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How to weigh a container with BISON C-Legs.

First check the site and conditions.

Make sure the ground is suitable to support the weight of the container.

Ensure the chassis remains stationary.

Apply the brake and place the wheel chocks.

Release the twist lock and attach the scale to the corner casting.

Make sure the scale is vertical.

Lift the stand and lock with the pin.

Push the stand into position.

Adjust the screw on the bottle jack.

Don't extend more than 3 - 4 centimetres.

Lower the stabiliser foot and make sure it is fully locked.

The stand must be vertical.

Adjust using side wedges if necessary.

Make sure there is a clearance between the bottle jack and the scale.

Repeat this at each corner.

Take time to go through the checklist.

Press the yellow button for 2 seconds to power on.

Tighten the hydraulic valve.

Only begin lifting when everything is checked and safe.

It is best to lift with 2 people, but 1 person is OK.

Lift the container evenly first one end, then the other, until the container is completely

clear of the twist locks.

Get the weight reading either with Master Display or with the BISON App.

To get the weight distribution, stand next to a corner and press the button.

Repeat at two corners.

Carefully lower the container.

Keep well clear of the crush hazard.

Remove the stands.

Don't forget to reengage the twist lock.

Good luck, and happy weighing from the BISON team.

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