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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 방탈출하기! 목욕탕에 허팝 혼자 있는데 문이 잠겨버렸다! (Escape the Strange Sauna Alone)

Difficulty: 0

Hello. This is HEOPOP.

Today I'm going to do escape a sauna.

This is the sauna I chose for today.

I'm an adult, so I'm going to pay $5.

I'm going to get in.

I rent a place to shoot the video.

Take off shoes and go in.

Wow, do you see it? It's been a long time to come to sauna.

You know, sauna always has the scale.

This is the bathhouse.

I'm alone here.

There're cold water, warm water, and hot water.

There's sleeping room here.

I'm going to take a nap there.

Room escape will be started after I take a nap.

I'll succeed today.

Let's start!

Hello. This is HEOPOP.

I'm going to start escaping bathhouse.

Let's have a look.

I'm in the sleeping room.

Let's see...

The outside is the bathhouse.

Well, I can just open it.

But it's quite small to go out.

So many plastic wraps here.

So I need to unlock the lock.

Wait, there must be something near here.

Three pillows.

I should find a hint.

Are those hints? Five houses?

A dolphin?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... are they gooses or crows?

Wild gooses!

There're wild gooses and a dolphin.

It's not about islands and sea.

Oh, there it is!

All right.

What's this?


Go out through here?

It's not going out through the window.

Because it's too dangerous. It's too high.

No, it's not.

Then how..


The start will be easy.


I knew it!

Like this?



Which way should I see?

This is it!

It's 0025, right?

It's 0025.

Let's go.

Let's do this.


I think it's right.

It's the right sound.

I did it.

Oh yeah~

The door opened.

I came here the bathhouse.

Would I come in the cold water? I feel too warm.

Let's go there.

Ah, it's good.

It's so cool.

It's too cool actually.


It's good.

Let's have a look.

Hot water.

You might thought that I'll say it's hot.

I love hot water.

So, it's warm to me.

So good.

Warm water.

There's something.

What's this?

It's a shower towel.

Why is it here?

Anyway, I have this one.

Let's take a look.


It's hot in here.

Let's get in.

It's really warm. But it feels stuffy.

I'll go out.

I don't have time to chill. I should escape here.

I'm going to see around.

It's a scrub bed.


Let's see. Basic course cost $15, child $10, back $7, and basic plus massage $25.

Do you know it?

It's been a long time.

It's for scrubbing the back.

It's really good.

Because it's hard to scrub my back by myself.

But I can scrub the back using this.

Well, there's a lock here.

It's 4 digits lock.

Please wait. I'm going to unlock you.

Water's coming?

Oh, it's coming well.

There's a mirror. Hi~

This is the trash bin has something in it. But it's locked.

I think it means something.

No, it's not.


I'm going to unlock it.

It's number and alphabet mixed one.

I want to go out faster.

I'm going to take a look.

Let's look here.


Where is it?

Someone used this.

Let's keep finding.

No hints here.

It's not about the number of pebbles.

Let's see.

It's a plastic wrap.

I think it's used for making room escape.


And here's a camcorder.

Ah, here's something.

Oh yeah!

Right, this one.

There's a pen. Is this for counting?

Scrub booking list?

Ah, a scrub. Right.

It's for October.

I think I should calculate this.

Well, I'm feeling it.

How many basics?


Kids is 28.

Back is 10.

I got this.

18 basics, 28 kids, 10 backs.

Let's do it.

It's hard.

18 multiples what? $15?

Is it $27?

And.. ah, it's $270.


28 kids multiple $10.

Back scrubbing cost $7. $7 multiple 10 equals to $70.

Then I'll add them all.

It's so clear, right?

It's $62(62,000 won).

Ah, it's $620(620,000 won).

Anyway, many zeros are in the back.

I think it means more.

Let's see.

I think it's for this one or...

It has five digits and 4th digit is alphabet.

It's like...


62 and then all are zeros.

I'm going to try this first.

Let's do 6200 first.

Do it!


I'm here.


What's this? 10?


It's a division.

Wait.. Then...

It's 620,000 now.

And there's no lock with as many digits as it.

Division 10 means that I can remove 1 zero in the back.

If it's right, the answer is 62,000.

It's a alphabet. Is there a O?

A, B, C, D, E.....!#$#Q$^#@$^%

Right. It is the one.

Alphabet O looks like zero, right?

Let's do this.

Wait, I put this wrong direction.

It's really hard to open it.

62,000. Oh!

I did it.

I can open this. Oh yeah!

4th digit is alphabet.

O looks like zero. The circle.

It's a fake.

Anyway I did it.

Let's go out!

What's this?

What if to see the world via dolphins eyes?

Is it the end? It's counting circles?


Dolphins eyes? The dolphins are here.

Let's see.

Ah, it's cold.

It's too cold come in.

Through the dolphins eyes.. The dolphins are watching toward this.

To see here...


Or this way?


There's red basket and...

What would I see?


I'm going to go out.

What if to see the world via dolphins eyes?

Let's go to the dolphin there.

Hey dolphin.

Heopop is coming!

But this dolphin look toward this way.

That looks here.

The eye is here, so it towards...


What's this?


Chairs are jump to my eyes.

You know, the dolphins are watching.

One, two, three, four, five, six...



It's the key.

Let's go back.

It's so cold.

To see here,

The number of chair means 6, 1, 2, 5.

Let's go!

It's too cold.

6125. Don't run in the bathhouse guys.

You should walk because it's slippery.


If it's the answer, it will be so amazing.

I opened it.

I did it!

Dolphin's eye! That's right!

The number of chairs from the dolphin's sight.

Anyway, I came out.

I did it!

What? It's not the end.

Normally, my staff should be here if I succeeded to escape.

It meant that it's not the end yet.

I'm going to keep doing it.

There's a scale. Let's step on.

It's my weight. 64.50 kg.

Let's go.

Let's open the house.

It's locked.

What's here?

It will be not a number of cotton swabs.

I got this from the bin. What's this? 17.

Oh, it doesn't have the key here.



Coin of luck..?

It's all?


I think it's for opening the bathroom.

There must be a hint in the bathroom.

Open this.

And look.

What? a person in here.

It's not...

I just got the coin.

And.. water is here.

No.. it's not a hint.

No bathroom...

Where is it?

It's Heopop lab stuff. It's not a hint.

No.. it's all trash.

Where is it?


Someone just threw out the can.

Where is it? Where should I go?

What? "Easy to come, hard to out"

Ah.. This is the last lock from the bathhouse.

It's a plastic wrap. It's really hard to untie.

It's really hard. I need a knife to cut this.

The lock...

I need a hint.

In my shoes?


There's a jar.

No.. nothing.


Something is written here.

Good luck to Heopop diver.

It's a swimming goggles.

Wait, it means that I can find something in the water.

Let's go.

I'm inside of the bathhouse.

I'll get in the water to find a hint.



Let's go to water.

I'll check in the water.


Hot water.

Wow, it's warm.

It's so good.

Let's see inside.


I think there must be something in the cold water.

It's too cold because I was in the hot water.

I'm going to dive.

There're pebbles. Let's get them out of the water.

No pebble in the water. I took them out.

What's the meaning?

8 black pebbles,

and 9 white pebbles.

9 multiple 8 equals to 56?

No. It's not. Try again.

9 X 8 = 72!

But the lock needs a key not a number.

I'm going to look more carefully.

I got it.

The pebbles meant nothing.

Let's get out!

I'm going to escape from here. I got a key.

Go go!

But walk slowly because it's slippery.

Let's get out!

Let's see if I could go out or not.

I think it's the key for the lock.

I did it!


I succeeded to escape.

Today I challenged to escape bathhouse.

I made it.

Please thumbs up.

Please leave a comment where you want me to escape.

Then I'll go take a bath.

Bye guys~

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