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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Idols Do KPOP Enfrentando Seus Medos

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Everyone has a weird phobia or fear of something, and K-pop stars are no different!

In this video, Im going to talk about moments where idols, despite being scared, faced their fears

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Believe or not, despite the sexy and powerful image that Hyuna demonstrates on stage

She may still be an innocent and frightened girl, who like everyone else has fears

For example, the dread she feels for chickens, which has been shown a few times in the past during variety programs

HIGHLIGHTs maknae member Dongwoon has a deathly fear of bugs

So much so, that when he sees one, he will usually jump in terror. It doesnt matter if hes on stage performing, or signing autographs for fans

And as insect phobia is one of the most common, other idols also share that fear, like EXO's ChanYeol and Kai

And following with other EXO member, Lay is afraid of many things, but among them, the dread he feels for pigeons stands out

This was proven during his participation in a chinese program, where Lay came across a park full of them

Although the other members of BTS had no problem with that

When J-Hope had to have a photoshoot with a snake, he could barely contain his fear

Just like J-hope, another idol known to be easily scared is Momo from Twice

Shes basically afraid of anything from ghosts to height. But, among her fears, a very peculiar one draws attention

Momo developed a trauma of ordering food after a failed attempt and ironically she seems to have some bad luck around that

Despite the huge fear of heights that Wonho suffers, that doesn't stop him from doing anything

He faced his phobia when jumping of Bungee Jump during one of the episodes of one of Monsta X's special series Right Now

VIXX Ravi is another idol who is terrified of insects

And this was proven during a variety program in which he had to put his hand in a pot full of worms

And to finish the video, one of the most iconic moments in kpop: ASTRO vs Cicada

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