the uniformity of Inazuma?

Can you share more on that with us?

On the point of uniformity, it may be a bit long to share entirely

We have to start from the foundation of Inazuma's design

It is well known that Inazuma is a nation ruled by the Electro Archon

And Electro represents something everyone is familiar with:

Lightning, which happens in a flash

Lightning often symbolizes a fleeting moment, an instant

However, the concept that the Electro Archon pursues in the story is "eternity"

So, what exactly happened to cause the Electro Archon's conviction to change from being a moment to an eternity?

What is the deeper meaning hidden behind this change in philosophy?

These contradictions and collisions are exactly what we want to convey to you in the plot

We also very much hope that the discussion on this core idea can be expanded upon

It can drive players to have a good gaming experience, and at the same time, they can ponder more about this

After establishing the general premise of the Electro Archon's pursuit of eternity, we started work on the details

Presenting the conflict in the game's storyline and design, and manifesting it concretely

I guess everyone hearing this now

Must be thinking about the rationale behind the Electro Archon's actions

For example, what is the motivation that drives her to pursue eternity?

What happened to give her this idea?

What means does she use to pursue this goal?

How feasible are such means?

What stage has the Electro Archon reached so far in her pursuit of "eternity"?

And what are the implications of her actions?

Will this Archon's pursuit conflict with those of her people?

...And so on

In the actual process of production

These questions and thoughts converged together within the details in-game

They were transformed into a soil that nurtured the entire culture of Inazuma

We have taken these points into consideration when designing each island

To reflect the pursuits of the gods, their favors

And the marks left by the people involved

To reflect the greater worldview through stories of the common folk, through different factions

The theme of "the Electro Archon's pursuit of Eternity" is reflected through details, helping us present the big picture

Although there are different islands and factions

There are differences in how they are presented for certain aspects

But if we look at it from a holistic perspective

The conflict is present throughout the entire story and in every part of Inazuma

Thus, the unity of the whole is shown

I see, that's to say

The overall concept of Inazuma runs like a vein through the design of the entire region

But the details vary

And from this, we can see the actions and motives of various factions from Inazuma

That's right

What I have mentioned is just a basic process of our brainstorming

For the specific design, we will start with three entry points:

One is history, the second is culture, and the third is geography

We refer to history as the events that have happened in the Inazuma region

I believe that many players have noticed that

There was a long and arduous Archon War on the continent of Teyvat

Many of our stories are derived from the Archon War that took place

It also includes the tragedy that arose, the destruction of Khaenri'ah

Many wars and battles have led to loss

Out of the sorrow of loss, obsession is spawned

The gods' philosophy and humanism were also somewhat influenced by these major historical turning points

During the creation process, we also did a lot of research on the real world for reference

For example, we referenced a system called "Bugyou," or "Commissions"

In Inazuma, a "Commissioner" is basically an important person responsible for a certain area of affairs

There are three most prominent Commissions in Inazuma

They are: the Tenryou Commission led by the Kujou Clan

Responsible for managing security and military affairs, and enforcing the Vision Hunt Decree

The Kanjou Commission led by the Hiiragi Clan, responsible for managing finance and customs

And the third is the Yashiro Commission, led by the Kamisato Clan

They are in charge of managing shrines, festivals, and cultural events

One of those clan names sounded very familiar

Haha, let's move on

And how is the geographic aspect designed?

In terms of geography, first, we worked with the art and design teams to coordinate some adjustments

Taking the color corresponding to the region's element

Similar to what we did for Liyue and Mondstadt

We had determined that the color representing Electro is purple

And designed Inazuma building off of this color

Inazuma is a region that has distinctive features

This is what our design and planning departments want to reflect

They hope that its ecological environment contains more Electro

With more Electro harvestable resources to interact with

This Electro-rich environment has given birth to different colors

Vegetation, trees of different varieties

And special harvestable resources that are created in response to the environment

For example, there are Dandelions and Windwheel Asters in Mondstadt

And Liyue has Glaze Lilies and Silk Flowers

Inazuma also has distinct objects representative of its own culture and geography

We designed one called Naku Weed and another called Sakura Bloom

We used these nice-looking plants

To integrate Electro into the collection and puzzle-solving aspects

The Electro element can be said to be the foundation of Inazuma's geographical design

After further combining it with the core historical events of Inazuma

We have also developed a landscape concept and cultural attractions

That conform to the design rules

For example, we have Mt. Yougou, a mountain related to the legend of the "tengu"

The Grand Narukami Shrine, which enshrines a huge tree resembling a fox

Tatarasuna, a place related to the crafting of swords

And Musoujin Gorge, created by a slash of the Electro Archon.

With these regional settings

The terrain and landscape derived from the historical, geographical, and cultural designs described earlier are also important vehicles for the storyline in Genshin Impact

By integrating story with the environment, we can better present the story of Gods and humans in this world

And try to bring players a more immersive gaming experience through various scenes, levels, and text

Can you pick a few to introduce?

Such as the Grand Narukami Shrine?

I'm very curious about the huge Sacred Sakura inside

The design of the sacred Sacred Sakura is derived from the belief of Himorogi and sacred trees

It symbolizes the Electro Archon's protection over the entire nation of Inazuma

But I would like to elaborate

We didn't just reference Sakura Trees for the Sacred Sakura

But also a tree called the "quaking aspen"

This tree is actually quite interesting

Underground, the root systems of many trees are closely interlinked

So what looks like a large forest is in fact made up of just one tree

Strictly speaking, it is just one tree

I think that's quite interesting

In fact, the Sacred Sakura has adopted a similar design

This special natural ecology is applied to the game

And when it complements the player's actual in-game experience and exploring

It will manifest as more distinctive and realistic

Then, since we are on the topic of the Sacred Sakura and Grand Narukami Shrine

I must mention two characters:

The Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko

Both of them are extremely important characters in Inazuma

To a certain extent, they also symbolize the core of cultural design in Inazuma

Just listening already makes me very excited for Inazuma

I don't know how much longer I can wait

Oh yes, I want to ask

Are there any other landmarks closely associated with the Raiden Shogun?

If we don't talk about the Shogun's residence, Tenshukaku, for the time being

There is a geographical wonder in Inazuma called Musoujin Gorge

We feel that this location is very representative of the Raiden Shogun

Its existence is closely related to the Raiden Shogun

Here the Raiden Shogun once faced a large serpent that attacked from Watatsumi Island

To slay her opponent, the Raiden Shogun dealt a thunderous slash

But because her power was too strong, not only was the great serpent severed on the spot

The whole island was also cleaved into two

Now, you can still see the remains of the great serpent when you set foot on Yashiori Island

And the island is divided into north and south as if neatly sliced by a blade

This wondrous scene can be seen in the game

The result of that fierce battle in the past

But after the great serpent's tragic defeat, its grudge continues to linger

It has spawned something called Tatarigami

As a result, the Inazuma region has also developed the phenomena of suppressing the Tatarigami

Or exploiting the Tatarigami, from which is derived associated culture and history

For example, the mining of Crystal Marrow associated with the mining industry

That is, the excavation of a legacy related to the great serpent

As well as the crafting of swords in Tatarasuna, etc.

The reason why the great serpent, Tatarigami, and the smelting at Tatarasuna are integrated in the design

Is also derived from some myths and legends that the great serpent is associated with primitive iron making

It feels like there are a lot of clues buried in Inazuma's design that are worth exploring


We hope players will embark on the journey themselves

And experience the customs of Inazuma step by step as they explore

Players can venture more deeply into the world of Teyvat

Unearth more secrets

And also have a lot of fun in the process

So, that's all for now about regional design ideas

I wonder what kind of new characters will appear

In the new land of Inazuma?

I heard that there is an Inazuma character who has been very popular since the beta tests

Players have been fervently following news on her

And there's even a particularly interesting joke regarding this:

Genshin Impact's ongoing drama series "Waiting for Ayaka"

Hahaha, "Waiting for Ayaka" is finally coming to an end

I believe we all can't wait for her official arrival

Xiao Luohao, why don't you give us a brief introduction about her?

As I was saying earlier, Inazuma has the Tri-Commission

And the much-loved Kamisato Ayaka is the daughter of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato Clan

Sounds like a person of high standing

In terms of status alone, yes

But Ayaka is not like a young lady that everyone generally associates the role with

She doesn't just stay in her room all day, but travels frequently to all parts of Inazuma

She has a lot of interactions with the common folk

She is a person of high moral character, modest and courteous, and has a good sense of propriety

She also has a kind heart and will lend a helping hand to those who are experiencing hardship

Which is why the people gave her the title of "Shirasagi Himegimi"

The title "Shirasagi Himegimi" is widely known in Inazuma

It also reflects the public's admiration for her

"Shirasagi Himegimi" sounds very elegant

Combined with the kind and benevolent qualities you just described

I think I can understand why people love her

Ayaka comes off as very elegant and benevolent

Very noble

That's likely to be people's first impression of her

However, as the plot progresses, the more Travelers interact with Ayaka

The more they can recognize the cute side of Ayaka

Although she is the young lady of the Yashiro Commission, and usually needs to be reserved and elegant

At her age

She will also have her own worries and desires

Of course, all these have already been created

Waiting for the players to experience for themselves

Is there anything in the main story that can be revealed?

Kamisato Ayaka will appear in the Archon Quest, Chapter II: Act I

And players will meet her in the Kamisato residence

The Kamisato residence seems to be very different from the previous indoor scenes

But why is there a folding screen?

We can't even see Miss Ayaka?

After all, Ayaka's the young lady of the Yashiro Commission

And has her own set of rules

That's what makes her so mysterious

We want to deliver a fresh experience to players

As for the first in-game glimpse of Ayaka, everyone will have a more specific impression after playing this section


Then let's chat about Yoimiya

Does she also belong to one of the three Commissions?

Oh, no, she doesn't

Yoimiya is the owner of Naganohara Fireworks

She's a very skilled pyrotechnician

I'm sure everyone is very familiar with fireworks

I feel that fireworks are the furthest thing away from the "eternity" that Inazuma seeks

That's right, but for Yoimiya, although the beauty of the fireworks is certainly short-lived...

The wishes of people hidden behind the fireworks

The hopes and emotions of people associated with it

These are very precious things

That can remain in people's hearts even after the fireworks dissipate

Yoimiya is a very creative person

As an expert, fireworks are both a job and a hobby for her

That is why she will do her best to make a product that meets everyone's wishes

The effects of the fireworks show were also all produced by her personally

It can be said that only such an ingenious and responsible person like her

Can bring a fireworks show that even the Raiden Shogun approves of

Also, Yoimiya is someone who is very in touch with her inner child

She's very good with children and is often seeing playing with them

At the same time, Yoimiya is a very empathetic and chatty individual

She gets along well with people from all parts of Inazuma

So she appears lively and enthusiastic outwardly

But is actually very thoughtful

Yes, she is

So will our pyrotechnician also make an appearance in our main story?


Yoimiya is also a very important ally for our Travelers in the main story

She is part of some rather exciting moments

Looking forward to her enthusiastic demeanor

But as usual, let's not spill the beans too much

Last but not least, let's talk about Sayu

I heard she's a ninja?

Yes, Sayu is a ninja from the Shiyuumatsu-Ban

She specializes in a rare variety of mystical ninjutsu

But mostly uses her hard-earned skills to slack off

She actually uses her skills for slacking?

Sayu has something she's really anxious about

I believe everyone can see from her appearance that she is very small

For Sayu, all her peers of the same age have grown taller

But only she remains as tiny as before

This gives her a strong obsession with growing taller

She has a belief

Whether her own theory, or because someone told her this

That sleeping helps you grow taller

So whenever she gets the chance, she'll find all sorts of ways to hide and sleep

Over time, she began sleeping all the time

And always looks tired

Like she can't ever get enough sleep

That's actually quite similar to us modern people

But we have never been through professional training

And don't know how to wield a Claymore

Sayu can wield a Claymore taller than herself

Mainly due to her Vision's power

That's a very cute contrast

Speaking of which, can you share more about the thought process and inspirations in terms of character creation for Inazuma?

Inazuma is a region with a very distinctive style

We also hope that the characters will be fresh, special, and interesting to the players

The word "interesting"

Is further reinforced in the language of Inazuma's character design

And is a Key Personality Trait

Interesting, combined with the cultural history of Inazuma that we just talked about

Can be broken down into three key words, which are

Elegance, transience, and light

These three words represent some of the core designs of all Inazuma characters

As for the specifics, players can experience it in the game

Everything I just talked about was designed from the basic worldview setting

By extracting the folklore, details of life

And some artistic features of Inazuma, we derived some core elements

Transformed them into design aspects

Expanded upon them, and then further refined them

We would like Inazuma characters to maintain certain characteristics of Genshin Impact in their identity and profession

At the same time, we want to distinguish Inazuma from the existing two regions of Mondstadt and Liyue

To condense and form the local culture of Inazuma, and reflect it through the characters

These differences will manifest as significant elements

Judging from the three new characters we just talked about, each character feels very distinctive indeed

But I'm still very invested in the previously mentioned Raiden Shogun

Different from the Anemo Archon and Geo Archon

The Electro Archon of "The Seven"

Is the first female Archon players will meet

That's right, and in the Archon Quests

Players will have more in-depth contact with the Electro Archon

In our upcoming update, Version 2.0

Chapter II: Act I "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia"

And Act II "Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow" will be available

At the same time, our two new characters

Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya's Story Quests will also be available

We hope Travelers will enjoy these characters and

Spend an unforgettable time with them

I really look forward to meeting them in the Inazuma story

By the way, I heard that the Creative Concept and Writing team has prepared a small surprise for everyone

Is it time to reveal it?

We would like to take this rare opportunity today

To formally give a sneak peek

Of all the new characters

Who will make an appearance

In the future Inazuma Archon Quests

Firstly, the Raiden Shogun that you are very excited for

In terms of appearance, she is a cold and austere character

And she will be the key to the story in Inazuma

The encounter between this powerful god and the Traveler

Will be the focus of our entire story

What is it that the Electro Archon is pursuing and guarding?

What exactly is she fighting for?

The answer to all of these

Will be hidden in our Travelers' journey this time

Let's take a look at this one character, a man named Thoma

He's a rather special character

He has blond hair, different from most other Inazuma characters

And of course, his identity is naturally a bit of a mystery of its own

In terms of his personality, he's very observant of people

A rather mature companion, he is currently the chief retainer of the Kamisato Clan

And has a certain level of association with the Kamisato siblings

The next character we see is Kujou Sara

She's the general of the Tenryou Commission

The adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission

Kujou Sara is a tengu warrior

And has wings as dark as a raven

She is a very prominent character, even among the many capable individuals in the Tri-Commission

She is loyal to the Raiden Shogun and to her duty

And is a very charismatic general

This adorable young lady is Sangonomiya Kokomi

Despite her delicate appearance

She is actually the leader of the Sangonomiya resistance

She is a wise and resourceful military advisor

Although she always wears a very serene smile

She actually has everything arranged and in her grasp

I would say she's the brains of the forces

Now, for the brawn. I'm sure everyone can see the animal ears on his head at a glance

It's certainly very eye-catching

His name is Gorou

Although he looks like a young man

He's a general of the Sangonomiya troops

He is a character that stands his ground in combat and becomes more fierce throughout the battle

He is very dependable in critical moments

Our last character for today was introduced during the Sneak Peek of the V1.5 Special Program in China

She is none other than Yae Miko

Yae Miko is the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine

Her elegant and beautiful appearance belies an intelligent and cunning personality

She is a lady who is not easy to predict

And has her own principles and methods of doing things

She will also meet with the Traveler several times in the story

What events will unfold at that time?

As we so often say:

Let's leave that for players to experience themselves

Just like that, we have revealed all of our new characters

You sure that's a good idea?

Actually, we have been following the discussions of our player community

This sneak peek only represents a small part of our production team's

Gratitude to our players

We really appreciate everyone's support and love along this journey

We also always remember the mission of our team

Which is to produce exceptional work for our players

To let every character and every story

Be better presented in front of our players

With that, here's wishing everyone

A memorable journey in the Inazuma region

Welcome back to today's Version 2.0 Special Program

From what our teammates have shared so far, we have learned a little about the design concepts and regional flavor of Inazuma

So in the game, how do we express these ideas using visual art

And turn these into scenes that everyone can fully explore?

Next, we have Cissie, an artist from our scene production team

Hello, Travelers. I'm Cissie, in charge of the map of Inazuma

It's my honor to be invited by Dawei to the show today

To talk about some of the scene design concepts of the new area, Inazuma

We've seen some images of Inazuma's scenery before

In a visual sense, they made a powerful impression on me

So, Cissie, can you tell us more about

The overall art style of the map of Inazuma?

Actually, we have included a lot of hidden designs and unique details in the map of Inazuma

It can be difficult to summarize purely with words, but generally speaking

What we want to convey to the players this time

Perhaps can be summarized by a quote from the Japanese author, Jun'ichirou Tanizaki

"We find beauty not in the thing itself

But in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates."

Jun'ichirou Tanizaki's quote means that objects are hidden within vague rays of light

And to let one's imagination enhance beauty, this is the biggest difference between Japanese and Western spatial design

If the Western style of design is to present everything in the fullest detail

Then the Japanese pursuit of tranquility, seclusion, and calmness is to express an atmosphere

And this atmosphere remains throughout players' experience of the map of Inazuma, and it will gradually progress

Inazuma is the only island nation among the seven nations of Teyvat

So Inazuma's climate is different from that of Mondstadt and Liyue where the sky is quite clear

Inazuma is geographically located in an archipelago. No matter which island Travelers are in

They can feel the scenery changing rapidly in front of their eyes as the light and shadow flows

As if the scenery can be blown away by the sea breeze if you're not paying attention

We try to convey these emotions to our players by manipulating space and perception, to create a shift between light and shadow

At the same time, Inazuma is also an area deeply impacted by the Electro element

So visually speaking, it will have its own unique characteristics

Under the two primary contexts of being Electro-influenced and being an island nation

Inazuma's scenery and ecology are created based on the geological formation of islands

On this map, we want our players to feel the impact of the Electro element on the entire area

Through the mountains and rocks

Also, we wanted to create some very unique and recognizable structures

So we tried to get inspiration from the natural wonders of the real world

Lastly, we used the Byoubugaura Cliffs in Japan as the focus of the design

This place, known as the "Dover of the Orient," has a very unique geological structure

The rock grains are horizontal

And there are some small islands in the sea that look as though they plunged into the water horizontally, which seems very unstable

It's very similar to what we want to convey in terms of the Electro influence on the landscape

So based on this point, we refined and reconstructed these horizontal grains

We depicted these oblique grains and structures on every surface of the rocks and mountains

And then we reintegrated the grains in the form of a collage

Which forms the "intersected lines" that we see

So that's how you demonstrate the Electro element's impact on the terrain?

It's really innovative


But at the same time, we also came across a big challenge

Which is, how do we provide a way for the players to explore and experience this interesting ecology under the influence of the Electro element

Without destroying the original natural ecology?

Later, we figured that if we see the entire island as a more three-dimensional space with upper and lower structures

Then, players can find these locations through secret places and channels

Just like in "Spirited Away," how Chihiro reaches another world through a long tunnel

Or like in "My Neighbor Totoro", how Mei falls into Totoro's cave from the fence in her backyard

This would make it more interesting, right?

Once we established this idea, with the encouragement and recognition from our colleagues from the Creative Concept and Writing and Planning teams

We started a long journey of realizing our concepts

We placed the Sacred Sakura roots, which have mutated under the influence of Electro, around the torii gate

And lit up these dark caves with special-shaped glowing purple shrubs

We want to show the wonders of the Electro element using form and color

If you want to explore certain mysteries, you can find keys in the village

Jump into the dry well in the village

Squeeze in between the rocks by the sea

Or find treasures hidden under ordinary items

In an obscure little cave inside Shugo Forest

There is a sense of danger everywhere here

Visually, there is a strong contrast from the places above ground, which are tranquil and beautiful

There's also a place in Inazuma that's full of magical wonder

Which is Tatarasuna, Kannazuka

It is a great place where human history meets natural wonder

Just now, our colleague mentioned the battle between the Raiden Shogun and the great serpent

After which the remains of the Tatarigami were sealed on this island

With the remains as the core, the energy can gather the surrounding rock

Which forms a huge visual center in the middle of the scene

Mikage Furnace, the largest smelting facility in Inazuma, is located here

To further enhance the visual depiction of this energy

We directed the surrounding wooden plankways towards the middle

To connect with the furnace in the center

Next, we enveloped the inner space in purple and added special effects of flying sand and flickering lightning to the environment

To express a sense of danger and mystery

It is also closely related to "Tatara Tales", a large-scale open world themed quest

Before unlocking the relevant quests, there will be a huge energy shield that looks like an electric wave on the outskirts

You can feel the strong surge of energy inside by just getting a little closer

Now that you mention it, I realize that the flowers and plants in this scene are very different from those in the previous areas

That's right

As for the vegetation of Inazuma, its color corresponds with that of the Electro element

Our team discussed with the Creative Concept and Writing Team, and decided to use purple shades to depict areas that are affected by the Electro element

For normal areas that are not affected, we tried to pay homage to the classic vegetation colors of Ghibli animation

It's a fusion of different shades of cool green

The light-blue "baby blue eyes" and the dark blue hyacinths constitute the basic ecology of Inazuma

It connects every plain and swamp

And reeds grow vigorously in the mountain passes, river banks, and on hills

In summer, people sit on Amakane Island, where the sakura blossoms bloom, and watch the fireworks in the distance

Lighting up the sky of Inazuma

The sakura blossoms in the city are illuminated by fireworks

The reflection of fireworks on the sea's surface inspires us to imagine beautiful things

From Cissie's description, I can feel a creator's passion for her works

I didn't know there are so many beautiful scenes in Inazuma

Which one left the deepest impression on you?

This is a very hard question to answer

When you asked me just now

I had some images in my mind

Like a misty landscape and maple leaves blowing in the wind, with buildings on Ritou's shore

The port city is engulfed in a gloomy atmosphere

And in the dim light, you can see people walking and talking

A few simple houses sit quietly beside a stream on the plain

When you look back, the top of a torii gate peeks out from among massive trees

If you happen to find a tanuki in the grass

You can follow it all the way up through a misty forest

You'll then arrive at the home of Kamisato Ayaka which is surrounded by sakura blossoms

I can already see the images in front of me

In terms of the architecture of Inazuma

My favorite would be the Kamisato Clan estate

Through the corridor with light passing through, as you sit in Miss Ayaka's tea room

Travelers can see the terrace framed by green branches through the semi-open structure

In the distance, Inazuma City and Tenshukaku can be seen faintly through the sakura blossoms

Through the thick clouds, the sun shines on the roof of Tenshukaku, like a painting in front of your eyes

The depiction of all these places with Eastern aesthetics

Never fails to impress me no matter how many times I see them

There will be more wonderful scenes in the coming version

For example, Watatsumi Island with its distinctive and unique characteristics, peculiar landscape, and dreamy colors

And the magnificent Seirai Island which is constantly enshrouded by thunderstorms...

Tsurumi Island, abandoned for many years, covered in withered branches and vegetation that looks like Thunderbird feathers

And the largest underground space below sea level in Inazuma...

There are more unique landscapes and plants waiting for you to explore

As the landscape creators, we are also looking forward to creating more new areas

And giving a fresh and interesting experience to all Travelers

Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation, Cissie

Besides the beautiful scenery, Genshin Impact's music is also something that Travelers enjoy

Before officially entering Version 2.0

We reviewed the soundtrack of Genshin Impact Version 1.0

Many great tracks, like the one during the battle with "Childe" and the battle with Azhdaha

And the music that appears in our trailers like "Travail" and "We Will Be Reunited"

Will all be included in this new album "The Shimmering Voyage," let's take a look

Of course, the much-anticipated Inazuma soundtrack of Version 2.0 is also in production

Next up, we have Yu-Peng Chen of the HOYO-MiX team, the Composer and Producer of Genshin Impact soundtracks

To give us a brief introduction

Thank you, Dawei!

Hello, Travelers!

I'm excited to share some details about the production of Inazuma's soundtrack

Genshin Impact is an open-world adventure game

Different soundtracks are required to match different locations

We take a lot of inspiration from music around the world

We had the London Philharmonic Orchestra record the soundtrack for Mondstadt

Then, we had the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra record the music for Liyue

For Inazuma, we approached the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

In collaboration with traditional-instrument musicians, once again to give a live performance

To create the music of Inazuma

I'm sure the Inazuma soundtrack in Version 2.0 will give you a different experience from the music of Mondstadt and Liyue

Mr. Chen, can you give us an update on the recording of the Inazuma soundtracks?

The best way to experience it is to wait until you can visit Inazuma

And feel the music in the game

Here, I will share some information about the music production of Inazuma with you:

When designing Inazuma's music, we added several traditional musical instruments in addition to classical orchestral music

Such as Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Taiko, Koto, etc.

We used characteristic Japanese vocal singing

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, this time, we communicated online in real-time

For over a month, back and forth

I liaised with the Japanese musicians remotely

To review the melody and set the musical instruments

We overcame many difficulties, and achieved satisfactory results through this collaboration

I hope everyone will enjoy the music of Inazuma after entering Version 2.0

I hope everyone enjoyed hearing from the team today?

Sharing the concepts, ideas, and experience of our production with you

Is something that we always like to do

As game developers, sharing these experiences also inspires us to keep innovating and pursuing perfection

And to bring better quality content to every player who follows and loves Genshin Impact

In addition to the new version content mentioned by our team members

There will be a lot of events and updates with Version 2.0

So let me introduce them to you

There will be a lot of events in the new version

By participating in these events, Travelers can obtain bountiful in-game rewards, including Primogems

A highlight would be the new event, "Thunder Sojourn"

By collecting enough event currencies, Travelers will be able to invite the "Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean", Beidou, to join their team

The popular minigame, Theater Mechanicus, makes an appearance in Inazuma with some modifications, so we hope you're ready for a new challenge

We have always valued feedback from our players

The gardening gameplay that was suggested to us by some Travelers in their feedback

Will soon be added to our "Serenitea Pot" system

You will receive a special container, courtesy of the kind and caring Madame Ping

Which lets you collect seeds while gathering plants in the open world

Travelers can use Realm Currency to buy plots of land in the Serenitea Pot from Tubby, the teapot spirit

And sow the seeds you've collected to harvest a wide variety of plants

I hope everyone will enjoy the fun of harvesting their plants

In the new area, there will be new monsters that give you brand-new combat experiences

For example, bizarrely-shaped machines which seem to have some kind of connection with the Ruin Guard

With the name "Ruin Sentinel", it seems to imitate some kind of creature in its form

They all have different fighting styles and abilities, which may spell trouble for our Travelers

When in Inazuma, naturally there will be Inazuman human opponents

These ronin have turned to banditry in order to make a living and acquire wealth

They frequently appear in the wilderness of Inazuma

While exploring Inazuma, you will find traces of the Fatui

For example, this Mirror Maiden is an extremely dangerous member of the Fatui

Even the enemy can be enchanted by her beauty and grace and fall for her illusion

Travelers, please be careful!

The Pyro Hypostasis, a new member of the Hypostasis family

The Perpetual Mechanical Array, that can transform into different forms

And Maguu Kenki that you've seen in Version 1.6 will be available

As powerful bosses that you can repeatedly challenge, they will reside in fixed locations in Inazuma

Of course, these are not all the new monsters

To find out more, come visit Inazuma and experience it for yourself

In addition to new gameplay and events, new characters will also appear in our Event Wishes

There will be a boosted drop rate for Kamisato Ayaka, daughter of the Kamisato Clan, in the first Character Event Wish of Version 2.0

While Yoimiya and Sayu will appear in the second Character Event Wish

Meanwhile, we've also created brand-new Inazuman weapons

When Travelers arrive in Inazuma, they can obtain five types of new 4-star weapons by forging

The 5-star sword "Mistsplitter Reforged" and the 5-star bow "Thundering Pulse" will be added to Version 2.0's Weapon Event Wishes

One final piece of good news:

"Epitomized Path," the new Weapon Wish system will come online in Version 2.0

Once Travelers have charted a course towards their chosen weapon

If you receive a 5-star weapon in the Weapon Event Wish that is not the one you chose, you will obtain Fate Points

Once you've accumulated enough Fate Points, the next 5-star weapon you receive from the Weapon Event Wish will be the one you chose through "Epitomized Path"

New Artifacts and Artifact Domains will also be available in Inazuma

Two sets of Artifacts will be launched in Version 2.0, namely "Shimenawa's Reminiscence" and "Emblem of Severed Fate"

I hope the new Artifacts can give you more options

And help you optimize your characters and team

To deal with different combat situations with ease

One more thing to add, to enhance Travelers' experience

We've added the new function of "Mystic Offering" in the Crafting Bench

With every three 5-star Artifacts you sacrifice

Travelers can obtain an "Artifact Strongbox", which contains a random Artifact

There are four types of Artifacts in the Artifact Strongbox

And Travelers can choose which one they want when creating an Artifact Strongbox

And finally, I have some special news to share with everyone

After the Version 2.0 update, PlayStation accounts and miHoYo accounts will be linked

Players on the PlayStation platform will be able to link their miHoYo account

The details of the account linking will be released after the program

Please continue to follow the latest news released by Genshin Impact's official accounts

Travelers, we're thrilled to have had the chance to meet you all today

And to be able to share so much content with everyone

Thanks again to all the members of the Genshin Impact team

And to all the players around the world who've been following and supporting us. Genshin Impact has become better because of you!

As we said in the "Travail" trailer when we first launched Genshin Impact

"Never stop"

The journey of Inazuma has just begun

There is more exciting content ahead, waiting for the team to develop, and waiting for Travelers to explore

We hope each player will journey with us for a year, five years, or even longer

With that, let us meet again in the next version

The Description of New Version Special Program | Genshin Impact